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[Taiwanese Drama 2014] My Pig Lady 真愛遇到他


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When Ms. High-Class meets the Dependent-on-Father Prince...A love story unfolds in the High-Class society...9c4bf5fa1352c5e794b2c5681c37978f5b17b1df

Details:Chinese title: 真愛遇到他 Zhēn'ài yù dào tā
English title: My Pig Lady
Genre: Romance, Drama Director: Ke Han Chen 柯翰辰Scriptwriters: Chen Yi-yun, Liting Yu, & Shipei QiEpisodes: 24Broadcast Period: July 6, 2014 - July 15, 2014 (Mainland China)August 23, 2014 - November 29, 2014 (Taiwan)Broadcast Days: Sundays - SaturdaysReplacing: Loving, Never Forgetting 恋恋不忘
Cast:Ady An as Wang Man Ling 王曼玲Mike He as Fanjiang Yu 范姜禹Fu Xin BoShinElaine WanHe Yi Hang (賀一航) as Mr. WangLin Mei Xiu as Mrs. WangGuo Zi Qian (郭子乾)A Ken (阿Ken)Amanda ChouMi Kai Li (米凱莉)An Jun Can
Synopsis:Wang Man Ling is a nouveau riche pig farmer who tries to break into the upper class. Fanjiang Yu is a former upper class member who is now very broke. They join forces to help each other achieve the upper class dream.
TrailersEnglish subbed

Complete Raw Trailer

OSTs:Opening theme: Hebe - Forever Love (愛著愛著就永遠)

Shin - Love Flavor

Popu Lady - Melted

Anthony Neely - I'm Your...

XianZi - Empty Words

Viewership Ratings: (Mainland China)Episode 1-2: 0.772Episode 3-5: 0.985
Episode 6-8: 0.912
Episode 9-11: 0.966
Episode 12-14: 0.914
Episode 15-17: 0.901
Episode 18-19: 0.891
Episode 20-21: 0.972
Episode 22-24: 1.071
Episode 25-27: 0.941
Average Ratings: 0.939
Additional Links:
GO, Single Lady 真愛遇到他 Viki Episodes with English Subs
GO, Single Lady 真愛遇到他 Raw Episodes Online StreamingMy Pig Lady 真愛遇到他 Official Facebook Page
My Pig Lady 真愛遇到他 Official GTV Website

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Guest _nancie

wow the broadcast date is so far away.....really hope this mike he drama does well he havne't have a drama that does well lately....but this seems promising

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This one looks really good and Any seems to play a strong type of female lead that i admit i love,tired of all the naive/bubbly heroines that everyone fool and need to be always saved..based on the extended trailer the plot seems intresting

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Guest omgitsanna

Mike He????? OMG, he is still hot as ever since watching my last drama on him in Devil Beaide Me. Hope this drama will be good.

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