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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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Precious pictures during the break, when Donghey just like kids having fun.

On the same day, after playing wedding ceremony.






Wookie making a green grass wedding ring for DH.

They know about their forbidden love, that's why they love playing wedding scenes.



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For me what I see in the program Healing Camp is a testament largest for a deep love that they had.She is the biggest shadow in his heart. At that point, Just think about her same as touching a wound

Bc I do not want to post the photos unrelated many forums so I just said, and those who are curious about it I can send photos to your inbox. In fact, a group of Dahae's cody is working for lyf, On 03

in retaliation against Won Bin/Na Young wedding, kekeke      

On 4/20/2019 at 9:29 PM, bogs_0712 said:

@samzz when reality hits, you gonna do what you gonna do to maintain the luxurious life of your baby..


@dolley maybe they are considering her image right now. Everyone around her has limited opportunity if none right now bc of the issue so dh is the only one who can make a move.


Just wanna say. I would like to commend her new agency, for me they are doing a good job so far, promoting her in a right way and eyeing china again, bc i think dh needs to become a big thing in other country again before her country can notice or accept her. My only advice to them, dont let he gang ruin it.. Haha


@bogs_0712  The gangs will never stop doing it. It's their job to reduce the gap of SOFT RICE KING for their beloved friend. If not DH could go higher and higher based on her talent, multilingual skills, communication skills beauty, already established Hallyu stars, etc.

Mister X already said, she is a rare talent with versatility, which can master comedy and hard melo with ease.


Wookie with his charity job. In one of his interview with Philippines TV station, He himself said, 8 months in Gangwon during HK, is one of his happiest moment.



Note: I read Jacqueline Wong (hot issue in HK ENT). What she said about marriage is so similar to DH, prove that she never loves her bf.


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DH new agency FN ENT joining the Chinese market. DH already registered herself with xiaohongshu, that has connection with Alibaba. 




First product she will be promoting -of course her gang products especially the SOFT RICE KING.


Good luck to her, her major obstacles that I can see are Lemon Production team (they still have a grudge on her), Yi Feng's fans bc they know she is hiding behind her new boyfriend), and Jason. I know they are not powerful enough, but we never know.

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@dolley Thanks for the info, yes very very surprised indeed, DH's best friend Flower_artist_jane aka Leejardin sent flower to Wookie's stylist Joheenam. 

What I said about secret communication before seems real hahaha.


@bogs_0712 I'm not sure where is DH now, we know she always posting backdated pic, sometime taken 2 or 3 weeks before.

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@samzz  maybe her friend wanted to trade secrets, why wookie always had a projects LOL.


@bogs_0712 who knows maybe after that one week of desperate publicity she will focus on finding a project too. She has to start now bc she just sign a contract.


I think I will sign up.


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@dolley   don't know why, but that flower giving something fishy and new thing to investigate. Florist and stylist suddenly on the menu.

Wookie's hairstylist Mr Lim was in Shanghai also last month at the same event with DH.  I saw him with Jang Dong Gun. Mr Lim and DH knew each other bc of Wookie and Aurabeauty. Their world is too small,  I can sense someone getting restless. 


@bogs_0712   Since years ago, their actions, especially DH, have one objective only-mocking people who don't like them, their lifestyle,  untouchable lifestyle. The more knet sexually harassed them in Naver/Nate, the more excited they show off their honeymoon activities.

The gang superiority complex is too obvious. 



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@samzz in the first place knets forgot them already but when they suddenly appeared on their newsfeed, knets can’t stop mocking them.


@bogs_0712 the throwback photos and then came up with the dinner news, do you think it just coincidence or part of the script? We all know how desperate they are right now. Maybe they expect knets to dig on history years ago but they are not interested hahaha. Well I think someone came up with  another strategy

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Back to serious matter, I couldn't believe my time doing shipping update, brought me to this horrifying issues.

How could you so proud be in the circle of friends, or didn't know their activities. Your best friends so active promoting the places (that clubs), and still proud of it. 

Lee Da Hae  (bc of her best friend) and Park Han Byul ( bc of her husband)- both once  a good friends, both from wealthy families,  and forever they are in this circle. Sad reality. Hope both of them protected forever.

 This is not a time accusing people black heart, or delusional, crazy shippers or what- this is Asia minor undercover trafficking and murder.





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Seems like DH is planning to run away to China once again, hehehe. How about Soft Rice King?


What makes this Korean wedding planner remember this picture. It has been 5 years already, but it stick to her mind, just like any Donghey shippers.



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And now they eating each other, 

Friendship in YG world. I bet Wookie also aware of this clans, better run away as far as possible.





@dolleyWe need to pay extra attention on this suddenly florist and stylist. Both know so well the history of Donghey.


Even that wedding planner, said, how lovely Donghey were, so full of love, -that makes her posting pic from 5 years ago.hmmmm



@bogs_0712I saw Incheon airport service commented in DH's IG. Everytime he posted a comment, DH always oversea honeymoon or vacation.

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Possibility of reunion? Well, both are not married yet, and the other one already mentioned, marriage is not in her mind,  so the boyfriend has no right to stop the reunion if there is a chance.

The only actress Wookie said, "want to work together again and again" is DH. It must be fun if DH is one of the stranger in Stranger from Hell. Suits with their current friendship.



My Girl message -to DH, he said twice about wanting to act with her again during that time. Then, after Hotel King, said the same thing again. He never said to any of his costars from the past 19 yrs, if I'm not mistaken.


From old Donghae forum.

Translation of Dong Wook's note:

Hello everybody, I am Lee Dong Wook.
No, I should be Gong Chan
I don't know what to say...
But first I must thank everyone ...
Thank you so much!!!
You guys gave me alot of love and support and watched this drama with enthusiasm, thank you.
With everyone's support, My Girl has finished smoothly.
Yesterday, no, today we have finished all the filming.
I have not yet returned to the reality feeling.
Like all other actors/actresses, I am not ready to leave the role of Gong Chan.
In this note, all this resemble what I want to say in my heart.
From the time we have filmed in Jeju, everyone has waited for the finale these past 85 days.
The burden was very big from the time I practiced the script to now.
When I began filming My Girl, I wasn't a 'popular actor'.
If I have everyone's support, it really can help me go on. ~^^
To the artists that we worked together, in order for us to take our final picture we had to work with our wonderful staff ... because of their help, it made me stand strong until now.
Da Hae!! thank you ^^
I am extremely happy to run into a very talented actress.
Remember to stay healthy, I hope we can cooperate again in the future to produce an as good drama.
Jun Ki ah!! Now that it is over, we shall go have a cup of tea like we always say.
Si Yeon...
The elder sister that is always played by jokes from me!!
Thank you for not having any disagreements during the filming proccess.
I frequently go through the jokes in the drama for pleasure ...
Every artists, thank you!!
Dong Wook and Dong Wook's character, Gong Chan, is extremely loved...
Even though I cannot thank every single person, I can feel it in my heart.
I thank everyone in my heart ... with my love ...
I thought it would be hard to write this but I have smoothly finished this speech.
Now there's not much time until the finale airs
After the broadcast, I am no longer Gong Chan.
Thank you for accepting me as Gong Chan!
Thank you !!! Thank you !!!
Until we meet again, you must stay healthy !!!

PS. Today's My Girl end does not have that 'end' meaning '&'........
For the life of Gong Chan, Yoo Rin ...


Hahaha, Wookie loves playing joke if he views the woman as sister. For pleasure.





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On 4/26/2019 at 7:57 PM, dolley said:

After continues updates last week, DH IG back to reality lol


@samzz something is fishy, so many flower shops all over Seoul right?  


Suddenly, the florist came into Donghey world, whereby we know she is in another side of the world. That flowers species, are absolutely DH's choice, bc we use to see she chooses that kind of colors and species. But to me the wedding planner, is more interesting now. Hehehe, she specifically said Donghey is full of love-even after 5 years.


Still waiting for Wookie drama confirmation, it looks exciting, at least for my taste. DH too can play psycho character brilliantly e.g Miss Ripley, where she got Daesang award for that drama. 

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@samzz can’t blame the wedding planner, during Hotel King even in pictures their eyes full of love. Just compare their pictures during HK and now. 

Me too I hope wookie accepts the drama. It’s refreshing to see him in a new role. With regards to DH so many things to consider before she accept some offer, like the gang approval, the gang participation and cameo role, their product placement.

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@dolley  And a no.1 rule, DH needs to follow, her future costars, cannot be tall and extremely handsome. If not we are going to see someone throwing tantrum with alcoholic beverages.


Back to wedding planner, her IG has more than 5 real life married celebrities couple, only Donghey not married yet, but she put all comments roughly the same as all married couple.

Why only Donghey, whereby so many celebrities have their wedding pic from a drama.

Or what we discussed about common law wedding is not delulu after all. Or she is the actual wedding stylist Donghey hired during HK, and when set them up,. She witnessed in her own eyes, what married couple used to say or joke with one another. As she said, full of love.


Some of real life couple in her IG. Only DH and Wookie is under unmarried couple.



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@dolley  Most likely- Seems like Wookie will be busy until August or September. 

My friends even said, looking at his non stop working, seems like he has no intention to settle down b4 40, making all women  around his age who are chasing him worry about their fertility, hehehe. 

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