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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)


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Yes Sure MiSundeRsTanDinG.


When I read this, I remember DH, Masternim and her gang called all the reader don't know what relationship and wedding game with male friend is all about.

Totally misunderstanding she said because her own man recorded the wedding video or her actions with other men is approved and orchestrated by her man. That's how DH perceived her relationship.





Ironically, they choose the man who resembles Wookie.

That man called all the reader dumplings...after that. No wonder his career in slump until now.

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Thanks for the translation.

Wookie basically remembering his 8 months shooting Hotel King. Wookie did mention in one of his interview before, he was very happy during that 8 months period.

I'm glad to see him with happy smile while remembering that time.



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Fans who witnessed the real interaction during behind the scene especially the green grass ring. Ring Wookie gave to DH which is not in the script. They knew everything.


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Korean Entertainment is not big actually..

Wookie used to be a big fans of Lee Ji Ah's ex-husband Seo Taiji.

From old interview taken from Wookie's soompi thread.


Easy for me to locate the interview because I knew about one of his favorite singer years ago.


It's taken from a teen Idol magazine called I-Spy, which I'm not much of a fan since it features mostly DBSK & SuJu... But It has a couple of interesting questions with LDW.


The Big Letters in blue & pink say Lee Dong Wook, a shy guy. 


The latest addition to a cute & lovely Korean Drama genre, The red hot "My Girl" which currently playing on Ch.7 features this Lee Dong Wook. Here we've got an exclusive interview never before seen anywhere.


LDW's strange trivias


Q What is your ringtone?

A It's the phrase "Thank you" My home phone uses the song "For You" by "Seo Tai Ji" My manager's ringtone is "Jaja" from Eugene.


Q What part of your body that you most proud of?

A My lip. It is quite flexible and It's got nice color .


Q What song that you think would describe you best?

A Rise and Fall by Craig David, the whole album. It's really best describes an actor's life which has its ups and downs. The songs are real nice.


Q If women were things, what d'ya think they'd be? What is the type of your dream girl?

A I think they'd be trees, generous and understanding. And those are also the qualities that I'd like for my girlfriend. My job requires most of my time and I would like my girlfriend to understand this.


Q What do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

A Be an experienced and serious actor perhaps (laugh).


Q I've heard that you are such a dog lover. Ever haggled over the price when you bought them?

A I think most dog owners must love their dogs just like their children, me as well. I bought my dog at exorbitant price, but how can I haggle over the price in front of his face .He's soon to be part of my family, I wouldn't do that to hurt his feeling.

His pride for his first big screen movie.


After My Girl, Lee Dong Wook received popularity that he never had before. He got tons and tons of offers for new roles. Before that, he was in such a bad shape. Living the life pointlessly, eat, sleep at will. "I've gained confident after My Girl. I've been wanting to do movie all along, and it only increases once I've got an opportunity. There were time when no director would think of me at all and I seriously doubted and criticized myself . But now I got more offers than I ever bargained for. i'm overwhelmed" But he chose Arang. "It's my first movie so I wanted my audiences to be impressed. I don't usually watch horror movie and never acted in one before but I was lucky to be cast alongside Song Yoon Ah noona. She really supports me. Anyway, I'm still very new to movie business and I hope my fans will keep supporting me in the future" Not just fans who are crazy about him but his humility has won him affection and support from his colleagues as well.


Arang is released on VCD now. Don't watch alone, I warned you!!! 


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And I love Wookie's voice or calm tone throughout the episodes. It's just like we are having a chance to see him off screen in real life.


Another one during BTS in Hotel King. When camera captured DH and Wookie had a real fight.


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Why 23? Not 32

23-one of top CF Queen

-one of top actress

-got Wookie as best partner, best costar, etc



At 32- hahaha got Gelato with massage hastag.

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DH's favorite actress is SHK. Now Wookie most likely doing a cameo in SHK latest on going drama.


And I'm one of the happiest at the moment.



So the rumors I saw in DC seems legit.


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Wookie is so famous among YG stans. From DH because most of her male friends/partner are/is from YG, Park Bom, YIN, now Rose..

Even DH and Masternim's minions stalked him 6 years ago.

Because he is so charming and irrisistable.



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