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[Variety] Roommates 룸메이트

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Guest anitabi

Bom unnie u really were so lucky for being picked by those 2 pretty boys   =P~

dear PD-nim can we have pile of eps at once please? LOL yes i'm so impatient kind of girl  :\"> 

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@Miky88 ~ Hi there! Nice to see you here ^^
Isn't this show fun? I don't doubt there's a lot of scripting, because in real life people just do average things - eating, laundry, surfing the web ~ and sleeping. (which people in Korean entertainment need MORE of) ... so the PD has got to inject some sort of on-going storyline.
I don't mind that at all and I especially like all the giggly potential pairings ~because let's face it, if I/you were suddenly living in a house full of Hot Namjas, we'd definitely be making the most of it, right? ha!
I want more of the guys doing Pabo things together. The visit to the Mexican Embassy remains my favorite so far - sooooo funny! (and all over a toy helicopter) Men are such boys.
...also like Ga Yeon (martial arts girl) ---> she's a nice addition as a *regular* person who acts.... regular. There's no attempt to put on a persona for the cameras. I understand that the actors and singers are professionals at grooming their appearance, it's part-and-parcel of their profession, so to place a cool chick (just being herself) in the mix is nice contrast.
Looking forward to Shin Omma building that mini-stage/table thing. Manly men with hammers and such ~ it's a nice visual - HA! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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Hong Soo Hyun tears up after listening to Nana on idol life

Nana and Hong Soo Hyun shared a quiet moment on the latest episode of 'Roommate'.
After learning the choreography to the Orange Caramel hit 'Catallena', the two of them shared a van back to their home, where they discussed life as an idol. "Since we're an idol, we have to always smile," Nana told her. "But when life is hard, it gets difficult sometimes to smile on stage."
This made Hong Soo Hyun tear up a little, although she laughed it off with "I was thinking of something else".
However, later during an interview, she revealed something different. "There had been a time, in my 20s, where my life as an actress was difficult," she said. "I think I teared up because Nana is also having a hard life as an idol, and I thought about a dongsaeng having a hard time."The two of them became closer after spending a day together. Who knows what the rest of their lives as 'Roommates' could hold? What kinds of relationships are you looking forward to on the show?
cr: AllKpop

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Guest teddypizza

Roommate family theory
Shin Sungwoo- practically the mom of the house, chef, mom who always tell her children their were doing great, amazing supporter, yokshi Shin Omma~Lee Sora- appa-gateun, doesn't give much complaint in front of the children, quietly doing charity for the family Lee Dongwook- an oppa that you always brag about, makes everything seems perfect but actually it's just so-so kekeHong Soohyun- dependable first sister, sister that younger brother's friends always have eyes on but she also attracted to them heol~Jo Seho-  the person who knows all family secrets, family vitamin, 'can i say something crazy' oppaPark Bom- center of family, second sister who always tease on others, moodmakerPark Minwoo- 'i only have pretty dimple' oppa, the oppa who plays with dongseng, no one knew what he's up toNana- dongseng that thinks she the most prettiest in family, always ageyo-ing but a sister who everyone want to protectPark Chanyeol- dongseng who knows what he's doing, ambitious child in the family, doing what others told to perfectlySeo Kangjun- inki-flower boy in school, flower babo, the one doesn't have idea whats going on 'Good' oppaSong Gayeon- independent dongseng, mysterious, talk about important matters only, 'dont touch me or i'll break your neck' kkk

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Guest ynassii

Haven't watch episode 3... :(( there are things that I'm dying to watch on episode 3...

First is Dongwook and Seho's rendition of "Love is An Open Door", second is Dongwook surprising Bom =)) , third is Nana teaching Soohyun hoe to dance sexily XD and lastly, Kangjoon's deeeep dimple... :x :x 
I super like Kangjoon because he's so freaking cute! >3< especially when he and dongwook went out to buy a cellphone. LMAO they're so cute! ~X(
@runningmanfree thanks for the link! :-bd

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Guest candycorn

2nj9ipy.jpgnana and gayeon supporting chanyeol @ inkigayo!
my theory: although roommate pushes love lines such as bom x (dongwook, minwoo, chanyeol) there are probably other love lines happening behind the scenes! i wouldn't be surprised if chanyeol is starting to get to know these 2 more than before and having interest in 1 of these girls. (or maybe this is my delusional shipping x)) hehe. i still really like bom x dongwook though <3 ... just hope they aren't forced into having a loveline. i want to see it grow naturally!

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Guest Narda

Reasons to ship a ship
BomxWookie:-because he was the first to welcome her home-because he stayed up in the wee hours of the morning to accompany her-because he genuinely enjoyed Bom's self introduction, you know the "bend and snap" -because he likes "younger women"-because he's of the marrying age and according to tarot reading, he and her are compatible for marriage
BomxMinwoo:-because he and her have the same surname, and along with park chan yeol, they make up a beautiful family
-because he liked it when she personally put "meridian stickers" on his ears.-because he was the 'first' to be sprayed by that mist-because he picked her up off from the airport (is this when the cameras weren't rolling?)-because he bought her a hat and a couple shirt (is this in epi 3? haven't watched it yet!)

I'm surprised that Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Dong Wook show zero interest in each other despite their similarities in: age, profession and mothers who badger them to get married.
Speaking of DW (who I loved since My Girl) I found it adorable that he can confidently say what a "pabo" he can be. I LOL'ed at the contrast. He plays a CEO in dramas but doesn't even know his own back acct number or how to buy phones. Then again, he probably has his manager to handle all the finances.
Seo Kang Joon, despite looking so mature is the most innocent (tied with Chan Yeol) It was so nice seeing him enjoy his new cellphone. And c'mon now, did the salesperson need to show other phone brands? *cough*SamsungGalaxyS5*cough
Park Min Woo, another cutie! I like how he can flirt back with HSH. This boy, I mean, man got some romantic antics up his sleeves. Smooth talker is he? Hehe.
I thought it was kind of inconsiderate of Sora to bring her dog Giselle because WHAT IF someone like Sandara, not Bom, entered the house instead? Isn't she afraid of dogs? Nonetheless, Giselle is a cute dog and completely harmless (I hope for her speedy recovery)
I have utmost respect and admiration for Mama Shin who is obviously the matriarch: he dotes on everyone. (its a plus that he cooks, YOU SEE that Lee Sora? hehe)
Although there seems to be no subtle hints of a loveline brewing between Chan Yeol and Ga Yeon, I actually would find it to be cute. They're both shy. I really like GY. She doesn't come off as trying hard but that could be because she's NOT a celebrity that needs to maintain a certain "image." Though, like someone commented, I hope to see her getting out her shell because she looks at her phone too much and I would much rather see her interacting with others. :)
And I'm so glad Jo Se Ho is the comedian they chose because he has such a like-able personality. Friendly, class clown, and not your average goofball (boy can speak English better than SKJ. :)) ) 
oh and I like how everyone was placed in their designated rooms.LDW, who looks serious in dramas is actually outgoing like JSH!
SSW and PCY are passionate about music and I look forward to the day they'll be fusing first generation kpop to the modern kind
HSH and Nana give off the older-younger sister kind of relationship. Both narcissistic and thats not exactly a bad thing 'cause I can totally be like that at times. 
I hope to see more interactions in Room 1. It seems like they're just civil with each other and not exactly "bonding."

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Guest Soopke


are we allowed to "promote" sites? Because I created a new fanpage of this show. One with the latest updates, little summaries, streams etc. I still have to add more content. But so far I have added streams/eng subs. Hope to keep you guys updated with more news!


I really enjoy this show so far! This was the highlight of the latest episode:

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I love this part, really. Innocent clueless GaYeon...hahha
and cool unnie Lee Sora, lolling over her clueless...
And after all her innocentness, coz she loves her unnie so mush Ga Yeon immediately chage her fav. gag-man :D
Really sweet dongsaeng.
GY : recently I like (gag-man) Shin Dong Yeob
LSR : *mental breakdown*
LSR&B : (Lolling to GY clueless)
LSR : What did she say?
B: It's coz she is still young, I'm sorry.
B : (to GY) Go search on internet.
LSR : What's to find on internet? (lolling together again)

During interview:
B: I'm being dumfounded, don't know what to do..
GY : I was 1 year old at that times. Mianhe LSR unnie. Now my fav gag is Yoo Jaesuk.

:)>- :)>-

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Nana discusses her title as the “2nd Most Beautiful” and her spot on SBS “Roommate”

Nana was pictured in various, well known places around seoul such as deoksugung palace, cheonggyecheon and the museum of contemporary art. Even though her nature.

Nana discusses her title as the “2nd Most Beautiful” and her spot on SBS “Roommate”

Allure Korea has featured a pictorial with After School’s Nana for their June issue. In the issue, they interview her parent’s and member’s reaction to her title as “2nd most beautiful” as well as her role in SBS’ new show, “Roommate”.

Nana was pictured in various, well-known places around Seoul such as Deoksugung Palace, Cheonggyecheon and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

After her photoshoot, she was asked several questions, one of which was the reactions of the people around her when she placed second on the list of “100 Most Beautiful in 2013”. She replied that she and her members had the same reaction of surprise and disbelief. Her parents, on the other hand, were proud and ecstatic when they heard the news.

Nana discusses her title as the “2nd Most Beautiful” and her spot on SBS “Roommate”

When asked about her spot on “Roommate” she expressed relief of not having instructions and outlined questions and answers as they do on talkshows. She feels that a reality show fits her more, because she is allowed to show her true personality. Even though her nature may seem cold at first, due to the bluntness of her words, she firmly states that she is easy going and it will show in later episodes.

SBS “Roomate” airs every Sunday and the magazine will be released in the following month.

Source: TV Daily

Source: blog.koreaboo.com
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Nana and Hong Soo Hyun stroll through the streets of Myeongdong for 'Roommate'

After School's Nana and Hong Soo Hyun were spotted filming 'Roommate' in Seoul's shopping district, Myeongdong!
Nana and Hong Soo Hyun share the same room on 'Roommate', so it's no wonder they've been getting especially close after practicing Orange Caramel's "Catallena" together and bonding through their touching talk about their hardship as an idol and actress, respectively. The two were spotted strolling through Myeongdong on May 18 arm in arm, drawing attention.
Stay tuned for their shopping experience on an upcoming episode of 'Roommate'!
Cr: AllKpop

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