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What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

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Hirose Suzu, Okada Masaki, Yoshizawa Ryo, Fujiki Naohito, Matsushima Nanako, Kusakari Masao, Yamada Yuki


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Halfway through Koi wa tsuzuku yo doko made mo - Sato Takeru is pretty hot as a tsundere doctor. Also halfway through Hanbun, Aoi, wish there were more of Ritsu with Suzume.


Also, Hero 2014 is boring and lacks the charm and wit of the original.

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here to rave about Koi wa tsuzuku yo doko made mo :

it is so simple and cute. I love the two main characters, lots of doses of sugar and cuteness. Actors really did justice to it. I will also think of it when I am down and out as it is an energizer. It is a manga turned into live action in the right way. I didnt like the manga but this series is perfect for a grey day when you need to smell the roses. Ohh and absolutely Takeru Satooo ohhhh is hotttt!


@Aziraphale: was thinking of checking out Aoi but now not sure. I want more of the main characters and their romance  :D


do share some nice recommendations...


@Jim Dandy: i had seen oshin ages ago. I loved it as a child. Where are u seeing some of your recommendations? Any suggestions for sites where english subs for japanese series would be available? Thanks.

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