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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)


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I don't know this YouTuber is their Best friend. No wonder GELATO involvement is fully protected even it's an open secret. Money can buy anything lol. 

The you tuber even pretending not knowing BREAKING NEWS from China that DH herself announced she really wants to get married last February 2021. We knew it well ahead.




Btw, my friends made a joke, DH visited Blow Cheongdam to distribute her wedding invitation actually. If true let's see if Wookie really coming to her wedding. To us it will be more interesting to know the marriage agreement on DH's wealth Billions USD? Hehehe.


So Chinese media outlets will talk about another type of wedding this time.

Nothing surprised us because MINIONS already informed us way before that, even when both of them looking for a new house at Cheongdamdong. Ehmm near to Wookie's salon. But it keeps postponed and postponed, until maybe this year.

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My most favorite scenes in this episode, hahaha Mr Bean's vibe.

So DHshii, an anchor lady next. Everything except ACTING. Well acting needs handsome tall costars, which will not be allowed at all.

Billion USD need to be protected no matter what.


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DHshii are you still wants to use Wookie's footage this year? Most of the videos containing Wookie are in her Douyin, one of the platform she uses for live streaming. Indirectly Wookie is used for publicity leading to her Wang Hong income.

If you didn't share the income with him, ...self explanatory.


As of today drops to no.3



Snow and My Girl.


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Into DH mentality and personality.

Still keeping the other Wook in her Douyin and acted as she is so longing to see him.

She didn't delete this type of video.

As of today. Usually she will deleted after 1 day.




Non stop playing with her toys.


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So when I said the man who resembles Wookie is the one who responsible for DH Holly love life, many said I was lying at that time.

The other guy is Mr Kimmy who MIA after Burning Sun scandal.


Fuhhh at last after 8 years that NOT SMART BOY at last admitted he was the one. Ceh.

We knew more than that.


Btw did Yi Feng tried to search you on your birthday.



And some saw Wookie at Japan airport on your birthday DHshii.


Btw so many mismatched information compared to what she said during Lie Bar 6 years ago. Typical DH.


Really DHshii or just another lies, no true love? Because of families?



When Choi Seong-jun praised Se7en, saying, "It's really cool. He's nice to his family," Lee Da-hae said, "The driving force that allows me to stay with this person for a long time is in my family. I'm not a large family, but this is a very large family. Later, I met Choi Dong-wook's family and they were very nice people."


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Now all revealed, so no wonder so many Wookie's footage in her Chinese Socmedia media last year. To make her happy?,  she had breakup crisis, but his family asked her to stay, all crying that day.


No wonder he removed the Tik Toker from DH's IG following lists as well.


So because of their families after all. That you tuber didn't mention about this.

"They were a pretty couple, but last year they had a big fight and they were on the verge of breaking up. Lee Da-hae said, "After meeting for a long time, my friends and people around me liked Seven. The lady upstairs even cried when I told them that we were about to break up. In particular, my mother I felt so sorry for her."


Going to give my informant a BIG Kiss because I don't trust her information that much. Now I know she told me the truth on many things as well ehmm.




But why so similar to Park Han Byul story also. Break up after big fight after 7 years but immediately reconciled. 





So is that one of the reasons you visited Wookie's salon lately, to be friend with him again?

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Wookieshii, may I borrow your wink.

Picture credit as tagged.



So DHshii, we knew all along.

2016, to strengthen her love  life -  through her mother.

Extract from Allkpop from Lie Bar.



Last night, 2021, want to break up she still couldn't because of her mother. 


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DH and her love life (on and off relationship, I don't believe only one break up, must be many times already). Common actually, we also experienced it.

And to me when she has no hesitation to reveal about her break up, it's a sign already. Even if they really getting married, the RED FLAG already exposed. That's why I'm highlighted about her Wang Hong income and her wealth because in reality very very rare to find happy marriage with income gap like that. Not in hundred thousand gap but multi millions gap. This is not one of the issues, how about having kid? Is she the type who wants to have kid?


Btw how about Wookie. Of course 3 kids still in your dream. 

DH is so loud last night, Wookieshii when is your wedding day.

Seeing DH's partner shedding her tears, makes me remember your act too.

I know this act doesn't determine his status but at least he is not in relationship with anyone else at that time. 


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So much talk about the break up and reconciliation and families, but she never revealed the MAIN REASON for the break up.


But I know she is hiding even bigger secret. If family is an excuses why 

Wookie's footage still in your Chinese Socmedia. Why not expedite the wedding, why waiting until you are near 40s.


Straight to the point lah- there is no LOVE in the first place. You couldn't forget your FIRST TRUE LOVE.



And I have posted other people opinion about this  kind of love story few months ago because I knew it. 


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Thank you DHshii for confirming what we know all this time.


Jan 3, I posted this as a hint.



And last night DH confirmed it- families are the main reason she stays with her current relationship, she specifically said that, then her own mother even DH purposely mentioned the name "Still Dong Wook" there, and another one hint she mentioned she likes her partner sister. 



But knowing there is some reconciliation underground ànd her latest visit to Wookie's salon, we just wait and see.

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Hahaha even Korean non stop talking about this topic.

If you cried like that and even the  neighbors cried, how serious is the fight lol.


They want to break but people around them stopped them.



At least when she had a fight with Wookie 8 years ago, no neighbors I heard cried together.

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This what we called underground pipelines.

Wookie posted 22nd September 2021.

Then posted it as Vlog. 



DH posted 27th September 2021, same place. ( We know she always posted late from the date taken. Same with Wookie, if no or few hastag, meaning posted by themselves, not the admin). She is the master in Vlog in fact that's is her main career platform now.


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After watching DH latest drama last night -tittle "My neighbor also crying", nothing can beat the legend Donghey. Even at one time they hated each other, but nothing can change the history.

Last night totally older sister younger brother vibes. ( Last year he already described DH is more like an older sister to him.


So because DH wants to be very very open, of course Knet in DC also talking about her past relationship.


Google translation.



They were talking about this event.



And in Weibo. The relationship that was saved by people around them. From DH confession, she stays because of his family MORE than him (aka her current partner)


Well good luck DHshii, yes your heart already taken by other. The current love is only for his family and your mom.


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Moral of the story this week, if you have a billionaire girlfriend, use her weakest point to stop her from breaking up with you. -Family.


To me Wookie will never do this type of method to keep his girlfriend. He always emphasizes TRUE LOVE. If not better break up than torturing his girlfriend's heart and asked her to pretend to love him.

He even said, if his girlfriend encouraging him to go out holidays with female friends, he will break up with her. 


Btw, As this morning, DH's agency announced DH will be starting resuming her full-fledged activities in Korea.


How about a drama with a title "Still, Dong Wook". The words her family always used at home.



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This makes me thinking, if DH and Wookie continued their relationship after Hotel King. The fight of course undeniable, because DH already revealed they always fighting with each other. Then DH appeared in public saying the same thing, I couldn't break up with Lee Dong Wook because of his family and my mom. 


To me better break up, and maintain a good relationship with his family, if his family is a good people they will love her regardless if she is with his son or not. 


And after  seeing DH at Wookie's salon recently, and of course cryptic kind of interaction between DH and Wookie, to me this is the best type of relationship. DH couldn't have  a true love with her boyfriend, at least she can have true friendship with a man who didn't force her to stay for the sake of his family.


And here a reporter criticizing DH and her partner for using this show as publicity. This main theme of the show is the relationship between manager and celebrities but DH and her partner using it for their publicity and making the manager looks like a dumb. His job is actually listening to her love story.



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One of the MC in the show is Wookie best friend, and he was bewildered why DH hugging her male best friend longer than her own partner.


Maybe he resembles Lee Dong Wook and actually her Douyin's hubby last year.



Plus DH already confessed she stays in this relationship because of his family and her mother. If not Goodbye already. So far his fans so afraid to post about the break up news.

My friends and I said, she stays not because of  his family actually, but she doesn't want Dong Hey shippers laughing at her. She hates us so much. 

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1 hour ago, Zora said:

It's a complex story, but it's also very informative

Yes very complex, especially when she said she's longing to have big families, but delaying her marriage. If 7th of July this year she postpone it, meaning has to wait for another 7th of July because in the previous show last year, her boyfriend will never do anything special without the number 7. Even 1 second late he will not tolerate. Very strange cultist ideology.


I remember DH also very close with Wookie's parents post My Girl. She even bought big bouquet of flowers to Wookie's mom birthday in 2006. Well that was history and we talked a lot about it in old forum.

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