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《极品新娘》My Amazing Bride / Ji Ping Qing Niang 2014


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Foreign Name: My Amazing Bride
Episode: 40 episodes
Type: light comedy, costume idol
Year: 2013
Production Company: Shanghai good drama Television Ltd.
Country: China
Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Liang wins right Huangjun Wen Cheng-Zhi Chao
Screenplay: Wang Shao-bo
Synopsis: The drama describes the “tofu Xi Shi” Tang Doudou (Li Qin), who is on the way to becoming a spinster. This is because she refuses to marry unless she meets a first-class gentlemen, who understands her and who she loves (therefore worthy of her true affections). After a misstep with the officials, the Tang clan faces its demise, but fortunately, the Zhuang family*  reaches out to help. Madame Zhuang wants Doudou to marry her oldest son, who has long been both good-looking, well-principled, and cultured genius – yet on the day of the wedding, he turns into an idiot with the intelligence level of an eight year old! Doudou is furious, and runs home, but without money to pay for her father’s illness, she must meet up with Madame Zhuang again. Her oldest son is still lovesick for Doudou, and his mother works out a one-year agreement with Doudou. But wait, Dou Dou discovers something very unusual about her husband’s illness, something a little out of place in the family, and seeks to find the truth – yet her mother-in-law is strangely unperturbed…?
Cast:Li Qin- Tang DoudouJin ShijiaGao YangMaggie ShiuHowie HuangKingdom YuenVence SoongZheng PeipeiXiong Naijin  Chen Zihan


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