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Eric Nam (에릭남) Official Thread


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PROFILEBirth name : Eric Nam (에릭남) / Nam Yoon-do (남윤도)

Born : November 17, 1988 / Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Instruments : Piano, cello

Years active : 2011-present

Labels : CJ E&M




Albums2013 Cloud 9  January 23, 2013

Singles2013 Heaven's Door2014 Ooh Ooh2014 Melt Your Heart

Other Singles2012 The Blue Night of Jeju Island

Soundtrack2013 "Long Ago Goodbye" Love In Memory2013  "Eric's Logo Song" After School Club Show



Music Videos

2012 The Blue Night of Jeju Island 

2013 Heaven’s Door 

2013 Heaven's Door English Version

2013 Good-bye in once upon a time

2014 Ooh Ooh Teaser 

2014 Melt Your Heart

2015: I'm OK



TV ProgramsStar Audition: Birth of A Great Star (MBC, 2012)After School Club (Arirang, 2013)We Got Married (MBC, 2014)






Thank you  for the admin for clearing the technical issue of this first page (20/6/2020) .  In the mean time you can refer to his SNS:


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Guest adikkeluangman

Eric Nam wears jacket and pants by SIEG Fahrenheit from this episodes of After School Club as below.10360831_541377432654591_870154144768815

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Guest adikkeluangman

Eric Nam Answers Fan Questions in Candid #AskEricNam Interview at KCON 2014:

Feel like I'm watching his show on ASC. Nice one. Maybe cause he from U..S and speak English it feel much better.
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okay, just curious. is this his official thread because i didn't see it in the directory? ^^"
nor does it have the {official} tag on it either, but this seems to be the only one when i search for it on soompi... well then.
anyways, anyone excited to see him in concert soon?!! :D

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@LavelyShai oh really? lol didn't know and thanks! and well thankfully EYK introduced you to this guy! if not, then ASC if you watch it that is, would have helped too!! lol

and sucky aobut not attending his concert. hopefully another time and yeah should be saving up money, but it's hard to resist when my sister and i wanna leave our little town and head out to the big city of LA!! lol

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oh haha really? well everything worked out in it's own way right? :D that's good to know!! and yea ASC and EYK does help with sharing other artistes and what not. ^^

haha yeah for sure! money problem is always the issues especially when things turn up, and haha i will do my best to have fun and will share anything once i'm back. :D

anyways, to other people wanting to go, last time i check... these are the available tickets for Eric's concert!!

VVIP $120 - LOS ANGELES only
VIP $100 - NYC, DALLAS, ATL, LOS ANGELES [all four locations!! :D]
$60 - DALLAS only
$40 - DALLAS only

so get your tickets if you haven't!!

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click HERE to purchase tickets and official merch!! once purchase, you can pick up your items at will call on the date of the concert!! =]

Cheering Towel for $15
autographed Cloud 9 album for $30
Fan+File Pack for $20
T-Shirt for $30

VVIP - Chicago ($120) [includes guaranteed fansigning along with Hi-Touch and early entry, of course]
VIP - All Locations ($100) [includes Hi-Touch and early entry after VVIP]
Standard A - Dallas, Chicago ($60) [comes with early entry, after VVIP & VIP]
Standard B - Dallas, Chicago ($40)

they also shipped world wide!! =] These are the dates if curious!!

New York 2/20
Atlanta 2/22
Chicago 2/25
Dallas 2/27
Los Angeles 3/01

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so my sister just informed that the whole tour has been postponed due to the weather on the east coast!
i hope every one is alright and safe!!
as for the concert... i think it's being pushed back a few days?
my sister also told me that those who bought it on ticktail, will have their tickets on hold... while those that bought elsewhere may have to purchase them again. i'm not sure how accurate this is, but this is just word of mouth. D:
i hope everything settles down!!

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where are all the fans at? O.o
anyways, my sister told me that they are thinking of having the concert in June this time around.
they said May seemed too busy and not the right time.
what are your guys' take on that?
i think it's nice, since it's in the summer and more free time... but not sure?
i find it convenient though.
but i really hope that the concert happens and doesn't keep on getting pushed back further and further and never happens. T^T

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Eric Nam and 15&’s Jimin to release collaboration track “Dream” by Sweetune


Soloist Eric Nam will be collaborating with composer Sweetune in order to release the track “Dream” which features 15&‘s Park Jimin.

“Dream” will be composed by Sweetune while the track will feature vocals from Eric Nam and Park Jimin. Although the release date has not been announced, Eric Nam revealed that proceeds from the song will be used for philanthropic and charity work.

He writes, “NEW SONG ALERT! I have participated in a collaborative project with Sweetune. As part of this project, Sweetune will be releasing a track titled “Dream” sung by yours truly, Eric Nam, with featuring by Park Jimin.”

“Proceeds from this project will be used for philanthropic/charity work. As this is a collaborative project in its nature, we thought it would be great to have friends and fans participate as well. As such, we are asking for all you creative folks to submit Cover Design / Album Jacket Design. Details are available at ericnam.com & my official facebook.com/ericnamofficial looking forward to seeing your creative works!!! ^^.”

Fans can also take part in this project as there is a contest that they can participate in. The contest will allow fans to create a creative and artist album jacket cover for the track. The album cover must be submitted to ericnamdream@gmail.com and sweetune@naver.com while including your name, phone number, and additional contact information where the deadline is on May 19th 12pm KST.

Additional information can be found on Eric Nam’s official Facebook.



Sweet Tune Collaborates with Eric Nam and 15&’s Park Jimin for Charity Project

On May 19, producer group Sweet Tune revealed, “We’re in the process of doing a charity song project and we will be donating our total profits earned by the tracks. The first singer for the project is Eric Nam.”

Sweet Tune consists of various producers, songwriters, and lyricists, who made hit-songs for SS501, KARA, INFINITE, Boyfriend, Nine Muses, Rainbow, and more.

Sweet Tune also stated, “When we were young, we were inspired by senior singers such as Toy, 015B, and Kim Dong Ryul, to become songwriters. Since we are business songwriters, we didn’t get many chances to produce songs that we wanted to create. We’ve been in this business for 10 years. Now we want to give back with all the emotions that we’ve felt thus far. We’ll share emotions with the audience and give all the profits back to the society.”

The song that Eric Nam will be singing is titled “Dream,” featuring 15&‘s Park Jimin. It illustrates a sense of longing, rather than pain, for describing love.

Sweet Tune’s project will release songs one by one. Later, the group will hold a meeting to decide where the profits go to, after they release all the songs. “Dream” is set to release on May 29.



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I can't wait for this duet. ^^ Love both Eric and Jimin's voices.

Eric also released a digital single not too long ago called 괜찮아 괜찮아 (I'm OK). I love the melody of this song. :)


And he was also featured in Amber's solo album with the song "I Just Wanna". It is the English version of f(x)'s song "Summer Goodbye" featuring EXO's D.O.  Such a sweet song.

What I love about Eric Nam is that he has a very friendly personality. He seems to make people comfortable and he is funny too. He can be pretty crazy on After School Club. lol

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^ Yes, he is coupled up with Solar of MAMAMOO. I haven't watched it yet but I am sure they're gonna be really cute. They look pretty good together. :)

I really like his new mini album, Interview is probably my favourite song and the music video is pretty creative. ^^

He also did a cover of Justin Bieber's song Love Yourself and one of Shawn Mendes' song Stitches with Sungha Jung. They are pretty awesome. I'm going to link them here. ^^

His voice is just really soothing. :) 



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Guest adikkeluangman

Eric Nam And Yoon Park To Appear On tvN’s New Variety Show

Eric Nam and Yoon Park have been confirmed to be participating in a new variety show!

Cable network tvN revealed that the two celebrities will take part in a new show called “My Father and Me” on May 9. A representative from tvN told XSportNews, “Yoon Park has already wrapped up filming in Switzerland, and Eric Nam has been filming since May 8. The show is planned to air in June.”


“My Father and Me” will follow stars taking trips with their fathers, documenting the memories they make together. Choo Sung Hoon, Nam Hee Suk, and Kim Jeong Hoon are all also confirmed to appear on the show.


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I am really happy that Eric Nam is getting more recognition in Korea lately, he totally deserves it. He is going on a lot of variety shows and that's pretty cool. ^^

Eric's duet with Wendy of Red Velvet released under SM Station back in Spring: 봄인가 봐 (Spring Love)

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