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What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

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Cold Case is back! My show is back!:w00t:


It took ages for the 1st episode to be available but  boy it was worth the wait!

Everything what  i loved about season 1 was still there! :heart:


  • my favourite team of detectives ever, the most iconic characters, are back,  especially the charismatic and so stoic Ishikawa Yuri!
  • All the main actors are doing a fantastic job in making their characters compelling and very relatable. This superb ensemble cast is fantastically lead by Yoshida Yoo, and they all have an excellent chemistry. 
  • I loved the continuity: the drama picked up  2 years after, making the timeline in sync with the viewers time. However, It didn't seem the characters have changed a lot: except for Yuri who is still dealing with the trauma related to the events which end Cold Case 1 on such a big bang. I really like the small little pieces left here and here to suggest her state of mind: how she avoided her therapist and the fact that she still can't use a gun.
  • I adored (and rewatched few times) her scene with the team leader Motoki Hidetoshi. Their mentor/mentee relationship is a real treat. They have the trust and the respect what we all want between a senior officer and a younger one and the gender difference made it even more powerful, because never the writing nor the actors implied that it could have been more. They have just the right amount of tension and tenderness to warm my heart without detracting from the cases or the credibility of the story.
  • The supporting cast was as always solid and the cinematography efficient, with some very beautiful shots showing that the budget is higher than usual for a j-drama.
  • Though  the plot seemed quite simple and straighthforward at first, the mystery  was intriguing enough to keep my interest during the episode but it's the  final that really won all the superlatives. Not only the  twists were weally mindblowing, i also loved that the drama wasn't shy to ask the most difficult ethical questions: stopping military nuclear operation seems a very legit option when fighting for a better world but does it justify to use violence to achieve it? The end was really brilliant and mature in the way it refused to condemn one side more than the other and left the responsability to  everyone involved.         


I can't wait for ep2! :lol:



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On 12/1/2018 at 9:09 AM, nikki7 said:

Chugakusei Nikki

why is there no thread for it here? 

This drama is my obsession. I just picked it up last weekend, was going to start 2 kdramas that started last weekend, but I have been able to move on from it. It has to be the subject matter of the drama because I had no intention of watching it until @catocat was raving about it on DramaBeans. You can check there for discussions or just discuss it at whatever site you are watching it at. 


Beware of Twitter since there are a lot of spoilers. 

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Back to dorama. Wooh! Of course currently watching..... 4 doramas no kidding! I will binge watch the dorama version of  The Good Wife once it's done. Hah.


For now... wooooh.

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu - not sure yet. Stars Nomura Shuhei

Maison de Police -- Of course I'm watching! It's Hidetomi Nijishima! love love my MOZU star!

3 Nen a Gumi Suda Masaki and Nagano Mei



Enzai Bengoshi..of course with  Sakaguchi Kentaro Fujiki Naohito.. my eyes flashing with hearts! Found out we have channle GEM TV by Sony. But I never watch tv anymore so...I'll stream on device.






Adding  Haken Uranaishi Ataru  I'm checking that one now and boy it's Shida Mirai .. remember 14 Sai no Haha with Miura Haruma.

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I'm watching Nusumareta Kao







 I need to watch something lighter since Nusumareta Kao is dark and gritty.

@jongski I'm dying to watch Kentaro's new drama but am hoping some kind soul subs it, the same with Maison De Policedragonprayplz.gif?1


Viki has picked up some newer J dramas, they subbed Dean's drama May I BlackMail You amongst a few others. I'm excited that we can finally watch some Jdrama legally!!!

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I'm watching Hajimete Koi o Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi

I'm waiting for Episode 6 of Maison De Police too. It has become my favorite of the Winter Dramas this year. 

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