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[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路


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Details:Chinese title: A咖的路 A Ka De Lu
English title: Rock ‘n’ Road
Genre: Music, Romance, Drama Director: Lin Zi Ping
Episodes: 16Broadcast Period: March 16, 2014 - July 3, 2014Broadcast Day: Thursdays

Cast:Chris Wu jako Zhou Shu YuKimi Hsia jako Lin Wei ZhenMike Lee (李政穎) jako Xu Li DaNita Lei jako Yang Jia XinMa Mi (瑪靡) jako Lai Qian RuiYang Qing (楊晴) jako Liao Qiao RuTu Shi Min (涂世旻) jako Wang Mu QunLin Wei Ting (林韋葶) jako Guan GuanJi Ming Song (紀銘松) jako Ah SongDong Ye (東野) jako Ah Xiu
Synopsis:After you hit bottom, is it possible to return to the top? Former top child actress Lin Wei Zhen (Kimi Hsia) has been unable to find work as she grew older in the entertainment industry, throwing her in the pits of depression and self-pity. She then meets Zhou Shu Yu (Chris Wu), a producer who is at the peak of his successful career. But when his friend Xu Li Da (Mike Lee) and his girlfriend, Yang Jia Xin (Nita Lei), both betray him, Shu Yu loses everything he has worked so hard to attain. With only Wei Zhen at his side at his lowest moment, can the former child star and the rock-bottom producer help each other to regain their former glory?

Watch here with English subs!
Raw Previews:

OSTs:Mayday - You're The Only One

Jia Jia - Happiness is Almost Here

Mayday - Heartbroken People Should Not Listen to Slow Songs

Mayday - Onion

Won Fu - Loving to Wash Shrimps

Won Fu - Backpackers

Won Fu - Salary Man's Diary

Jia Jia - Singing For Lonely Souls

Chris Wu & Xia Yu Qiao - Friends

Jia Jia - Chocolate

Plungon - Gold Rush Years

Della Ding Dang - Get Rid of It

Della Ding Dang - In The Spring

Mayday - Rolling Cart

Weng Panfei - To Insist

Viewership Ratings:Episode 1 (March 16, 2014): 0.61 (3rd place of current dramas - Deja Vu 回到爱以前Fall in Love With Me 愛上兩個我Say I Love You 勇敢說出我愛你First Kiss 真愛配方You Light Up My Star 你照亮我星球)Episode 2 (March 23, 2014): 0.56 (3rd place of current dramas)
Episode 3 (March 30, 2014): 0.49 (4th place of current dramas)
Episode 4 (April 6, 2014): 0.51 (4th place of current dramas)
Episode 5 (April 13, 2014): 0.40 (4th place of current dramas)
Episode 6 (April 20, 2014): 0.55 (4th place of current dramas)
Episode 7 (April 27, 2014): 0.61 (3rd place of current dramas)
Episode 8 (May 4, 2014): 0.63 (3rd place of current dramas)
Episode 9 (May 11, 2014): 0.57 (4th place of current dramas)
Episode 10 (May 18, 2014): 0.69 (3rd place of current dramas)
Episode 11 (May 25, 2014): 0.70 (3rd place of current dramas)
Episode 12 (June 8, 2014): 0.66 (3rd place of current dramas)
Episode 13 (June 15, 2014): 0.48 (4th place of current dramas)
Episode 14 (June 22, 2014): 0.51 (4th place of current dramas)
Episode 15 (June 29, 2014): 0.52 (3rd place of current dramas)
Episode 16 (July 6, 2014): 0.61 (2nd place of current dramas)
Average Ratings: 0.57
Additional Links:
Rock ‘n’ Road  A咖的路 Official Facebook Page
Rock ‘n’ Road  A咖的路 Viki Episodes with English Subs
Rock ‘n’ Road  A咖的路 Raw Episodes Online Streaming
Rock ‘n’ Road  A咖的路 Official TVBS Website

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Caught the first episode live just now and it's pretty good, there's a lot of potential. I do think Kimi is being overly-dramatic in her parts but I guess that's what her character required, I have faith in her since I just watched her wonderful performance in Kiss Me, Mom! Chris Wu is charismatic as usual. But what really gets me is the lighting, contrast, colors, it's SO vibrant and easy on my eyes. I guess they did some adjustment to the colors/vibrance/brightness and it looks amazing on HD. Recent tw-dramas don't usually adjust their color tones so this is quite a pleasant surprise. Would be better if they didn't lipsync or make the lipsync so obvious but I love the music so I'm going to let it slide...

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Ratings for ep 1 was 0.61, ratings for Deja Vu really dropped a lot, they were at their peak of 2.6+ and then it went downhill...I'll say there's potential for Rock 'n' road to rise in ratings as Sunday dramas is experiencing a new low...with relatively no strong competitor/ quality drama that grabs the audience.But I can't say much because Aaron Yan's new drama is airing soon and SETTV dramas are always strong in their ratings.
★Sunday 22:00-24:10 (2014.03.16)Deja Vu       (TTV) 1.34 ▼ 0.05Rock 'n' Road  (CTS) 0.61  NEWFirst Kiss     (FTV) 0.52 ▼ 0.04

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Quick Recap & Thoughts of Ep2http://obsessionsofline.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/rnr-ep2-recap/

Ratings for Ep2: 0.56It decreases by a bit but it's quite normal as all other Sunday/Friday tw-dramas are suffering from drops in rating as most people are paying attention to news because of the whole student protest. It drops only by 0.05, other dramas drop by 0.2+ so this means that the show is able to keep its audience.

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