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[Japanese Drama 2014] イタズラなKiss~Love in TOKYO [Season 2]


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sofiny2 said: Interview Yuki Miki di DVD BOX BlueRay Itakiss format .gif~ from @anxiouss_

n English Translate by @anxiouss_ In the interview, they were asked on what countries they wanna go
Miki said she wants to go to Paris & New York then Yuki said they are not countries (LOL) Then Miki continued ,,,
and said she also went to London then Yuki said that's not a country too (HAHA) he said it should be United Kingdom. (end),,,

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I'm so late on this, I didn't even know they were going to have a season 2. I really liked the first season. And I think i might just have to hold back on this even when it airs because the agony of waiting each week for 1 episode is a pain! lol Thanks for all the updates so far guys! I appreciate it [:

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Tororin "Mami Irie" Update blog 2014/04/20 "Okinawa
she said :D
"Drama Series Itakissu season 2 .. the first time filming location at the start of filming of Okinawa .. Mami Irie hesitate to post because it is prohibited .."
"Mami Irie as usual .. ready with her camera and take pictures of all the activities Naoki and Kotoko honeymoon"hahaha
"At that time (filming Itakiss 2) the end of february .. and the weather was sunny and warm"

Then Mami Irie" Tororin "and Yuuki Irie" Yuga "go see a large aquarium together
"And the honeymoon room and there is a Jacuzzi in the back ...!"

Itakiss 2 filming location on a beautiful beach

"And Doki doki Scene at sunset .. and of course Mami Irie photographing the moment"

sorry my english so bad :D,,,

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OMG OMG...thank you so much to @rikasnail for making this thread.

I feel overjoy when i found this thread . Coz this drama is my obsesion drama ever since i was in high schoo, and its itazura na kiss 1996 version...i am ahjumaa hahahaha.....but seriously i never found the best drama than ITAKIS. and ITAKIS LIT is the best version ever.

Wooowww. just say woow when i look the honeymoon room with the jacuzi hihihihi...i can't stop thinking prevet thing right now. sorry
^:)^ :))

Sorry for my bad english

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aigooo.. I miss this thread :))glad to see new friends come here, welcome and here I give you a hug >:D<
thanks for sharing here about this season and don't worry about english we will still understand each other :)
and who want to see BTS of "rain kiss" ??? :\"> :\">http://youtu.be/lFeIJrEBQvI
cr uploaderwho cares about age ? :PMiki and Yuki just look good together :x

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Yuga Aizawa "Irie Yuki" update blog 2014-04-13BlGpIY0CEAEOMx8.jpg

Kasumi "Satomi" update Blog 2014-04-10
Kasumi and Miki~~~BlGs26yCUAAgHiH.jpg


Miki Honoka update blog 2014/04/12
today filming~~BlGwoWuCQAEvl6E.jpg

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Filming Itakiss 2~~Filming poster~~BlgRJ9gCcAAixB2.jpg
Itakiss 2 script~BlgRVoGCEAA3MeQ.jpg

Itakiss 2 script~~omo omo omo!!!! that scene at the Lake???? :x :x :Oand Naoki seems like teased Kotoko!!! aaaghhh I can't wait make me curious!!! >.<BlgRjS7CMAAjSjJ.jpg
cr as taggedplease airing soonnnnnn!!!!!

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@chubbyzmae I'm not sure it's Sahoko, but seems like it's true :(( :((

Did Sahoko still appear on season 2?

@LavelyShai riigghhhtttt!!!!!

Director seems like teasing us :(( :((

I'm frustrated because filming was veryyyyy quiet grrr X(

hope teaser release soon!!

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Yes i think there will be adding scene for sahoko san, hope it's just the scene irie appologize to oizumi about cancel the wedding

Love the scene on your video @rikasnail. when yuki and miki talk in corner until mama irie pointing them hehehehe, Why don't both of you dating, miki & Yuki !!!!

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The age gap limits the romance in this drama. Now that they are married, how are they going to portray that aspect? Since she is still underaged.
Kiss scenes are one thing, but bed scenes...

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@LavelyShai, @DJG

I really really want a bed scene in ITAKISS LIT2, and then to fulfill my curiousity i check on wikipedia, they said legally age in Japan to marriage is 16 years old, Miki is 17. So it's mean miki already on grow age .

wish they make the bed scene hehehehe

and why i cannot post some pic here? please someone help me, i'm new here hikss

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