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Triangle is a 2014 South Korean television series.

It airs on MBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 for 24 episodes beginning May 5, 2014.



Middle brother Jang Dong-chul grew up as a petty thug on the streets, using his fists and wits to survive until he climbs to the top of a crime syndicate. Now a gang boss, he conceals his real identity and uses the name Heo Young-dal. 

Oh Jung-hee, an poor girl supporting her family by working as a casino dealer
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37484fb2f178e15d30f2d1661d4a80d9?s=50&d= id="yui_3_13_0_1_1398241338365_2722" class="yiv6448429458post-title" style="margin: 0px;"[TRANS] Kim Jaejoong’s Character Profile in ‘Triangle’ as Jang Dongchul/ Huh Youngdalby Ces


장동철(허영달) | 김재중

정 선, 사북 인근에서 허영달을 모르면 간첩 취급을 받기 십상이다. 심지어 정선 카지노를 방문한 외지인들 조차도 금새 허영달이란 이름을 알게 된다. 그의 유명세는 순전히 쓰레기처럼 살아가는 개차반같은 그의 인생 때문이다. 그가 주로 하는 일은 카지노 꽁지들의 푼돈 사채를 대신 받아주는 일이다. 세상에 그 어떤 치욕도 수치심도 없는 인간이다. 건달들 조차 그가 자신들과 동급으로 취급되는걸 질색한다. 그의 나이 열 살때 함께 고아원에 살던 형이 금방 돌아오겠다는 말을 남기고 고아원을 떠났다. 형이 돌아올때까지 갓난쟁이인 동생 동준을 잘 지키려 했지만 동생은 입양이 되었고, 동생을 지키지 못한 동철은 고아원을 도망친다. 이후 소년원을 들락거리게 된면서 장동철 대신 허영달이란 이름을 얻었다. 그의 나이 스무살이 넘고 나서 그는 다시 사북으로 돌아온다. 사북으로 돌아온 뒤 그는 살기위해 별 짓을 다했다. 후안무치, 말 그대로 세상에 수치심따윈 없는 그가 부끄러움을 느끼는 딱 한사람이 있었다. 오정희. 그녀는 동철이 첫눈에 반한 카지노 딜러다. 동철에게 오정희는 비루한 인생의 부끄러움을 난생 처음으로 자각하게 만든 선악과와 같은 존재였다. 그저 먼발치에서 그녀를 바라보는것만으로 숨이 막힐것 같았다. 그러던 중 그 앞에 장동수가 나타난다. 그것도 자신이 보스로 모셔야 될 고복태의 비리를 수사하는 형사로.


 In Sabuk, Jeongseon, if you don’t know Huh Youngdal, you can be easily treated as a spy. Even the strangers who visit Jeongseon casino will quickly get to know the name of Huh Youngdal. It’s because he lives a scumbag life, just like rubbish. His main job is to collect private loans for the casino. He’s a human being who has no sense of shame and a disgrace in this world. Even the scoundrels detest that he’s identified as the same kind as them.

When he was 10 years old, his brother who lived with him in an orphanage told him that he would be back soon, then left the orphanage. He wanted to protect his newborn brother Dongjun until his big brother comes back, but his brother was adopted. Dongchul, who couldn’t protect his baby brother, ran away from the orphanage. After several times being in and out of Youth Detention Center, he got the name of Huh Youngdal instead of Jang Dongchul.

When he was around 20 years old, he came back to Sabuk.  After that, did anything for a living. Just like the word “Effrontery", he has no shame.  The only one person who could make him feel ashamed is Oh Jeong-hee.  She’s a casino dealer that Dongchul has fallen (in love) for at the first sight.  She’s like the fruit of good and evil that taught him about shame for the first time in his life. Just looking at her from a distance can take his breath away. And then, Jang Dongsu appears in front of him. He’s investigating Dongchul’s boss Go Boktae on charges of corruption.

Credit: Triangle HomepageTranslated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJShared by: PrinceJJ


You have to be living under a rock not to have heard of Huh Young Dal in Sabuk, Jeong Seon. Even outsiders visiting Jeong Seon Casino would soon get to know his name. His main claim to notoriety goes to his trashy life, like a scumbag. The thing he mainly does is collecting debts, helping with casino loan sharks.  He doesn’t have an ounce of shame nor does he have a thing to bring disgrace on himself. Even scamps don’t like to be put on the same level as him. At the age of 10, his big brother leaves the orphanage where they lived together, saying “I’ll be back soon.” Despite trying to prevent his baby brother Dong Joon from being adopted, he fails and runs away from the orphanage. After that, he gains a new name Huh Young Dal, drifting in and out of Youth Detention Center. He comes back to Sabuk after turning twenty years old and he does everything for a living by any means necessary. But there is a girl whom even a shameless Dong Cheol feels ashamed in front of. She is Oh Jeong Hee, a casino dealer whom Dong Cheol falls in love at first sight. For him, she is someone like the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that makes him feel ashamed of his miserableness for the first time in his life. He feels suffocated by just watching her from afar. Meanwhile, Jang Dong Soo shows up as a detective investigating the case of Goh Bok Tae who is to be his boss.


Baek Jin Hee as Oh Jeonghee


오정희 | 백진희

태백이 고향인 광부의 딸. 아버지는 오랜 세월 진폐증을 앓다가 돌아가셨고 그녀 밑으로 줄줄이 딸린 동생만 넷인 집안에 소녀 가장인 셈이다. 그녀는 지역 출신을 우선 배려 해주는 특혜로 정선 카지노 딜러로 취직을 했다. 삶의 조건만 본다면 그녀의 인생은 어둡고 우울해야 했다. 하지만 그녀는 늘 밝고 긍정적이었다. 학창시절 공부는 뒷전이였지만 제법 반반한 미모 탓에 동네 사내놈들의 가슴을 태웠고 그놈들 중 몇놈과는 연애도 했었다. 그녀는 카지노 딜러가 된 것이 자신이 이룰 수 있는 최고의 출세라고 생각했다. 돈을 벌어 집안 생활비와 동생들 학비를 댈 수 있는 자신이 대견했고 만족스러웠다. 그런 그녀의 삶에 작은 변화가 생긴건 허영달(동철)의 존재를 알게 되면서다. 그녀는 허영달을 볼때마다 까닭모를 슬픔을 느꼈다. 왜 이리 가슴이 저리고 먹먹해지는지 그녀도 그 이유를 알 수가 없었다. 만약 허영달이 그녀에게 다가와 손을 내민다면 그의 손을 잡아 줬을 지도 모른다고 생각했다. 하지만 허영달은 늘 먼 발치에서 그녀를 바라보았고 그녀도 그런 허영달에게 다가가지는 못했다. 그런 즈음에 그녀 앞에 또 한명의 사내가 나타난다. 윤양하, 카지노 마케팅을 담당하는 판촉부 직원으로 들어온 그는 눈부시게 잘 생긴 사내였다. 카지노 여자 딜러들 모두의 주목을 받게 되는 그는 유독 그녀에게 관심을 보였고 그로인해 그녀는 동료 딜러들의 질투에 대상이 되었다. 그때 그녀는 아무런 예감조차 할 수 없었다. 허영달, 윤양하 그 두 사내가 동철 동준 형제였고 그들과의 인연이 가슴 아픈 사랑의 시작이였음을…


Oh Jeonghee | Baek Jinhee

She’s the daughter of a miner from Taebaek. Her father passed away after suffering from pneumoconiosis for a long time . She has to take care of 4 younger brothers/sisters. Because of her region of origin, she got a job as a casino dealer in Jeongseon through a special favor. Just by looking at her life conditions, her life should have been dark and gloomy. However, she’s always bright and positive. Throughout school days, her studies have been pushed aside. With her beauty, the neighbor boys have fallen for her and she also dated some of them. In her mind, becoming a casino dealer is the biggest success she could achieve. She’s proud and satisfied that she could make money and pay for the living cost and school expenses of her brothers/sisters. The small changes in her life begin after she learned about the presence of Huh Youngdal (Dongchul). Every time she sees Huh Youngdal, she feels sadness without reason. Why is her heart like that? What is it full of emotions? She couldn’t find the reason. If Huh Youngdal comes closer to her and reaches out his hand, she thinks she might hold his hand. But Huh Youngdal always looks at her from a distance and she couldn’t approach him either. Around that time, a man appears in front of her. Yoon Yang-ha is a dazzlingly handsome man, an employee in charge of marketing from the casino’s Promotion Department. All the female casino dealers have eyes on him but he only shows interest in Oh Jeong-hee, which makes her colleagues jealous. Oh Jeong-hee didn’t have any premonition that Huh Youngdal and Yoon Yang-ha are brothers Dongchul and Dongjun, and that a painful love has just begun…


Daughter of a miner, born in Taebaek. Her father dies after suffering from pneumoconiosis for a long time and she becomes a head of household with four younger siblings. She gets a job in Jeong Seon Casino which gives preferences to its locals. Looking at the face of her poor life she must be in dismal, but she is always bright and optimistic. Though her studies are pushed aside in her school days, her beauty captivates many guys in her town and she also dates with some of them. She thinks being a casino dealer is the biggest leap she can make in her life and she takes herself laudable that she can pay for her siblings’ tuition. And small changes come along in her life after she meets Huh Young Dal. She feels sad with no particular reason when she sees Huh Young Dal. She never knows why her heart aches for him.  She thinks she’d hold his hands if he gives his hands. But he only watches her from afar and she can’t also approach him any further. Around then, another guy Yoon Yang Ha appears in front of her. He enters as a casino marketing promotion manager and is stunningly handsome. He receives attention from all the female casino dealers, but he is interested in Jeong Hee only and she becomes the target of their jealousy. At that time, she could never expect that Huh Young Dal and Yoon Yang Ha were brothers and their relation becomes the beginning of heart wrenching love…

Source: Triangle HomepageTranslated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ + @JaetakuShared by: PrinceJJ + Jaetaku + JYJ3

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Stills from April 24th...
Kim Jaejoong and Baek JinHee in Triangle

영달(김재중)과 정희(백진희)의 담요 데이트?
고개만 돌렸을 뿐인데도 저런 아련함이 돋다니! ..ㅠ ㅠ
From iMBC

Fluffy Blanket Couple with Jaejoong~♬

photo shj_photo140425145700imbcdrama0.jpg

“Youngdal (Kim Jaejoong) and Junghee (Baek Jin Hee)’s blanket date?”

Source: iMBCTranslated & Shared by: JYJ3
Lol...K dramas and their 'couple' nicknames...I'm thinking they're having a Photoshoot/filming and wrapped with blankets to get warm in between filming/shoots...

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Fan-made pics of DalHee
[FANPIC] #TRIANGLE2014 #JaeJoong #JinHee LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT cr as taggedCr: tagged
846873459.jpg?1396539990Cr: tagged

Kim Jae Joong Gets Nearly Naked as He Films ‘Triangle’

CJ E&M enewsWorld


A video featuring Kim Jae Joong and Baek Jin Hee’s first enounter for Triangle has been revealed.
MBC’s new drama Triangle uploaded Baek Jin Hee’s interview video on its official website on April 29.

Taking the role of ‘Oh Jung Hee’ in the drama, Baek Jin Hee introduced her character by saying, “She’s a bright and cheerful character who takes care of her grandmother and two younger brothers, despite the death of her parents. She may be tough for having two brothers but she has a deep and kind heart.”



As Baek Jin Hee carries out her interview, Kim Jae Joong was caught behind her, almost naked, bringing out her laughter.

Upon seeing Kim Jae Joong, Baek Jin Hee said, “This is how we’ve been filming. Jae Joong oppa has been running around hard without wearing a shirt or pants. I think he might get sick. I hope he will take care of his health and I will also work hard.”

Photo credit: MBC
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Sharing lovely pictures right after the 'moment of silence'...
Gorgeous Jaejoong

Gorgeous Jaejoong

Beautiful Baek JinHee

Beautiful Baek JinHee

Pics as tagged

YD and JHPress photo op at press conference4/30/14
Cr: uploader

With Triangle Co-stars

photo 1398840523_30154708-c.jpg
photo 201404301543777885_53609c819b622.jpg
photo 2014043001003305100216051.jpg
photo 631668143.jpg
Cr: tagged

Triangle press conference 4/30/14

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850692134.gif?1398844359Oh hello there pretty lady...gotta go...=))Gif as tagged (ceskjj)

Triangle BTS
Jaejoong almost naked and barefoot...BJH interview

I believe that this scene will become one of the most iconic scenes in Kdrama...

Already a classic scene and Triangle hasn't aired yet...All kinds of awesome here!

4/30/14Scap by me
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Triangle drama...MBC Mon-Tues
To watch live, please click here and follow the instructions: http://t.co/Mj5fs5UvH0

JJ Fighting!


New BTS pics

from Naver
i see you. looking at her. side mirror. / nope. not jealous.

YoungDal coyly eyeing Oh JungHee on side mirror...


from newsen

Originally posted on May3rd...Triangle thread

First meeting of YoungDal and JungHee



 shj_photo140502171426imbcdrama0.jpg shj_photo140502171503imbcdrama0.jpg

from iMBC

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http://youtu.be/YZESr_6Fj1kTriangle BTS. Highlights with English subsBy jaeobsession


photo BmxHrdKCAAAsP4g.jpg

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

Source: Enews24, Sports WorldTranslation Credit: TriangleKoreanDrama2014 FB 1, 2Shared by: JYJ3

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HYD and OJHMeets again at the Police station.
Triangle episode oneFr: MBCdrama


and Yup, YD deserved this and more...
Maybe OJH can juggle some good sense into this low life thug's pretty head.

gif by ceskjj

http://youtu.be/sscBxxHZbPoEpisode 2 clipYD embarrassing himself in the poker room in front of OJH.Fr: MBCdrama
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Screen caps of HYD and OJH
Triangle Episode one

Jang Soo recognized OJH (his school mate)...HYD showed some interest already...

LOL...we learn that OJH was not booksmarts.

But Young Dal is smitten...

scaps by me

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Second 'meeting'
Triangle Episode one

YD saw JH at police station where she fetched her brother who was up to no good...
Younger brother shoved older sister on ground which made YD mad...

and YD proceeded to smack the boy in the head (well, OJH also smacked he boy in the head inside the police station)...

Older sister OJH not happy at all...

But OJH sure left an impression on Young Dal...

scaps by me

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3rd encounter
Episode one

YD running for his dear life being chased by goons of his 'sugar noona'...oh my...
But who did he see in front of him?

Kyahhhh hahahaha

No time to slow down or think about it...
For OJH, YD was like a milky white wind with a red dragon blur...

Classic and epic scene.
Will be remembered forever by Kdrama fans...

scaps by me.


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