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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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7 minutes ago, dolley said:

Haha the more the shippers the merrier, I'm not against JRW, she is a good friend to wookie and harmless, but yes why no wookie-jrw, maybe that girl can start creating shippers name for them

Actually in their group some were Pichi shippers, but then when Burning Sun scandal appeared, suddenly they became anti shipper lol. 

I remember during Bubblegum, they attacked us non stop too. Up to Plastic fantastic they use as a tool.

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For me what I see in the program Healing Camp is a testament largest for a deep love that they had.She is the biggest shadow in his heart. At that point, Just think about her same as touching a wound

Bc I do not want to post the photos unrelated many forums so I just said, and those who are curious about it I can send photos to your inbox. In fact, a group of Dahae's cody is working for lyf, On 03

Dahae updated her weibo with lots of pictures cooking and posting the recipe of that food ^^ she is so adorable and pretty even while cooking and she surely so sincere preparing for the big day

55 minutes ago, samzz said:

Hahaha so the list is created by the Shincheonji member based on their favorite celebrities.


Another monkey.

so wookie is their favorite? But putting him in the lists without verifying is very wrong, specially that religion is in the hot seat. He can't defend himself bc he is not an SNS person.Hats off to his agency, the first one who issued statement. They are really doing their job.

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15 minutes ago, samzz said:

Dear admin, noted.


No wonder  comments section in Wookie's Naver real time is getting less today, I mean comments accusing him, bc agencies of Top celebrities also started taking action.


I want to see the culprits doing a bible study inside the jail hand in hand, that's how that cult operates right? Imagine these innocent artists working hard ruined by this people?  

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From Harper Bazar Taiwan


This article compiled everything we already knew.

Part of info from the article


Li Dongxu laughed in a March cover interview of "Haper's BAZAAR MEN" and said, "" My Girl "is the first TV drama that I have become a protagonist. Many people overseas know me through this drama; to me "My Girl" is a turning point in life, so maybe Taiwan fans know me too! "


. Mysterious and low-key in the emotional world



In the past, Li Dongxu's emotional world was quite mysterious and low-key. Although he had sex scandals with many women, his sister broke the news that Li Dongxu had been with singer and actress, and said that his brother Li Dongxu was an affectionate 


In fact, since Li Dongxu ’s debut, the only object that has been rumored for more than 10 years is Li Daohai (Lee Da Hae) and the only object of his public relationship is Xizhi (Suzy), a former member of the 13-year-old Korean girl group Miss A, but this relationship has only lasted for four months. The two broke up due to a heavy working relationship.


(Yes, most old shippers knew DH and Wookie had been rumored together for so long. In year 2006 up to 2008, there always news about them dating, mostly came with hard evidences. Both denied it but happy with the rumors because they said people acknowledged the popularity of My Girl. Wookie had other rumors with another costars too, but not making much buzz or hype.)



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2 hours ago, dolley said:

I want to see the culprits doing a bible study inside the jail hand in hand, that's how that cult operates right? Imagine these innocent artists working hard ruined by this people?  

I know what I want to do with them.. hahaha. 


This is not religion honey.. it's scamming... something we are so familiar with one man and the BFF.


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5 hours ago, dolley said:

@samzz I don't know if they are being followed by the virus..but I'm sure when americans saw Asian people the tendency is to avoid them 


In the news it is stated "they" will be screened multiple times. 3K USD per test. Well they have lots of money so no issue on that.



The Trump administration vowed that any American can be tested for the virus if a doctor deems it necessary. On Wednesday, Vice President Pence said that the risk of contracting the virus “remains low” but that all passengers flying directly from Italy and South Korea will be screened multiple times.

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55 minutes ago, dolley said:

@samzz  actually I'm traveling to JP next month but I want to cancel it, of course prevention is better than cure. And I don't to be in quarantine for half a month.

From the news in my country, only Hokkaido not allowed, not sure about other parts. Yes, sometimes we need to listen to our inner voice.


I'm also cancelled my usual regional task travelling activities, something that I'm dreaming for a long time. Not fun to me anymore. Yes, whenever I hear people coughing in the plane, I hold my breath for more than 15 seconds ....seems pathetic already. My friends said if we practise it everyday, we can change out career  as R&D analyst to a diver soon.

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