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_DONGHAE [Official] LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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Since today is HK anniversary.


Donghey journey and history

Their early 20s 2006-2008, 

-appeared in public together few times

-attended each other FMs, Wookie gave DH chocolate on white day.

-news said in April 2006, Wookie, Jung Ki, PSY and DH had MG reunion. Wookie sent DH home.

-Wookie gave DH Eric Bennett CD, said hope like it bc all the songs were his favorite.

-2007, caught by K-net, they always had couple items, up to home interior design. In 2017 DH revealed her house and turns out so similar to her current honeymoon partner's house decor. She is a true believer in couple thingy since with Wookie no.1. Even the name also must be same.

-2008, Wookie made long distance call to DH, asked her if she knew about their non stop dating news appeared on the news portal. 

-Wookie replied to reporters, why he keep DH's pic in his house. He said it was a gift from SEA fans, and he appreciated  their non stop support on MG drama and Donghey.

-Dec 2009, DH recorded Happy Together, she revealed her last relationship, Oct 2008.

-and many2 more only old shippers knew it.


That's why their closeness during HK is unbeatable until now, bc of their early 20s history.



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While strolling found this, DH and her best friend Philip, co-Ceo of YGX and other YG subsidiaries. His boss, u can guess who? The most famous right now.


Why you deleted many of DH's pic in your IG, Mr Kim?




Quoting what Wookie said, ..important to share long term memories together..


HK DVD Blue Ray



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On 4/5/2019 at 2:34 PM, Lovebeats3 said:

All that have involved in 'hidden camera' case mostly are 'budget English' people. Innocent face but sex addict.


Innocent face they used to buy rich Chaebol daughter for investment, hahaha. Their currency is known as sex or drug. Even though they could survive the police or jail time, but not their own people. Their own people can crash their dream. For their "girls", they used them for Chaebol -father and son- for investment and career advancement.

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 Reading the caption- yes your actions Wookieshii. Actions that imply "..I will never love anyone as much as I love you.."

 and DH's happiness whenever she is with you..


Hit on the spot -Especially when you said, I will get rid of all the girls in that house, if you want to come..hehehe


Dangerous statement Wookieshii, especially if there is a woman eyeing you to be her special..that "I will rid all the girls if you want to be with me..." will be haunting her though. Joke or what, some women will take it seriously..especially if you are the type not easy to read.


Donghey-sometimes there was a moment when both of them just being real Donghey- Not playful on screen Donghey.




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As expected, DH suddenly active on SNS, got few jobs, bc of new agency.

Never heard of it, hope her 7th or  8th agency ,(I loss count actually) got big balls to push her higher or sink her the deepest sea ocean. Looks like new agency with lots of unknown celebrities. Hope not a shell company, better small rather BIG one who is known as pimpri and has connection with mafia right now. 




Waiting if this agency allows her to continue massage sanitation campaign, to make people familiar with that industry.


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I saw this post, hahaha why Donghey shipper included during the fight between Pichi and Bubbly and Yoona,.


As far as I know, We are not involved in fighting Wookie's "pant" on that night or wrap up party. Furthermore we been here or on the net for 12 yrs rumbling on our Donghey.


Furthermore, YIN's fans mentioned and stressing many time that Wookie never respect and don't look highly on his other female costar except YIN. They said that's why Wookie is flirty in dirty way with other costars but flirty with honest and high value with YIN. How old are they? 

Wookie shii ur are a dirty dirty man in their eyes except with their bias, when they comparing your interaction with other women and girls hahahah. 

If he respect your bias, that not how he behaves on that night. He is single, he is free to flirt or do whatever he wants to.

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Happy Donghey at early 30s..

Waiting for their early 40s...hahaha

Wookie last message: If there is a chance, we act for a third time again.


On handsomeness, as far as old fans know, DH said Oh Ji Ho is the most handsome man in Korea- she said that when she asked fans to follow OJH's Twitter 9 yrs ago.

But she sure knows how handsome Wookie is, and until today, Wookie is still mostly sought after by many girls, young and old.





DH's birthday is approaching, still remember, Wookie went straight to her birthday cum FM, right after shooting Arang. Before that he sent a message to DH, he couldn't make it, busy shooting, but actually he was at the party already. He wore dark sunglasses bc he got dark circles around his eyes, due to lack of sleep while filming Arang.





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Throwback DH's birthday with Wookie, post My Girl.


Copied from my old post years ago.


Wookie cancelled his Arang  shooting that day so that he can be w/ DH during her b-day bash. 

The video still not easy to locate, but the pic still available in Japanese fan site.

the old link still available, but it was from DWH archive, only members can view it.



LDH's birthday present from LDW-chocholate and his personal favorite CD that he always listen while driving (ERIC BENNET)


And his fav song at that time.The Last Time Lyrics

Album : Hurricane

Artist : Eric Benet

The first time I fell in love was long ago.

I didn't know how to give my love at all.

The next time I settled for what felt so close.

But without romance, you're never gonna fall.

After everything I've learned;

Now it's finally my turn.

This is the last time I'll fall... in love.


The first time we walked under that starry sky,

there was a moment when everything was clear.

I didn't need to ask or even wonder why, because each question is answered when your near.

and I'm wise enough to know when a miracle unfolds, this is the last time i'll fall in love.

Now don't hold back, just let me know.

Could I be moving much too fast or way too slow.


'Cause all of my life, I've waited for this day.

To find that once in a lifetime, this is it, I'll never be the same.

You'll never know what it's taken me to say these words.

And now that I've said them, they could never be enough.

As far as I can see, there's only you and only me.


This is the last time I'll fall in love.

Last time i'll fall in love.

The last time i'll fall... in love.


here's wat LDW said to LDH after the Fan Meeting/behind the stage





东旭在后面说:dahae ssi 祝贺~要一直健康~既然已经23岁了,就不要老是跟oppa顽皮了。还有cd里的歌都很不错,希望你好好听哦^^



Dae Hae shi, i hope u will always be healthy. since u're already 23, stop being naughty and dun play around with OPPA ( LDW himself). n the songs in the Album are very nice, please listen to it really well ok??




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@samzz thank you for bringing back DongHae special moments.


I really can't conquer with such idealism that he likes her so much that's why he ignore her. Lol. Girls! Men are like hunters, if they saw their prey they will attack.


Anyway. Glad that DH finally leave JS pictures. Hope her new agency will do a better job..

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@bogs_0712  Well bc that woman so highly valued, so prestige, so this, so that..but as people said, by non stop comparing, it just show how restless they are, trying to validate the delulu. I don't know you can rate women status by playfulness or degree of flirting from a man known as Lee Dong Wook and using BTS as hard evidence.

I don't think Wookie is happy knowing his new fans non stop grading his female costars or friends. The same happens in his IG during Suzy instant fiasco. 




If want to be delulu at highest level-At least go to the shooting site, just like what Donghey shippers did. They willing to travel to Alpensia and see it with their own eyes. Even HK DC team when they visited HK shooting scene, were surprised how close Donghey off screen. No boundaries, and inseparable.


At that time we also able to know Wookie's mood, when one IG mentioned, she a bit scared to ask for autographs bc his mood is so terrible that day. All this we discussed in HK thread at that time. I don't know if coincidence or what, but the date the IG account said,when I checked is the date Yi Feng went to visit DH before he dropped the "KBOOM". He even posted a pic he was in Korea during that week.



Ok on her new agency, I checked every day, still no news on DH, even April schedule, none mentioning DH. I think they are waiting on new status of YG, YG and Burning Sun, bc DH "guilty by association" with that clans. 

Talking about her 8 agencies so far, I still think Kstar, her first, still the best. The rest just treating her like ping pong. Even Wookie described DH as "ping pong" in one if his interview.


Kstar even asked her to be a singer.




Well she managed to produce one single, one MAMA stage performance, and known as a singer for few months hahaha.






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When looking at all their wedding scenes/pic, some just them, not in the script, I remember both said positive vibe about marriage. DH in 2014 magazine interview, and Wookie in Superman Returns.

They love playing wedding scene during their break time (-captured by fans), and choose "common law" type wedding scenes, instead of normal wedding scenes.


Post Hotel King-What holding them bc they have all the opportunities to be in next level of their lives with others.

The answer is THEIR HEARTS still on their old memories.



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You don't simply give or make a ring to your opposite gender best friends. 


If not bc of fans, we will never have a clue, how much Donghey loves playing wedding scene during the break. 



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World of game for Donghey.


DH 6 yrs ago in very famous Sudden Attack game-when she was the Top Star before.




She has the body for that.




Suddenly thinking, how wonderful to see them as gamer, fighting for each other in their 3rd reunion. Time to throw anger and love at the same time.



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Hehehe, you know how to crash any dream girl, Wookieshii.


In real-We know DH used to go to your parents house years ago. 





Hope you still has that in your heart.



After 8 months together, you still so attentive to her.




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I think YG really educates their men well enough on prostitution. How to play with that game, bc millions esp those women, still believe in them. There are no prostitutes in this world, just women want to give that....


Few years ago, their ex-singer, so desperate to get a massage at 2am till 4am, and claimed that massage parlor is not his real destination. The funny thing, even the dogs know what kind of place is that-so busy with men from midnight till morning.  But there are women still believe a man who loves that kind of  place is a man sent from heaven to her. 


Then this story- I still enjoy reading how they humiliating women everywhere. Still thinking people who followed Korean Entertainment, have empty brain.


Sent  prostitutes to an island, fully paid, and expect them to just sell ice-cream there.



Then I wonder how YG educates the women under their label on this issue. 


Be careful oppas over there, we know not all are saint, but at least don't treat people who followed Korean Entertainment only love Korean romantic comedy drama. The drama that sell-All men and women in the drama even at 40s are still virgin. Men without girlfriend can celibate for more than a month or a year.


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@samzz finally I’m back. Regarding DH changing agency I’m not againts it if they will give her a project more than the previous but if it’s just the same, like one drama per contract, better stay with them unless the agency not interested in renewing. Of course changing agency every two to three years is not good.


But at least being active on SNS with english and chinese word in her post is an improvement, maybe they are eyeing chinese project again.  Or she realized when she went to China that she needs her chinese fans.


Let’s just wait on what quarter she will get a project, second, third, or fourth? 

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@dolley Welcome back from land of many dream, doing their palli palli, and don't care about the consequences. 

DH changing agency-the only celebrity that I know changing to 5 agencies in 9 years-Jtune, DBM, Forestar, FNC, JS Picture. What a record. Hehehe. We know who controlling her right. 


Back to Donghey

Throwback-Article appeared in  DC but deleted.


Title: 차모만 따로 땠는데 이러면 혼날려나...?
They said "Chamo is the truth" ---> 차모는 진리입니다



So intimates skin ship for weekend drama. Adlibs and bed scene is directed by Wookie himself.


Bc of the red script book could be seen clearly behind the cushion- the pic is a bonus from production team, making Donghey real past relationship indisputably true. Or .....?








Non stop rumors.

source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/cindex.php?c=news&m=newsview&idx=530836

이다해·이동욱 – 풋풋→농익, 같은 커플?

이동욱, 이다해 커플은 MBC 주말드라마 ‘호텔킹’(극본 조은정, 연출 최병길)을 통해 9년 만에 재회했다. 이들은 전작 ‘마이걸’에서 보여준 남다른 케미로 인해 열애설까지 불거진 사이. 두 사람은 옛 명성(?)을 실망시키지 않았다. 실제 커플이라고 해도 놀라지 않을 정도로 좋은 하모니를 형성하고 있다.

두 사람은 20대에 출연한 ‘마이걸’에서 풋풋한 커플을 연기하며 스타덤에 올랐다. 반면 ‘호텔킹’에서는 성숙한 분위기를 지닌 농익은 연인이다. 연출진 교체 등 잦은 논란으로 부진에 시달린 '호텔킹'에서 유일한 관람포인트는 이동욱, 이다해 커플의 케미라고 해도 과언이 아니다. 10년 우정 때문인지 애정신이 자연스럽다. 열애설이 불거진 이유를 알 수 있을 정도로 환상의 궁합이


Translation :

LDW/LDH: Young->Mature, the same couple?

LDW-LDH couple in MBC weekend drama "Hotel King" (written by Jo Eun Jung, produced by Choi, Byung - Gil) reunited after 9 years. Previously in "My Girl" drama, the extraordinary chemistry causing relationship rumor to surface. The two old fame (?) You did not disappoint. It will not be surprising that the actual couple has formed a good harmony.

The two met in their 20's in "My Girl", starring as a young couple and went on to stardom. While in "Hotel King", they blossomed into matured lovers. Having suffered from production dispute and controversy, the only point in watching will be LDW/LDH couple. Maybe because of the 10 years of friendship, thats why love is natural. Relationship rumor has surfaced again to understand why their chemistry is so fantastic.

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@samzz the reason why non stop throwback post the past few days, bc article is coming out today. Saw it on the netizenbuzz. And reading some comments there, I realized every 3 months they alternately  promoted their relationship.

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