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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2014] Perfect Couple 金玉良缘


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Chinese title: 金玉良缘 / Jīnyù liángyuán
English title: Perfect Couple

Episodes: 45
Genre: Comedy, Love, Period Drama

Director: Tsang Lai Chun

Broadcast Period: April 21, 2014 - May 7, 2014

Tiffany Tang Yan as Yu Qilin

Wallace Huo as Jin Yuanbao

Huang Ming (黄明) as Gu Changfeng

Wang Jing Luan as Yuanbao's cousin

Set during the early years of the Ming Dynasty, Perfect Couple will star Wallace as Jin Yuanbao, the only son of an aristocratic imperial family that is in charge of weapons manufacturing. A pampered young man who is well aware of his rich family background, Yuanbao unexpectedly meets Yu Qilin (Tiffany), a clever maiden who travels around the country. Their friendship sets off a series of humorous, witty, and touching stories.
Watch here with English subs!
Raw Trailer:



Li Qi - Perfect Couple (Male version)



Ting Anne Jia - Perfect Couple (Female version)




Shin - Weaver Girl



Andy Wang - Crazyhttp://youtu.be/bgrgObywpfI

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Sad there's no discussion about this series. Currently watching the series n though i don't understand chinese, i find the series entertaininf n can get a general gist of what's going on in the story.

Not to mention Wallace n Tang Yan's chemistry is so adorable. I've been waiting to see them act together again after Chinese Paladin 3 and their new drama so far is really enjoyable.

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I have also been keeping an eye out for this one since I just finished Battle of Changsha also starring Wallace. It will get quite melo toward the half of its run, hope they dont drag it too much. I havent started on this one yet cuz I kinda waiting for Tang Yang other drama to finish filming and hope to see it airing soon. 

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the pace of this drama is quite fast n so far the angst is not dragged...all angsty scene so far is resolved within an episode.

i watched the series in youku n sohu...sohu has a better quality vid though.

tonight they will air ep 32-35...the series will finish airing this sunday.

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@uw_maulida,  I am afraid that I might have to push this drama back for a while cuz right now I have so many other movies/dramas on my plate. 
Anyways, thank you for the info 

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This has been a fun and easy to watch drama so far... though I'm only up till Ep15, hahaha!Tong Hua (writer of Bu Bu Jing Xin or scarlet heart) is the co-producer with Wallace Huo so I think I'm quite confident with the quality of the story.At least, I think this will be an entertaining ride.
I find v.qq.com's version better as they include the opening and ending theme and they offer 1080p version too,I used Sohu version at first but I noticed they didn't include the opening and ending theme, which is a pity.

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Dang, this drama is hella good! I needed a break from tragedy (like really, really tragedy, where pretty much everybody dies) dramas because it was practically ruining my social life :P I actually didn't know who Tiffany or Wallace was and I must say, they make quite a pair. I totally ship them. MY NEW OTP!!! I am sad it is ending though. It feels too short. I need more OTP scenes. I hope they do end up together, even if it is not now, in a few years? Getting carried away with my imagination now... I think they are cute together, friends or a little more than friends. Have you seen the BTS? It's constant messing around them two lolQuestion: How many eps are there? It says 38 on a website, but on YT, there is this person uploading ep 39, 40 etc. So confused :S
I am not watching it in eng sub because there are none available atm sadly :( But good thing I know enough Mandarin (I always get told off because I am Chinese, but i don't know half the language) to help me understand the rough story line and what is going on. I am currently waiting on Viki to sub it. It's gonna be a while though, but i am willing to watch the drama again if it means i will thoroughly understand it this time ^_^

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@AddictedToDramas‌ there's 45 ep in total..the latest ep is ep 38. i've watched the bts n yes they also have offscreen chemistry

you might want to watch chinese paladin 3, it was their first time collaborating back in 2009. their love story is very touching..it was love through 3 lifetimes n their chemistry just great. many fans have been wanting them to work together again yet only now it became reality. perfect couple is produced by wallace's own studio, it's his first production.

@c_gunawan541‌ there will be angst in the later episodes but damn their chemistry is so good together n the amount of their kissing scenes is something you do not find in k-drama. i still fan myself watching their passionate kiss in ep 28 & 29.

i watchen in youku n sohu as to increase viewer's rating...the connection to qq is too slow for me.

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yeah its the only site that sub this drama that's why i tried to ask if any of you has any other source i really like this drama and its sad that the only site which have it subbed is in hiatus uw_maulida said: @jeenee ..... the series were just subbed upto ep 5. you can watch on koreandramaonair.blogspot.com

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I just checked Viki, they have the first ep. subbed 60% in Eng....... so sad. I waited till now to start hoping someone would be subbing this awesome awesome show... TT_TT

They have crack chemistry and they are Perfect!!

Please let me know if someone else is subbing this..

And I think koreandramaonair.blogspot.com have taken a break due to their schedules and time constraints... and I think they have the first 5 subbed..

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This show just revived my love for Wallace. Seriously, his hair-do is great in this drama, it enhances his face features, and his chemistry with Tang Yan is burning. Though there are many clique scenes, the flow of the story is really fun and easy to watch. This show surely wins Bu Bu Jing Qing that was being aired at the same time. Lotsa kissings and the cutes. The 2nd leads are cute too. Thumbs up to Tong Hua for penning this lovely show. I love the fact that she writes depressing novels, but happy happy dramas! please continue doing that, haha.

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@livEvil Thanks for the responds... I thought i was the only one thinking about that.

I just assume that after watching LOTS of Chinese period dramas that you have to put your hair up to identify that you’re a married women. I will have to agree with you that Wallace hair looks great on him. I think majority of his period drama has this hair style… or maybe not..

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