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[Drama 2014] "Jang Bo-Ri is here" (Come! Jang-bo-ri) 왔다! 장보리


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@suchadiva42,  I think JH already got a new project yea he do the upcoming drama about he starts to work at a law firm with and uptight atty that ends up becoming his law clerk that drama should be starting soon.. I'm glad he will be a lot more mature then he was in Jang Bori  

@valsava" Thanks Chingu about KJH in which he played a great role in Jang Bori drama and can't wait to see him once again in action.

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Hello everyone!

I came by to say hi and left some of left some of my thoughts on this drama since I just finished this drama in like 3 days straight (without sleep, and quite a number of fast-forwarding hehehe :D)

This is my 2nd drama of Oh Yeonseo after watched her in Shine Or Go Crazy and she was really good in that and she's so awesome as Jang Bori too!!!! and this is her first project as female lead before SOGC. I totally fall for her charms. A good actress indeed. Her chemistry with Bidan is just beyond everything. 

This is a 2nd family drama that I was sobbing real hard after Ugly Alert. 

The beauty of handmade hanbok and the traditional value behind this is well-portrayed by the writer. I'm amazed with how beautiful these hanboks are. After watched SOGC, Oh Yeonseo indeed one of actress that looks really beautiful in hanbok ^_^


The theme of mother-daughter relationship in this drama is really touching and so beautifully written. Even character like Eunbi's mom... no matter how vicious she has become because of her ambition and greed, her feeling for her daughter is genuine and the only turning point that make her return to right path. 

Eunbi's aunt really suffered a lot in this drama. During all the time Eunbi is Bori, glad that she actually have her aunt or her teacher next to her. Even Minjung's mom is a character that I really want to hate but I understand somehow why at the end of the day, Bori will still get her heart soften for her. there's this invisible bond between them. She brought her up full of biasness with her real daughter, Minjung, however deep down, that mother-daughter bond between her and Bori is still strong. 

Bori definitely the lucky one cause she got herself 3 mothers :)

Yeon Minjung... wow! one of the best villain in kdrama. The lies that come out of her mouth was so ridiculous but yet still manage to make people around her trust and believe her. She's definitely smart but manipulative. At the age of 9 years old... she has started writing all kind of stories to her friends... even she have been caught right-handed, she still managed to make herself a victim. a person with many faces indeed. her punishment at the end I think was best and really deserve for her. The mother that used to always put herself for her daughter has been forgetting everything about her. 

Lee Jaehwa, I like his simplicity despite being brought up in a wealthy family. He knows what he wants and he's not easily wavered with his decision. The way he handled his family when he told them that he's going to marry Bori and when he found out that Bidan is Minjung's daughter. He is confident, funny and definitely one character that lighten up this drama from all the heavy element.

Moon Jisang or Moon Cider is another favorite character. I love that he's the one that control Minjung's game. His revenge was indeed awesome. Totally felt relieved with all of his acts towards Minjung. His scenes with Bidan definitely one of touching scenes. I cant help but cried with them. When the last episode, when Bidan called him 'dad' silently in her heart was really touching... she knows... despite being young, she knows... :tears:

Bidan. This girl cried made me sobbing non stop... :bawling: especially that scene when he said to Jaehwa's dad that he wont be following to Jaehwa's house if Jaehwa got married with Bori and also the scene when she being truthful to Jaehwa at the kindergarten. Kim Jiyoung definitely a great child actress. 

Bori Bori Jang Bori. She maybe the cliche good girl character. However, she's one strong character cause she fight back. the fact that she fight back, is one of good traits that I like with this character and Oh Yeonseo's satoori accent is so cute despite it sounds harsh hahaha :D 

I like that Lee Yuri did a CF with Bidan and Jisang hehehe the real family that we cant see in the drama but can trough the CF XD 


Overall this drama is really awesome. Definitely a drama that left deep impression to me and a drama that I dont mind to re-watch again someday. One of great family drama ^_^

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