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Kim Sun Ah 김선아

Guest *alodia*

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Guest Yurichin

Thank you so much Tonyhong (Hong Seok-Cheon) for the pics...you're the best ^_^^_^

KSA stills, update via Tonyhong IG account in the premiere Movie "Evil Chronicle" - May 11 2015

올만에 영화시사회 #악의연대기 에서 만난 #보아 #김선아 랑 우리 즐겁게 수다한판 밥먹자규 ㅎㅎ #kissmylips 보아의 신곡도 많이 사랑해주시길

Kim SunA, Boa, Hong Seok-Cheon

영화 #악의연대기 시사회 #김선아 #엄기준 #이광수 #찬성 #진운 #김기방 기방이 몰아주기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ몰아준거 맞지? ㅋㅋㅋ

KSA with friends in Premiere Movie "Evil Chronicle" May 11 2015 with Hong Seok-Cheon, Uhm Ki Joon, Kim SunA, Lee Kwang Soo, JinWoon, Kim Kibang,

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Guest Yurichin

SunA unnie's stills in the VIP movie premiere "The Chronicle of Evil" (Starred by Son Hyun Joo Ma Dong Seok, Park Seo-Joon) May 11 2015, along with her Masked Prosecutor co-stars Hong Seok Cheon and Uhm Ki Joon

Seems like a fun night, she met her friends there :):):)

haha this is funny...


With her good friend, Singer, actress BoA






source :








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Guest Yurichin

update from SunA unnie IG account

Unnie Alone, Unnie with her make up team, Unnie with Singer BoA and Actor Uhm Ki Joon in VIP Premiere "The Chronicle of Evil " May 11 2015




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Guest Yurichin

Coming Soon "Masked Prosecutor"

May 20th 2015 Wednesday-Thursday KBS2 9.00 pm / 10.00 pm KST


Joo Sang Wook, Kim Sun-A


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Guest Yurichin

"Masked Prosecutor" Kim Seon-ah and Joo Sang-wook

via : hancinema


Everyone is looking forward to seeing Kim Seon-ah and Joo Sang-wook in "Masked Prosecutor".

The first episode is coming up this 20th and stills of their chemistry have been revealed.

They each play Ha Dae-cheol and Yoo Min-hee, an investigator and analyst. Jo Sang-wook looks sly and coy on the outside but he's passionate enough to deal with crime in a mask. Kim Seon-ah is a justifiable character who isn't shaken by anything.

Kim and Joo have already created a synergy effect while filming the drama. They are also known as the trusted actor and actress thanks to their outstanding talent and understanding of characters.

Pictures of them show how serious they are when the cameras are rolling but also how playful they are when they can be.

Joo Sang-wook and Kim Seon-ah make it hard to believe that it's their first time working together.

"Masked Prosecutor" is a drama about Ha Dae-cheol who uses his fists to deal with problems he can't solve in the name of an investigator and Yoo Min-hee who is full of passion.

Source : www.segye.com/content...

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Guest lily83

I'm really excited to see her new drama. I just finish watching her Scent of a Woman last week. I wan to ask you who might know her better than me, is she close friend with Uhm Ki Joon ?

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Guest Yurichin

I'm really excited to see her new drama. I just finish watching her Scent of a Woman last week. I wan to ask you who might know her better than me, is she close friend with Uhm Ki Joon ?

hi...me too I'm so excited :):).  ​they were close friend....and she had works together with him even before SOAW in Lee Ki Chan video clip in 2006...Unnie have so many close friends...and she has so many friends ^_^^_^^_^

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Guest Yurichin

Choi Siwon cameos as inept thief for Masked Prosecutor

by javabeans | May 14, 2015  ||  source : Dramabeans


Ahhhhhaha, I want this, and I want this now. As far as I’m concerned, Choi Siwon should only play idiots and goofballs, because he cracks me up so. Plus, he has a pretty good sense of humor and can have fun poking fun at himself, whether it’s playing a terrible actor (Oh My Lady) or a decent actor with a ridiculous personality (King of Dramas). Who needs to be just another action star (Poseidon, Athena) when you can bust a gut instead?

This is only a cameo appearance, but I’ll look forward to watching Siwon grace the scenes of KBS’s upcoming Masked Prosecutor, which stars Joo Sang-wook as the hero who covers up for his nighttime justice-avenging vigilante activities by acting the part of the glib prosecutor by day.


Kim Sun-ah plays a detective squad chief, and apparently it’s Siwon’s friendship with her that brought about this guest appearance. As she was reading the script, she came to the part about a bumbling thief and suggested it to Siwon, and he said sure. One more thing to be thankful to her about!

In the drama, Siwon is interrogated by Kim Sun-ah, and the scene promises to deliver laughs with his clumsy ways. I know shows can’t afford a lot of bad takes due to pressed shoot times, but can I be selfish and wish for an NG or two? Or really, a whole NG parade? It would be such a waste to let this chance slide without wringing it for every laugh it’s got.

Siwon’s appearance comes in the first episode, which airs next Wednesday.

Via My Daily


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Guest Yurichin

Poster and article for Masked Prosecutor

Mercenary prosecutor by day, masked avenger by night

by girlfriday | May 15, 2015  || 



I’m split on the new posters for Masked Prosecutor — one of them is cute and sassy, while the other is generic and boring and makes Joo Sang-wook look like a doctor. Since you’re embracing the silly comedy, you could put him in his crazy vigilante Nacho Libre mask, but instead you choose that?


At least the one where Kim Sun-ah has him in a headlock is cute. The tagline reads, “You’re the Mask, aren’t you?” while the group poster says: “Let’s not go by the law because it makes me angry!” And the stills feature young actors Noh Young-hak (Jingbirok), Joo Da-young (Age of Feeling), and Choi Sang-min (Superdaddy Yeol) playing the leads in their youth.

In the latest teaser, Joo Sang-wook reveals his shamelessly mercenary cover persona by day: a prosecutor whose only concern when encountering a murder is how high-profile it’ll be and how it’ll further his career. He even sucks up to corrupt prosecutor Eom Ki-joon to get ahead.

All of this drives Kim Sun-ah crazy, naturally, because she’s a righteous detective who’s fueled by getting justice and doing right, and she believes that this joker is the worst excuse for a prosecutor there is.

He starts to show his true (er masked?) face when he takes to the streets to get justice with his fists, then conspicuously tells his detective partner: “I don’t think Mask is the culprit.” You are so going to get caught in record time by her.

Masked Prosecutor premieres next Wednesday, May 20 on KBS.

source : http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/05/mercenary-prosecutor-by-day-masked-avenger-by-night/

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Guest Yurichin

Kim Sun A in geurilla date  / I miss the show last night bc can't manage the dispute of KST and my country time

She picks Yoo Jin Goo as a good brother / actor (well he's good unnie :D)

김선아 "남매라도 좋으니 여진구와 호흡 맞추고파"


sc : http://www.kyeongin.com/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=968017


I hate it if they ask her about Hyun Bin over and over again, but I love it hahaha....(I'm shipping these two for all time :lol:, please bring them together again in a drama, pretty please...^_^^_^)

'연예가중계' 김선아, 여진구에 러브콜 "남매라도 좋아"


sc : http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=711195

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Guest Yurichin

haha....typical Unnie...daebakk !!  :lol::lol:

Kim Sun Ah Responds to Hyun Bin Choosing Han Ji Min as His Most Beautiful Co-Star


Actress Kim Sun Ah recently took a jab at former “My Lovely Sam Soon” acting partner Hyun Bin after hearing that he didn’t choose her as his most beautiful co-star.

On the broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly” that aired on May 16, Kim Sun Ah, who is returning to the drama scene with “Masked Prosecutor,” took part in the ‘Guerilla Date’ segment of the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter revealed to the actress, “Hyun Bin chose Han Ji Min when asked to pick the most beautiful actress he has acted with. Which actor that you have worked with is the most handsome?”

Kim Sun Ah nonchalantly responded, “That’s understandable,” before jokingly adding on, “But I don’t remember who Hyun Bin is. Who [is he]?” causing laughter.

The actress was also asked if there is an actor she would like to work with in the future: “It’s okay, even if we play siblings…Yeo Jin Goo. I saw him when he was in a historical drama a while ago and I thought this young man was really good at acting.”


cr : http://www.soompi.com/2015/05/16/kim-sun-ah-responds-to-hyun-bin-choosing-han-ji-min-as-his-most-beautiful-co-star/

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Guest Yurichin

Kim Sun Ah Has a Witty Retort Ready When Hearing Hyun Bin Picked Another Prettiest Leading Lady

Posted on May 16, 2015 by ockoala


I love wit and sass and that’s something Kim Sun Ah has in spades, and an additional reason why I love her aside from her insane chemistry with all her male costars. She sells attraction like no other, when many leading ladies can act but struggle to evidence a desire to get close to the leading man. When Kim Sun Ah gets close to her leading man, I’m always tempted to call a time out and leave, closing the door behind me to give them privacy. Next week’s premiere of Masked Prosecutor will show whether she’s still got it, and whether Joo Sang Wook is man enough to give it right back.

Kim Sun Ah’s most famous onscreen pairing remains My Name is Kim Sam Soon with Hyun Bin, now a decade out since the drama aired to massive ratings in 2005. She was interviewed last week for Masked Prosecutor promotions and told that recently Hyun Bin was asked which was his former leading ladies was the most beautiful and he didn’t pick her. Hyun Bin apparently picked Han Ji Min from Hyde, Jekyll, Me (I think that drama turned him blind and stupid), but Kim Sun Ah chuckled to hear his choice, saying “It’s understandable, but I don’t remember who Hyun Bin is? Who is he?” Good one, unni! She then went on to reveal her desire to work with rising young actor Yeo Jin Gu, not in any romantic setting god forbid, but to play his noona.


With how crappy K-dramas have been, for the most part, in recent years, going back to tried and true classics like MNIKSS only confirm that the real deal will hold up with time even if the look seems outdated. Good storytelling is timeless.


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