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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500

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Keep being delulu chingu! Even JCW himself still not getting HJW out of his head.. ------------- Excerpt from @Star1 interview: Q: Which older actor/actress is the most memorable to you? Ha Ji Won noo

Last night I had a very vivid dream that JiJi were kissing each other in real life. I'm serious; it is a true dream I had yesterday!      Do you see what I see? Hehe...this is the first time JCW tri

Couple Glasses? High School Couple? cr: tanyangfeels   Chingu, do you know yesterday they update Instagram at almost same time?? Only separated by 1 minute! and both updates have night theme and cres

I was having the vibe of mother and son love for our couple in the earlier episodes, actually. 
I remember I was never once thought they would end up together nor SN would fall in love with Paeha.... She concerned about him, cared for him but not passionately in love with him. But that was before the 'I Want You' scene... I knew his love had moved her and she was fighting with her own feelings... 

After she offered herself to him on their first night together, everything was so clear to me.... I know she was in love with him as a namja. 

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omo...wat happen....now hyenas attacking adult ayu 8-} 8-} 8-}

[-X [-X [-X i x wan jcw act in EK2 (as ayu)...as the female cast must be someone else...and ayu must  inherit the same  pervertness caring attitude frm his father... 
Wat kind of answer Hjw giving??-all 3 men oso hot,sexy n funny...and  definitely taller than her....tsk tsk tsk [-( [-( [-(

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For @hanaseyes

Today, MBC (actual TV station) did broadcast the 2nd version of the ending, except it was probably put together quite late, so MBCDrama (online streaming site) could not change its schedule around to broadcast the changed ending, thus all online streaming sites still showed the 1st ending.
Tonight MBCDrama has arranged for the alternate ending to be broadcast. All times listed are in Korean Standard Time.http://www.mbcplus.com/dramanet/schedule/daily.html
9:21pm: Episode 4910:32pm: Episode 5011:38pm: Episode 51

Source: yoonmi66 MT

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Guest Issy_1

This gifs set might be sad to keep watching for us but knowing that he did live with his beloved SN and his precious Ayu for long enough, it makes it less painful. Since they have killed WY in ep50, I was sure that they will do the same to TH by the end. I'm just happy that I got no doubt left in my heart about SN loving TH truly, deeply and faithfully. That's all I wanted from Empress Ki. 

photo ep51-2.gif photo ep51-3-1.gif photo ep51-4.gif photo ep51-5.gif photo ep51-6.gif photo ep51-7.gif photo ep51-8.gif photo EP51-11.gif photo ep51-10.gif photo ep51-9.gif

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Guest uctqepe

@soojun hahahaha why do they find motherly love so weird between two lovers??? for me motherly love is the BEST one.. even if we love our man as HOT and as WILD as two human beings can =P~ =P~ woman will always have this motherly love towards her lover, no? i am sure mamanim, you are protective to ur husband as much as to ur kids ;)) my Dad always told me that for him, my late mother was like his mother as well.. 
So, SN loves TH with a lover's love and a mother's love.. I am more than happy with that.. if other ship still cant feel this beautiful love story, it's their loss.. 
EDITED: there it comes the "anti-motherly-love" in MT LOOOOOOLLLLL

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palilsan said: OMG! I have come out of mourning for this. Ha!Has that ever been done before? changing the ending from one broadcast to another? I've never heard of it before.
@daegorr Was there a lot of viewer feedback that made them change the ending? or did they realize that they needed to somewhat accurate in history in order to sell to other markets?
I can't wait to see the new video. I wonder if they will replace it on the sites  that have it out already.

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posted by yoonmi66 at MT

Interview - rough translation (Kor-Chi) credit EK Baidu
HJW mentions JJM's skills at imitating other people's voices, and his skill at always being able to make the atmosphere on set more lively. The MC then asks HJW about the three men in "Empress Ki" - HJW: I would like someone who is funny, has a great sense of humour and is sexy.MC: Aren't I the perfect one then? *takes off sweater*HJW: I like tall people (thus rejecting the MC). Side note: JYH and JCW's heights are listed as 1.80, according to Naver/Nate, JJM's unlisted but assumed to be 1.80 by most sites.
The MC says Tahwan's gets jealous really easily, and wonders if he'll ever be able to interview him after what happened (referring to the MC positioning himself as a 'choice' for HJW).HJW: Don't worry. I can take him down easily with just one hand [on his neck].
MC: When we talk about memorable pairings, Hyun Bin from the hugely popular Secret Garden is someone that must be mentioned.HJW: At the time, my collaboration with HB was the best. Now, my collaboration with Joo Jinmo sunbae and Ji Changwook-sshi are the best.

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and the narration with adult ayu (i guess ayu is definitely more than 14 years old..since paeha passed away after 17 years later..so everyone cn   =P~ =P~ =P~ since he at legal age dy.

but pls let @berrybliss to be the first one to have a taste first...she been waiting too long for it





Umm..sawwrryy..but dont forget me please


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