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[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路


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Guest lizzy4e

Episode 10 begins with a quiet, intimate atmosphere. It is unlike any scene in the entire drama. He presents her with the song he has written for her (this is my unsubbed guess.) The mood helps set the tone for the rest of the episode. The dynamics of the otp's relationship is subtly shifted by this opening scene and by their interactions at the recording studio.  This show is a gem.

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Guest anhay59

I think she is recording the song that her father wrote for her. In the next episode, he already told her that he starts to care for her and he does not want her to leave him.

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Guest dongwookie

started watching this drama to cure my IAGW withdrawal syndrome. First time seeing Chris Wu, and i'm captivated already.:)  The drama is definitely far from perfect, but i do like its ties to music, and how no one is an all out villain. It's quite similar to IAGW in these aspects, though the second lead female here is definitely more typical 'love-to-hate' than in IAGW. 
i'm already 4 episodes in, and still wasn't sure if Shu Yu and Wei Zen would work as a romantic couple. though i do like their bickering-one-moment-heart-stirring-the-next interactions. i also spoiled myself a little and scrolled through the pics in these thread, and saw the kiss.. hmm, maybe it would work.  :D

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Hi everybody, I'm mir and I have been watching rock n head on and off.

Anyway I'm dying to find out what will happen to our otp.

I came across ep14 preview and wanted to share

Ep 14 preview


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