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[Movie 2014/2015] Sado 사도 Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In & Moon Geun Young

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@lisafransisca,  wow.. what a picture...they both look like they are totally into their roles...

@MGYlove, thank you for the photos of the young prince Sado and Young Lady Hyegyeong. Do you happen to know the actors who play them?

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Song Kang-ho VS Yoo Ah-in "Sado"


The movie "Sado" has cranked in. Song Kang-ho and Yoo Ah-in's movie is highly anticipated.

The first scene for "Sado" was taken on the 8th in Namwon. This scene involved Sado (Yoo Ah-in) impressing Yeongjo (Song Kang-ho) with his intelligence.

The script reading scene was released and the passion can be read through the photos. Song Kang-ho watched Yoo Ah-in who was passionate. The veins in his throat were throbbing.

Yoo Ah-in didn't keep the emotions bottled up in him. He said, "I've been looking forward to this ever since I read the script. It's inspiring".

Song Kang-ho hoped for a safe journey. ""Sado" got to me and I hope we all go through this safely".

Meanwhile, "Sado" is the story of Prince Sado who was killed by his father Yeongjo in a wooden chest. Other casts involve Moon Geun-young, Kim Hae-sook, Park Won-sang and more. The film will be released next year.

Cr: http://www.hancinema.net/song-kang-ho-vs-yoo-ah-in-sado-71382.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


I'm definitely tune in to see overflowing charisma and passion from the actors. YAI easily looks charismatic and passionate for me, not to mention his good acting ability. "Sado" fighting!!

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Guest ranniran

hi everybody here !!


thanks very much for every kinds of information that u all updated for this coming movie ..

hopefully that all of us can be family here :x

i'm so excited for waiting this hopefully excellent movie in many excellent actors starring in..

SADO fighting !!!!

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Pop culture resurrects Prince Sado


A portrait of Crown Prince Sado by U Seung-u, Yoo Ah-in, Lee Je-hoon

Crown Prince Sado (1735-62) is known as the "Tragic Prince" because he died after being trapped in a rice bin for eight days due to the wrath of his father, who threw him in there.

Because many consider this to be the Joseon Dynasty's most shocking scandal, pop culture has covered the subject extensively in films such as "Crown Prince Sado" (1956) and dramas such as "Sky Sky" (1988), where Sado was depicted as a weakling or a maniac. 

But recently, there has been a wave of remakes that depict Sado as a historical agent rather than a pitiful character. 

The most noticeable recent work is the film "Sado", which started filming this month. Lee Joon-ik, who was behind "The King and the Clown" (2005), will direct the film, while Song Kang-ho will play Young-jo. Yoo Ah-in is cast as Prince Sado.

A TV series that reinterprets the political side of the Crown Prince Sado saga is expected to air this September on SBS.

The series, "Secret Door", was written by Yoon Seon-joo, who previously wrote historical dramas such as "The Great King Sejong". Han Seok-Kyu will play Young-jo, Sado's father, and Lee Je-hoon, who is finishing his military service at the end of this month, is a strong candidate for the role of Prince Sado. 

If "Sado" focuses on coldhearted greed and hunger for power, "Secret Door" puts weight on the political conflict between Young-jo and Sado. 

"How Prince Sado's desire for a status-free world clashes with Young-jo's desire to strengthen royal power will be depicted", said an associate from SBS. "Prince Sado's revolutionary tendencies will be highlighted". 

Sado's desire for a revolution was largely covered in the novel "King's Wrath". The novel shows Prince Sado as a victim who tried to reform the land but failed. 

"Prince Sado received a biased view for about 200 years", said author Choi Seong-hyeon. "I wanted to shed light on Sado's strong faith in going against the ruling party for revolution". 

Works introducing Prince Sado base his character on the memoir "Hanjoongrok", which was written by the royal figure's wife, and emphasized his manic or crazy behavior. 

However, "The World Dreamed by Prince Sado", a book published in late 2011 by Lee Deok-il, the head of the Hangaram Institute of History and Culture Studies, reinterpreted Prince Sado. "Prince Sado was not a psycho, as written in 'Hanjoongrok', but rather a man with good qualities who faced an unfortunate death due to his revolutionary thinking that shook the leading group's foundation", states the chief in the book. 

Young-jo's obsession with Prince Sado is coming into focus as the cause of the tragedy, and the film criticizes society's excessive education fervor. 

"I will show how Young-jo's emotions toward Sado Prince evolve from happy to anticipation, then anger and hatred", said director Lee. 

"I want to give a lesson to today's parents who obsess over their children". 

Source: Hancinema

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class="content-title" Yoo Ah In Gets a Minor Injury While Filming “Sado” Pao July 25, 2014 0 Comments Yoo Ah In Gets a Minor Injury While Filming “Sado”

Yoo Ah In was injured on the set of the upcoming film “Sado” but luckily, the actor only sustained “minor, common injuries” and continued with filming as planned.

“He (Yoo Ah In) got a light scratch on his head while filming in the set on July 24,” confirmed a representative from UAA in an interview with Dispatch. “It’s not a severe injury. The most he got was a little bruise,” added the representative.

The injury that Yoo Ah In sustained, according to the representative, wasn’t a serious one that needed to be brought to the hospital’s emergency room. “We only headed to the hospital to ensure the part that was hurt (in case it was worse than it looks). After disinfecting the part that was bruised, they applied medication,” the representative further explained.

Yoo Ah In was filming the scene where Crown Prince Sado (Yoo Ah In) and King Yeong Jo (Song Kang Ho)met face to face when he got injured. According to the representative, the injury happened when Yoo Ah In was immersed in the scene. He wasn’t able to look around the surroundings when he hit his head on a rock.

After receiving treatment for his minor injury, Yoo Ah In went back to the set and proceeded with filming.

Upcoming film “Sado” tells the historical story of Crown Prince Sado who was killed in an enclosed wooden barrel sealed by his own father, King Yeong Jo (Song Kang Ho). Filming started on July 8 and the movie is set to be released next year.


Oh I hope he's okay. Get well soon Ah In!

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When i read the first set of nrws articles which said he was sent to hospital after being hurt, i was so freaked out because the articles made it sound like a serious injury...but luckily it was only a minor injury.....really scared me!!!! Irresponsible media!!

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I wish this movie would turned well to Moon Geun Young ! she is without any doubt one of most talented actresses of her generation , but unfortunately at least in my eyes and as her fan , I did not like her recent selected works ,, so I truly wish this one will be an addition to her career and big hit ,, 

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August 18, 2014
Same role, different actorsActors Song and Han to portray Joseon's King Yeongjo in upcoming drama and film
By Baek Byung-yeul The Korea Times
Actor Song Kang-ho in a scene from 2013 film, "The Face Reader" / Korea Times files 16-02(244).jpg
Actor Han Seok-kyu in a scene from 2011 SBS TV drama, "Deep Rooted Tree"
A king puts his son to death by imprisoning him into wooden rice chest for eight days, and an 11-year-old grandson witnesses the death of his father who is suffering a mental illness. He later succeeds to the throne following his grandfather and holds an eight-day-long parade to cherish the memory of his deceased father.
The seemingly fanciful story actually happened about 250 years ago when the Korean Peninsula was under the rule of Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910). Also it is probably one of the most familiar historic events for Koreans as numerous dramas and films continuously have shed light on it.
For example, in the recent past there were MBC TV's 2008 drama "Yi San" and "The Fatal Encounter," a movie released this year. Both focused on the grandson, King Jeongjo and enjoyed tremendous popularity.
And this fall, historical drama fans will be aroused again as two works reproducing this tragic story are ready to meet fans through small and big screens, starring renowned actors Song Kang-ho, 47, and Han Seok-kyu, 49, as the grandfather, King Yeongjo.
Song, arguably one of the country's most influential actors with a slew of hits, will portray King Yeongjo in upcoming film, "Sado." As Song's counterpart, actor Yoo Ah-in, 27, will feature as his son, crown prince Sado.
The Film's director Lee Jun-ik, who's best known for "King And The Clown" (2005) and "Hope" (2013), said that he will "revisit the historic incident in a new way."
"The historic figures cannot exist alone. We cannot exclude King Yeongjo when explaining about crown prince Sado and vise versa. With Sado as the main subject, my film will take an unconventional approach in explaining why the king had to put his son to death," Lee said to reporters after finishing the first day of the shooting in Namwon, North Jeolla Province. "Sado" will be released later this year.
Before the premiere of "Sado," fans will meet another actor playing King Yeongjo in September.
Han, who overwhelmed cinema scene in 1990's with numerous hits such as "The Ginko Bed" (1996), "Christmas in August" (1998) and "Swiri" (1999), will feature as King Yeongjo in SBS TV's drama, "Secret Door."
Expectation toward Han is higher than ever as he already wowed the audiences in 2011 SBS drama, "Deep Rooted Tree," in which he showed outstanding performance by playing King Sejong, Joseon's fourth king and inventor of the Korean alphabet, "Hangeul."
Actor Lee Je-hoon, 30, who will be discharged from the Army this month, will take a role of Sado. He performed together with Han, as a student and a teacher in 2012 film, "My Paparotti."
SBS said the upcoming drama will "more pay attention to the conflicted relationship of father and son, not the death of son."
Culture critic Bae Kook-nam said that the reason why more historic periods have kept shedding light on this historical event is that it has an "overwhelming storyline."
"This is one of the most widely known histories, even to an elementary student. With the ease of accessibility as a base, creators can have room to shape this into interesting story more easily than other historic events," Bae said.
Bae added that it would be interesting for fans to compare upcoming drama and film with previous works.
"The forthcoming works take a different direction from the past historical pieces, dealing with crown prince Sado because both claim that they will attempt to reinterpret King Yeongjo.
"King Yeongjo has usually been depicted as a cruel-hearted father, who made his son starve to death in many dramas," the critic said.
"But historians say the incident of Sado's death was intertwined with complex partisan interests so that even the king couldn't untangle. When it comes to reinterpreting King Yeongjo and crown prince Sado story in a different way, there will be a higher chance to attract more interest from the audiences, and this could be another reason why creators keep trying to reproduce," he added.

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update for moon geun young

Chun Jung Myung Praises Kim So Hyun’s Potential as an Actress and Compares Her to Moon Geun Young

On August 20, the production press conference for the new OCN drama, “Reset” was held in Gangnam. Present at the conference were actors Chun Jung Myung, Kim So Hyun, Park Won Sang, Shin Eun Jung, and producer Kim Pyung Joong.

During the interview, Chun Jung Myung was asked, “In the past you’ve worked with actress Moon Geun Young. How do you compare Moon Geun Young and Kim So Hyun?”

Chun Jung Myung answered, “Moon Geun Young is a great actress. She is passionate about acting and she really puts a lot of effort into it. But I think Kim So Hyun will be as good of an actress as Moon Geun Young. She doesn’t seem like she would be in her third year in middle school. Not only her looks but she has a strong mentality as well. I can tell when we talk or the way she behaves. She is very polite and selfless, so it’s easy to work well with her since we both consider the other actor’s situation and adjust ourselves in the best way for a better scene. She also has an unbelievable charm that can possibly make her one of the greatest actresses of our time. I get shocked from time to time during filming.”

Meanwhile, “Reset” is a memory chasing thriller that tells the story of the battle between a prosecutor that is strict about crimes and an unknown entity that his hidden in the shadows. The team aims to make this a well-made drama that combines the thriller genre with the idea of digging deeper into specific memories and tracing them throughout a big case. It’s set to premier its first episode this coming Sunday August 24.

Anyone a fan of OCN’s thriller dramas? How do you think the chemistry between Chun Jung Myung and Kim So Hyun will work out?



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class="title" id="page-title"South Korean actor Song Kang-ho has big-screen staying power

skip unrelated

Song is now in production on Lee Joon-ik's Sado, which will be released domestically in early 2015. He plays Yeongjo, the well-respected 18th-century monarch who ordered the death of his violent and mentally unstable son, Crown Prince Sado. "As I get older, I find myself drawn to roles that test me as an actor. For Sado, it's quite a difficult character to play. He's an elderly man, and the dialogue will take some effort to master."

A boom of sorts in historical films is under way in South Korean films and TV dramas. Recent film The Fatal Encounter starred Hyun Bin as Sado's son, Jeongjo, who took the crown, while Han Suk-kyu will portray Yeongjo in the upcoming SBS drama Secret Door.

"Many period films coming out these days are stylish and dynamic," Song says. " Sado by contrast focuses on character rather than spectacle. There's some danger that audiences might find it boring, but this film will offer well-developed characters and a strong focus on the performances. In that sense I'm feeling tremendous pressure," he says, laughing.

Sado sees Song continuing to move away from stereotype. "People have this image of me as a somewhat common, bumbling character, like the guy around the corner. Of course, just because you suit a particular character well doesn't mean that your actual personality is similar," he says.


read the rest here:


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