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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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Guest turquoiseblue

@p1n6an2012‌ LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEETTTT!!!! \m/ good job haist i cant get enough of them! thanks for making that MV...oh wait! forgot to click like :D

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For me what I see in the program Healing Camp is a testament largest for a deep love that they had.She is the biggest shadow in his heart. At that point, Just think about her same as touching a wound

Bc I do not want to post the photos unrelated many forums so I just said, and those who are curious about it I can send photos to your inbox. In fact, a group of Dahae's cody is working for lyf, On 03

Dahae updated her weibo with lots of pictures cooking and posting the recipe of that food ^^ she is so adorable and pretty even while cooking and she surely so sincere preparing for the big day



Hello to you all. is the first time I comment but several months to come to the forum to read its comments. also love to Donghae couples and my dream is to see them married. Now I finish the novel I'm sad not to see them together, and I want to believe wholeheartedly that are actually and it was not just my imagination. I would like to go to Korea and talk to SBS for both were the stars of the upcoming drama. I am not able to bear them starring with others and wait another 10 years to see them together again. I know I'm ambitious, but I want more tests to be 100% sure of your love. I am satisfied with their agencies say they are dating. 
I apologize for the English, I had to use google translator. I am from Peru and I'm glad I found this forum

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Guest msfangfarooch

Hello friends! I smile every time I have to back read several pages. It only says that our ship is very much active and alive. Apparently, the Suecomma Bonnie sandals that Wookie was evidently wearing in RM is called "spike g" for men. I saw an exact picture of it in their Facebook page, the pair being modeled by a guy (wish I could upload the picture here). The pair of slippers that Wookie was wearing in Japan is also pictured there. Here are the links https://www.facebook.com/scbonnie/photos/pb.196806556999339.-2207520000.1406834367./825676980778957/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/scbonnie/photos/pb.196806556999339.-2207520000.1406834581./787977681215554/?type=3&theater

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Guest AnaF1430294264

HELLO PEOPLE! it's cold here in Brazil (damn tropical climate), and I caught the flu. Just watched Roommate, and the episode 14 is about the journey of commemoration of 100 days. Perhaps the 15 also. If it shows something about the end of HK, will be at 16.

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@p1n6an2012‌ OMG!!! Here it is! Thank you for making super awesome videos! I actually saved your LDW-LDH FMV 1&2 as well as the one with BUG as BG music so I could watch them even if I am not online (I hope you don't mind). Haha. I am grinning silly in our living room at midnight.

Agh! How can they bring me so much joy? Hahahaha. They do not even know me, yet I feel like they are one of my oldest friends! Hahaha.

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Thanks for translating the DC fanaccount @ditditdutdut ! And @human1981 for sharing in the thread >:D< And also @taoeunjung‌ for translating the other fan account! :D

I am so envious of them fans. Okay, I shall add to my bucket list: to be able to see Dongwook & Dahae (and remain breathing), and stay alive to witness their real life interactions. If this ever happens, I will give you guys a moment by moment account of the encounter. Haha.

I so love them. :x I am sure the people who've worked with them are already used to their sweet PDA's. Heehee. Dahae be aegyo and complains to her Oppa, then Oppa takes care of her. I am sure their bond is so strong now, perhaps, so much stronger than when they "were dating" before; they are more mature now, and they know the value of each other in their lives, and they know how to act on this and cherish it.

Can I say, I am in love with their love? Is that such a crazy thing to say? I wanna bear hug them so tight. XD

Oh, and I just wanna come back to the pic posted by @turquoiseblue‌, the BTS hug in ep 4... A few months back, I was so giddy when I saw it, but I also noticed the somewhat serious (and sad?) look on Dahae's face as she rested her chin on Wookie's shoulder. I don't know how they must be feeling, but let me just assume that it was not a simple comfort hug to keep them warm both. It was a testing-the-waters hug. It was not as carefree and light as the succeeding ones. There was a thin, flimsy bit of reservation, as proved by Wookie's "Dahae, let us stay like this for a bit. It is cold." It is like asking for permission, testing if it was alright to step in. And Dahae allowed him. Ahuhu. There was a sad look on her face, I could wager my enrolment fee again. Haha. Then we see this serious look on Wookie's face too. So, this must have been a momentous event in their life. Like, a start of turning tables maybe? It was shot in late March if I recall correctly. Then, they kind of started to be more open and carefree with each other afterward. Wookie brazenly tried to win her back when he asked her to work on HK with him, Dahae accepted knowing his intention; she was not sure yet at the beginning, but she decided to go with it and see what happens. UGH. AND THEN. They just opened up their hearts to the possibility of them being "them" again, and voila! We see this beautiful, beautiful relationship right now.

I am kind of sure Wookie is Dahae's first love. She never experienced intense love yet back in April 2006, when she was interviewed in her fashion show w/ Lee Jun Ki. Haha. So, Wookie is her first. Wookie could not forget her as evidenced by what we all have seen recently. They both think of each other fondly even years after their break-up (2008), and then Wookie texts her "I miss you" years after that break-up. I once read that a person only tells you he/she misses you after you've separated and got involved w/ other people, if he/she still holds you in his/her heart in spite of it all.

Dahae's & Wookie's real life love story would make an interesting story for a drama, really. Haha.

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thanks a lot for sharing all the information... :) i just hope that someone upload all the MV to dailymotion because youtube is restricted here... well if there is a kind soul... i really love the drama so much.. i have been rewatching it like 3 times already.. :) and i am really loving this couple.. :)

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I am still waiting for news about them dating. I think if dispatch or sport seoul want to release the new then it would only occur few months later. Because caught stars dating is not easy. They have to have evidence of the stars meeting frequently either by picking up each other by cars in front of their house or dating secretly overseas or highly private places. So if time is what it needs to have a reliable nformation then I'll wait. I don't think LDH and LDW would announce they are dating officially unless they are really certain that they would married each other. Otherwise if news have real evidences of them dating then I don't think they can deny it.

One of the reason they could deny back then is because there are not enough evidence (like couple items or coming to a place with lots of people). Evidence of them dating in cars or meeting each other frequently after HK and secretly then they won't be able to deny anymore

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Hello everyone! I need to catch up some previous buzz about LDW and LDH. Its so hard to be not updated. It is something like you need to review first before you can catch up and understand what's the lesson is all about. Ye' i'm comparing it to my work in school hahahaha and we only have 1 subject. And it's all about DONGHAE MATTERS! And for me they are like CHEMISTRY' even though there's a lot of elements (w/c is the other shipps) to be compared with them at the end they would end up being together like H2O that will serve as one of our basic needs in life. Hahahaha agreee? And sometimes they're like GEOMETRY. I say that because for me they have the Right Angle on screen that made everyone giggle when seeing them together. And lastly, they are our model in VALUES EDUCATION, because of them we've been able to socialized with it each other in a proper and polite way of chatting. And we don't even fight to other shipps because we know that LDW and LDH is not that kind of person. :)>- :-? :-* #Aja n

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Good morning from island of Paradise Bali... just woke up and my ipad is the first thing that my hand reached in reflect...

About them being caught by Dispatch.. it's not gonna be easy for those paparazzi.. Lee Dong Wook has mastered the knowledge and tactics on how to avoid those photogs.. so far.. in 10 years time.. barely nothing is found about him by those paparazzi. Not only because he is a homey person. Not so into clubbing or dating frenzy, Wookie loves stay at home chatting with his mom and dad and he collects toys as a hobby.. most of his outing is indeed for work or meeting his friends (boys) for eating or just a casual drink.

To many Wookieholics like us.. we sense that he has never be able to get over Cherry Lee Da Hae ever. And he's patiently waiting for the right moment and opportunity.. which now he scored real big time! What a perfect timing to win over (again) the gorgeous beloved girl that was once hurt by their forced separation...how precious they are for each other.. *suddenly get emotional here on my bed OMO!*

Korean couples express their love and caress to their other half with giving presents and wearing the same stuffs.. same brands... coupling vibe. Because that's what make them feel closer and giving them such a calming effect when they away from each other.. been to Seoul dozen times made me realize how into each other the 'in love couple' there... basically every single thing about their other half is a big deal. Couples aware of anything that happened with their beloved... it's probably not the same with other countries culture *my husband would feel suffocated* but that's how they express their love relationship there......

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Thanks for your video @p1n6an2012‌ I love it like always ;


OffTopic: I'm dying of heat

#:-S 5:32pm and we have 106F I hate Dog days!!!

Off topic... OMG really? I'll be in Cancun and Playa del Carmen in October.. my kids love Xcaret.. I hope the weather is cooler. We love Mexico.

@p1n6an2012‌ babe as always.. you are daebak! U should go to one of the movie academy in Los Angeles to be a director in the future!

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