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[Drama 2014] Naeil's Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레

Guest adikkeluangman

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is that pop? If yes then perhaps u should find it in simple way. Google it. But if u love classical music then check Dramabeans, click the recap section and u will them all. Or in little bit complicated way, find which ep did u hear the song from and search in dramabeans recap section, u will so many drama recaps and one of them is CT, click which ep and u will see a recap which start with a song that u can download.

Anyway, SEK is lovely, her sweater is kinda YJ-ish lol,

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Guest sammyvu

Already miss this drama :'(I am fascinated with the piano now because of this drama!I wish the ending was more, seemed rushed but very good!Chingos, you know you wanted a kiss scene ;) come on now, haha.-Sam

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hello chingu @sammyvu welcome on this thread. we're waiting 4 the new news of TC airs in Japan on this feb 14 on fuji tv. It looks like there'll be something special there bec it airs in 21 eps. We hope something different stuffs but yeah they are sucess there is more important right chingu? :D

And yup chingu I miss TC much, it likes open ending on last eps (until now I can't finish watching the last eps. because I want cry 2 know it already ended :(( I do watch it on KBS WORLD but then I rewatch ep 16 only when they're still in Europe). Although it's happy ending but why I feel sad??? :(( Because On this Naeil Cantabile I do hope much on the ending that tells the story of Naeil both in her piano success recital/performance on public n her love story with Yoo Jin. So yup chingu the bad rating effected much :(

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hmm...now I keep spazzing alone here. Sorry chingus but let me share another long rant ㅋㅋㅋ ... I want ''IT'' let go from my head so I share it here.

because it's SO long rant so I make It into 2 part> Please bear with me chingus n just read it on ur free time Chingus♥♥♥

So recently I watch often on utube n I found many more DEEBAK FANVID of TC. So it entertains me much. there's this vid with many good effect that makes me then miss n back 2 rewatch TC n also made me sad bec it ends now :((

After I watch many more MV made by fan of TC. There are many comments like this 'we want a kiss', 'unfortunately there's no kiss scene between the lead', 'Really there's no kiss?', n so on.

So as I read the comments I also have this same question in my head, 'really there's no kiss'? it looks like I'm so Byeontae if I talk about this right chingu :-* why always talk about kiss

but c'mon we all keep waiting it comes between the couple right??> :D hi...hi...hi...

In conclusion, hmm...I can see many chingus (including me ㅋㅋ) who dissapointed n surprise/unbelievable reaction with no kiss scene he...he... ;):))


No worry chingus not only us but JW also feel dissapointed about NO kissing scene on this interview....

This is it when he Explains the Existence of kissing scenes


See the hangul word on the screen 'EDITION CUT? DWIGO' why use question mark?>

And this is his disappointing feeling about the kissing scenes cut....



if u watch the vid u can hear his dissapointed voice he....

This question keeps circling in my mind....

Have u ever thought the clue of the existence of kissing scene is there on JW words n the drama scene itself?

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My long rant part 2....♡♡♡♥♥♥ continuing from post b4 ;)

now here I come with another theory of the missing 'kissing scene' on the drama. hmm... n here's my explanation.

First, let me remind this question from post b4 ...

Have u ever thought the clue of the existence of kissing scene is there on JW words n the drama scene itself?

JW said cut or edition cut.... as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) edition cut means they do shot 'it' but bec of air times so they have 2 cut the scenes.

Ok, now another questions where is exactly they shot it/in which eps they're planning 2 shot it??? So my answer,

I do believe the kissing scene will happen (or happened ???) in Europe eps. The clue is from this scene....


Why NI only said about backhug? Why she doesn't mention about their kissing moment?

FiHg4rc.jpg Naeil asks a kiss from Yj n give a little explanation about it, WHY?


Why CYJ refuse to kiss her so hard if they're already kissing 2 each other?

U got it chingu??? yes I do believe up until this scene they (CYJ-NI) don't have any kiss scene. But then when it'll happen (or happened???)

TC story is based mainly from manga n add a little bit sense from jap.live action. So ..Yup...

I DO BELIEVE THE 1st KISS SCENE IS AFTER HER PIANO PERFORMANCE> either after the winning announcement or b4 it.

But JW said kissing scenes n things like that right. So, they do planning more than 1 kiss scene on TC Chingus :-* but when n where? I'm not sure 4 this but when I rewatch TC n read the manga also watch the jap live action n anime. one thing is the same ''THE OTHER KISS WHEN THEY'RE ONLY IN ONE ROOM'' like A GOODNIGHT KISS I think n else then... bec I see they use many scenes from the jap live action. Maybe ''THERE IS THE KISS ON A BRIDGE'' likes happening on jap live action.

Now it's happening or not? cut from the script or cut scenes?

Let's back 2 this interview


Why JW hesitated with his answer n paused a sec when he answered the question? Maybe he realize the words he musn't speak :-? :-? See the many pullstops n question mark also on the screen....

Another questions :-? :-? :-?

So here is that my long...long rants. Sorry 2 bother u chingus. Again read it on ur free time. Thanks. ♥♥♥♡♥♥♥ U All :-* :-* :-*

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I read your rants and frankly I don't know any better. I passed the point of wondering if there was a kiss or not but last week, after watching Healer ep 15, I was so mad. I won't spoil for those who have yet to catch on last week's eps but suffice to say, this was the kind of mature take I wanted to see in TC. It wasn't even about the kiss. I love the special romance between Naeil and YJ. It was different and unique, even magical I would say. Unfortunately, it was kind of "butchered" in the end with weird edits and left disjointed in the final ep. Maybe it has to do with ratings, I dunno. 
So far, we only hear bit and pieces from JW. did SEK say anything about it? Or was it a project she rather put behind her? Not that I blame her for reacting this way. 
by the way, here's JW reprising CYJ in a presscon in Thailand. He is there for a fanmeet today. 

credit as tagged

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For SEK, i think it's not a dissapointment, but the learning lesson for her acting improvement. She is so get used to the darker and complicated roles, so when she has to deal with childish one she gets confuse. But anyone will get confuse to reprise Nodame.
 about the kissing scene, well, like i said before, i dont buy everything those idols and actors say on TV, not that JW lied but that what he has to say, I've seen JW falls in love for his co star, and he was so childish and sweet and he keeps staring at SEK and in my opinion, since SEK likes Kang Dong Won which resembles JW so much it will be logical if she get so close to JW, but again, what u see sometimes it is not what you get. Because eyes just want to see what they want to see..but i really wish there are kissing scenes for the japan edition because our hearts want what our heart want.

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Guest imnue101

I agree with @Inggridl about SEK. In addition to that, we all know that SEK is a really private person, and admitted herself that she's an introvert. I think that she's the type who will not say anything until being asked. She also has seldom interviews about TC unlike Miss Granny so maybe that's why we can't get pieces from her. :)

Anyway, anyone here knows where to watch the special vid with subs? I'm really curious about the interviews coz maybe we can get something more :)

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Thanks @mrdimples 4 patiently read my Suuuuuper long rant he.... :-* Agree with u chingu we want something special between CYJ n NI, something mature that we don't get from the drama because of many cut eps :(( (ironically whether in manga, anime or live action jap ver we got all of this X(

But what we can do now... as JW said "IT'S OVER NOW, SO...." yup we are so lucky we finished to watch TC until the last eps. The drama that gives many impression in my life :x And thanks 2 share those pic of JW @mrdimples. Aww...YJ sunbae ... :-*

And actually I relieved now 2 speak out loud about it here chingus n yeah FORGIVE MY STUBBORN KEEP WONDERING THOUGHT chingus. It just when I think about something 2 hard I can't help myself but keep spazzing here. forgive me ok? ^:)^
But I hope it entertains u when u read my long rant he :D

@InggridI he...about that shipping thing of JW-SEK :-* hmm... no one knows about what happen in the future right kekeke... :)) I honestly want they're 2 be a couple as I saw many chemi there as JW ever said about how jealous he is with the closeness of PBG n SEK n BUT then he said IT JUST NORMAL IF HE FELT THAT WAY. Yup because we all know how JW acting right. he was so drunk with the character he acted. So yes, I think his closeness with SEK in shooting site is some effects of how so DRUNK HE IS WITH HIS CHARACTER AS CYJ. Just big hope 4 them 2 reunite again in another project chingu ;)
And maybe he talk much about TC in interview is also his disappointment of how bad rating TC got. Not only as a simple reason like DISAPPOINTMENT OF KISSING SCENE CUT.

@imnue101 yup she said that right in interview that she is also shy 2 speak with a new person, fortunately JW is a considerate person 2 her then they can speak freely n also consulate each other 4 better act in this drama. hmm... I can sense JW as a protecting oppa there he...he... :)) of course he will be 30 soon so he will be more mature right. (JW said this also in interview ok chingu ... :)

hmm ... the special vid of TC is on japanese subtitle so .... we need somebody who knows japanese 2 translate that :-/  :-?

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An update from TC official K-drama site in Japan:





「のだめカンタービレ~ネイル カンタービレ」の魅力を語ってくれますので



毎週月曜日 よる10時00分~10時54分


from google translate:

February 2 "Korean Love " (BS11) to Joo Won 's & Park Bogomu 's appearance !   February 2 ( month ) broadcasting BS11 to " Korean Love "  Joo Won 's & Park Bogomu 's will appeared !    Eugene , I saw from Yunu  Because you told us the appeal of " Nodame Cantabile - Nail Cantabile "  Please take a look ^^

BS11 " Korean Love " 10:00 to 10:54 , which by every Monday Official Site : http: //www.bs11.jp/entertainment/961/
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Wow the massive promote of TC on fuji TV. DEEBAK.... :D


N they don't cut it into 30 minutes 4 each eps as we assume b4 ;) So if it really 21 eps then we'll get MORE OF CUT SCENES which features on this japan airing time kekeke.... >:D<


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@4nn1987...anytime dear friend. Actually I have the same thought as yours, but U did say it out loud so thanks.. 


@InggridI ;) u're welcome chingu.... he....

I live mainly here on soompi forum at the hardest place of shipping couple. .. So I understand this shipping feeling chingu

;) We like URI Otp n want them 2 be 2gother as real couple but it seems IMPOSSIBLE. but u can't just easily forget it. That's ok. we are human with feeling also right ♥♥♥♡♡♡

So why then I ship JW with SEK? If he did a closeness gestures 2 sek in shooting time I got it. Yup that's love of CYJ 2 NI. It just I see that there's something different between these 2. This one is example: I paste it from ALLKPOP article.

At a 'Cantabile Tomorrow' Media Day event

held recently, actor Joo Won revealed that he personally recommended Shim Eun Kyung to play his opposite in the upcoming drama, saying, "After deciding on my appearance in 'Cantabile Tomorrow', the thought that

actress Shim Eun Kyung would suit the

opposite, female lead role wouldn't leave my mind, so I recommended her. "

He revealed that just as the public was

curious as to who should play the female

lead, as candidates like YoonA were even

considered, Joo Won himself struggled with the question. " Before the thought of Shim Eun Kyung came to mind, I wondered to myself, 'Who should do Seol Nae Il, who would do the role well?' I was worried and at a loss," he shared, before continuing, "It's not that I had the final call in casting her, but as soon as I thought of Shim Eun Kyung, I really wanted to act with her. "

"I imagined that Shim Eun Kyung would suit the character, and when I saw the footage compilation, I thought she really did act very well. " He also revealed that Shim Eun Kyung was a huge fan of the original 'Nodame Cantabile ' series, making her a perfect fit. " She really likes the Japanese drama and anime, and is highly interested in her character; she matches Seol Nae Il well," he stated.


how do u think of that chingu? MOST OF WORDS ARE PRAISING WORDS/RELATED 2 SEK. ''wouldn't leave my mind'', ''imagined'', in other article he said SEK is ''best Soel Nae Il''... ;) So I think of he already IMAGINE acted alongside SEK right from the start... hmm... OK maybe it just professional. ... as an actor but he....he... U GOT IT RIGHT CHINGU. I M A G I N E .... he.... :-* :-*

In other words HE CHOOSES HIMSELF SEK AS HIS LEAD FEMALE. N Yup because of this article also I ship them.


u are right about actor SPEAK CAREFULLY ON CAMERA. But as I knew JW not just this day n based on his real personality I BELIEVE most of his words in interviews. but of course We must know actor n actress if course use wonderful words 2 promote their project. It just IT'S JOO WON he...


Yup his chemi is good with other actress. but up until TC I can't find something that make me want 2 ship him with any actress.

Truthfully I watched some vids of JW interview that relates with his drama or projects b4. And what I find is ... yup he always look at the actors/actress who answer the interviewer questions. But another that I found is HE DOESN'T STARE THAT LONG as like as 2 SEK n SO DEEP LIKE HE WANT 2 READ WHAT IN SEK MIND (OK...Maybe just my shipping feeling here lol ;) AND HE'S SO CLOSE 2 HER THAT UNTIL IF CAMERA SHOOT SEK, HIS STARING 2 SEK IS INCLUDING THERE. Ha...ha... I want 2 laugh when I read again this last sentence :D

Ok...that's just my observation when I saw his gestures chingu ;) NOTES : This is based on shipper perspective ;):D

And BOTH OF THEM ARE JOINING THRILLER MOVIE THIS YEAR. The plot is also has similarity which both of JW n SEK chase a killer who killed one of their member family. See... What a sweet coincident right chingu :-* :-*


So actually I think there's Something magical happens when the 2 meets. but yeah It is maybe just us as a shipper who feel it but they are maybe or maybe not???

So as 4 me I support them as a real couple but also if it doesn't happen I hope 4 the best 4 them in their career and personal life. yup I'm this kind of person chingu ∩__∩

Related 2 TC: anybody can share the new special vid that aired this early feb???

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