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New Ranks and Privileges ^_^


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In a Nutshell:

FAN LEVEL  [At the top below yr Display Name]:     Depends on how many replies/comments/topics u post, not on how many Points (Likes by Members), eg U can be a "Fanatic" at Fan Level but still be a Rookie etc...

POINTS [Below "Members" in Green with "+" sign]:   1 Point = 1 Like by Members.

                 Points cannot be used to buy anything here, PLUS under the catagory of "Selling & Trading"  it's do it at yr own RISKS.

Trainee:       Your < 4 Posts + < 9   Likes by Members
Rookie:        Your > 5 Posts + >10  Likes by Members
Idol:             >  100        Likes by Members
Superstar:   >  1,000     Likes by Members
Legend:       >  10,000   Likes by Members
Immortal:    >  30,000   Likes by Members

Don't reckon there is any grand prize for getting the most points for the year eg an invite to a fancy K-function (if there is, u'd most probably get a nose-bleeding-eyes-squinting seat, a chair next to the kitchen door or a standing spot next to the Exit).

I'm just an Internet-Gypsy surfing here for fun    :glasses:

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