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Round 1: The Introduction | Shippers' Paradise Valentine's Day Contest


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Hi shippers! Thank you for participating in our Valentine's Day Shippers' Paradise contest, and for your passionate response! 23 teams have registered to participate. It's time for the first round, so let's begin!

Round 1: The Introduction
Round 1 will be an introduction round. Basically, this is where you let everyone know who your couple is. Imagine that you are introducing your couple to a friend who has never heard of them. You might tell that friend who they are, how they met, and in general, just try to show why they're awesome. 

Post format

  • Couple's name and nickname
  • Thread URL
  • Introduction and couple biography

  • Rules
  1. Each team will have one post only in this thread. The only replies allowed in this thread are the entries. You may not use this thread to ask questions, spazz, support your couple, etc.
  2. You can include as much text as you want and up to four image files. The image files can be whatever you like -- photos, fan art, profile write-ups, a timeline, etc. 
  3. No videos will be allowed in this round.
  4. You can edit your post as much as you want for the next two days. No edits will be accepted after Thursday, February 13.
    All rules must be followed in order for the entry to be considered valid. We will disqualify any entry that does not follow the rules.

    Fans can vote even if the entries has not been completed, or they can wait until the editing have been completed to take a look at all the entries before voting. 

    Finally, the staff is well aware that shippers are a very passionate community! We will take a hard stance against anyone who uses secondary accounts to vote more than once, or anyone who flags another couple's post in an attempt to remove the entry from the contest.

    List of participating couples
    1. Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa (Yongshin/Dooley Couple)2. Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa (Yongseo Couple)
    3. Son Naeun and Lee Taemin (Taeun Couple)
    4. Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun (Hunnie Couple)
    5. Song Ji Hyo and Gary (Monday Couple)
    6. Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki (ChaeKi Couple)
    7. Choi Sulli and Choi Minho (MinSul Couple)
    8. Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki Couple)
    9. Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho (MinShin Couple)
    10. Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum (Geunbum Couple)
    11. Fujii Mina and Lee Hongki (Squirrel Couple)
    12. Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong (MinJoong/HyunMin Couple)
    13. Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo (InHyun Couple)
    14. Jung Yoo Mi and Jung Joon Young (PocaGuri Couple)
    15. Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub (SoGong Couple)
    16. Go Ara and Jung Woo (NaReki Couple)
    17. YoonA and Lee Seung Gi (YoonGi Couple)
    18. Go Ara and Yoo Yeon Seok (Chilbong & Na Jung Couple)
    19. Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun (Cheon Song Yi & Do Min Joon Couple)
    20. IU and Jo Jung Suk (JoU Couple)
    21. Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han (SoHan Couple )
    22. Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung (Oxygen Couple)
    23. Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yoochun (ChunHye Couple)

    Good luck and may the best couple win!
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Dooley/ YongShin Couple

Jung Yonghwa ♥ Park Shinhye 

Dooley/YongShin Couple Thread Link------------------------------

Who are the "Dooley Couple"?Jung Yonghwa & Park Shinhye
Jung Yonghwa (musician, singer, songwriter, producer and actor). He debuted as "Kang Shinwoo" in "You're beautiful" on 7th Oct 2009 and played the male lead as "Lee Shin" in the drama "Heartstrings" (2011) oppostie Park Shinhye whom he also worked with in "You're Beautiful". Yonghwa is the leader, lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist of the rock band CNBLUE. Last Feb,  his band CNBlue went to No.1 on the World Albums chart with their mini-album Re: BLUE & was the very first Korean band to have a World Tour. This Feb, CNBlue will make a comeback and will release a new album with his self-composed song Can't Stop as a title track. 
Park Shinhye (actress, singer, dancer). She is best known for her leading roles in "You're Beautiful" (2009), "Heartstrings" (2011), Flower Boys Next Door (2013) & The Heirs (2013), She first appeared in the Korean drama "Stairway in Heaven" as the young Han Jungsuh. She recently starred in a movie titled "Miracle Cell No. 7" in which she won Best Supporting Actress at 33rd Korean Association of Film Critics. In 2013, Shinhye was the very first Korean actress to have an Asia Tour to mark her 10th year Anniversary of her career in the business.

Why are they called the "Dooley Couple"? 
Just before the drama "Heartstrings" went on air, a group of Shinhye fans at Shinhye Gallery threw ideas around what to call this couple. One of the nicknames that came out was “Dooley”The reason was that both Kyu Won and Shin shares a surname “Lee”. In Korean, “dool” means “two”. So, the couple nickname of “Dool Lee”, or in an English way of speaking “Dooley”, was born. It actually came from a Korean meaning of “two Lee”. Since then, “Dool Lee” or “Dooley” has become their unofficially official name among fans & news reporters.

Why they have other nicknames Couples?
because they previously had worked in "You are Beautiful", they already had fans who love them together and called them the  "Shinhwa" Couple (Shinhye&YongHwa), "YongHye" Couple (YongHwa & ShinHyeand "YongShin" Couple (YongHwa & ShinHye)

Why we love the "Dooley couple"image
because even fate conspires to bring them together ("YAB" and "Heartrings")
because their chemistry on & off screen is perfectbecause they're very cute togetherbecause their friendship is adorable that even can replace Boyfriend & Girlfriendbecause he feels that she is like the 5th member of CNBLUEbecause they continuously support to each otherbecause we love their natural skinshipsbecause we are inspired by them to greater efforts in life





Let yourself explore and feel. come celebrate their beautiful Friendship with us!

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Guest me2pick

Thread Link

Introductions:"Lee So Yeon & Jeon Yoon Han (SoHan) is a beautiful couple currently featured in variety show We Got Married. They popularly known for their romantic and lovey-dovey interaction, envied by lots of people. Their honest conversation, consideration, and care towards each other have touched the hearts of many fans who hope and pray that SoHan couple will marry in real life.
Their first meeting is nothing less than beautiful. Mesmerized by So Yeon's beauty, Yoon Han played an impromptu piano piece especially for her. Though it is a bit awkward at first, but the love between this two gradually progresses. Their love lifes are filled with constant care, comunication, and consideration towards each other and their family members.
This couple also see the importance of spending good quality time together. They have engaged themselves in several activities together, such as learning tango, making pottery, horse riding, shopping, going on a trip, or just simply having a good time at home.
It was also apparent that both affect each other greatly. Yoon Han who often perceived as a cold person always being cheerful, playful, and smiling alot around So Yeon. While So Yeon, being a talented actress who has won several prestigious acting awards, appears shy and often blushing because of Yoon Han's RomAnctics and she also really dependent on Yoon Han. When this couple together, they always find joy even from the simplest things.
If you're looking for romantics, out of a romance drama scenes, a deep conversation between a couple, or just enjoying two people being in love with each other, all with a sprinkle of reality in them, then this one might be for you."

A Bit of Their Story:

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Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So MiniKOUQIcbOs9jl.gif

├the thread of HyunMin love┤

first LOOKdeep seacalm aboveevery KNOCKsweep theewith love__

                 the leader and his leading ladyiuBOGUk9z7VFW.gif

The Story of LOVE at every sight
Music is not the saxophone or the violinit is your heartthe incessant, the persistent,to the day you cease to live,it keeps you alive.
Dance is not the toe or the heelit is your heartthe swift the driftevery day you liveit keeps you alive. Why would we talk about music and dance? Not because he can make the strings clatter in harmony, or because she can swirl on her toes, in a twisted matrimony, but because it was love, a matter of the heart. Being a musician who knows his music, he might just have been the easy one. Eyes, that waited for her, after the first sight ( at a very formal dinner ), with longing outright stares on the doorway, then turned very shy for a man, and jailed itself into "just a few" occasional glances her way. Eyes, that gained confidence to linger longer, take in every moment, she was by his side. Eyes, that were falling in love at every sight. That was his.Smiles, reserved at first, turned into the glint of shy in her eyes. It did not take long to find her "strawberry lips" and the joy of arrival was indeed evident. Stifled giggles to willful laughter at his "4Dness" was the leaf that turned no where else. It was her.
The belief we cherish, we behold and we live by.


The HyunMin LOVE...
PS : Happy Valentine's day <3

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Ta Hwan and Ki Seung Nyang (Empress Ki)

Nickname: The Imperial Couple

(Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won)

TaNyang Soompi Couples Forum Thread



About the Characters

In the ongoing historical drama, Empress Ki, Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook have come together to play two completely opposite characters. Unlike the typical strong male lead, Ta Hwan (played by Ji Chang Wook) is at first a wimpy caricature of an emperor who has the title but not the power. Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) is everything he is not, willful, confident and fearless. The world sees Ta Hwan as someone futile and not fit to be an emperor. But Seung Nyang sees a young boy, lost and searching, wanting nothing more than to have his best friend around. She sees through Ta Hwan's childish demands and temper tantrums, that he is human--not a title--trapped by a crown too heavy for his shoulders. And somewhere in her thirst for revenge, Seung Nyang lets her guard down, providing a shoulder for Ta Hwan to lean on...closing her eyes, but never her heart.



Ta Hwan ascends to the throne as the last Emperor of the Yuan dynasty. His father, the prior ruling Emperor was killed by his closest and most trusted ally who conspired with powerful officials to deprive Ta Hwan of his birth right and connived to have him exiled, with the intention of eventually ending his life.

Despite being the rightful heir of an empire, Ta Hwan has led a lonely life. He lives in fear, just like his father, knowing that anytime his life may be taken from him. He was never surrounded by people who can teach him the true meaning of friendship and loyalty, and even love...until he met Seung Nyang.

Seung Nyang is a woman disguising herself as a man in order to survive. At a young age, she witnessed the death of her mother in the cruel hands of Yuan soldiers. She vowed to avenge her mother, and eventually becomes the leader of a band of gangsters that know her only as 'The Jackal'. Seung Nyang eventually finds her father and follows in his footsteps and becomes a Goryeo soldier. Loyal to the core, she becomes a trusted aide of the King of Goryeo and was assigned to guard the then Crown Prince Ta Hwan who was sent to exile in Goryeo. Seung Nyang and Ta Hwan develop a strong bond which was almost destroyed by Ta Hwan's unintentional betrayal of Seung Nyang's trust.

In a twist of fate, Ta Hwan becomes the emperor while Seung Nyang was taken to Yuan to become a tribute. From being a palace maid, Seung Nyang rose from ranks to become Ta Hwan's concubine, and eventually, his Empress. In her quest to overthrow those responsible for the death of her family and loved ones, Seung Nyang and Ta Hwan came together, bonded by similar goals--to destory the cause of their sufferings. This has opened a new path for their hearts to grow closer and be together for life.


Despite their real-life age difference, Ha Ji Won and Ji Change Wook are wowing the viewers with their undeniable chemistry, both on- and off- screen, making it obvious why we ship them. The drama's behind-the-scenes photos and videos show that these two co-stars are very comfortable with each other, always giggling, and goofing around, and being so adorable that one cannot help but fall madly in love with them.


Why We Ship Them

There are 101 reasons why we are hopelessly in love with this couple. Sparks flew the moment they met! On-screen, they have a magnetic chemistry that convinces us, the viewers, that these two polar opposites have deep feelings for each other. Their scenes can make you laugh with glee one moment, and then make your cry in buckets the next. Their relationship is dynamic and complex, but convincing and realistic nonetheless. Their many cute moments together will certainly put a smile on your face, and put you on a certain high, but their fights are quite heart-breaking and will definitely make you feel low. It is a roller-coaster ride of emotions with these two, which makes them so addictive to watch.

They complement each other, Ta Hwan is weak but Seung Nyang makes him strong. Seung Nyang is strong, but Ta Hwan makes her whole.

Will love be able to conquer all with these two? We certainly hope so but until the show comes to an end, we are at the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating what is next in this epic love story.

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♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye) ♔

Our thread Links : http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2020742/official-thread-minshin-lee-min-ho-park-shin-hye/p1

= Introductions =

It’s not easy to fall in love, especially for two of the most well-loved and celebrated people in K-entertainment. 

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s paths first crossed four years ago in year 2009 as ambassadors for a cosmetic brand, Etude House – their young and eager hearts ready to take on the world by storm. As they exchanged shy hellos and a few words, little did they know that this brief but memorable encounter would play a bigger role later on. The growing attraction was put on halt as the tides of their careers led them to different directions.

But fate often plays a coy matchmaker. At the height of their popularity, they meet once again for one of the biggest projects of their careers The Heirs in year 2013. They were no longer fresh faces, but seasoned stars. They undoubtedly connected as colleagues, more so as friends. But it was the emotional connection that first sparked a few years back that took center stage again. 

They were older, mature and wiser now, and it was no longer an innocent attraction or a playful crush. Every gaze, every hug, every kiss is evidence that the magnetic pull between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye cannot be denied, even by those who look on from the outside. Heirs became one of the biggest and most successful dramas to have come out of South Korea, earning love and adoration from millions of fans across the globe. But more than anything, it was the show that brought two beautiful souls together and became the backdrop of a love story that transcended the lens of the camera.

It’s not easy to fall in love. But they did.  And now they have been truly madly deeply in love with each other. 

= Profile / Biography =

Her goodness starts from the heart and reflects through her looks. With kindness exuding from the inside, this is a truly beautiful person. She is Park Shin Hye Hallyu Queen, with over 5,000,000 followers on Weibo
He is what defines tall, dark and handsome and has the loveliest laughter you can ever hear. He is kind and always has time for a nice smile to everyone. He is Lee Min HoHallyu King, with over 18,000,000 followers on Weibo
A Tribute to Our Hottest MinShin Couple
Global trend data by Google Trends gathered and arranged by MinsShinnersLee Min Ho's & Park Shin Hye Graphs 
Based on Global Google Trends

Most Popular Legendary K-Dramas 
(Ranked by the highest peaks of the line graphs)

1. The Heirs (2013)2. Boys Over Flowers (2009)3. Princess Hours (2006)4. Dream High (2011)5. Full House (2004)

With the huge success and tremendous popularity of "The Heirs" domestically and and internationally, which no other K-dramas can compare, Lee Min Ho has become the first Korean actor who has over 18,000,000 followers on his Weibo. Simultaneously, Park Shin Hye has become the first Korean actress who has over 5,000,000 followers on her Weibo too. Moreover, Park Shin Hye, as a result, was recorded in Weibo history as the 7th of the first female celebrity with Weibo followers that exceed 5 million.

So, in addition to being SBS Drama Awards 2013's Best Couplethe K-drama couple with the most sizzling on/off screen chemistry, the most powerful real life couple of the K-drama land, both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye mutually deserve being entitled as the most powerful Hallyu couple who are breaking so many Asia's records too.. . .
If in the future, our dearest couple Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will not reach our ultimate goal of seeing them getting married to each other, we will still remember them as the most successful and most powerful couple of the K-drama land we've ever loved the most and shipped the hardest.
And we are sure both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will always remember each other and will never forget that "The Heirs" has made the year 2013 - 2014 become the brightest moments they've shined together, the most memorable and the most happiest years they've ever shared together in their lives.

And if in the (near) future our dearest couple Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will try their best to develop and maintain their relationship until it will finally reach our ultimate goal of seeing them getting married to each other, We are sure every MinShinner worldwide will be overwhelmed with ecstasy for years because of so many MinShin phenomenon and the hot news headlines this perfect couple will create together such as:
Hallyu Stars Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye to Costar Again in New Movie!Hallyu King Lee Min Ho, Hallyu Queen Park Shin Hye 300% Confirmed to be Dating!Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye Reveal Their Secret Dating Since The HeirsLee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye's Love Journey Started Since 2009!Hallyu Couple Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye Spotted Dating at Han River!Asia's Most Powerful Couple Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye to Wed This Month!Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye Unveil Their Royal Wedding Photos!Newly Wed Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye to Honeymoon in Maldives!Naturally Good Looking Parents Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye Get a Cute Baby Boy Named Lee Tan!Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye Get A Second Child Named Lee Eun Sang!And many more!Yeah...We know, ;)) we MinShinners know how to have fun, we know how to handle pressure without getting stressed out, we know how to celebrate MinShin moments :x :x , we are one happy family, very well-grounded shippers and we love both of our bias fandoms :-bd . As Lee Min Ho often said..."Kim Tan is Lee Min Ho, so Lee Min Ho is Kim Tan."
So do MinShinners - We are MinShin shippers but we are also one united family of Minoz and Starlight Angels.
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Go Ara & Yoo Yeon Seok ❤ CIDER ❤ ( Chilbong & Najung )



We are here for Chilbongie and Najeong - as individuals and as a couple. We have prided ourself on being apart of a ship that in spite of everything has always held its own and been strong and viable as a ship purely on positivity and its own strengths alone. Not only that but we have always maintained quality, in-depth and engaging discussion. There is so much support and love for this based on the merits, chemistry and story of Chilbongie and Najeong in itself. It was only the recent onslaught and most painful of episodes that have hit us squarely and sorely in the heart that has brought up some bottled up resentment and bitterness .

We believe Chilbong fits best with Najeong is that he can match her in terms of passion and determination. He meets her eye to eye when it comes to fighting for love. But his demeanour is the perfect complement to hers. He is her grounding force just like she is for him. He will listen and quietly support unwaveringly and for someone so overzealous and emotional, she would be better for it. They have learned so much from one another already and they will only continue to grow into the best versions of themselves with one another. She makes him feel like he’s more than just an ace pitcher and he makes her feel like the most special and loved woman on this earth. 

Their love story may or may not a happy ending for some of us, but one thing's for sure: We have one heck of a story that's worth telling. The kind of that does not grow old, the story about how we learn from our past in order to make the most out of our present and look forward to what the future may. Even though the future seems uncertain we need to believe. When we have invested in this couple so much, we didn't lose any hope. This might be painful, but if we believe then there might be a miracle, we believe and not doubt, because the one doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. If this couple ship sails from sight, it doesn't mean our journey ends. It simply means, the river bends. We will not falter and we will not fail, we will fight till the end. And after this couple ship was going to sink, we have no regrets because of this couple, we in our thread have found each other, the intellectual,the dreamers,the delutioner highest level that taught each of us to believe, be positive  in life and that hard work will never fail us, become so optimist and so brave. What is interesting when we support this couple, we learn about life is, we need to experience the up and down moments. We demand for things to happen as we want, but do things happen accordingly? No, because all of these moments teach us new things. How to be brave, how to live life to the fullest.That's life. There is no such things as rainbows and skittles all the time and this couple ship for us follows this rule. And to think that we can meet amazing character like Chilbong and Najung, we learn from each of us. Chilbong is a  character that really gets us, we love how chilbong is such a strong person. He grew up so well despite his parent's divorce, which could not have been easy on him. Instead moping he decided to pursue his dreams and worked long and hard to become the ace pitcher. Here is, for once in dramaland, someone that relies on his own hard work to prove himself, instead of being a born genius. Najung brings warmth of family that chilbong and other boarder crave and she cares for them, she is an advice giver. Both Najung and Chilbong are 20 years old in that time, at age 20 they have spirit of youth, a passionate to reach their dreams and their first love. That's why we love this couple and so invested of this couple. Even they didn't end up together but they still keep their best friendship, for us they are amazing. To chilbong and najung shipper out there who are still disappointed with our couple endings in REPLY 1994, don't worry because this is just a Typical drama, in our thread we have different endings and have more own version stories about this couple, it ain't over till its over.

Happy Valentine..!!!


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Jung YongHwa ♥ Seo JuHyun (YongSeo/용서 Couple)
YongSeo Couple Thread #1 YongSeo Couple Thread #2

Leader of CNBLUE, Jung Yonghwa, and maknae of Girls' Generation, Seo Juhyun, we're paired up to be the 2nd couple of We Got Married Season 2. They met for the first time on February 11, 2010 and had their last meeting on March 14, 2011, ending their virtual marriage after over a year together. Despite the disapproval and negativity they initially received upon joining the show, people slowly warmed up to this awkward yet adorably endearing couple. Even after WGM, they still remain good friends and have interacted on stage several times.

Through their appearance on We Got Married, we have witnessed the growth of a beautiful relationship. Once shy and awkward, they naturally got closer to one another and opened up their true feelings. They made mistakes and had arguments along the way, but that only reinforced their bond and made them closer. Through sacrifice, patience and compromise, they showed us what mutual respect really was. Although they were at a standstill due to Seohyun's difficulty to speak in banmal (informal language) with Yonghwa, he was always understanding and patient. They were both able to express their honest feelings through the "Banmal song" which they composed together and performed live in Japan.
Unlike other couples on the show, YongSeo had a slow but organic progression. This was Seohyun's first experience after all. Even with the initial awkwardness, they became very natural by taking things one step at a time. Yonghwa moved to Seohyun's pace and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Through their journey, we were able to see her blossom and open up little by little, showing us her childish and playful side along the way. We often say that through YongSeo, we get to experience what first love is all about, because they portrayed such sincerity, warmth and respect in their actions. Yonghwa and Seohyun were always considerate about each other's feelings and supported one another on their dreams and accomplishments.
YongSeo truly complement each other. He is the leader. She is the maknae. His color is blue. Hers is pink. He is playful and lively. She is innocent and pure. He is a musician. She is a singer. Yet when they perform together, they play in perfect harmony. That is the true charm of the YongSeo couple.


Yonghwa taught Seohyun how to play guitar. She still plays it to this day for some of her solo performances.

They both knitted scarves for each other despite their busy schedules.

Seohyun thanked CNBLUE as her "harmonious neighbors" in her I Got A Boy "Thanks To" message.

Their first live duet was performed during their 200th day at the Korean Incheon Music Wave concert.

They had another duet following their "divorce" in August of 2011 in Niigata, Japan.

They reunited again in April 2012 as MCs for Music Core.

CNBLUE and Girls' Generation both had comebacks in January 2013 and YongSeo were seen interacting on stage, waving, clapping and tapping each other playfully.

Both groups are again slated to come back at the same time in February 2014.


❝ YONG ❞

Jung Yonghwa was born June 22nd 1989. He is the lead vocalist and leader of the rock band CNBLUE. Although the group previously played in Japan, they made their official debut in 2010 under FNC Entertainment. Yonghwa is also a talented composer and has written several songs including CNBLUE's hit single "I'm Sorry". He is known for his playful and joyful nature. His toothy smile and his habit of shaking the hand of people he meets are particular trademarks that fans adore.


❝ SEO ❞

Seo Juhyun was born June 28th 1991. Known to many as Seohyun. She is one of the lead vocalists and youngest member (maknae) of popular girl group Girls' Generation. She debuted in 2007 under SM Entertainment. She is known for her unique and quirky charms. In fact, she has a particular affection for sweet potatoes, self-enrichment books and the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon. Some of her famous quotes include "Fasten your seat belt!" and "People with good hearts are the ultimate winners".


Goguma Couple - dubbed when Seohyun was to rate the husband by either saying sweet potato (because of her fondness for sweet potatoes), or hamburger (because she finds them unhealthy).
YongSeo Couple - named by MCs and fans by using the first letters of their names, meaning “forgiveness” because of the intense disapproval after they were announced to be the newest couple.
Choding Couple - dubbed by fans because of their childish jealousies and arguments.
Seagull Couple - coined by Yonghwa when he wrote in the knitting photobook: "We're always a seagull couple," referring to the fact that they are always travelling, and hence they are not able to see each other face to face. 


Put in a casual way, we’re viewers of the show “We Got Married” on MBC, and specifically, those who enjoy watching the YongSeo Couple.

However, the truth goes deeper than that. We come from all walks of life – Asia, America, Europe, Australia and even Africa and the Arabian Peninsula – and we all have interesting stories to tell about how, and why, we became enamored with the simple story of two strangers that met one late night.

Some of us seek a respite from our tedious monotonic lives, and find it in the storybook fairytale that Yonghwa and Seohyun never fail to provide for us. Some of us see them as our own children, to be cared and nurtured for, and seeing them brings a smile to our faces.

Others are more platonic – they see the YongSeo Couple for what they are intended to be – a TV couple – and encourage them to never lose track of each other and keep their friendship. They don’t presume to immediately conclude that they love each other, but they don’t dismiss them out of hand, either.

Then there are the people who are fans of the individuals, and only found out about the YongSeo Couple because either he or she was doing it, and managed to fall in love with the other side.

So, we can’t be, nor do we want to be, nor should we be, categorized under a simple umbrella term of “YongSeo fans” – because we’re so, so much more than that.


TRIVIA: This post was made on February 11, 2014. The same day as YongSeo Couple's 4th Anniversary. #OnlyHappyThings4YongSeo

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❤ ❤ ❤ PocaGuri Couple ❤ ❤

PocaGuri Thread


PocaGuri Motto

DEVOTE AS WE PLEASE: They made it themselves by combining each motto of them. Joonyoung's motto is "Live as you please", while Yoomi's motto is "Devote to the basic". The creative Joonyoung who made their cool motto, then Yoomi approved it.


  • Jung-Jung Couple: Both of them have Jung as their family name.
  • Alcohol couple: Both of them like alcohol, they even have many cans of alcohol and some bottles of soju in their house in WGM Village.
  • PocaGuri Couple: This name is from each other nickname that they created by themselves. Joon Young calls his wife Poca from Pocahontas because Yoo Mi has tan skin like that Disney character. While, Yoo Mi calls her husband Guri from Neoguri (Racoon) because Joon Young has dark circle which looks like a racoon. Moreover, they both think that their nicknames are food product, Poca is Pocari (brand of beverage) and Guri is Neoguri (brand of ramen), so they hilariously think that they can be filming for advertisement.


PocaGuri in Brief

Jung Joon Young is a 4D person. Before he lives in South Korea, he ever lived in several countries, such as Indonesia, China, UK, France and Philippine which made him easily adapt to new environment and situation. He is very carefree that it seems he lives in his own world. Even right now he watches K-drama My Love from Another Star and says that the story is based on him because he is an alien from another planet. Many people misunderstand his actions as mean or rude behavior, but in fact he's just being honest and being himself. Though he looks "rough" outside, he is sensitive and caring inside. He shows his caring by actions instead of words, that's why sometimes people can't see his caring side. He is a loyal lover as he ever stated he only looks at one woman and he will be nice to his woman only. The last but not least, he ever said that he needed a woman who could control him and who is financially stable.

Jung Yoo Mi (Poca) is a bright and nice person. She not only has an angel face, but also an angel heart. She is very cute and fun, she smiles a lot and laughs often, and many people acknowledge that she has a great personality. Her brother-in-law (Joonyoung's older brother) praised her for her good personality when they met and had dinner together. Then Joonyoung himself added that her personality is the best from other women. Although Yoomi is very cute, bright, and nice, she is also a tough woman who can handle and control her husband so well. Now, she even becomes a 4D person like his husband, Joonyoung.

Joonyoung is a full time gamer, meaning he loves playing games so much and he avoids outdoor activities. While, Yoomi loves to challenge herself by doing many outdoor activities. She likes rock climbing, mountain climbing, marathon, and many more. They have a huge difference of their interests and different personality. However, they both always do their best to adapt each other. Yes, they bicker a lot, but it makes them closer and closer and closer, like a very normal couple.

They seem like an impossible couple. However, as time goes by, slowly but sure with their own pace, they understand each other so well, as now they start to resemble each other as well.


PocaGuri First Meeting

Their first meeting was in a school yard in Seoul with sun shined brightly. Joonyoung wanted to show his rocker style to his wife for their first meeting, that's why he came by a truck which had been designed as a stage. He hid himself inside, and when the door opened he played the guitar and sang coolly in front of his wife who's been waiting for him in the middle of school yard. Yoomi who watched with a bright expression gave him applause after he finished his cool performance. He greeted his wife happily, "Hello. Buin annyeonghasseyo!" (Hello. Hello wife!).

Joonyoung walked toward Yoomi and said "It's so hot". And, seeing Joonyoung sweat a lot, unexpectedly she used her own hand to fan him. Then, they continued their introduction. So, for their first meeting, we can say that they had zero awkwardness, which is new as WGM couple as they really didn't know each other before.

They moved to a cafe by walking, and the conversation continued hilariously. First of all, they found out that their family name is same, Jung. Second, Joonyoung found out that they both were born in same month, February. Even, their date of birth is so close, 21st for Joonyoung and 23rd for Yoomi, which means they share the same zodiac sign, Pisces. But, Joonyoung with his wonderful teasing ability found out that their year of birth is different, Yoomi is 5 years older than Joonyoung. So yes, from the beginning Joonyoung called Yoomi noona (from man to older woman). Now? Of course he calls her Poca or buin (wife). But yes, the age becomes never-ending teasing, and Yoomi has got used to it now.

They talked about the hint cards given by the crew prior to their meeting.

Hint for Yoomi about her husband: Jakarta and Andrew. Jakarta is Joonyoung's place of birth and he lived there for 5 years. Andrew is his English name, and instead of Andrew Jung, it's Andrew Cheng. He said that he ever used Mercutio as his name, too. Thus, he explained to Yoomi that his full name is Andrew Simon Joon Mercutio Cheng.

Hint for Joonyoung about his wife: Elisabeth and Jung Jae Hyung, Jang Giha, Gil. Yoomi explained that Elisabeth is a name of her new car which was parked in a garage. For sure, Joonyoung hilariously protested, how come it was a hint because he could never find out about it. The hilarious talking about Yoomi's hint continued because the second hint card was name of her friends. It's never expected that hint cards conversation could become so hilarious.

In this meeting, Joonyoung told Yoomi his wish in the future related to games. He wanted to play game together, but the problem was Yoomi said she didn't like playing games. While, Yoomi wanted to do a marathon together, and it seemed like a nightmare for Joonyoung. Games and marathon, two things that in the end make them become a very great hilarious wonderful couple.

Later found out that in the cafe there's music spot which had keyboard, guitar, and drum. So, Joonyoung tried to play She's Gone with keyboard because Yoomi asked if Joonyoung could play a keyboard. And yes, Joonyoung bluffed by saying, "It's cool, right?" and Yoomi nodded as agreement. There, Joonyoung played Becoming Dust (the song that Joonyoung sang with Roy Kim in SSK4) by guitar as Yoomi's request. After that, he made an impromptu song about their meeting by playing guitar and singing which made Yoomi in an awe! She applause cheerfully with a very proud expression because he found out that Joonyoung could be this charming while playing music.

In the spot, Joonyoung taught Yoomi to play guitar. Instead of romantic and sweet moment, their teaching-learning session turned out to be very fun, funny and hilarious. And their story continues............



Joonyoung asked help from Yoomi to be the female lead role of his debut's music video, 10 Minutes Before Break Up which was released on October 10, 2013, the same day as Joonyoung's debut. Moreover, Yoomi even helped Joonyoung for his first Street Concert on October 9, 2013, right before his debut.



This couple is extra ordinary. This couple is unpredictable. This couple do everything with their own style. This couple will bring us up and down all the time. This couple can turn out everything become hilarious.

Their chemistry is beyond universe

We can't promise you sweet romantic moments as you imagine, but we can promise you this:

A whole new fresh experience of a relationship


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The Hunnie Couple is probably the only pairing who's not an onscreen reel couple. Not the usual couple criteria found at the soompi shippers paradise where most had blossomed from a drama pairing or at least a CF coupling.  Most likely the Hunnie Couple is the only real-mode and happily married celebrity couple listed.
As the Byunghun-Minjung pairing had no drama backup (like no history working together),  not even a CF, our so-called shipping activities came after their wedding. Pretty unusual from the trend but why not, right?
But like the rest, both are popular Korean celebrities and actors in their own right, albeit after-marriage-love-couple. Shipping or rather fan-support will never be out of place with an even solid strong ship setting sail. 
Why the "HUNNIE" Couple nickname. There's an initial "Mr. & Mrs. Lee" moniker used when the thread first started and while it's perfect, it could be mistaken for other Lee couples. The word Hunnie is an affectionate call to Lee Byung Hun by soompi fans since the mid-2000s (see Hunnie Pandas). Derived from his name, Hun-nie is similar to "honey" and now he has his own honey-sweetheart, instantly she is a Hunnie as well.

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Park Yoo Chun & Yoon Eun Hye

~ ChunHye Couple ~http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2012267/official-thread-chunhye-couple-park-yoochun-yoon-eun-hye/p1

 I N T R O D U C T I O N 

ChunHye Couple

 "Beautiful Inside and Out"


Why we are in this thread and why we are ChunHye shippers...


We love the fact that both Yoo Chun and Eun Hye possess the most important and most beautiful human trait: BAERYOSHIM.


Baeryoshim means putting others before oneself, possessing that sensitivity to the needs of others and responding to those needs in a consistent way.


It is worth admiring an actor or actress, who at the height of his or her fame or popularity, is beautiful on the inside and this inner beauty radiates and is felt and experienced in a constant way by the people they touch base with.


YEH, in one of her interviews, gave this highest form of praise to Yoochun: : "He has a lot of BAERYOSHIM." It is in this light that we could understand Moon Sang Min's (YEH's co-manager and long-time friend) testimonial of Yoochun: "He is the best! He is UNCONDITIONALLY the best!


Yoochun, for his part, describes YEH as very kind and is always sensitive to the needs of the filming staff. Remarkably, Oh Jung Sae Actor (Detective Joo in I Miss You) recently said in his interview that when he thinks of Eun Hye, the word that comes to mind is BAERYOSHIM.


How can we not admire and ship a BAERYOSHIM couple? We have all the reasons to ship and spazz just with this information alone!


Moreover, we have the hard fact or evidence of this BAERYOSHIM trait  of our ChunHye couple, picked up and broadcasted by media, of co-financing the drama film crew's 5-day, 4-night Thailand trip! That gesture speaks volume of the trust, confidence, and persuasive power one has over the other! Moreover, of their remarkable generosity to the staff!


If BAERYOSHIM is the trait they possess and strive to live with greater consistency, we think that they complement each other perfectly! It would be right to assume that this is the trait they hold most important when assessing people's character and would serve as their standard in looking for a person they would love and commit themselves to for a lifetime...

 P R O F I L E / B I O G R A P H Y 


Acting Career

[2005] Nonstop 6 (Rainbow Romance) as Guest Actor
[2005] SBS's Banjun Theater: Tokyo Holiday 
[2005] SBS's Banjun Theater: Dangerous Love 
[2005] SBS's Banjun Theater: Uninvited Guest
[2005] SBS's Banjun Theater: First Love with Yunho
[2005] SBS's Banjun Theater: Unforgettable Love 
[2005] SBS's Banjun Theater: The Masked Fencer with Yunho
[2005] SBS's Vacation: Eternal Episode 
[2009] DVD Dating on Earth (Main Lead with JaeJoong)
[2010] BeeTV's Mobile Drama Beautiful Love
[2010] KBS's Sungkyunkwan Scandal 

[2011] MBC's Goodbye Miss Ripley [2012] MBC's I Miss You

Music Career

Group: DBSK (Korea)/Tohoshinki (Japan)/TVXQ (China - Worldwide) & JYJ
Position: Bass/Low Baritone 

~Composed and wrote Like Weather/Fox Rain 

~Wrote Holding Back the Tears 

~Composed and wrote My Girlfriend, Runaway (Japanese Solo) 

~Composed Evergreen

~Composed and Wrote Kiss mini coopera Mama, Sayonara (with Jaejoong)

~Main vocalist for "All In Vain", featured on Air City OST

~Composed and wrote Kiss The Baby Sky (Them Song for Zoom In, a Japanese TV Program) 

~Composed and wrote Love Bye Love

~Featured on DJ Makai's song, "Tokyo Lovelight" 

~Featured on Super Junior's song, "Heartquake" (with Yunho) 

~Wrote rap part for many other songs of TVXQ 

~Composed and wrote COLORS ~Melody & Harmony (with Jaejoong)

~Wrote Shelter (with Jaejoong and HUB)

~Composed I Love You

~Composed and wrote A Song Without A Name Part 1

~Wrote Get Out (with Jaejoong) 

Early Life

Park Yoochun was raised in Seoul, South Korea but moved to Chantilly, Virginia in the United States when he was 11 years old (Sixth Grade) with his family. In 2001, at a song festival, he won the Daesang (the highest award) and started to spread his name around. In 2003 in a Youth music festival, he recieved a special award and because of that, he caught one of SM's recruiting team's attention. Yoochun's piano skills and song writing skills are great. He has written over 100 songs before his debut. He has good taekwondo skills too. In elementary school he represented the state's taekwondo team and performed with them on "Children's day". Micky Yoochun who has lots of talents, announced that he gave up his U.S Citizenship. It was to concentrate on his singing career. In order to keep up with the U.S citizenship he has to go to the states 2 or 3 times in a year. So it would be hard to peform in Korea all the time. Yoochun has announced that when he becomes an adult, he is going to join the army with DBSK members.


Official debut: December 26th 2003 in BoA and Britney Spears Showcase (with TVXQ)

Yoochun lived in Fairfax, Virginia for roughly four years since 1998 before he auditioned for Brothers Entertainment and was sent to Korea to SM Entertainment.
He had to take a lot of part time jobs to earn money to buy his first piano and for the plane ticket to Korea.
Micky was Yoochun's English nickname when he lived in Virginia.
Aftercoming back to Korea from America, he became a trainee for only six months before officially joining DBSK as the last member.
He appeared in Magolpi's debut music video "Flight Girl".
Going to Japan was his scariest experience so far.
Ramen is his favourite Japanese food.
He's into Japanese anime "Detective Conan" and used to collect (or still is ^^) Gundam Seed plastic models. He also loves to read comic books (mangas). His (young) fans often send them to him as gifts. His favorites are "One Piece" and "Bleach". 

Yoochun has 4 tattoos. The first one on his right leg, reportedly a feather, is an Indian symbol of brotherhood, that he and his brother Yoohwan share.The second one is on his lower back which says TVfXQMYC. The third one says "Always Keep The Faith", that Jaejoong also has. The fourth one is a wing, with "My Jaejoong, My Yoohwan, My Junsu" written above. The third and forth tattoos are both on his left chest. 
He had his first kiss during a ski trip, after debut.
He took a lot of part time jobs when he was in Virginia to help out parents financially. 
Yoochun is left-handed but he can write with both hands. He uses chopsticks with his left hand but he writes with his right hand.
He is very generous and often pays for meals. 
He wants to pursue acting.
He bought a house to live with his mother and younger brother after they came back to Korean from the US in 2008. 
Yoochun is often teased by other members because of his large forehead which is also the most common reason for his fights with Junsu.
Yoochun did Taekwondo for 6 years when he was in elementary school.
He opened an Italian ice-cream shop (Timeout Gelato) for his mother on Mother's day.
He is really scared of bugs.
He liked to sing, dance, dressing up and paying attention to hairstyles since he was small.
Yoochun still has asthma and allergy to dogs but he refused to let Harang be taken away. This is also why he sometimes has to wear sunglasses onstage. For now Yoochun has 3 dogs: Harang (The Love from God) - Alaskan Malamute, Namu (Trees ~ LOL) - Golden Retriever and Norae (Song) - Toy Poodle. It was Yoochun himself who went to puppies' shop and bought Harang and Namu and raised them since when they were tiny. Norae is fangift. One time Yoochun went out to buy foods for Harang (Namu was not there yet), he ran into some fans and they gave him Norae. He said that at that time, Norae was looking at him as if she wanted to say: "Take me with you!!!" 
He has a small stomach therefore native Korean food suits him the best. Every time he comes home from abroad, the first thing he has to eat is kimchi soup. 
Yoochun got his driving licence when he was 16 in America.
To him, the color of love is black.
He got an acrophobia, thus he couldn't ride the ferris wheel.
He wrote lyrics for his solo song My Girlfriend, one main song of TRICK series, at Starbucks.
When he is having supper, because he feels lonely, he will force others to accompany him.
Yoochun's Biggest membership is no.5.


MBC Korean Sitcom “Rainbow Romance (Nonstop 6)” – Guest Appearance (2004)

Banjun Drama : “First Love”, “The Masked Fencer” (2005)

Banjun Drama : “The King’s Men”,” Tokyo Holiday”, “The Uninvited Guest”, “Dangerous Love”, “Unforgettable Love” (2006)

“Vacation” (2006)

“Dating on Earth” (2007)

BEETV Japanese Drama “Beautiful Love” – Yonsu (2010)

KBS Korean Drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” – Lee Sun-joon (2010)

MBC Korean Drama “Miss Ripley” – Yukata/Song Yoo-hyun (2011)

SBS Korean Drama “Rooftop Prince” – Lee Gak/Yong Tae-yong (2012)

MBC Korean Drama “Missing You” - Han Jung Woo (2012 -2013)


2010 KBS Drama Awards [sung Kyun Kwan Scandal]

- Best New Actor

- Netizens Award

- Best Couple Award (with Park Min Young)

 2011 47th Paeksang Arts Award [sung Kyun Kwan Scandal]

- Best New Actor

- Most Popular Actor

 2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards [sung Kyun Kwan Scandal]

- People’s Choice Award (Korea)

- Outstanding Korean Actor

2011 MBC Drama Awards [Miss Ripley]

- Best Newcomer

 2012 48th Paeksang Arts Award [Miss Ripley]

- Most Popular Male Actor

2012 7th Seoul International Drama Awards [Rooftop Prince]

- People’s Choice Award (Korea)

- Outstanding Korean Actor

 2012 SBS Drama Awards [Rooftop Prince]

- Best Couple Award (with Han Ji Min)

- Drama Special Best Male Actor Award

- Popularity Award

- Top 10 Star Award

2012 MBC Drama Awards [i Miss You]

- Excellence Actor Award (Mini Series)

Other Awards

Drama – Sungkyunkwan Scandal

2010 Nov. The Best Program of the Month Award selected by Korea Communications Commission(KCC)

2010 Jan. Good TV Program Award in Dramas for the Female Section selected by YMCA

2011 May The 47th Paeksang Arts Awards TV section Short/Medium Length Drama Award

2011 May The 47th Paeksang Arts Awards Best Rookie Director Award

2011 August The 6th Seoul International Drama Awards Hanllyu Drama Best Drama Award

2011 Sep. The 38th Korea Broadcasting Prizes Best Drama Award

2011 Korea Drama Festival Best Director Award 

2012 New York Festival TV Miniseries Section Bronze Prize



Yoon Eun Hye (born October 3, 1984) is a popular South Korean actress, singer, entertainer, and model.

Yoon Eun Hye debuted as a singer, a member of the popular girl group Baby VOX, and stayed with the group from 1999 to 2005. In 2005, Baby VOX officially disbanded and Yoon Eun Hye went solo, embarking on an acting career. She had also been appearing as a regular cast member of popular variety show Xman and was well-liked by fans and cast members.

Yoon Eun Hye got her big break when she was cast as the female lead in ‘Goong’ (Princess Hours). ‘Goong’ proved to be a huge hit and helped Yoon Eun Hye gain much popularity, both in South Korea and abroad. She quickly followed up with ‘The Vineyard Man’, which was a modest success. Her 3rd drama, ‘Coffee Prince’, was immensely popular and cemented Yoon Eun Hye’s place as an A-list superstar in the Korean entertainment industry and as a hallyu star abroad.

Yoon Eun Hye would go on to enjoy a long series of lucrative endorsement deals, as her popularity and charisma made her a valuable asset highly sought after by many companies. Her ability to make any drama or product she endorses popular has been described as the “YEH Effect” by fans.

Yoon Eun Hye returned to the TV screen in August 2009 with ‘My Fair Lady’, her comeback drama, more than 2 years after ‘Coffee Prince’. Yoon Eun Hye then returned to the big screen in March 2011, with a starring role in ‘My Black Mini Dress’, her first movie role in 5 years since ‘Escaping Charisma’ (also known as ‘Legend of the Seven Cutter’).

Immediately after the promotional period for ‘My Black Mini Dress’, Yoon Eun Hye started filming for her new drama ‘Lie to Me’ which ended its run in late June 2011. While ‘Lie to Me’ was not as successful domestically as Yoon Eun Hye’s other dramas, it is being greeted with high demand and praise in international markets.

A Glimpse into the history of YOON EUN HYEs K-Pop Career

At the tender age of 15, Yoon Eun Hye debuted as the youngest and the last member to join the girl group "Baby VOX" (VOX standing for 'Voice of eXpression'). Possessing a bright personality, she quickly gained the recognition of being tagged as the "cute" one among the group. 
Yoon Eun Hye joined Baby VOX in 1999, just in time for the group's third album's release titled 'Come Come Come Baby'. In that same year, they were a huge hit in the Chinese market and thus have created a stronger fan base. In 2000, a new album titled 'Why' was released. Showing elegance and graceful looks, coupled with huge singles like 'Why', 'Baeshin' and 'Hu Rak' (Affection) hitting the top charts, Baby VOX's popularity grew more and more and thus has established themselves as one of Korea's biggest female groups similar to SES and FinKL. Making use of their youthfulness and vibrancy, they made it a point to excel in their dancing and performances on stage which added more to their popularity. 
Come their fifth album, Baby VOX once again amazed their fans as they portrayed a rather sharp, boyish look. Among the singles released from the 'Boyish Story' are 'Game Over' and 'In Hung' (Doll). In this album they ventured into the world of song writing as each member wrote and composed songs thus proving that they have more than just image alone; these girls also has their strengths and talents to bank on. 

The group released a compilation album titled 'Special Album' come May of 2002. Inside the special box set are three music CDs with a VCD and a small photo book. Two CDs contained Baby VOX hit songs turned into non-stop dance mix; the third one was filled with ballads. The VCD sported a new music video for their then new single 'Go' and the rest were of fun self cameras. It was a nice set showing off all of Baby VOX's accomplishments through out the years. 

Around that time each member started branching off a bit, each person doing projects of interest. Yoon Eun Hye modeled for various companies. The group also started popping up on various television game and talk shows. 

In September of 2002, Baby VOX finally took the next big step when they held their first live full length concert that lasted for two hours. It was a full stage production; singing songs starting from their second album to the special album. Each member also performed small side productions. The concert was later released in a VCD format and has proven a great success for Baby VOX. 

In the winter of 2003, Baby VOX launched a 'world tour' where they visited Hong Kong, USA, Thailand, China, and other spots. They were well received around the world and the tour was again added to the list among the other success of the group. 

Another international highlight for Baby VOX was accomplished in March of 2003 where they released their first Japanese mini album featuring their hit song 'Go' sung in Japanese. There were a few 'Go' remixes included in this album, as well as songs from the fourth and fifth album. 

In April of 2003, 'Devotion' – their sixth album was released. Living up to their reputation of constant image renewal, this album featured a highly techno and trance both in sound and style. Singles from this album are 'What Should I Do', 'Devotion' and 'I'm Still Loving You'. The song 'I'm Still Loving You' was sung in Mandarin as a tribute to all their Chinese fans. The album also includes songs such as 'Majimaken' and 'Catch me' Music videos were made for three songs in this album ('What Can I Do', 'Devotion' and 'I'm Still Loving You'), and another one was released for the song 'Maybe it's Love'. 

After much anticipation, Baby VOX finally released their first ever photo album in May of 2003. It was a 93-paged photo book filled with sexy and sometimes racy photos of each member. The photo book was surrounded by controversies as fans worried that the group was going down the road of lost innocence which would in turn elicit unwanted attentions. But Baby VOX proved to the world that it's possible to achieve good music, talent and a good, fun and sexy image all at the same time when this album became another hit. 

On April 16, 2004, Baby VOX released their seventh album titled 'Ride West'. Popular songs that came from this album are 'Xcstasy' and 'Play'. During this time, each member was then working on their solo projects as well. 

Success after success, Baby VOX showed their versatility and new looks in every album released. They had become one of the famous girl groups in the industry during their time. They were recognized to be among the leaders promoting the K-pop frenzy that has been spreading across Asia.
[Credits to Peko of beautifulvoices.net, jnccrs]


[MBC] Goong (2006) as Shin Chae Kyung

[KBS2] The Vineyard Man (2006) as Lee Ji Hyun

[MBC] The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007) as Go Eun Chan

[KBS2] My Fair Lady (2009) aka Take Care of Agasshi or Lady Castle as Kang Hye Na

[Cameo Appearance] Personal Taste (2010) as Eun Soo - Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Minho)'s ex-girlfriend

[sBS] Lie To Me (2011) as Gong Ah Jung 

[MBC] I Miss You (2012) as Lee Soo Yeon

[KBS]  Marry Him If You Dare (2013) aka The Future Choice (Mirae's Choice) as Na Mi Rae


Emergency Act No. 19 (2002) Cameo as Baby VOX

Escaping from Charisma (2006) aka The Legend of the Seven Cutter as Min Joo

My Black Mini Dress(2011) as Yoo Min


As Baby V.O.X

1999: Best Singer Award - 10th Seoul Music Awards

2001: Best Dressed Singer Award - Model Line

2002: Representative Award - SBS Music Awards

2003: Best Singer Award - Korean Music Awards

2004: Hallyu Award - 15th Seoul Music Awards



Best New Actress (Goong)

MBC Grand Acting Awards



Best New Actress Award (The Vineyard Man)

Best Couple Award (The Vineyard Man)

KBS Grand Acting Awards


Best Actress (The Vineyard Man)

The Grimme Awards

*note: Chosen by a board of drama PD's and Staff



Top Excellence Award (Coffee Prince)

MBC Grand Acting Awards

Best Actress (Coffee Prince)
The 44th Baeksang Arts Awards



Best Couple Award (My Fair Lady)

Popularity Award (My Fair Lady)

KBS Grand Acting Awards



Hallyu Star of the Year Award (Missing You)

Female Popularity Award (Missing You)

MBC Grand Acting Awards

How It all Began


Why are we shipping CHUNHYE?

The journey of a ChunHye Spazzer turned shipper PART I


As early as 2011, I posted in the thread entitled “Dream Leading Man for YEH”  in yoouneunhye.net that I would like to see YEH paired off with Yoochun and 2 to 3 other actors. Shortly after that they were rumoured to star in the drama, ”Maids,” but the news, after all, was unfounded and what actually happened was that they starred  in two different dramas--- Lie to Me and Ms. Ripley--- SBS and MBC respectively, that were pitted against each other in the Wednesday-Thursday time slot. The time was not yet ripe for a collaboration. Yet Fate was bent on bringing them together.


As early as August 2012, YEH warriors received news that she was going to take a leave from her university studies to star in a drama…we more or less had an inkling which drama it was but we didn’t raise our hopes too high and prudently waited for official news. Yoochun confirmed for I Miss You but it took another two weeks for YEH to do so. Yoochun considered it destiny to play the role of Jung Woo; I considered it destiny for him to be paired off with Yoon Eun Hye.


Having read about Yoochun’s daebak experience with his most recent female lead, I was a bit anxious with his soon-to-be REEL relationship with YEH. I didn’t doubt YEH’s “famed” kind-heartedness. Just the same, as any loyal fan, I wished that YEH would make a very good impression on Yoochun and that Yoochun would have  a no less than daebak verdict of his interaction with YEH.


My heart initially sank when I saw the 2 photoshoot videos of Yoochun and YEH. I found them stiff and distant…hardly interacting at all! Reluctant conversation about blood types with Yoochun even distracted killing a mosquito! My heart sank further in the second BTS video where YEH had this  pose where she puts  her arm around Yoochun and it seemed to me more aloof and formal with no iota---not even one bit--- of warmth…


The  November presscon appeased my sinking heart. I found it disarming for Yoochun to confess that he was apologetic to YEH for not taking care of her as he should as he was too engrossed in his role and I like the transformation I witnessed in Yoochun as Yoon Eun Hye  was praising him for showing leadership on the set,  taking care of her and everyone else, and chasing away the initial awkwardness between the two of them by going up to her first---so namja of him to do that to a decent woman! Yoochun, while YEH was saying this, was stifling a smile but couldn’t control it any longer that he bowed down his head  and boyishly grin from ear to ear! It also caught my attention Yoon Eun Hye’s spontaneous gesture when asked about Yoochun—she also bowed down while hiding an embarrassed smile as she got the mike to answer. The gesture is very telling of a sense of friendly comfort and familiarity with the person beside her to react that way. When I saw the dynamics between the two, I told myself…”There’s a reason to spazz…”

The journey of a ChunHye Spazzer turned shipper PART II

Going back to the November IMY presscon, I downloaded a gif but for some reasons, I couldn’t find it now among my IMY files. The gif captured YEH laughing heartily at Yoochun’s comment that his pics in police uniform (I really don’t know if the pics were official or not) were photoshopped. The climate between our OTP was much brighter with YEH spontaneously breaking into laughter after hearing Yoochun’s remark and what made that gif even more special for a ChunHye spazzer like me (then) was observing how Yoochun sideglanced at YEH, and seeing her laughed, smiled, seemingly pleased that his REEL partner enjoyed his pun.

The first episode of IMY was aired and I watched the prologue. I readily saw the chemistry in the tight embrace between our OTP. I was amused with a post in the IMY thread that even the way they ran synchronized and exuded much appeal lol! As much as I celebrated the equally amazing chemistry and acting of the young leads, the impatient me was raring to spazz about their adult counterparts’ REEL love story in the drama. I was enthralled by the ending scene of Episode 5 which the Korean drama bloggers raved about---the first encounter of our reel OTP after 14 years---and thought that even though they were several meters away from each other, the emotional tension between the two was astoundingly high. But what really sealed the explosive chemistry between the two for me was this screen capture:

(screen capture of Jung Woo and Su Yeon with an intense pained loving gaze at each other at the end of episode 7 when the yellow umbrella was covering them)

I couldn’t get over how our Yoochun and YEH perfectly emoted the pained longing on their faces! At that time I was not yet blurring the lines between REEL and REAL but I told myself that,  “Boy! They really looked like people madly in love with each other!

I have something to confess…When I posted the question to the ChunHyers, ”When did you begin to think that the REEL was becoming REAL?”, I didn’t have the ready answer. I have not, in fact, posted my response to the question. With all the meticulous CSIing of several of the ChunHyers, and from the generous updates of @gladys57 straight from the IMY filming location, I couldn’t pin down the exact moment I decided to move from spazzing to shipping. And then voila! I remembered! It was the whole fuss--- complete with a most detailed probing--- of how Yoochun addressed YEH! And to think that we were doing it as early as the Japanese FM of Yoochun in Yonsei University where YEH and several IMY cast guested. Some even went out of their way to listen to the audio of the FM and concluded that Yoochun addressed YEH with “san” which if I am not mistaken is “Miss” in Japanese. Why would that be that the start of my shipping? Well, I took note of what a veritable Chunsa said: The way Yoochun addresses a female colleague clearly spells out the boundaries of their relationship. And this is perfectly validated by the fact that, to this day, 4 months and three weeks, Yoochun has been extraordinarily reticent in letting us know how he addresses YEH.

I had this pendulum tendency as far as spazzing and shipping is concerned. I needed more proofs and staggeringly, more proofs came! Fan Accounts of our OTP laughing and enjoying each other’s company off-cam (One commented that the two seem to have a GAG code---YEH’s version of both of them having a perfect sense of how to act together even without discussing it beforehand and Yoochun’s version of both having a tacit understanding of how to go about acting out each scene), YEH’s  cake feeding of Yoochun not only once but twice and most specially the eyewitness account of YEH’s off-cam arm clinging of Yoochun in Episode 19 ( both c/o @gladys57). But the biggest revelation of them all was the MBC Awards! Shall I call it an obvious mutual display or showcase of admiration for each other with Yoochun as the champion and YEH as the 1strunner-up?


The MBC Awards deserves a whole new chapter…

The journey of a ChunHye Spazzer Turned Shipper Part III

November IMY Press Con to Dec. 2 Yoochun FM: 


I almost missed out one blatant proof of the exponential growth of the ChunHye relationship…the Dec. 2, 2012 FM of Yoochun with the guest appearance of our YEH and several other IMY cast! I say exponential with a lot of conviction because of the pics that were posted. We can logically conclude that there was a lot of relationship-building between Yoochun and YEH from the November IMY presscon to the Dec, 2 FM with Yoochun’s Japanese fans. That relationship-building translates  to Yoochun’s living up to his promise of taking care of YEH and YEH’s appreciation of his care, letting him take the lead, thus, overcoming her initial awkwardness towards him after not seeing each other for 8 to 9 years. A Chunsa posted that the fascinating thing about Yoochun is his capacity to put the person with him at ease while a ChunHyer insightfully pointed that it was so wise of YEH---did she research on Yoochun prior to shooting the drama with him?---to acknowledge his leadership on the set, the only female lead to do so according to another post because Yoochun likes to affirmed as such.

To substantiate this assertion that the relationship is developing fast, I am reposting a fan account dated Dec. 3, 2012, the day after the FM describing the dynamics between our OTP and among the three, which includes the PD. Amusingly, the fan wrote Jung Woo and Su Yeonie when she actually meant Yoochun and YEH…

"Fan Accounts"

Fr: @ yehwarrior
"I have a stronfeeling even before they casted in IMY, that YC  has a crush on EH. In the x-man why would YC asked EH "Honestly, you want to be my Minnie mouse?" Minnie is the partner of Mickey mouse. I mean they are partners.. like bf-gf thingy. Why would he asked that if he sees her as a noona. Then he was kinda shy when he was waiting for her "of course" answer.. then again the happiness when she said the "of course" answer. Also in his ideal kind woman, it's like he was really referring to YEH.He's not vocal as LMK, Ely and others about saying name of their ideal woman but I YC. And maybe who knows YEH too since xman day, because as you can see, she was kinda flattered when he asked that question. If she looks at him as a younger brother, she would have commented, "I'm your noona, why would you asked that question.. shame on you!" hehehe. So when these twofind out they will be acting opposite each other, Ydid his very best in his acting to impress his long time crush. Just my observation and ok maybe imagination too lol..."

Fr: @ yehwarrior 

"Finally! Finally someone shares my observation (see, not delusion). I believe during Xman days, other boys were afraid to even show a trace of liking EH because of KJK. I mean, who wouldn't be?! The guy is a veritable sunbaenim to almost all who came on that show, plus he is HUGE! It was an unspoken rule that EH and JK were partners set in stone. (I'm not shipping, ok. I'm just driving a point. Don't bash!) You can see this clearly during the portion where they pick partners. Only the strong-hearted young men (best example, the SHINHWA boys) pick EH when JK was around. But when he's not, it became free for all. (There were 2 episodes where all men or 4 out of 5 men chose EH. I forgot which ones.) Anyhow, going back to the Dangyunhaji game between YC and EH. Look closely at YC's face when he asked EH the Minnie question. He was turning red, looking nervous, and in great anticipation of her answer. The most telling part though is after asking the question, he steals a quick glance towards the direction of KJK (who was standing at the end of their teams' line, on YC's 1 o'clock position) as if checking his reaction, then quickly looks to the floor. Then EH answers, "Danghyunhaji!" He was all smiles! But then, look at Kang Ho Dong! He had this interesting look on his face (furrowed brows, with some semblance of a smirk) as if he was thinking, "Is this kid crushing on EH?!" I feel like he was gonna say something but never got the chance because Yoo Jae Suk being the great MC that he is plowed through.  And of course, how can we forget the "staring" that he did towards EH during the Horse Game, which he does when he likes a girl according to Captain JJ."

"[summary] 121203 Fanaccounts of Yoochun filming at Jeonju

Jungwoo, Suyeonie and director-nim were very chummy together and kept laughingㅋㅋAtmosphere appeared to be really good bb (T/N: 'bb' as in two thumbs up) While Jungwoo was filming alone, Suyeon alighted from the car and walked towards that direction, the look on Jungwoo as he pretended to know was like a fairytale..ㅜㅜStill remember (the look of) laughing while joking...

Was I already shipping at this point? Not yet...but I was wildly spazzing!"

Fr: http://parkyoochunsgfc.com/2013/01/06/5jan2013-fan-park-yuchun-in-the-eyes-of-a-mother/

5Jan2013 [FAN] Park Yuchun in the eyes of a motherPosted on January 6, 2013
"Today is 4th Jan 2013 and also coincidentally 99 days since joining Baidu. In the internet, people always say Jan 4th in Chinese means a lifetime, and in the eyes of the Chinese, 9 means forever. So I can’t help but write a post in this “forever and lifetime day” to talk about Yuchun.
I started liking Yuchun during the July, August 2012 period after watching Rooftop Prince. Actually my sister at an earlier date had recommended me to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I remember watching a bit and felt it was a historical drama and not a comedy, no popular casts (mainly because I don’t know the casts) and so I did not continue to watch.  Early 2012, my sister kept saying now there is a very good drama named Rooftop Prince, but because it is a time travel drama and again unknown cast, I did not watch. So I missed meeting Yuchun for about a year. One day I was feeling bored at home and remembered that sister recommended the time travel drama. I watched the first episode on the internet and was immediately drawn to it. I finished the drama in 2 days and was totally smitten by Park Yuchun. After getting to know more about Yuchun in Baidu, I’m sure you all know the outcome! I watched all the videos and variety shows with Yuchun that I could find. Even now when I am free, I will re-watch Yuchun’s variety shows. Because of Yuchun, I registered for the first time on Baidu and did my first posting; I was a bit nervous and became incoherent!
Like the folks in Baidu bar, the more you know about Yuchun, the deeper you’ll fall in. I can’t imagine such a young child in America earning a living by working at so many odd jobs and using the hard-earned money on his brother. At that time, in his heart, his brother had already exceeded his own existence. To realise his dream, a young teenage Yuchun went back to South Korea, and in the company, he went through much suffering to achieve success. Besides his music dream, his biggest wish was to earn money as quickly as possible, to bring his mother and brother back to South Korea so that the family can live together. I as a mother, became flustered when I thought about this. This should be the responsibility of a mother but Yuchun, only 17 or 18 years old at that time, took on this role. We, at that age, what were we doing?
After watching so many of Yuchun’s variety shows, I realised Yuchun rarely talked about his family matters. This is the biggest reason why I really appreciate and like Yuchun so much.  Looking at a few of our country’s talent shows, so many contestants came out to say how unwell their parents are, how bad the home condition is, how he/she had grown up and suffered in a single parent family etc. (Of course, we must sympathise with them. But when it is done all the time, it makes me feel that the person is using his pain to gain sympathy. Maybe what I’m saying is too much. Everyone has their pain, me too, but I really feel it is not necessary to talk about it in front of everybody.) I noticed that Yuchun seldom brings up his US matters. He knows this is not related to his job, he doesn’t need everyone’s sympathy. What he wants from everyone is recognition for his music, his talent, his hard work, and of him as a person. And he has achieved it! Park Yuchun is a really good man!
Now even my child knows Park Yuchun, and in his English school, he tells the teacher, my mum likes Park Yuchun the most and watches Yuchun everyday on the internet. Now I don’t even dare to go to his English school. My husband also asks me, why do I see you looking at this man on the internet everyday, you think you’re still 18? No choice, my husband is a bit chauvinistic, so there is no way I can make him develop into a chunsa. Now, for the sake of future Yuchun fan meetings or concerts, I have made the greatest sacrifice in my life. I told my husband that if he lets me see Yuchun, I will let him go for his occasional mahjong sessions. Hubby is very happy and said he has to like this man because of that. My son is also asking his dad everyday to bring him to Korea to see Yuchun. Seeing how much my son likes Yuchun, I am over the moon.
Of course I am not boy-crazy. I like Yuchun’s unyielding spirit, his tenacity; when dealing with difficulties, he will never admit defeat. I like his love for his family. Yuchun has so much positive energy, however much you absorb, you can’t absorb it all. My son sometimes asks me, Mum why do you like Yuchun? I’ll tell my son all the things that happened to Yuchun, and hope that not only does he like Yuchun’s songs (son only listens to his songs) but also learns from this hyung the way to live as person, the spirit that never admits defeat and to live life with a positive and optimistic attitude. My biggest wish is that my son will grow up to be a really good man like Yuchun.
In 2013 I wish Yuchun good health and great success in his career!"
Translated by Vienna@ParkYoochunSingaporeFC
Source: Micky Baidu
Shared by Park Yoochun SGFC
Convo between @ ngthuhien149 and @ rsu618:ngthuhien149 said:
Wow that is really sharp of her. That is exactly Yoochun's disease. Others just said things like he was nice to everyone and he made everyone feels good, he helps everyone on set but NOONE, none of his female leads has said that not just that HE TRIED TO DO THAT FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYONE ELSE but he even thinks of a way so that noone feels burden by his doings. which equals to sacrificing himself for everyone else naturally, I am touched. I think to be able to see that from YC, she must be very sharp and must really appreciate what he does. And the fact that she used the word "baeryoshim"...aw...I love this girl.

This is the fact. No spazzing here ok even though it may look like one lol 
@ Rsu618 said:"Do you remember? @ amcosmicf quoted an interview of Detective Joo (wifey) and among other things, he said that when he thinks of Yoon Eun Hye, the first word that comes to his mind is BAERYOSHIM...this is the reason why many pages back I said that the reason I became a shipper of this couple is that they both embody the most beautiful human trait...that of putting others before themselves, being sensitive about others' needs and caring for them...in short BAERYOSHIM."
How can you not ship (and I will use this term fearlessly) such a beautiful, wonderful couple!"
These are just a few of fans' insights about CHUNHYE...A lot of people are amazed how these two beautiful souls became a perfect match in all aspects. Like most of us would say, "Park YooChun & Yoon EunHye are a match made in Heaven"! 

CHUNHYE's love story is just beginning...We are yet to discover and witness the most exciting part of their lives together.For us, CHUNHYE is LOVE and CHUNHYE is REAL!
Destiny brought them back together, Destiny will always find a way to keep them TOGETHER! 

Credits:Official YEH Thread Soompi - YEH Profile/Bio sourceOfficial PYC Thread Soompi - PYC Profile/Bio sourceOfficial ChunHye Couple Thread for the fan accounts/links sources, etc.All ChunHyer Shippers (you know who you are :) )Fans of YEH & PYC

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Guest Crystal Tan1430292963

(SHINee) Lee Taemin ♡ (APink) Son Naeun

♡ T A E U N First Love Couple ♡

the "first love" thread

"a journey to an everlasting love"


♥ the couple ♥



♥ the trivia charms ♥


♥ the beginning ♥

  1. Both graduated from Cheongdam Middle High School
  2. Both were in class 3-2 (but different year, because Taemin is older by one year than Naeun)
  3. Both are Catholic . (Taemin’s baptism name is Francesco and Naeun’s baptism name is Marcella)
  4. Both wearing rosary ring in their index finger (Taemin on his right index finger  and Naeun on her left index finger)
  5. Both wearing rosary bracelets (Taemin always uses it since he debuted and Naeun wore it for prior to her WGM era until she lost it then Taemin gives her a new one as a gift)
  6. Both favorite food is meat (gogi)
  7. Both like extreme sport
  8. Both like winter season

    ♥ the names ♥

    Beside known as Taeun couple , they also have another dubbed couple names such as :

Young Couple  -  They're called the Young couple because they're the youngest couple (combined age) to star in We Got Married together.Innocent Couple  -  They're called the Innocent Couple because neither of them have any dating experiences Gogi Couple  -  Acknowledged by both of them when they both choose meat to be their favorite food to eat.Clumsy Couple  -  They're called the Clumsy Couple because they both don't know how to cook or cut fruits. Both also admitted that they lose things easily.
Adventurous Couple  -  Because of their fondness for extreme sports.Makdong Couple  -  Mak for Maknae , Dong for Dongsaeng.FranCella Couple - Fran from Francesco (Taemin's baptism name) Cella from Marcella (Naeun's baptism name)

  the silver lining
Despite the criticism and negativity surrounding this couple’s involvement on We Got Married, Taeun couple manages to capture viewers’ hearts because of their innocent, sweet, fresh and cute love. One of their relationship’s strong points is their sincerity towards each other.

He believes in fate. She wants to have an everlasting love.

Son Naeun is an impenetrable and an introvert girl. She is a quiet and shy girl that many people will find her boring and dull. But since she joins We Got Married with Taemin, she has changed . She is starting to express herself more and more talkative than before.

On the other hand, Lee Taemin is a straightforward boy and with his honest yet lovely actions, he slowly manages to open the heart’s door of an known impenetrable girl, Naeun. Not only straightforward with no-richard simmons attitude, Taemin is also known as an impatient boy, but since he gets to know Naeun, he is starting to learn to be more patient and willing to follow Naeun’s pace. Although he did admit that he was frustrated at first, he’s now trying to slow down and matches her because he wants to know more about Naeun and her to be more expressive to him.

Taemin reveals that he wants to be a very special person in Naeun’s heart and he wants to be Naeun’s first love. Naeun also reveals that Taemin has become a significant and meaningful person in her life.

Taemin and Naeun, during their experiences in We Got Married, have tried to be a better person for each other.

At the end of Taeun couple’s We Got Married segment, they both said that even though their segment in We Got Married is over but it doesn’t mean the end for them. It doesn’t mean that they will never meet each other again. It’s just a pity that they need to end their virtual marriage. Taemin even confessed that he will continue to love her even more in the future. 

Taemin and Naeun has become each other’s first love.

Taeun couple is the epitome of heart fluttering first love.

Watching them together, it will remind us of our first love. The one that you first truly have feelings for. One person that you will never forget, their love will leave an imprint on your heart which will be there forever. At the moment you don’t even care if it doesn’t work out between the two of you because that emotion is amazing. The feeling of first love will be the one that hardest to get over, the one that can still make you smile, and the one who after breaking you, you'll still love them.

Your first love never leaves. So do Taemin and Naeun.

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Guest bunni3fly

Kim Soo Hyun & Jeon Ji Hyun

Couple from the Stars
(aka. Star Couple / Alien Couple / CheonDo Couple)



Alien Couple - The Beginning

Once upon a time, there is a girl named Jun Ji Hyun. She became famous in Korea and other foreign countries in her movie My Sassy Girl. She played the very dominant girl who underdog her boyfriend like hell. It was a very successful movie that made her casted in many other movies and she has proven herself as one of the greatest actress of her generation. She endorsed many products and tagged as the CF Queen of Korea and the National Goddess because her beauty is not aging. She is the Queen and yet her King is not around. So she waited and hoped that the destined one will arrive.

             Many years later, a singing genius named Kim Soo Hyun captured the heart of viewers. He serenades us with his wonderful voice that we asked for more. From being a nice guy, he took the role of a King in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. He showcased his acting skills and he was awarded as Best Actor and was tagged as one of the greatest actor of his generation. He made a major risk when he accepted the movie offer Secretly, Greatly. He played the role of a spy who is disguising as a fool in the neighbourhood. Together with his co-stars, they proved their charm when their movie became a blockbuster to the surprise of many critics. Because of that, he landed a role as the youngest thief in the The Thieves.

Alien Couple - The Meeting

             Our National Goddess was cast also playing the role of Jenical who is in expert in the wires. She is paired with Zampano who happen to have a crush on her. She trusted him and he takes care of her. And for the very first time, Jun Ji Hyun let a Korean kissed her on screen. Did our Queen find her beloved King? That’s why he let our Kim Soo Hyun kissed her like nobody else? We don’t know what made her decide to do that but one thing is for sure, that kissed started it all…

            Their partnership caught the attention of viewers. During the press conferences, they were asked several questions and it is no doubt that their chemistry is growing powerful as that movie premiered. When Kim Soo Hyun cast in You Who Came from the Stars, many producers wanted to cast Jun Ji Hyun as his partner but initially she rejected the offer but our Alien wannabe tried his convincing powers and he successfully cast our Nation's Goddess as his leading lady.

 And the real love story of Kim Soo Hyun(as Do Min Joon) and Jun Ji Hyun(as Cheon Song Yi) starts like this…

***Why they are THE couple of ALL couples***

Do Min Joon uses his special powers and love to:

  Freeze time to steal a kiss in the falling snow even though he rejected her at the same time….(it also comes in handy to erase embarrassing text messages like ohh say “I miss you”)

     Teleport and save her life….again, and then again…and then again….and then again.

  Make a deal with the “devil” to spare her life

  Goes through self-torturing to reject the one he love most knowing that he can’t be by her side.

  Readily accept her (in the most romantic way possible) when said girl does not want his selflessness.

  He’s the link that save her relationship with her dad (and in Min Joon fashion…ask for dad’s permission first)

  Have the most poignamt dreams of his future with Song Yi

The best jealousy is a jealousy from an alien


Song Yi loves him so much that:

She goes crazy (lol, literally)

  She would break any girl’s hand that dare lay on her man

  Honest and direct…was the first in their relationship to confess

  Handle herself with dignity and grace when first rejected by Min Joon a number of times while at the same time not shying away from showing him her broken heart….(and then breaks down and have drunken moments of groveling)

Act unexpectedly accepting when face with the dilemma of him possibly being a criminal and even worst, being out-of-this-world-ALIEN.


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They say that love is patient, kind, it is not jealous, it does not boast. More so, it waits for the heart to beat for the right person at the right time.

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class="western" style="font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; margin: 10px 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; text-shadow: white 1px 1px 0px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); text-align: center;"Lee Hongki & Fujii Mina

[Official] Lee Hongki and Fujii Mina (Global We Got Married Couple) Thread



The Daramji Couple that lights our lives


Who would have ever thought that one could find life lessons in a show like "Global We Got Married" (GWGM). Who would have ever though that watching two people fall in love could teach others about the power that love has for each of us no matter how young or old we are. We have learned so much about love from these special people and give thanks that we were able to watch their love story unfold. They will remain in our hearts forever.


Hongki and Mina was one of the couple for the 1st season of the "We Got Married (Global Edition)". The virtual marriage was from 21 Feb to 26 May 2013. They are called "HongMina" (combination of both names) but is more affectionately known as the "Daramji couple". 

Shippers for the Daramji couple is known as Daramji Dels.

In their first meeting, both Hongki and Mina commented that each other looks like chipmunk; And later in the show, both agreed that they are to be called the "Daramji couple" (note: Daramji is Korean for chipmunk).
Other names include: Circus couple - for their skills in swirling trays, riding on unicycle.Construction couple - as Hongki always makes a lot of noise around the house.Rainbow couple - combination of their Chinese names - Mei Cai (美菜) and Hong Ji (弘基) to
form Cai-Hong, which is the same romanization as rainbow in Chinese.


   Our hearts melt for them when Hongki and Mina met at the book cafe for the first time. Our love is forever, so does their love for each other as the locks at Namsan Tower.

~ Daramji Dels     


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Lee SeungGi ♡ Im YoonA

YoonGi Couple

YoonGi is Real Life Couple, they just ordinary guy and girl who simply fall in love. It's thier work as K-entertainer which made their date become a big news in the beginning of this year. Because we admire and respect our Star, and want to support their relationship, we made YoonGi Thread. Please feel free to show your loves and support to uri couple and come to this thread:http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2021730/official-lee-seung-gi-im-yoona-real-life-couple-yoongi/p1smdGb9O.png
Why we choose YoonGi nickname?YoonGiYoon+GiYoona+SeungGiWe choose this composition cause YoonGi () mean Shine.We hope our Star keep shining with thier own carft and works despite their dating news, can be shining couple who inspire everyone, wish thier love always shine and can go through every problem and challenge for thier happy relationship.
"The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that's designed to tear them apart and come out even stronger than before"1656360_797409760288764_847516679_n.jpg

Lee Seung Gi had mentioned YoonA being his ideal type since a long while back, and was especially teased for it when he hosted 'Strong Heart' and last January 1st they became a REAL Couple.Lee-Seung-Gi_1388538063_20140101_strongh
How they met?2007October 2007 – Lee Seunggi & Yoona met in a show [ Happy Shares Company ] Seung Gi helped Yoona in one of her tasks.2008
August 2008 – Lee Seunggi meets Yoona  again in 1 Night 2 Days  wherein Seung Gi is currently mopping the stage.
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JoU Couple

Jo Jung Suk x IU

(A.K.A. Gwiyomi Couple / Eye Smile Couple)


[ JoU Couple Thread Link ]

Two Halves Make A Whole

Jo Jung Suk
     Born on December 26, 1980, Jo Jung Suk began his acting career in theater. After almost a decade of musicals and plays, he finally made his film debut in Architecture 101, which became his breakout role. His versatility enabled him to land the second lead role in The King 2 Hearts, winning the hearts of the viewers and proving himself even further as an actor. His first lead role came soon after in family drama You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin, where he fatefully met IU.

     Born May 16, 1993, Lee Ji Eun, better known as IU, her stage name, debuted as a solo singer in 2008. IU is derived from the phrase "I and You," symbolizing that we can become one through music. Despite a strong debut, IU did not gain popularity until the release of her follow-up and debut studio album where she was able to skyrocket to fame. After years of preseverance, hardwork, and dedication, IU is now known as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actress, dancer, model, and MC - making her an all around entertainer. IU made her drama debut in Dream High and landed her first leading role in family drama You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin, where she fatefully met Jo Jung Suk.


Behind The Name

JoU Couple
     JoU is the primary couple name for Jo Jung Suk and IU. It is derived from Jo, the last name of Jo Jung Suk, and the U in IU.

Gwiyomi Couple
     Gwiyomi Couple is the official couple name for Jo Jung Suk and IU used in South Korea. When announcing Jo Jung Suk and IU as the winner of KBS's 2013 Best Couple Award, the presenters referred to JoU Couple as the Gwiyomi Couple. Gwiyomi is derived from the hit 2013 K-pop song of the same name. The phrase is now used as a form of slang to mean "aegyo," the Korean word for "cutesy." In other words, JoU is known as the Cutesy Couple in South Korea.
Eye Smile Couple
     Eye Smile Couple is another popular alternative to JoU Couple. It refers to the presence of Eye Smile in both Jo Jung Suk and IU each and every time they are in each others' presence and when one has mentioned the other in an interview or conversation. Eye Smile is the appearance of the eyes becoming crescent moon-shaped when smiling from genuine happiness. It can also be described as "smiling through the eyes."

Time Flies When You're Falling In Love

A Closer Look Into Their JoUrney

flst.png25/01/2013 - JoU casting confirmation for You're
             the Best Lee Soon Shin
04/02/2013 - JoU attends the first script reading.
08/02/2013 - JoU takes part in an overnight group
             MT for their drama at Gangwon Province.
25/02/2013 - JoU's drama photoshoot.
05/03/2013 - JoU attends the press conference.
01/05/2013 - JoU was teased by the crew for being
             too obvious in liking each other during
             filming for an accidental hug scene.
02/05/2013 - JoU guest starred in Happy Together.
08/05/2013 - JoU deeply cares for each other. A news
             article revealed that for the scene in
             which IU had to be pelted by real eggs,
             the director expressed an interest in
             filming Jo Jung Suk stepping in to stop
             the bullies. However, Jo Jung Suk
             vehemently declined the idea, citing 
             genuine anger he would not be able to
             control if he had to witness eggs being
             thrown at IU. It was reported that Jo
             Jung Suk
was absent at the filming site
             for that particular scene.
18/05/2013 - JoU's ideal. IU won Jo Jung Suk's Ideal
             Woman World Cup
during his Star Date
             interview, surpassing even CL, Jo Jung
's ideal woman for many years.
07/06/2013 - JoU's height difference. In IU's fan 
             cafe, a fan commented about Jo Jung
's height, to which IU replied that
             Jo Jung Suk
has just the right height
             difference for her.
29/07/2013 - JoU BTS. Unofficial stills of IU and
             Jo Jung Suk
linking arms between filming
             while seated in an amusement park's
             viking ride was released.
02/08/2013 - JoU tweets. Jo Jung Suk tweeted on his
             Twitter his own photo of him linking
             arms with IU on the viking ride.
09/08/2013 - JoU comforts each other. According to an
             article, Jo Jung Suk and IU took care
             of each other before and after filming
             an intensely emotional hug scene.
16/08/2013 - JoU is easily flustered. IU briefly lost              her composure at the mention of Jo Jung
when she guest starred on Yoo Hee
             Yeol's Sketchbook
25/08/2013 - JoU's free duet, "Beautiful Song" was
             unofficially released on SoundCloud.
26/08/2013 - JoU tweets again. Jo Jung Suk tweeted
             another selca of him and IU

"I'm so happy, Soon Shin-ah."
03/09/2013 - JoU garners plenty of attention. Jo Jung
was a guest on SBS Radio Power FM
Show where he praised IU for her
             maturity and skills, becoming tongue
             tied and
flustered when asked to choose
             between IU, his ideal woman, and Kim Hye
             Soo, his
favorite female sunbae-nim.
01/11/2013 - JoU reunited. During the 50th Grand Bell
, Jo Jung Suk was an attendee
             while IU was a guest performer. During
             her performance, the camera zoomed in on
             Jo Jung Suk
twice, capturing his proud,
             wistful, and mesmerized expression - a
             stark contrast to his blank expression
             for the other performers that night.
07/11/2013 - JoU was chosen as the couple with the
             best chemistry according to experts in a
             KBS feature.
31/12/2013 - JoU was awarded the KBS Best Couple

Sparks That Make Every Time...

... Feel Like the Very First Time
     The giddiness The uncontrollable eye smiles The constant laughter The happiness The
The chemistry The compatibility The flustered behavior The fact that the crew
     of You're the Best Lee Soon Shin teased JoU about looking like a real couple together
     article titled, "Jo Jung Suk Can't Get Co-Star IU Out of His Head"
The Behind the Scenes clip in
     The Face Reader DVD where Kim Hye Soo Sunbae-nim teased Jo Jung Suk about IU and claiming he had
     good taste
The numerous You're the Best Lee Soon Shin Behind the Scenes photo of Jo Jung Suk
     holding IU's hand and touching her shoulder when not filming
The constant skinship between Jo
     Jung Suk
and IU in additional You're the Best Lee Soon Shin Behind the Scenes photos
The comfort
     level between Jo Jung Suk and IU
The way they almost held hands when walking on stage to claim
     their Best Couple Award, only to get flustered and link their arms together instead
The way both
     Jo Jung Suk and IU have been giving cryptic messages to the public that can be tied together to
     the feelings they have for each other
The common denominators between Jo Jung Suk and IU The
     way Jo Jung Suk and IU subconsciously mirrors each other
The fact that Jo Jung Suk and IU have
     the same goals
The way that they are absolutely, irrevocably, beautifully, and amazingly perfect
The way they make us, JoU shippers, giddy, breathless, excited, happy, and sends us
     spazzing, even while maintaining the ability to dissect their interactions and read between the
Their ability to make our hearts go .  .   . d u g e u n   d u g e u n ~~~

When Fate Speaks

Connecting the Dots
     Throughout the years, there have been many coincidental ties between Jo Jung Suk and IU. It was inevitable that they would, one day, have the opportunity to meet and become close friends. It was FATE and DESTINY that initially brought them together, but it is CHEMISTRY and COMPATIBILITY that will continue to pave the road to Happily Ever After.

               - Kim Hye Soo: She was the one who offered Jo Jung Suk the stepping stone needed to
                 make his film debut, shooting him to fame and popularity on both the small and big
                 screen. She was also the leading actress in a film called The Red Shoes, which
                 coincidentally is the name of IU's single from her 2013 Modern Times album.

               - The Before Trilogy: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight stars Ethan
                 Hawke as Jesse and Julie Delpy as Celine in a tale of love, loss, chance, regret, 
                 second chances, and rebirth spanning nine years. It is also both IU and Jo Jung Suk's
                 favorite movie, allowing them to bond even closer in the midst of heavy filming for
                 their drama. Jesse and Celine's love was referenced in the lyrics of IU and Jo Jung
's duet "Beautiful Song," written and composed by IU about the love she (Lee Soon
                 Shin) and Jo Jung Suk (Shin Joon Ho) have for each other.

               - Bae Suzy: She is one of IU's best friend, after having met on the set of Dream High.
                 She coincidentally met Jo Jung Suk on set as well, but for the filming of Architecture

               - Lee Yoon Ji: She worked alongside IU in KBS drama Dream High and was paired with Jo
                 Jung Suk
in MBC drama The King 2 Hearts. Also coincidentally, You're the Best Lee Soon
, the drama featuring JoU Couple, preceded her drama, The Wang Family, where she
                 portrayed the leading female.

               - Lee Jong Suk: He was cast with Jo Jung Suk in the highly acclaimed film The Face
after being an MC alongside IU on Inkigayo

               - Lee Moon Sae: Both IU and Jo Jung Suk are big fans of his music.

               - Guitar: Both IU and Jo Jung Suk play the guitar.

               - Family Oriented Christians: Both IU and Jo Jung Suk are Christians that are very
                 family oriented.

               - Difficult Pasts: Both IU and Jo Jung Suk suffered difficult pasts, allowing them to
                 sympathize and understand each other on a deeper level. During her training days, IU
                 was forced to be apart from her parents and living with her grandmother, a cousin, and
                 her younger brother, due to financial difficulties and was very lonely. She said she
                 remembered the room always being cold and never having enough food to eat due to her
                 grandmother's low income in selling hair accessories at the market. Meanwhile, Jo Jung
, the youngest child in the family, carried the role of being his family's
                 breadwinner after his father's death. He dropped out of Seoul Institute of the Arts
                 before graduation in order to earn money by participating in musicals. Due to his
                 family's dependency on him and their financial difficulties, Jo Jung Suk was exempt
                 from his mandatory military service, sparking an outrageous scandal that caused
                 further burden to him and his family.

               - Rakku & Bbuggu: Rakku is Jo Jung Suk's dog. Bbuggu is IU's dog. Coincidentally, their
                 dogs are of similar breeds; both small, white, cute, and very, very loved.

               - Blue: It comes in multiple shades, but both Jo Jung Suk and IU's favorite color is a
                 shade of this primary color.

The Ship That Forever Sails

Why We Love JoU
     1. "Beautiful Song" was a gift to JoU Couple fans from IU and Jo Jung Suk. IU wrote and composed the song with the intention of performing it as a duet with Jo Jung Suk. Together, they recorded the song in the studio and released it to the public for free. It speaks of the love IU (Lee Soon Shin) and Jo Jung Suk (Shin Joon Ho) have for each other. While under the guise of their characters in the drama, the lyrics itself actually pertains more to them personally than it does to the characters they portray.

                    - [Translated Lyrics] I conspicuously look at you who is looking down at me. Can you feel my
            heart that is looking up at you? The world's most perfect height difference.

            Do you know, when we're holding hands and walking, we're aligned and synced? The footprints
            we leave behind with our two legs walking, makes me feel so satisfied and complete.

            This is enough for me. You're perfect the way you are. At least 12 times every day, I turn
            my back and laugh without letting you on.

            I like your embarrassment (like). You are pretty the way you are (pretty). Your
            incompetence, your faults, I think they're all so pretty.

            The reflection of me in your eyes is also pretty (within your eyes). The entire world is
            pretty these days. The treasure I have found after a slow, slow search.

            My Gerry, My Holly. My Jesse, My Celine. Christopher Robin.
            Wooo, Dddooroo, Ddddrooo.

     2. The chemistry between Jo Jung Suk and IU isn't only on camera, but follows them wherever they are. Their uncontrollable smiles, the sparkle in their eyes, their obvious happiness together, and their flustered behavior when they are with each other speaks in volumes. It flows from them naturally, not artificially because no amount of talent and skills in acting can compare to THE REAL THING.

     3. The undeniable closeness and attraction of Jo Jung Suk and IU has created over 30 fanmade MVs on YouTube and over 20 fanfictions on Fanfiction.net. New JoU inspired videos and stories are still being created and shared daily - proof of how motivational and inspirational JoU's love for each other is.

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you."
- A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

[JoU Couple]
Even if they're apart... they'll always be with each other.
Even if they're apart... they'll always be with us, the JoU Shippers.

Like two pieces of a puzzle, JoU fits together perfectly, flawlessly, and beautifully.


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Jo In Sung  Song Hye KyoOh Soo + Oh Young = O2
"Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it."


Who is the lovely "Oxygen Couple"?
Jo In Sung조인성; born July 28, 1981Star sign - LeoYears active - 1998, Georgio modelHobby - collecting hatsSkills - taekwondo and basketball
Song Hye Kyo송혜교; born November 22, 1981Star sign - ScorpioYears active - 1996, SunKyung Smart (school uniform brand) model searchHobby - collecting perfumesSpecialty - piano


How did they met?They met in the studio in 2004 while they were filming their own drama. Song Hye Kyo was filming "Full House". Jo In Sung was filming "What Happened in Bali". They wanted to collaborate but didn't have the chance to, not until 2012 for "That Winter, The Wind Blows" that brought them together to create the "O2" sensation.


What is O2 about?Fans created the name O2 because both of their names started with Oh in the drama. Also O2 stands for oxygen. They will take your breath away once you watch their story.
"A melodrama about a man and a blind woman who don’t believe in love. Oh Soo is an orphan who is left heartbroken later in life after his first love passes away and comes to lead a goal-less life as a high stakes gambler. Oh Young is a lonely heiress who feels she must look after others and herself after her parents get divorced and she finds herself becoming visually impaired. The two will come to find the true meaning of love after meeting each other.
Although they are seemingly madly in love with each other, viewers can’t help but feel anguish for them, especially as Oh Soo is tottering on the edge with his huge debts while Oh Young is facing death with her growing brain tumor. But despite their respective issues, they are still unable to hide their growing feelings for each other, and this were perfectly acted out by Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo. With the high quality romantic scenes, and the visual effects of the couple, the drama has certainly gained a few layers of must-watch factors.
Many viewers expressed, “I thought I just saw a 60 minute commercial,” “There won’t be siblings quite like them at all in reality,” “A brother who knows how to back hug his sister, they are simply too beautiful, I almost lost my soul just seeing it.”"

Why are they a perfect couple?
They are a perfect couple because they match each other very well. Despite their height difference, they still look good together. When you really love someone, age, height, miles, weight are just numbers  Isn't that what love is all about? Love should not have rules/requirements.
"Even I got to thinking we looked good together. Since Mr. [Zo] In Sung is tall and I′m short, we looked like we came from a romance manga. ..." - Song Hy Kyo
Lastly, In Sung is a witty man. He brings laughter to Hye Kyo.

Fun facts1) They both started out as model.
2) Endorsements in common, both did Laneige, Levi, and LG.
3) “The cotton candy kiss scene (episode 4), it was the first time that I ate cotton candy with a guy. ... But it was my first time eating cotton candy while holding hands with someone.” - Song Hye Kyo   - The cotton candy kiss scene which helped to bring Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo) and Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) closer together, was also voted by viewers as one of the highlight scenes of the drama.
4) "That Winter The Wind Blows" was their comeback work, it has been 8 years since In Sung's last drama and 5 years for Hye Kyo. 
5) In their award speech, they both thanked each other by saying their character's name. 

credit - @insung143hyekyo

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Couple's Name and Nickname 
Choi Jin Ri  (최진리also known as Sulli/Giant Baby 
Choi Minho (최민호also known as Minho/ Flaming Charisma
Couple name:  "MinSul" (Minho & Sulli)

URL Thread  


Thread banner/poster credit goes to @DolceNera_24

Minsul Thread Part 1

Minsul Thread Part 2




Couple Biography

It is every shipper's wish, no matter whom they are shipping, to see
their favorite couple together in some capacity, whether it it's
official or not we are no different. The feeling of seeing Minho and
Sulli together both excites us and makes us happy.

So here goes MinSul's timeline as we know (so far) ...


By now, whoever is reading this has already thought, this shipper is
crazy/delusional/off their rocker -- these days, we expect to hear things
like that. Through our time shipping them, we learned that, in truth,
all shipping is delusional to a degree -- after all, none of us who
follow a couple (confirmed or not) -- don't actually spend any time
with the actual couple and/or talk to them real life to know if they
are "real" or not. We all make assumptions about a pair's relationship
based on pictures, and what we see on tv or laptop, and many of us
(myself included) are more than happy to ride those assumptions into
the sunset. We all, in that way, hold on to the hope that there is
truth in what we have observed, and continue to observe between two
people whom we love to watch -- and for us those two people are Minho
and Sulli. And really, we do absolutely love to watch them together.

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