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Kim Sun Ah 김선아

Guest *alodia*

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Hello, Claribel. Looks like I'm the only old faithful here.

Many ardent fans are no more around. Where are you,

Alodia and Jastinel and others? It's real nice to see

new fans here too. Do pop over more often, ok?

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Guest novchime

Hi Sueyip,

You are not alone.  I look everyday for news.  I also read things about her.  I think I know some things already, but would like to know more.  I do not have new things to post, that is why I do not post often.  Probably others are posting in the FB or other sites, for example from the movie??  Do you know if the links in http://sunwook.wordpress.com/www/ are still good?  I think few are not maintained anymore.

But I agree with you, I hope more people would post here.  The discussions you had before in this thread and in related threads were very lively.

He, fighting!!!!

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Hi novchime, nice of you to respond. Thanks to you,

I don't feel so lonely now. I'm actually a computer idiot

and can't do much, so, I appreciate all the comments and

posting of pics from other fans.

I do not know much about the links but I do google to see

if there are news of sunwook oacassionally - I just type -

kim sun ah lee dong wook are dating? - and I'll have a

number of links and blogs to read news about them but

unfortunately there are nothing new. Try the one on

dramaqueen. She has very interesting accounts of sunwook.

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Guest beckieisback

I just finished Scent of A Woman and am currently watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon (episode 2 to be exact)
IMO, she's prettier in MNIKSS with the chubby cheeks and thick body.
she's waaay to skinny in SOAW . I know it could because of her canceric patient character, but still :(

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Guest novchime

Hi all,

Maybe you know this already, but they recently celebrated 10 year Hallyu award in Japan.  I do not know how it was promoted within Kim Sun Ah's fans (I just recently became a fan of her) but I know that in some circles this was actively done. This is because foreign fans could also vote; and you could vote more than once, and with more than one email address.  Anyway, the results were presented last week and Kim Sun Ah got the third most number of votes in the Best Actress category (see below).  Congratulations Sunny,  this is a big achievement!!!  Thanks also for all the fans who voted for her.


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Guest shenn celon


. it's been a long time since my last post here.. it seems that everyone are busy this past few days.. excited for the FIVE.. ayyyyiiihhh have great sunny day ahead everyone :)

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