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New Ranks and Privileges ^_^


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Greetings all! Finally added this "Rank" system we've been meaning to add since last summer ^^;
I figure you're curious about what these ranks mean, and how you get to the next level, so here it is in a nutshell (to be adjusted as necessary):


Default level all new members come in as. You are a trainee, and no one knows if you're ever going to debut. Better work hard and prove yourself that you are worth the investment! Trainees can only reply to threads, and may not create a new topic.


Congratulations, you finally debuted by writing 5 posts and earning 10 points, but you are still as green as can be. Only time will tell if you'll be part of another group no one's ever heard of, or if you will one day reach IDOL status. You may now create your own topics.


So you've made it past "nugu" status, and you might even have a fan club! You've earned 100 points, and may choose your own custom User Title.


You've been in the industry for a while - everyone calls you "sunbae" and you deserve it. Your 1,000 points have earned you the right to create polls.


Your name doesn't have to be Shinhwa for you to be a legend. You've spent over half your young life in the industry, and have a couple world tours under your belt. Your 10,000 points allows you to "promote" posts to help people find the best content on the "Best Of" page and award extra points to their authors.


You are Cho Yong Pil, you are Seo Taiji. Your 30,000 points put you in an elite group of Soompiers that have posted the best of the best content in unbelievable quantities. You rule!

A quick note about "points" vs "posts" - points are what you get for posting quality posts, based on the reactions you get from other members. Positive reactions give you positive points, and negative reactions/flags give you negative points. This is why someone with less posts than another person can have a higher rank, because they received more positive reactions for their posts (since we began having reactions, that is ^^). You can see your points and reactions on your profile page. Points transferred from the old forum into your "Awesome" bucket aren't counted in your points (I submitted a request for the points to be recalculated).


Also, sorry, but we can't hide the Rank on an individual basis. Be proud! ^^v

Have fun, and may you level up soon!

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Guest mywebfoot

Segafanlady *bowing to your legendary status* :))

I second the call to hide. Please? It's fun in the beginning but it can get pretty burdensome. :(

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one thing that I didnt get, some users have less post but have high statue but some of them have a lot of post but they are in low statue... ıs there any rating for this? I dont care my one..thank you for honored me soompi! :) but my friends says why I'm in low statue than the ones who posted less than me? also some people are asking why I still dont have any statue? I have 300-400 post... there is a lot of questions? ıs this about post rating or being old member?

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