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[Japanese Drama 2014] イタズラなKiss~Love in TOKYO [Season 2]


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[MagazineScan] ITAKISS SPECIAL EP.1 LOVE in OKINAWA~~~~ :x


[PHOTOS] ITAKISS Love in Okinawa on Beijing Report


that church is really famous right? i somehow feel it's the church that Hongki Mina / Joon Jung Young Jung Yoo Mi's WGM couple visits when they are going to Okinawa? cmiiw   ^:)^
credits : weibo, twitter. via ITAKISSLIT Indo

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raasyndrome said: rikasnail said: itakiss staff want give us a surprised >.<they didn't tell us when it'll be airing even trailer >//<
the cast already know when it'll be airing but they didn't want tell us :(( it's okay we need to wait till the end of this MAY X(

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Guest carlaclarise

Hello, It is my first time joining here in soompi, I have known Soompi because of Nice Guy korean drama, since then I became a silent reader of different forum topics, I do not really want to join and be part of conversations because of acad stuffs but I cannot resists my urge to communicate with fellows fans of Itakiss. I was captivated by the story of It started with a kiss and then after that my addiction to this story continues up until now. I have read the manga, watched the anime and the drama versions, They Kissed Again and Playful kiss. With all of these, I may say that this jodorama is the best of all the versions, the japanese version 1996 is weird and had a lot of deviations from the manga, but unlike the latter, this version is superb and surpasses my expectations. I'm really looking forward to the second season since October 2013, I'm a little bit sad that they havent tell the airing date and praying that this will be on this month because some says that it will be on October or December. 
That's all and please guide me here because I dont know the different rules yer. Thank you :D <3

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Guest ShinY1430293746

@ranxie hi there

@carlaclarise welcome to the thread let me give you a hug

urghh why they didn't tell us the airing date

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@JoyceL aaw. it's okaaayy.. don't need to sorry about that post too :) keee~~ \i'm trying to change my mood by watching different dramas. haha. idk why itakiss lit2 take much time to set the date.thanks Godness, my bias is also filming a drama, so that i can't reduce my ITAKISS-fever orz.
@carlaclarise welcome to soompi and this thread dear. lets fangirlin' together about ITAKISS-LIT >:D< , dont forget to always follow soompi rules
i want to knock out that door btw

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 Found it! ..finally after months of searching…I’m actually planning to do a thread for Itakiss season 2 but I don’t know how and where should I open it but a big hugs and kisses to you @rikasnail for creating this thread..It was sad that no one ever created a soompi thread for season 1 because I think they didn’t thought that many people would love this version…

I didn’t know this thread exist at first because  I only visit two categories in soompi forum one is in k-drama/movies where I’m posting  regularly and the other is the couple shippers paradise… so I really didn’t know  this is in the entertainment section.. but thank’s to someone who mentioned this on Itakiss facebook fanpage…Since season 1 ended I was really praying for a second season that I even signed the petition. I always check for an update everyday about season 2 and I was really happy when it was really confirmed that Itakiss will have season 2…

I was really a super fan of Itakiss-Love in Tokyo…It has been my signature in my soompi account eversince I’ve watched it  and I’m glad I’ve been able to promote this drama to others too..I’ve seen the Taiwanese, Korean and this one…I love both Taiwanese version and this second Japanese version but there’s something about this version that really attracted me…first it’s because they didn’t make kotoko so dumb here not like in other version, second because Honaka is pretty and young which is really close to the manga/anime version, third because Yuki Furukawa is cute and he did a great job in portraying Naoki..here in this version I really felt Naoki’s love for Kotoko even in early episode because of the jealousy and how he stare at her so passionately .And last because they have a great chemistry despite of the age gap.

So hello to all soompiers here who loves Itakiss like me too.Sorry for the long post I just got carried away hehehe..I’ll be spazzing here regularly...I’ll keep posting too..Oh my I’m so excited for the second season. .. waiting for the first teaser..kkyaaaa!!!!

Itakiss S2 Fighting!!!in-love-milk-bottle-emoticon.gif

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hi @i.am.bugz.funny welcome to this thread  >:D< it's a bit suck right because ITAKISS-LIT thread(as well for another awesome dramas beside KDramas) was somewhere so it's hard to find it :)
well..well. let's spazzin' together. i'm also waiting for the trailer. 

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@carlaclarise and @i.am.bugz.funny thankyou for joining this thread and welcome to this thread #hug >:D<
yeah, honestly if I joined soompi first before I watched itakissLIT I will created the thread here, but I joined it after ItakissLIT ended :Dthen after I joined soompi (that time because of The Heirs) I heard Itakiss will be produced 2nd season, so I'm very happy but not have many proof yet to created the thread, I was searching about Itakiss on soompi, but I couldn't find that I realized there no thread . I'm quite sad about that, it's impossible to create the thread for 1st season, so I created the 2nd season with the description 1st season on the 1st page. :Dfisrt, this thread quite silent because it's so hard to find (many people online on k-drama and movie also shippers paradise) but now I believed ItakissLIT fans will found it and now, I'm glad many people know about this thread that already have 14K viewers. I'm happy for this :Dlet's keep sailing this thread until they announced the date it'll be airing. keep calm Itakissers!!! :D >:D<
also I hope this season will great as the 1st season did, eventough with difference producer and house production. I hope it still have a different from the other. I believed with Yuki and Miki :x :x
again, thanks for you all which joining this thread :)

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@raasyndrome & @rikasnail thank's for your warm welcome... Hope we'll all have fun in this thread.. I bet there still many soompiers out there who love Itakiss too but they just didn't know this thread...so I'm hoping they'll find this immediately... finally I will be able to express my thoughts about Each episodes when season 2 airs unlike before I only have my feelings in mind ... let's make this thread a fun and lively thread... :D

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@LavelyShai haha that's rightttt. more people is come to this thread is really awesome  <:-P
me too. i would like to post random stuffs about itakiss lit season 1 until the teasers are out orz.
i know that this thread would be about itakiss lit season 2. but.. who cares? what i care is when the date of itakiss lit 2 announce :))
let's spazzing more 

@seafishy ohaiii. hello. welcome to this thread dear.. hehe.
same as you, we also wait for this super duper cute couple. huhuhu..

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