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New Ranks and Privileges ^_^


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Guest sunriverwind

And just like that, I became a ROOKIE!!!Haven't even drafted yet the first manifesto to convene  the trainees for the Trainees Union.  :)] :)] :)]
Union busting, huh [-X

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You might be a TRAINEE in Soompi, but in real life, you might be IMMORTAL. It's your real life that matters, not the ranks in here that matters. Like @soomp said, this is like an encouragement for people to post more fantastic info about the person/thing and also less off topics/spams/abusive posts in threads. In conclusion, it's your real life personality that matters, and don't make this new ranking system hurt it. Be who you are, you don't need to be a LEGEND or IMMORTAL or anything, just be yourself. People will always respect you just the way you are. P.S Am I getting a little off-topic?

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Thanks for explaining, but this is kinda says that this person is in the first level of the community, this person is on the lowest level on this community and I'm just being in the middle level on this forum, lolz  :))
It's quite exciting though but some of us might feel not confidence, hehe lucky that I'm just an easy going person :)>-

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Guest BabyG12

Hi ...
I agree with @janepink1609 .. this ranking name and the whole thing of "Insightful" "awesome" and "lol" are really kind of hindrance to posting. Not everyone has good English .. that is already a reason why they dont post .. not many know how to post an interesting post with photos and links and with how many awesome .. insightful .. in mind .. I think that will further demotivate them.

I love the old days when we used "STAR" to pinned good/quality posts .. without numbers .. I really hope the administrator will find another way to motivate soompier without having to make them feel being compared. It is supposed to be fun to post .. but sometimes I feel burdened to post because I feel I have to match my every post with the awesome or insightful that are expected of me.

Kiss kiss

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Wah....am an Idol...nvr imagine.... clap to my self =D> thank u sompi for recognizing me in ths thread...n to my beloved pocaguri couple who made me want to be involved in the discussion abt them and all to pocagurians.....hahaha....acceptance speech. ...yea....u must live by the standard rite?

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this new legend is quite interesting ... I was one of those who wanted to hide it since it seems so in your face.... but now I am getting used to it...
but I was just curious... since we have these legends I was thinking that other that those names it would be cool to put in faces that the members can have a pic at....example of one is a trainee it would be a question marks since they are unknown....
for rookie, members can pick a face of any rookie...
the same goes for idol, like may idols who has been in the industry for 5 years
while superstar that would be for Idols who are already there like SNSD, TVXQ and etc...
legends would be ShinHwa, rain, Hyori..and lastly immortal would be the likes of Uhm Jung Hwa and Seo Tae ji and JYP...
just a thought....

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