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[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Lovestore At The Corner 巷弄裡的那家書店


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Details:Chinese title: 巷弄裡的那家書店 Xiàng nòng lǐ dì nà jiā shūdiàn
English title: Lovestore At The Corner
Genre: Music, Romance, Drama Directors: Kē Hàn Chén, Yú Hú BǎoScriptwriters: Lù Yì Huá, Zhāng Qǐ'ēn, Huáng Guó Sū, Huáng Xuān YǐngEpisodes: 25Broadcast Period: April 18, 2014 - October 11, 2014Broadcast Day: Fridays
Cast:Nikki HsiehLee WeiAlien HuangChloe WangXiao Xiao BinTracy Chou Cai Shi

Synopsis:Xiang Shu Lei (Lee Wei) comes from a family of doctors. Although he has a girlfriend Du Ke Jie (Tracy Chou Cai Shi), he also has an ambiguous relationship with Dong Xin Ni (Chloe Wang). One day, Ke Jie went to Bi Jia Mountain alone and never came back. Shu Lei and Xin Ni both felt extremely guilty over Ke Jie’s disappearance and they broke up very quickly.  Since then, Xin Ni concentrated on her work and became a future star of the property development industry.
After Ke Jie disappeared, her father stubbornly continues to search for her while her mother becomes obsessed with investing in share markets. Younger sister Ke Xing (Nikki Hsieh) not only lost her sister, she also lost her father’s love. When the Du family finally accepted Ke Jie is never going to come back, they start to pack her belongings. However, Shu Lei secretly takes Ke Jie’s bookcase…
Due to a car accident, Shu Lei loses his memory. He moves to Yi Lan and opens a book store. One day, Ke Xing comes into his bookstore and sees Shu Lei. She realises he was her sister’s boyfriend but didn’t expect him to have amnesia. Ke Xing thought, if she can revive Shu Le’s memories, maybe she can earn the reward so her boyfriend Li Ze Xuan (Alien Huang) can start his own business.
A property mogul is making development plans for Yi Lan. Dong Xin Ni is also participating in the project. Will she meet Shu Lei again? For her boyfriend, Ke Xing gets a job at the bookstore but unexpectedly, she is attracted to him…Credit: dramapot
Click here to visit their Official Facebook Page!Click here to watch with English subs!
Raw Trailer:http://youtu.be/vo5HSzulIMQ

Previews:Click here to view the translations of the previews

OSTs:Opening themeShi Shi - Shouldn't Be, Shouldn't Be (孫盛希 - 不該不該)

Ending themeAlien Huang - Emotional Love Song (黃鴻升 - 有感情歌 )

Yáng Xián - Taking You Back to Hua Lien

Johnathan Lee - With Your Own People

Ivana Wong - Winter Dream

Shi Shi - Thermostatic

Alien Huang - I Thought I Would

Qiuqiu Choir - Why Dream of Him

Qiuqiu Choir - Tonight

Ayal Komod - Freedom

Mayday - Armed

Ara Kimbo - Beautiful Rice Pieces

Additional Links:
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c_gunawan541 said:

sugarplum892 said: c_gunawan541 said: @sugarplum892‌ Can you kindly add the link to my blog to the preview translations instead of pasting all of the translations in full post? Thanks a lot.
Oh I see!  I did not know that was your blog! haha No problem, thanks for the edit! Maybe you can add the link to their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LoveStoreAtTheConerThe soundtrack is really great! I love the opening theme sequence, opening many doors and each door leads to a different place. You're welcome!  I also added the OSTs you found and changed the drama's image with the one you posted
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I love the beginning soundtrack! However...why does it feel as if her sister is not dead? She's missing...no body to be found..she probably took some time off to find out who she "truly is." I'm not a big fan of Nikki, unfortunately, she is the main actress...meaning that she's probably going to fall in love with her sister's so-called "cheating" boyfriend. Her sister probably also knew her boyfriend was cheating on her but did not confront him purely because she knows she would be the most hurt either way..and she would also lose her so-called 'best-friend." :/ There are so many questions that I'm curious about..why the author chose this pathway..and hopefully he/she explains this later on. I'm betting you guys that the sister will probably show up along the way... 

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I think it will become more popular as more episodes are aired. Just like me, I would rather wait for the drama to complete its run and watch the whole thing as once vs. 1 esp per week

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