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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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For celebrities, no need to work overseas during this time. Concentrate on their own market is far far more better for continuation of career in a long run.


Looking at gif above I remember, DH always said or praised Wookie so handsome..(year 2011).

Tokai couple guardian will it: # those years, she praised him for his handsome # 2011.8 Beijing Sina Entertainment Interview http://t.cn/amAhMA2011.9.26healing camp evaluation 2014.5.19MnetNews interview 2014.727 fixing dinner rmt interview [Heart]it is not too early eleven of the[Laughing]




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For me what I see in the program Healing Camp is a testament largest for a deep love that they had.She is the biggest shadow in his heart. At that point, Just think about her same as touching a wound

Bc I do not want to post the photos unrelated many forums so I just said, and those who are curious about it I can send photos to your inbox. In fact, a group of Dahae's cody is working for lyf, On 03

Dahae updated her weibo with lots of pictures cooking and posting the recipe of that food ^^ she is so adorable and pretty even while cooking and she surely so sincere preparing for the big day

9 years later - Wookie still so large in her life.

This SC is from video filmed and edited .-during Christmas Eve ,2019. The big QUESTION why "HE' filmed and edited the video.  






Saw this in Naver.



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@samzzwookie took it slow, one at a time, of course there are times that his career is not shining brightly but he did not rush to jump on other country to try his luck, he wait for his time and he didn't forgot the values he learned. 


and on this trying times, lucky those people are like him, they still working. But of course they have to be extra careful since the virus is everywhere.

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After traveling to China and Japan last January now she enjoying herself in Los Angeles.

Corona? What is that? Come and get me.. hehehe


The only Korean who are so happy travelling right now.


And the man she couldn't get rid from her life also happy working.



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if there is any Korean movie project Marie Antoinette in the future when both of them in their 50s..I know DH can play it likes no other. Wookie can be the President. Challenging characters for both of them.

DH was beyond amazing in Miss Ripley and Wookie in Hell of Other People.



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2 hours ago, dolley said:

@samzz oh why some business closed every year? no income probably


now I understand why wookie is being used in their videos and even remembered JYR birthday

Hehehe, the best news today.



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38 minutes ago, dolley said:

@samzz why do I feel that the new IG came from the same roots. Haha bored fans or bored themselves? . Haha I know they made an account in chinese sns for all their friends.


The point is why MY GIRL. MY Girl is synonym with Lee Dong Wook.

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wookie like omma, I remember during HK he scolded DH bc of her dress, and he even closed her jacket bc of her revealing clothes. That's one thing I'm proud of him, he's someone who correct her if he knows something is wrong-. He is not the man who always bow and follow what has been told. He knows what is right and wrong and applies it without exemption. 


but I think DH wants the opposite, and you'll the outcome haha

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  • Guest changed the title to [Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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