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[Variety] Roommates 룸메이트

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Whoooppp whooppp......!!!!  5DAYS MOREE then m free birdsssssss........!!!!  i can spazz around more often with this chiqa @ittybittykitty....!!!! weeeehahahahahahahaahh ...rightt!!! LOL


First of all JACKSON real birth date is on 28th MAC!!!! 

Second of all WTH is bambam -amber henry EPISODE?????? 

Last but not the least WHERE IS MIN WOOO??????? Stop giving your 'now u see me now u dont' appearance every now n then!!! LOLL

Aigooooooooooo MR PD. for the lover of variety sake- PLZ PLZ SPARE US from repetitive concept !!!! Plz invite guest who is GENUINELY Hilawwrious and have complete Variety package ...> or even betta juz STICK by showing these awsum 12 roommates interactions/activities without outsider for once....!!!! 

PS: GukSon as mom and son Maaa arsss........!!!! i mean whoaa they r definitely one happy French family eyy...!! Bahahahahahah... N seriously abt tym jackji make world peace n JACKSON be nice n man up to YJ for once..!! LOL 

Haishhhhhhhhhhhg!!!! peace <3 pissed out ROFLLzzzz 
BTW, does anybody knows how many episodes left they r filming??!? is there going to b any season 3 in the making?? TQ

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Guest itybittykitty

@JunkieArtz ...welcome back!!!... it was such a cute episode!!!.... if I find that gif I will be sure to post it!!!

Episode 42 (or 22)

I know your b'day too!




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