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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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@samzz as i look deeper to the pic, i saw two hand holding a phone.. as we know she's selfie so the reflection on her glasses based on my observation is her hand ..haha

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For me what I see in the program Healing Camp is a testament largest for a deep love that they had.She is the biggest shadow in his heart. At that point, Just think about her same as touching a wound

Bc I do not want to post the photos unrelated many forums so I just said, and those who are curious about it I can send photos to your inbox. In fact, a group of Dahae's cody is working for lyf, On 03

Dahae updated her weibo with lots of pictures cooking and posting the recipe of that food ^^ she is so adorable and pretty even while cooking and she surely so sincere preparing for the big day

Guest tinsky73

ys CSI team is back, if anyone here has zooming software or something that can enhance the pic, maybe can help on this as well.

credit to my friend who pointed me on this.

I notice her lips more. Smudged lipstick or bruised lips? Either way, there's gotta be kissing involved! 

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:rolleyes: I can sympathize with someone who can not recognize him. But to me, the head, the face and his actions too familiar. ^_^
About hair color, because see other photos and can recognize light indoors Dahae  is low. It even made the hair color becomes darker than the color of it. All you can look at the Dahae hair in the photos. Her hair really also have  color quite bright, but in the photos that it is almost color black. His hair is yellow blonde. And with such light is  low in the photo,  it also reduces color blonde of the hair and make it a little darker, like in the picture below in event PAT




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we are really in drought season.. miss both of them in action.. where both of you hide especially the most handsome kdrama I had ever seen.. wookie.

BTW .. i want to congratulate Won Bin and lee na young for their wedding

Hoping for uri Chamo next


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Dahae yah ..you are eligible to be a wife now. you seem like ideal daughter in-law.. 

Looks like new table and kitchen for me. And she cooking for few people.

Dahae_ya do you really enjoy with cooking?what are you showed to us? " I'm a wife" or " learn to be a wife"  ok ok ok :phew:

Whatever... look at the pic, she really enjoy and happy with cooking.  :wub: love it!

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talking abt kitchen, either she's using her wet kitchen area bc of the cooking involves high heat, or at her namja house.

Previously she was showing us her dry kitchen area-only for baking or serving the food. and Yes,  diff table dining set this time.

and I'm glad she didn't care abt her own people insecure feeling towards her-she's rich, beautiful and can cook. 


Dahae with LeJardin florist

lejardinflower .
세상 혼자사는 다해언닛!
드디어 인스타 시작하셨어용!ㅎㅎ

다해언니 너므 조앙♡ .

Read more at http://websta.me/p/996759922419446876_565547572#v5zlRBQ05DlRWVDe.99




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  • Guest changed the title to [Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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