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[Taiwanese Drama 2014] You Light Up My Star 你照亮我星球


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Details:Chinese title: 你照亮我星球 Nǐ zhào liàng wǒ xīngqiú
English title: You Light Up My Star
Genre: Drama, Romance Producer: Huang Li Yu 黃麗玉Director: Qu You NingEpisodes: 20Broadcast Period: June 1, 2014 - October 12, 2014Broadcast Day: Sundays
Cast:Joe Cheng as Liu Cheng Wei 劉城偉
Janine Chang as Zhang Man Ling 章曼玲
Teresa Meng
Ivy Chen (cameo)Fukuyama Masaharu (cameo)
Qiu Hao Qi (邱昊奇)Yun ChauLin Yu Qun (林育羣)Li Yi Jie (李亦捷)Xie Xiang Ya (謝翔雅)Huang Li You (黃立優)Cherry Hsia
Synopsis:Credit: dramapotIf you’ve kissed someone over a thousand times in seven years, spoke many frivolous sweet words, every time you kiss there are many people who watch and discuss, just like animals in a cage displaying a passionate show. Can you stand it? Would you still have any passion?
Liu Cheng Wei (Joe Cheng) and Zhang Man Ling (Janine Chang) are that type of on screen couple. Every day they play out an old fashioned love story. They’ve collaborated for seven years in a series of dramas* titled “Sweet ___”, including movies and TV shows which achieved box office and ratings success. Their latest work had ran out of ideas, so they’re filming a Sci-fi movie “Sweet Planet”. This is Man Ling and Cheng Wei’s sixth collaboration in the “Sweet” series.

Cheng Wei can’t take it anymore. He wants a complete transformation! He starts to become difficult and won’t work with the crew. He even ran away to hide and won’t see anyone. Zhang Man Ling is a ‘goddess’, the type everyone loves and worships. Wu Chun Sheng (Qiu Hao Qi) is obsessed with her. He tried to find any opportunity to get close to Man Ling, pretending to be different people just like Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘The Aviator’ to get close to her. In reality, he’s just a lowly stunt double who can’t act. But seeing Cheng Wei not cherishing his goddess Man Ling, he vows for revenge!
Watch here with English subs!
Raw Previews:

OSTs:Opening theme: Magic Power - Rainbow Blackhole

Closing theme: Fukuyama Masaharu

Lin Yu Chun - Wind After the Rain

Summer Meng - Actor

Jia Jia - Feathers

Yen-J - The Last Long Song

Additional Links:
You Light Up My Star 你照亮我星球 Official Facebook Page
You Light Up My Star 你照亮我星球 Viki Episodes with English Subs
You Light Up My Star 你照亮我星球 Raw Episodes Online Streaming

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found this at gooddrama, surprisingly love it. Watched until ep 8 already.
Liu Cheng Wei : OK, I can quite understand his actions. He's unstable mentally, doesn't recognize what's fake and real anymore, he wants real but everything around him seems fake. And, it's okay for him to end his relationship with Man Man, if he feels their relationship isn't real. But, he should just stop at that. It irks me that he keeps being a jerk, he should just try to be closer with people (including trying befriend with Man Man) and don't be scared all the time. 
Man Ling : OK, I sympathize with her one-sided love. But, you know, I can't stand her keep clinging on Cheng Wei. Move on please, you deserve better! (i'm afraid i'll get bored watching you only clinging on Cheng Wei)
Chun Sheng : He should treat Yi Fang better, or Cheng Wei will snatch her, and it'll be too late for him later when he has finally realized his feeling and Yi Fang already moved on from him to Cheng Wei. 

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Guest marycosplay

I like Joe Cheng after I saw the tv show"The Rose", he plays Han Kui, who is a boy with shoulder-length hair, he is really amazing.I watch You Light Up My Star for his sake.Speaking of which, I don't watch 16,17 episodes till now coz I am obsessed with manga these days.

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