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[Drama 2014] Naeil's Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest crushheart76

Thank you! @4nn1987  as for the pic, you really have the same curiosity as me. haha.. i have always wondering how did the NG happens..hehe.. :D :\">
i just love that scene between shim eun kyung and joo won, it looks like sometimes they are shy to each other..hee..( i just love every small interactions between them) meh...age is nothing, when it comes to love. ^-^ ;)) :x
As for the TC airing in Japan, I really hope that maybe after all the episodes had finished airing in Japan...then we might be able to see any special episodes that was aired in Japan(if there is any) plus with the other BTS that we are really curious about. :x :x ;)  

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@crushheart76 ....

as like u, me either want this couple 2 be real. JW close of ideal type is SEK n SEK ideal type is KDW who has the similarity personality with JW. Can we say JW as KDW TWINS BROTHER WITH SAME PERSONALITY. So in conclusion BITH OF THEM ALREADY MEET THEIR OWN IDEAL TYPE :-* :-* It clicks WELL right chingu


So what if they reunite in a project in the future n the genre is romance? ㅋㅋㅋ... Love is in The Air :D

Regarding 2 TC. Although we don't get more adding scenes. I hope some chingu there will be kind 2 share something like news or reaction or special vid there. It doesn't matter if only a little bit of it...

If dvd ver. is out maybe it'll be around may 15. hmm... so Curious 2 with some info related TC airs there. Good respons or poor respon?

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Hello chingus

I haven't post here for a while. Work and lethargy has reduced me to a silent lurker. 
Our Korean-English translator has recently come across 2 interviews from the cast of Tomorrow Cantabile. These are just extracts pertaining to Joo Won's part. 
few CT actors talked about JW in their interviews.  1st from Shim Eun Kyung's Japan  interview and the other is the actress who played Cha YooJin's mother... here's translation. ^^

Shim Eun Kyung
-Say a few words about acting with JooWon?

I felt a lot from JooWon.  He's is an actor who has the strength to follow through on what he thought.  I was stimulated from watching him, it made me think much about acting.  Since he's older than me, he looked after me, gave me encouragements whenever tired.  I received so much help from every perspective.  I believe I completed the drama because of JooWon.  If JooWon wasn't there, today's me wouldn't exist.  I want to show my appreciation (thankful heart) through given opportunity (through this interview).

-It looked like the filming sight was enjoyable since many actors of similar ages were present, any fun episodes?

There were constant happenings since many actors were similar ages.  Starting from Go KyungPyo, Do Hee, Jang Sae Hyun, RS Orchestra members... everyone got along well so there were always laughter.  Go Kyung Pyo and JooWon always made the bright atmosphere.  Although it was tiring, (we/I) were able  to finish filming with a smile until the very end so I am very thankful.  Also towards director and staffs!  There were many parts lacking (about me) but they always accepted me with understanding, it really felt like a family.  I still remember the filming sights because of that.   

YooJin Sunbae Mother's Interview

In that case, let me ask in a different way.  Is there a hoobae (younger) male actor that you think this actor/male younger actor is quite alright?

From the <Tomorrow's Cantabile> who played the character of Lee Ah Hyun's son, JooWon has a really great personality.  He does not have the air of 'I am Top Star' at all and is very considerate.  When you are the main character of a mini series drama, you are bound to be very tired.  For the 2 months, you cannot go home before 3 in the morning.  The morning standby is at 7 am so can barely sleep.  In the midst that kind of tiredness he never showed it  but always makes the good surrounding atmosphere.  He really is a  humane hoobae (younger actor).

English translation by sdee at joowoncutie

(this picture is not linked to the interview, I just miss them and TC)

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Thanks @rionae 4 the info of DVD ver of TC on Japan. So I think we'll get new stuff on dvd ver????

the twitter only give the update of the rebroadcast of TC ep 5 n 6. No new update also on fuji TV website.

Hu...hu... we really can't watch TC on air. All unavailable. ... :(

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@mrdimples hi too he... ;) Thank u 4 making ur time 2 post that article.

So it's so clear what SEK said about JW. He's an inspiration artist n of course all adore him much bcos he can make people around him comfortable with him. I remember SEK said on interview that JW is a considerate person then the CYJ'omma also said so... Well he really can go along well with any different ages. SO DIFFERENT CHARACTER WITH CYJ he... :D

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4nn1987 said: @mrdimples hi too he... ;) Thank u 4 making ur time 2 post that article. So it's so clear what SEK said about JW. He's an inspiration artist n of course all adore him much bcos he can make people around him comfortable with him. I remember SEK said on interview that JW is a considerate person then the CYJ'omma also said so... Well he really can go along well with any different ages. SO DIFFERENT CHARACTER WITH CYJ he... :D

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hai everyone... how are u? So I finally get where I can watch streaming of TC but unfortunately

We must register 1st :( n all words are on Japanese language so I can't understand it :(

So ànother news is THEY INSERT SOME DIFFERENT BGM THAN THE ORIGINAL KVER :) Remember the 1st ep on the bar where CYJ talk with his best friend (sorry I don't remember her name ;) ). on Jap ver. they insert Korean song as the background. from the voice maybe the ksinger HOWL. And I don't know is it my eyes see wrong but I think the 1st meeting of CYJ n NI is something different in angle (ok maybe I see it wrong. So I better check it again)

ha...ha... another update. They try 2 TEASE the Jap.viewers with this pic :-*


from google translate.....

" The next Episode 7 & eighth episode of broadcasting 3/7(Sat) 20:30 is ~ ★ Finally Korea version of the original character, Park Bogomu Yunu played by Mr. appeared! Such a profound scene Also ...! Please look forward to it!"


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So the airing time is between 45 minutes - 47 minutes among ep 1 until the last eps of 6.

Hmm ... really I'm so curious. but yeah as I predicted b4 all ep of 5 already finished on ep 6.

So, I found also that looks like the dvd ver of TC in Jap ver. but Is there really The DVD ver of it? or it just someone who make it into dvd ver?

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And I watch some compilations of Nodame Cantabile anime ver n WOW I'm quite shock... What I found is it reminiscences me much with TC. THE CHEMI ALSO :-* They're in love although Chiaki/CYJ REFUSES HER MUCH WHEN NODAME/NI JUMPS 2 HIM MUCH ;) ;) :D

Hmm... so uri CYJ-NI look alike much with the anime ver :) And I guess also with the manga he... :-? :-?

if u watch the anime ver u really want this kind of romance is showed on live action of TC. Yup as what JW said 'It's so unfortunate those scene were cut' :-S

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Finally FUJI TV update their TC synopsis until 12 eps on theirofficial site :-*

As I guess Jver on ep 12 but actually it's on ep 9 or 10 on kver ㅋㅋㅋ

And I'll give little info. He...he...

I predict the ep 7 is the mixed of ep 5 n 6 on kver ep. This is based on the synopsis they give 2 us.

n the opening of Jver is shorter than the kver n I really like it. the VIEW OF EUROPEAN AT NIGHT :-* :-* :-*

And What song is it AT THE BAR when CYJ n Miss Haneum are drinking :-? :-? :-?

P.S. Sorry all I give u in all Japanese. U can ask the help 2 Mr. google ㅋㅋㅋ B-) B-) B-)

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@4ann1987...dear friend, I am sorry for the late reply. It is my first winter here and it quite scary for this little Asian girl. Anyway...yes I remember when I watched the JVersion in 2008, In Paris, Nodame was walking with Chiaki to somewhere at night and Nodame was quite upset, I forgot why, but then she gave this ultimatum to Chiaki that if he didn't make everything right then he is going to lose her. So he took a sigh and made up to her...and he also gave her a ring (If I am not mistaken). 
I think the Europe scenes are extremely important because there are many revelation for both Chiaki and Nodame, there are third party that pushed Chiaki to his limit which forced him to be aware of the other possible boyfriend for Nodame in the form of Franck (I forgot his last name) which played by Wentz Eiji ( I was his huge fan btw). 
So if you asked me how important the Paris episodes are, then I would say it's "EXTREMELY IMPORTANT"...Chiaki is quite adamant in denying his feeling when he is in Japan, but seeing Franck is a mind opener for him. 
Right after CT, I was wondering; how about if Lee Yoon Hoo were in Austria just to scorch YJ's anger, to make him understand that in the end, if he didn't make up his mind about Nae Il, YH would be the one who live with NI in that house near the church (which I don't mind if you ask me, I can see hundreds pictures of YH and NI living together) and YJ can live with his blonde unnie in a house near other church. Oh sooo many possibilities.
Such a same that Kversion ended like that, I still can't accept that.

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Guest kyung-jin

itemprop="name"The 9 sweetest K-drama side romances

by Lauren Jinkerson on Mon, Mar 09, 2015

via dramafever 

2. Tomorrow's Cantabile: Yoon Il Rak and Jung Shi Won



Yoon Il Rak and Jung Shi Won's romance added the comedic element that Tomorrow's Cantabile needed. Sometimes the funny, awkward romances in K-dramas are the most fun to watch develop. I love how awkward Yoon Il Rak was around Jung Shi Won. Even when they finally became a couple, he looked in shock that it had actually happened. It was sweet and romantic, and I could watch it all over again!

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