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[Movie 2014/2015] Sado 사도 Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In & Moon Geun Young

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‪#‎사도‬ ‪#‎TheThrone‬ ‪#‎Sado‬ Don't forget today at 9:00 pm (Korean time) on Naver Live Talk ‪#‎MoonGeunYoung‬ ‪#‎문근영‬

Participant : Director Lee Jun Ik, Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In, Moon GeunYoung, Kim Hae Sook and Jeon Hye Jin




Cr: MGY IFC  @JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul Thanks !


I can not wait to see the chemistry between the entire cast, 1 hour to wait ^^

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Moon Geun Young and Yoo Ah In are Adorable in Movie Talk Segment for The Throne


It’s been a smashing summer for the Korean box office, with three domestic movies doing gangbusters business. That would be Northern Limit Line, Assassination, and most recently Veteran. With summer wrapped up, around the corner are the fall releases and one of the first to arrive is sageuk The Throne (Sado) with Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho, and Moon Geun Young. The big sageuk this summer with Memories of the Sword tanked at the box office despite the big names attached in Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Go Eun.

It’ll be interesting to see if The Throne breathes renewed audience interest in the glossy sageuks. The cast sat down for a cute interview with Movie Talk and it’s quite a who’s who of great Korean acting talent to see them all sitting in a row. The cutest bit for me was Moon Geun Young’s interview, it’s short since she’s just a supporting character but the segment is adorable for how Yoo Ah In stares at her with admiration and playfully interacts with her. Maybe next time they can do a happy drama together with a story that doesn’t involve him ending in a box.







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So Ji-sub makes a cameo in ‘The Throne’


South Korean actor So Ji-sub is set to make a cameo in the movie “The Throne” without getting paid, a local film distributor Showbox on Wednesday.

So is slotted for the role of King Jeongjo who had to witness the tragic death of his father, Crown Prince Sado.

In a photo released by the distributor, So looks rather gloomy during his coronation ceremony.


So said in an interview, “I just think the role itself is important no matter how trivial it is. It has been a wonderful experience working with director Lee Joon-ik.” So is going to appear in only three scenes but the impact of his appearance is expected to be huge.

Meanwhile, Lee said the role So plays is important. “I wanted to show people that link between these three characters, Crown Prince Sado, his dad King Yeongjo and son Jeongjo to shed new light on a historical event involving three generations of rulers in the Joseon Dynasty.

“The Throne” is based on an historical event in which King Yeongjo of the Joseon era executed his son Sado by locking him in a rice chest for eight days. The film, to be released on Sept. 16, stars Song Kang-Ho, Yoo Ah-in and So Ji-sub.




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Update Schedule Moon Geun Young for the film 'The Throne aka Sado'



On September 3rd at 14:00 pm (KST) 
Location: Megabox COEX
#Movie #사도 #TheThrone will hold a PRESS preview / Media preview #Sado

Director Lee Jun Ik, Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In, Moon Geun Young and Jeon Hye Jin will be attending the event.
[ KBS entertainment will broadcast group interview process ]

cr: Namooactors

Posted by MGY IFC 


[NEWS 150902] #YooAhIn Movie #Sado #TheThrone Goes to Academy Awards #Oscar2016 #유아인 #사도


Brief translations by Admin007 facebook.com/yaisikseekers -Don't take without credit.

The Throne starring Yoo Ah In, #SongKangHo and #MoonGeunYoung, is selected to be Korea's representative movie for the 88th American Academy Awards (Oscars) film. The Throne is included in the submissions for Foreign Language Film category. The decision to select The Throne as the Oscar entry is made by the Korean Film Council after doing some analysis.

Acording to KOFIC, foreigners give high appreciation to Sado history, and it gives a universal message and sympathy. 

Posted by YAI IFC

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South Korea Selects ‘The Throne’ as Oscar Contender




“The Throne,” a period drama directed by actor-director Lee Joon-ik, has been selected by South Korea as its contender for the foreign-language Academy Award race.

The film (previously called “Sado”) tells the brutal tale of a prince who was deemed unfit to rule and was locked in a rice chest by his father. It stars Song Kang-ho and Yoo Ah-in.

The selection decision by a special committee of the Korean Film Council (Kofic) comes ahead of the film’s commercial release, set for later this month through Showbox. All films in the category are required to have screened for at least a week before the submissions deadline at the end of September.

Lee’s “The King and the Clown” was previously South Korea’s contender for the 2006 Awards.

“Despite ‘The Throne’ being a historical feature, it received high praise by the committee as the direction was truly sophisticated so that even foreign audiences would not find the story difficult to understand,” said KOFIC in a statement.

In the past 20 years South Korea has become one of the most influential filmmaking nations, with films and directors regularly winning festival prizes, and its intellectual property frequently plundered for remakes. Similarly, its TV dramas and pop music have gone global, helping Korean entertainment companies to become some of the most powerful in Asia. But to date not a single Korean film has received an Oscar nomination in the foreign-language category.

Critics suggest that Korean storytelling may be too brash or too bleak for Oscar selectors’ tastes. Last year South Korea selected Shim Sung-bo’s noir drama “Sea Fog” (aka “Haemoo”) as contender.

The deadline to submit entries for the foreign-language race is Oct. 1, the nominations will be announced Jan. 14 and the Oscar ceremony takes place Feb. 28 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.




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September 2, 2015

'The Throne' picked as Korean candidate for Academy Awards' foreign language film award

SEOUL, Sept. 2 (Yonhap) -- "The Throne," the tragic story of a Joseon Dynasty king starving his own son to death, was chosen as the Korean candidate for the Academy Awards' best foreign language film next year, a Seoul-based film council said Wednesday.

The story of King Yeongjo, the 21st king of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), was directed by Lee Jon-ik, who crafted period dramas such as "King and the Clown" (2005) and "Once Upon a Time on a Battlefield" (2003).


Directed by Lee Joon-ik (R), a historic drama titled "The Throne" depicts how King Yeongjo killed his own son by starving him in a wooden rice chest for eight days. Veteran actor Song Kang-ho (L) plays the brutal king, and rising star Yoo Ah-in (C) takes the role of the ill-fated crown prince. (Yonhap file photo)

The movie depicts how King Yeongjo struggled to keep his own throne in the face of various challenges and clashed with his son, eventually locking him in a wooden rice chest for eight days to slowly kill his own child.

Veteran actor Song Kang-ho plays the brutal king and rising young star Yoo Ah-in takes the role of the ill-fated crown prince, Sado.

"The Throne is based on Korean history, but it was well made to arouse a universal feeling that can also appeal to foreigners," the Korea Film Council said.

The movie will hit local theaters on Sept. 16.

The Academy Awards picks the best foreign language film out of five final candidates during an annual ceremony held in Los Angeles every February. So far, no Korean movie has received nomination for the category since the award was launched in 1929.


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