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[C-Movie] When A Wolf Falls In love With A Sheep


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*Two victims of heartbreak are united by whimsy in Hou Chi-Jan winning comedy*
Country: TaiwanGenre: Lighthearted Romantic ComedyReleased: 2012Starring: Kai Ko Chen -Tung, Chien Man-Shu, Guo Shu-YaoSynopsis

Screenwriter-director Hou Chi-jan's bubbly crowd-pleaser of a romantic comedy dramatically begins with Ying (Nikki Hsieh Hsin-ying) suddenly disappearing from the flat she shares with her boyfriend Tung (Kai Ko Chen-tung, the star of You Are the Apple of My Eye), leaving him in a state of shock. 

Clenching his girlfriend's parting note that says she's off to "cram school", Tung heads to Nanyang Street - a neighbourhood in Taipei full of such schools - hoping to locate her. Unable to find Ying after days of fruitless searching, Tung settles into a mundane work routine that involves photocopying and delivering examination papers. 

Amid the stacks of paper, Tung chances upon cute cartoon drawings of sheep penned by Yang (Chien Man-shu), a teaching assistant and aspiring illustrator who is also waiting to be reunited with a lover. Tung sketches a wolf next to the sheep, triggering a sequence of flirtatious exchanges about love and dreams.






My favorite scene



Ko Kai






Nikki & Ko Kai


Trailer (for those who want a sneak peak into the movie before deciding to dive into an hour long movie)

*Before clicking play, please remember to leave your comments on what you think of this movie and what you have learned from it after you have finished watching the movie. I really want to know what you guys think and be grateful to all if you guys just do that.*

Here the movie with Eng Sub (It's said Eng Sub but please turn Caption/CC on before watching)

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Here is a film view done for this film by Professional Part-time Dreamer in case you want to read what she thinks of it 
And here is what I think:A very light and feel good drama that I have not seen for a while since You are the apple of eye also staring Kai Ko. I love how simple the time and setting of the drama is. Everything is just so simple and ordinary in this movie. There were no revenge, no dramatic emotional break down but just two people who are trying to heal up their broken hearts and to stop living in the past and moving on to the future. Through their journey, couple things I have come to realize. First, what happened in the past is still a part of you, no matter how far you run away from it, it is still there haunting you unless you choose to face it, to do whatever needed to be done and move on . Then you would find new arising future ahead of you. Humans have only three days in their lives: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. People who choose to live in the past are dull-witted, who choose to live in the future are impractical, and only those that choose to live in the present are realistic. Another thing this movie has touched on is about not giving on whatever you're doing whether it's your dream, your passion, or something else. As long as you keep on doing it, people will eventually accept it. Just like Yang and her sheep illustrations, even though no one in the cram school likes it at first, but you dont know one day it will become something very popular. As long as Yang keeps on drawing, one day people will like her sheep. It's just like having luck in your life. Luck will not come knocking at your door. You have to put yourself out there then one day luck will shine on you. When you open a thread hope it will get a lot of replies, but it doesnt even get a single reply. You just cant simply stop with just one attempt, open more threads then maybe one day someone will a lot of followers would eventually write in your thread and then more people will follow suite. That's it for now, sorry I rant too much. 

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