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Kim Sun Ah 김선아

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Guest Yurichin

just love her here...badass detective
this NG is freaking hilarious

cr; NoikaThailand --> thank you so much, you have wonderful videos of our dear KSA  :x :x :x

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Guest Yurichin

class="entry-title"Queen Kim Sun Ah Gears Up to Grace Us With Her Presence

Posted on April 22, 2015 by India

To know me is to know I ADORE Kim Sun Ah. She starred in the drama responsible for my drama love and she was my first drama girl crush.


After being gone for what felt like forever (THREE YEARS!), a recent first script reading session confirms that we’re that much closer to Kim Sun Ah slaying our small screens with KBS2’s Masked Prosecutor (May), and it’s exactly what you think it is. Joo Sang Wook, prime ahjusshi material, will play a district prosecutor who’s playful during the day, but becomes a dark, masked vigilante who takes justice super seriously.



Now, before you start thinking it, no, Kim Sun Ah will not be playing the love interest/damsel in distress we’re so accustomed to receiving in these stories. She’s more like the love interest/fashionable elite detective squad chief for the violent crimes section. What? Hey, if guys can be fashionable genius businessmen who are also dealing with some trauma from their childhoods all the time, women can juggle roles as well. I honestly wouldn’t expect anything else from Kim Sun Ah.

Kim Sun Ah’s character, Yoo Min Hee, is said to be career oriented and does not allow the accused to get away unpunished. I’m already excited about the clashing that will occur once she comes face-to-face with Joo Sang Wook’s seemingly silly character.

If there’s one thing I love about her, she always chooses strong, female characters. She refuses to play second fiddle to the lead actor and I commend her for that even if the role doesn’t always carry over well to the screen.



The series will be directed by Jun San who most people know him for his work on KBS2’s daily drama Ruby Ring. Of course I remember his work on KBS2’s drama special A Spoonbill Flies Away which was wonderfully directed so I think we’re in good hands.

The script will be written by Choi Jin Won who also wrote last year’s Big Man. Of course if we want to talk about some my favorite work of his, it has to be his movies. The one that instantly comes to mind is How To Use Guys With Secret Tips which was HILARIOUS.

He’s done other comedy films as well as dramatic films so I have no question that he’s capable. I guess my real question/worry is what type of atmosphere they will establish for the show. My reflex says dark but after reading the article for the first script reading, they kept saying things like, “light, funny atmosphere”, “fun show”, and pointed out that Joo Sang Wook was a hit with the cast by ad libbing some of his lines.What? I’m all for having fun but please, PLEASE lean towards dark. Your hero will be running around in a mask at night, don’t try to bombard us with punchlines. Don’t be that guy, show.

This doesn’t mean that I’m deterred from watching in any way. I’m officially in and I’ll have my popcorn ready.

sc : http://dramadebussie.com/2015/04/22/queen-kim-sun-ah-gears-up-to-grace-us-with-her-presence/

so can we rest assure with the writing and directing now??

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Guest Yurichin

Another script reading article before migration

class="post-title item fn" itemprop="name"《Korea Drama》K-Stars Joo Sang-wook, Kim Sun-ah Lead Script Reading For Masked Investigator
By Sarah Hyeran Lee on April 24, 2015

K-Star Kim Sun-ah has finally returned after a three year hiatus since her last drama(Korea Drama) I Do, I Do in 2002. The pictures taken during the script reading for latest drama(Korea Drama) Masked Investigator with K-Star Joo Sang-wook were recently revealed.


On April 18, the cast for the new KBS drama (written by Choi Jin-won, directed by Jeon San and Kim Yong-soo, produced by Kim Jong-hak Productions)(Korea Drama) participated in the script reading. Kim Sun-ah, Joo Sang-wook, Jeon Gwang-ryeol, Hwang Sun-hee, Lee Ki-young, Jung Ae-ri, Lee Moon-shik were present.

Many viewers are eagerly awaiting to see how the sparks will fly among the cast members. Kim Sun-ah plays Yoo Min-hee, a detective with the violent crimes division. She showed off her special style of acting by not only reading her lines with passion but also with additional adlibs.

Joo Sang-wook plays Ha Dae-cheol, a prosecutor who appears to be materialistic but is actually a vigilante who goes after the bad guys who had escaped punishment. He drew some laughter with his gestures and heated reading of his lines.

Jeon Gwang-ryeol plays Jo Sang-taek, the villain in the drama(Korea Drama). Ohn Joo-wan plays an elite prosecutor, Kang Hyeon-woong, who is cold and level-headed, the complete opposite of Joo Sang-wook’s character. Hwang Sun-hee plays Seo Nari, an intelligence and elegant woman.

The director Jeon San said, “It will be great if many good things come out of this drama. We will work hard to make this drama a success.”

The writer, Choi Jin-won said, “This story begins with a question about ‘law’ and how it applies to those who have power and those who doesn’t. I hope to make it an interesting story.”

A source from Kim Jong-hak Productions said, “The script reading went very well and everyone is able to work well with one another. In the three hours of the script reading, everyone put in their best and there was absolutely no moment when it became boring. We hope to bring the viewers something that is refreshing.”

Masked Investigator tells the story of the masked vigilante Ha Dae-cheol, a skilled fighter, and Yoo Min-hee, a passionate elite detective. It will air in May after The Unkind Women.

source : http://en.kstarfashion.com/2015/04/24/%E3%80%8Akorea-drama%E3%80%8Bk-stars-joo-sang-wook-kim-sun-ah-lead-script-reading-for-masked-investigator/

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Guest halves in unison
Funny and Talented!




2011.06.17 NEW!!! Scent Of A Woman thread is UP!
2011.06.11 NEW!!! Kim Sun Ah started filming for Scent Of A Woman
2011.06.11 Kim Sun Ah on KBS2's Entertainment Relay
2011.06.01 Kim Sun Ah confirms new drama - Scent Of A Woman
2011.05.30 New Photos - from So Yu Jin's twitter
2011.05.25 Kim Sun Ah's joins new agency - King Kong Entertainment
2011.05.21 Kim Sun Ah's Official Facebook Page is now OPEN! Don't forget to click the LIKE button!
2011.05.11 NEWS: Lee Dong-wook’s comeback drama with Kim Sun-ah - "Scent Of A Woman"

Facebook Project: Happy Birthday Kim Suna 2011

Name: Kim Sun Ah (김선아)
Date Of Birth: October 1, 1975
Birth Place: Daegu,South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg (before she played Kim Sam Soon)
First debut: Han Bul Cosmetics (1996)
Nicknames: 타조 (ta-jo) - literally means 'ostrich' because she is a fast runner
.....English Name: Sunny
.....Sunaforever's Nickname: 아임써나 (a-im-ssu-na) (previously 미나 mi-na)
.....DC Inside City Hall Gallery's Nickname: 미래선횽 (mi-rae-sun-hyong)
Family: one brother and one sister; she's the eldest
.....College: Ball State University (Indiana, USA) - majored in Piano (until 3rd year)
Kyung Hee University (Korea) - majored in Theater/Film (bachelor's degree) (early 90's - Feb 2009)
Status: Single
Agency: King Kong Entertainment [Profile]
Japanese Agency: Sun Music 
Previous Agencies: Sidus HQ (19xx-20xx), Yedang Entertainment [Profile] (200x-2011)[Profile]


Kim Sun Ah

c/o King Kong Entertainment

689-16 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

South Korea


135-080 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동 

698-16번지 킹콩엔터테인먼트

배우 김선아 님

Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialKimSunA
Official Homepage: 
Official Japanese Website: [url="http://kimsuna.com"]http://kimsuna.com
Official Fan Cafe (Fans club): http://cafe.daum.net/foreversuna

Official Yedang Homepage: http://www.yedang.co.kr/kimsuna
Official Sidus Homepage: http://kimsuna.sidusHQ.com
Personal Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.nate.com/sunasdiary
.....*she closed her Cyworld "sunasdiary" after My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, but she created a new one (with a new url) and she is updating it regularly, however it is closed to the public and she has no intention of opening it.

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2002-06-13 Yesterday 예스터데이
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2003-10-17 Once Upon A Time In A Battlefield 황산벌 (cameo)
2003-10-24 The Greatest Expectation 위대한 유산
2003-12-17 Happy Ero Christmas 해피에로 크리스마스
2004-10-22 S Diary S 다이어리
2005-03-17 She's On Duty 잠복근무
2006 Thursday's Child 목요일의 아이 (halted)
2007-08-30 The Worst Man Of My Life 내 생애 최악의 남자 (cameo)
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2010-01-21 Attack the Gas Station 2 주유소 습격사건 2 (cameo)
2011 Fighting Spirit 투혼

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2005 - MBC Popularity Award (My Name is Kim Sam Soon 내이름은 김삼순)
2005 - MBC Best Couple Award - Kim Sun A ♡ Hyun Bin 김선아 ♡ 현빈 (My Name is Kim Sam Soon 내이름은 김삼순) 
2005 - MBC Top Excellence Award (My Name is Kim Sam Soon 내이름은 김삼순)
2005 - MBC Greatest Award (My Name is Kim Sam Soon 내이름은 김삼순)

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♥ 2008.09. ebrigid & antisocialnot

♥ 2010.02.08 mzpakipot - receives "The City Hall DVD" with Kim Sun Ah's signature
♥ 2010.02.15 *alodia* - "You too, Dia" Kim Sun Ah's reply on Sunaforever
♥ 2010.03.14 *alodia*, jastinel and zin_90 - Foreigner fans won Kim Sun Ah's White Day gift (from Sunaforever)
♥ 2010.03.14 *alodia* - receives Kim Sun Ah's white day gift
♥ 2010.10.14 jastinel - receives Kim Sun Ah's special gift
♥ 2011.06.12~13 *alodia* - TAIWAN DIARY - encounter(s) with Kim Sun Ah in Taiwan

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2010 Kim Sun Ah Birthday Project

PAGE 599 - present

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♥ 2011.01.25 Kim Sun Ah visited Sunaforever
♥ 2011.01.29 Kim Sun Ah visited Sunaforever
♥ 2011.02.15 Kim Joo Hyuk and Kim Sun Ah confirmed casting for "Fighting Spirit"
♥ 2011.02.08 "Fighting Spirit" held its prayer ceremony
♥ 2011.02.14 First filming day of "Fighting Spirit"
♥ 2011.02.19 Filming of "Fighting Spirit" in Busan
♥ 2011.02.20 Filming in Busan; Kim Sun Ah left a handwritten message through Guyeon in Sunaforever (posted in the Cafe at 2011.02.26
♥ 2011.03.03 Tax-payer's day
♥ 2011.03.03 MBC Section TV - Taxpayer's day
♥ 2011.03.16 Kim Sun Ah visited Sunaforever
♥ 2011.04.12 Kim Sun Ah attended Kim Joo Hyuk's "In Love And The War" VIP premiere
♥ 2011.04.26 "Fighting Spirit" End of Filming Party
♥ 2011.05.02 Kim Sun Ah visited Sunaforever
♥ 2011.05.11 NEWS: Lee Dong-wook’s comeback drama with Kim Sun-ah - "Scent Of A Woman"
♥ 2011.05.21 Kim Sun Ah's Official Facebook Page launching
♥ 2011.05.21 Kim Sun Ah visited Facebook (post date 2011.05.20)
♥ 2011.06.01 Kim Sun Ah visited Facebook (post date 2011.05.17)
♥ 2011.05.23 Kim Sun Ah visited Facebook
♥ 2011.05.25 Kim Sun Ah joins new management company - King Kong Entertainment
♥ 2011.05.26 Kim Sun Ah visited Facebook
♥ 2011.05.30 New Photos - from So Yu Jin's twitter
♥ 2011.06.01 Kim Sun Ah confirms new drama - Scent Of A Woman
♥ 2011.06.01 Kim Sun Ah visited Facebook
♥ 2011.06.02 Kim Sun Ah visited Sunaforever
♥ 2011.06.04 Kim Sun Ah visited Facebook
♥ 2011.06.05 Kim Sun Ah visited Facebook
♥ 2011.06.11 Kim Sun Ah on Showbiz Korea
♥ 2011.06.11 Kim Sun Ah on Entertainment Relay
♥ 2011.06.11 Scent of a Woman's first filming day
♥ 2011.06.11 Sunaforever visited Scent of a Woman's set
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Editing first post!

Yours truly,


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Guest Yurichin

wah seeing...actors actresses repairing again these years...JH-JN ; KSW-CJW ; LDW-LDH...after MP can we another good news to have HB and KSA again please dramagod...make them in your dramaland again jebal.... ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^

Edited by Yurichin

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Guest Yurichin

cr: FBkimsunaonline

Instagram post from Boboris (Kim Sun A's stylist) 2015.4.28


☆English translation by (CLARIBEL)☆

During the drama poster shooting of (Masked Prosecutor)
anticipation at it's best.

‪#‎Masked‬ Prosecutor ‪#‎KimSunA‬ ‪#‎BoBoris‬ ‪#‎Soo‬-i ‪#‎SeoUnmi‬
‪#‎복면검사‬#김선아#보보리스 ‪#‎수이‬ ‪#‎서언미‬

Picture from: Seo Unmi (thank you!)

Posted by: Admin Claribel

@Thank you Claribel I posted here ok??!!

Edited by Yurichin

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Guest Yurichin

Kim Sun Ah Unnie pictures in the shooting Masked prosecutor location

"Masked Prosecutor's filming @ Hongik Universtiy in front of Coffee Prince

복면검사 커피 프린스 앞에서 촬영중2015

cr : Baidu

expl cr : KimsunaonlineFB / @claribel05

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Guest Yurichin

Another BTS photo filming

cr  shared via / by : FB TeamKimStar (thank you Rhian I hope you posting it in Soompi too)


Edited by Yurichin

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Guest Yurichin

Filming photo KIm Sun Ah as Yoo Min Hee with her co-stars (Hong Seok Cheong -The one w glasses and another one) --- credit /shared via by : FB TeamKimStar (Thank you again Rhian)

I miss her so much...what about you guys???

Masked prosecutor Thread Link : Masked Prosecutor Soompi Thread


Edited by Yurichin

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Guest Yurichin

I'm sorry for bring it up again, I just can't get over it...it's just how lovely they are...(drama god must know what I want)  but Sam Soon is forever Sam Shik's (KSA upcoming drama only 16 episodes, I wish there will be another good news after this, I'm not preceding what happen now, but it's just for releasing what I have in mind, just can't get over them even after so long)

They are so sweet....^_^


cr : owner


Edited by Yurichin

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Guest Yurichin

Kim Sun Ah, Masked Prosecutor Filming

masked inspection 'first shot of the actress Kim Sun-A uniformed figure is unveiled.

KBS, which anticipated return after three years of Kim Sun-A 2TV new drama "Masked inspection
' unveiled the first shooting photos of Kim Sun-A.

Kim Sun-A is the Gangnam Police Department Homicide Lieutenant yuminhui . Yuminhui the police force from any external pressure to the definition of an elite criminal unwavering pie Now, push the belief that people who believe their end.

Kim Sun-A is a refined masculinity broke the Detective Blowout punggineun image and the home theater will come in the form of a feminine criminal. Professional and dignified look up from the emotional aspect as based on 'feelings investigators' spread out a detailed investigation of the women, rich and expectations in acting was a yuminhui be represented by Kim Sun-A with a human appeal ssolrind

sc : http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20150505/71072266/1

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  Instagram post from: @tonyhong1004

May 4, 2015

☆English translation☆ (by: CLARIBEL)

KBS wednesday~thursday mini series "Masked Prosecutor".
With Kim Sun-A, Joo Sang-wook and Um Ki-joon.
It will start on May (20, 9:55PM Korean time).
Please look forward for it.

@tonyhong1004: #kbs #수목미니시리즈 #복면검사 #김선아 #주상욱 #엄기준 5월말 시작합니다 기대해주세여

Picture from: Hong Seok-cheon /@tonghong1004 (thank you!)


Edited by claribel05

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Guest Yurichin

Kim Sun-ah, Joo Sang-wook’s first stills for Masked Prosecutor

by javabeans | May 5, 2015

Kim Sun-ah is back! (Okay, I’m also happy that Joo Sang-wook is back, but the guy’s done a lot of shows recently and I’ve enjoyed most of them, so my anticipation right now is more about her)

KBS’s Masked Prosecutor has begun shooting, and has released the initial stills featuring its two leads. Sadly there are no masks involved, which is a shame — because c’mon, nobody’s going to be watching Masked Prosecutor for the plain ol’ prosecutor bits when there’s the whole other storyline where he’s a secret hero at night, right? More mask, less prosecutor!


The stills here feature Kim Sun-ah dressed in uniform as she walks down a street in Hongdae, and come from a flashback to her character’s past. She plays an elite detective and the violent crimes squad chief, who’s never tempted to stray from the right path or crumble under pressure, and who presses on fiercely till the end. So she’s skilled and dogged, which ought to set her up to clash with the hero — we know Joo Sang-woo’s basically playing Bruce Wayne as his cover persona, all glib and polished (and materialistic to boot) in his day suit.

His fistfighting nighttime avenger identity (would one tiny mask shot have killed you, producers?) is driven to mete out justice against baddies, so while he and Kim Sun-ah share similar goals in reality, I’m betting it’s not exactly smooth sailing for them. He’s got a cover identity to maintain, and she’s got no fools to suffer. Can’t wait to see the action-comedy-romance kick into high gear; Masked Prosecutor takes over from Unkind Women and premieres later this month.

sc : Dramabeans


Edited by Yurichin

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Instagram post from: @tonyhong1004    (https://www.facebook.com/kimsunaonline)
May 6, 2015

☆English translation☆ (by: CLARIBEL)

"Masked Prosecutor"
with Kim Sun A
We will be staying up all night for the shooting/We are having an overnight filming. ㅠ

@tonyhong1004: #복면검사 #김선아 우린 밤샘촬영중 ㅠ

Picture from: tonyhong1004/Hong Seok-cheon (thank you!)

Edited by claribel05

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Instagram post from: @tonyhong1004   ( https://www.facebook.com/kimsunaonline)
May 6, 2015


"Masked Prosecutor's" (filming)
with Joo Sang-wook and Kim Sun A.
Playing and creating memories in one's spare time during our filming.

@tonyhong1004: #복면검사 #주상욱 #김선아 촬영중간 짬짬이 추억놀이

Picture from: Hong Seok-cheon/tonyhong1004 (thank you!)

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Guest Yurichin

'Masked Investigator' unveils Kim Seon-ah's first still images

Kim Seon-ah is returning to the small screen in three years. Her appearance during the first filming session for the drama, "Masked Investigator" was captured.

On May 5th, KBS 2TV's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Masked Investigator" unveiled Kim Seon-ah's still images from her first filming session. She plays the female leading role, Yoo Min-hee, an elite graduate from Korean National Police University, who is never swayed by any sort of pressure and pushes forward to accomplish what she believes.

The first filming was done in Hongdae area. Kim Seon-ah dressed in the clean and neat police uniform demanded attention. She did not lose her smile all throughout the filming session and had a chit chat with the spectators who gathered around the filming set as well. She also showed off her Japanese language skills responding to a question from a Japanese passerby at the spot.

The production team of "Masked Investigator", Kimjonghak Production said, "Kim Seon-ah has been making efforts to own every single details of the script since her cast was confirmed. While Kim Seon-ah is already well-known for her ability to bring up a character to life, we'd like to ask for much anticipation on what she will come up this time with her character, Yoo Min-hee in "Masked Investigator""

"Masked Investigator" is scheduled to be aired on May 20th after the completion of "Unkind Women".

Source : star.mt.co.kr/view/st...

via Hancinema

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