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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)


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DH good friends in the past. Nowadays she is not allowed to mingle with them anymore. Main reason is TRUST issues or simplified it, she knows too much about her Holy Moonie clan, they don't trust her. Letting her active in acting again, biggest disaster to them.


DH and Jung IL Woo were in the same company pre My Girl. 

DH and Yoo Jae Suk were close through Jung Jun Ha.



With Seho of course through Wookie.


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Seems like Dermafirm brand marketer asked the florist to mention the color choose for the flower is according to the brand color.

Seems like they know the color will be interpreted differently or manipulated by some.

They know with slight wrong marketing, or how it's perceived by customer, will affect the brand value. To us we know so well, so many still hating and looks down on us in this shipper forum. I still keep the Twitter account until now. 



DH with her best friend SBS announcer. I read comments related to Michelle Yeoh and SBS. They said full with ibbe.


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I couldn't believe what I wrote on 11th Feb has been validated by one blogger. The Byeon legacy aka DH real family name.


On 2/11/2023 at 12:00 PM, samzz said:

Wookieshii, now I think it's not coincidence anymore.

1. first on Pokemon Pikachu, didn't make sense to me until DH attended ASH event. DH has been missing in Korean public brand for so long (nearly 7 years) and you mentioned about ASH Ketchum aka Pokemon main character. Suddenly out of nowhere with no agency under her profile she was invited to the ASH event.


2. Went to a salon, mentioned about cutting the hair, we thought completely bald, but just side end cutting. Then your stylists from your salon posted they accompanied DH to ASH event.


3.Building 63 and Yeouido both are landmarks of Han River, your last shooting day of My Girl was on Feb 2006.


4. Ganbyeon Expressway. Didn't DH's family name is Byeon.


Bonus pictures, fans teased him about Valentine.

Throwback Feb 2006, DH gave him a chocolate. In March 2006, Wookie did the same to DH.




The highway that Wookie mentioned on his Universe right after Latvia shooting is a  Ganbyeon Highway. He said why does it seems so long not ran into Ganbyeon highway.


So the blogger gave some history on the name Ganbyeon. It's totally related to DH's real family name.



I still remembered during post My Girl, some of her old fans said DH is a descendants of  royal family or Princess, but I couldn't find any link to it, until today.



So that's why she's so into China.


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On 3/7/2023 at 6:07 AM, samzz said:

Yes, I wonder about Wookie appearance in DH Chinese Socmedia. Did she pay him, because she got million views especially in her Douyin. Or actually Wookie also involved in the video making?


She never posted about Wookie in her IG (understood because her IG is also ran by her Holy Moonie man). 

I forgot, Wookie paid DH too because DH's footage and her name appeared in "Wookie wants to talk show".



Of course DH used lots of Wookie's footage in her Chinese Socmedia.



Symbiotic relationship.

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My Girl was shown in year 2006 in my country. It was so big, most buzz Korean drama at that time.

With very few or none of home internet available at that time, soompi thread still got more 800 pages, showing how popular it was at that time.


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Wookie favorite song. They said the song suits him a lot. A song about longing for someone.

Part of the lyrics

I gaze at you
Because I can’t do
anything else but that
Every moment of you,
I hope it’ll be me
Just thinking of it overwhelms
me, filling me with you

When I’m looking at you, you
seem faraway like a dream
A starlight that has flown to me for
several light-years is you right now



Throwback, SSK came to DH's birthday and fan meeting in 2006. He came because he heard DH was a big fan of his songs. Knowing Wookie is one of his best friends, not a surprise if SSK was a birthday gift to DH at that time.



On the 9th at 2:00 PM, a fan meeting event was held for talent Lee Da-hae at Funky House in Myeong-dong, Seoul. The event, which started with the opening stage of singer Wheesung, was hosted by comedian Jung Jun-ha, with about 300 fans gathered. At the fan meeting event prepared for the 23rd birthday, fans sang a pre-prepared celebratory song in advance to impress Lee Da - hae . We had a good time talking about the filming episodes of '. Seong Si-kyung, in particular, attended as scheduled even while he was ill and presented a wonderful live stage, impressing everyone around her. Lee Da-hae, who was recognized for her acting ability through the MBC daily drama ' Fairy of the Royal Flower ', later appeared in SBS' 'My Girl' and gained attention as a small screen star. She is currently taking a break and reviewing her next project. On the other hand, on February 19th, Lee Da-hae attended Lee Dong-wook's fan meeting held at Yonsei University Auditorium and showed off their strong friendship. Reporter Son Yeon-ji (syj0125@seoulmedia.co.kr)/Photo=StarK

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In year 2015, many encountered Wookie at Halla Vivaldi apartment, Incheon, and they said he lived there. Not sure now, if he bought a new apartment.

Since YSY teased him to do another show at his house, so let's do a tour at the showroom apartment.



Coincidence DH's cat teacher house is also nearby.

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A gift from DH's fans years ago, maybe she throws it away already.



DH love affair with purple started from her involvement in BTS marketing together with her business partner. Coincidence Wookie wore that purple during one of variety show, the same week BTS had a concert in LA, whereby DH was there too.


Poor Wookie there are some group who want him to be caught lying about not having a girlfriend. They are already so obsessed with the fake news.

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Let's start with purple party. From my photographic memories.


Who said Wookie is allergic to purple before.

In March 2021, he already received purple flowers bouquet.




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The more I'm digging the more purple it becomes.


March 2022. This one is more interesting because DH's florist shop has same flower box arrangement too.






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Purple again. DH posted the sky magenta color few days after Wookie's Bardasea, meaning she watched that show.


Congratulations to Wookie for new CF, probiotic products.

Well DH has done a lot gastrointestinal probiotics vlog 2 years ago.


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10 hours ago, samzz said:

Well tomorrow maybe BIG news.

Most awaiting if Wookie will be invited.

But why the wedding photographer is a playboy photographer.

Same location, Wookie favorite place Hawaii.

Purple and white flowers DHshii.


For Wookie new CF.



So many BIG NEWS actually. I thought only one. Poor Hyun Bin. Fake news getting rampant nowadays. 


Referring to one post in DC that said about celebrities couple are forced to get married by the Order, in the comments section of that post, his name was mentioned actually.


Then as what I posted last night, the ELON MUSK tweet.hmmmm we don't know.

Even if DH suddenly announced her big days, nothing surprised anymore. 




Whatever it is, my main objective is to support Wookie and his future too. Probably that's why Wookie doesn't want to be in relationship now, he knows what goes on in his world of entertainment.


To me, hiring a playboy photographer for your wedding pictures, that I still couldn't digest.

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