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[Movie 2014/2015] Sado 사도 Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In & Moon Geun Young

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Guest MGYlove

Upcoming Movie Of Moon Geun Young "SADO" Location Filming Set July to September



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This would have a good story - hose who watched the historical drama Yi San would know the story of Sado, the father of Yi San.  Sado's life was featured in that drama.

I should watch this drama - it might be as good as Yi San.

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Guest MGYlove

July 8, 2014 will begin filming "Sado, Memory of Eight Days". Here's the scenario. FIGHTING



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Guest MGYlove

@irilight You're welcome

Currently filming movie SADO in Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do July 8, 2014 set at 07:00 / 18:30



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This article also talks about the drama version of Sado but i'm just translating the relevant part
Yoo Ah In also become engrossed in Prince Sado65098344.2_99_20140711065711.jpg
(There's a sentence about how Ah in's Sado will be expressing a humane side of Prince Sado while the drama version of Sado is about dreaming to change the future)
Yoo Ah In, who is scheduled to enter the military early next year is in the middle of filming "Sado" (Director: Lee Jun Ik) at Jeollado's Buan. Although he has had experience filming period television dramas, this is the first sageuk movie for him. He has been preparing meticulously for the role by devouring books which deal with the the period in Joseon during Yeongjo and Jeongjo's reign, such as "Power and man" and "The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong". The joint scriptwriter, Oh Seung Hyun, representative of Tiger Pictures said on the 10th July, "Yoo Ah In is very keen to get closer to the character and acting," and "As he acts, he is thinking about the actual agony that a person who can experience nothing but tragedy will go through."
translated by cecilia

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