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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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For me what I see in the program Healing Camp is a testament largest for a deep love that they had.She is the biggest shadow in his heart. At that point, Just think about her same as touching a wound

Bc I do not want to post the photos unrelated many forums so I just said, and those who are curious about it I can send photos to your inbox. In fact, a group of Dahae's cody is working for lyf, On 03

Dahae updated her weibo with lots of pictures cooking and posting the recipe of that food ^^ she is so adorable and pretty even while cooking and she surely so sincere preparing for the big day

the reality..being the boss with her 3 helpers.


and the video where she always insert lee dong wook in the presence of some wook

why not insert her helper wook lol



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With Wookie's voice the guy she's longing to hug and kiss, directed and edited by another Wook.


And singing Wookie favorite song during his birthday.

I know the videos are converted by "them and + + +" but they are using MY GIRL which is synonym with Lee Dong Wook, instead of HAVEN4ever or "this DH is amazing"..so I enjoy it, even though I know the fake love is there.

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Best sound track for historical drama.

Chuno aka Slave Hunter.

We know Wookie loved Chuno based on Strong Heart show.


Wookie with Chuno sound track..love it


That Chuno poster at the back, Wookieshii


Chuno OST


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6 hours ago, dolley said:

@samzz whenever are they, the virus followed after, but I think they already back in SK quarantine all day.

Yes, whenever, there are always virus outbreak..they cannot run.

But they are jobless, so nothing to worry about, can stay doing nothing for the rest of their lives. 5 years always in SX vacation, during quarantine, they are planning for another 100 years SX vacation.

The thing is I know some millionaires can go bankrupt with that lifestyle.

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I saw Wookie's latest pic in DWH Cafe Naver..he looks so happy, maybe found someone special already? Hehehe.


Sorry couldn't share the pic, but I think many of his fans saw it already.

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1 hour ago, dolley said:

@samzz I'm happy if he found someone already...hurry up and make 3 babies



@dolley, probably that's why she is non stop flirting with him in Chinese Socmedia..I smell serious jealousy.


Remember the SUSHI cryptic code insta last 2 years.

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Cryptic code is DH speciality.

She posted this very easy to understand cryptic code of IRON MAN outfit just after Wookie's ENT Relay IM Interview.






Iron Man or Blade Man ENT Relay interview.


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Knowing DH happy mental state, I'm sure she is happily dancing during these Covid19 outbreak. Nearly a week no mocking act in Tik Tok. 


A middle finger corona dance on Feb 2020.



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5 minutes ago, samzz said:

@dolley we just talked about it. 

Wookieshii.. just be careful.



haha once a trash always a trash, a habit is a habit, it's in a blood.


btw is DH and sx partner still in LA?  careful CoVID is following you DHshii, or both might end up quarantine all day.


Although Covid paralyze the industry still thankful that wookie is on a magazine cover every month. 


and I'm sure  he might have a lot of time now, I hope he really find time looking for a lifetime partner, I'm really hope he's getting married soon. Of course I really hope for a wedding.

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