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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500

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Keep being delulu chingu! Even JCW himself still not getting HJW out of his head.. ------------- Excerpt from @Star1 interview: Q: Which older actor/actress is the most memorable to you? Ha Ji Won noo

Last night I had a very vivid dream that JiJi were kissing each other in real life. I'm serious; it is a true dream I had yesterday!      Do you see what I see? Hehe...this is the first time JCW tri

Couple Glasses? High School Couple? cr: tanyangfeels   Chingu, do you know yesterday they update Instagram at almost same time?? Only separated by 1 minute! and both updates have night theme and cres

class="post-title entry-title" TaNyang Weekly 13/04/2015 Posted on 1:26 AMby TaNyang Haven with No comments
Did the ship finally hit prominent iceberg? A week filled with anxiety, but still share some of the best moments from TaNyang/JiJi ship. 1. No bigger news come this week than a rumor about Ji Chang Wook and former Miss...

link: http://tanyanghaven.blogspot.com/2015/04/tanyang-weekly-13042015.html

deleted for convenience @qwenli @sharonsfv :D

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@kanyaprasetyo I need to protest that you remove the pix. U can write about the news, but please remove the pix since jcw himself has already had to spend the whole of Saturday explaining himself and Glorius also have to issue a statement on this.

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haha @kanyaprasetyo though it's funny when seeing that "couple shadow" but i think @qwenli is right we shouldnt put ms korea image in our heaven 
but suddenly i thinking something about unnie IG update when she comes back from France while dating rumor spreading
the first two update: yeah she very happy and enjoy the environment around her house after a long working trip...and still not have time to check what happening outside 
the third one on next day: finally she have time to read the news and BAM! unnie gets shocked...then she too angry to drive cabriolet (unsually she drive a black car to ninja but this time she forgot it) to somewhere to breath fresh air and dont forget to post a gloomy pic of her on IG...
about puppy: he took whole day to explain to his fans he is not dating that ms korea or any girl else (ofc except his fave noona) and update a pic with peaceful V sign, well i feel his smile ( :-S ) looks like crying LOL..maybe his jeobo dont hear his explanation or reply his text...sigh
okie i admit im writing a melodrama :)) :))

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Our ship's more active these days so I think sometime it's good when a shock news comes out like this :D
@nploan I'm not @jiji0203 :) is that a name on IG or she's an old shipper here ?
@sharonsfv I just read the news puppy explain about the rumor with ms korea, did puppy say he's not dating any girl else ?

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@moon-moon <br>

I have translated from Baidu the rough translation of the dialogue between JCW and fans, you can read and interpret it. note it may not be 100% accurate. Am sorry about the alignment, having some problems with Soompi. <br>


Excerpt of dialogue at mini “fan meeting” <br>

Ji: I am wearing the outfit that I didn’t get to wear in


Fan: you look more handsome in real person

Ji: Long time no see, there are fans I am seeing for the

first time (raising his hands in V sign)

Fan: Can you come closer

Ji took a few steps forward

Ji: How are you guys recently? Spring is here, sakura are

all in blossom.

I am resting recently. Actually my condition is not very


Fan: Did you purposely fall in the Daegu performance?

Ji: No it was not on purpose, the stage was narrower than

Seoul’s. I didn’t think in detailed, I nearly died.

Fortunately I am not hurt. With regards to my next project,

everyone is curious right? I just finished the last project (Healer) 2 months


Fan: Seems like a long time

Ji: Soon, soon there will be project

Fan: Is it a movie or a drama?

Ji: That’s a secret

Fan: whatabout the character?

Ji: That is also a secret. Really, soon there should be

news. Before that, I am also shooting for magazine seriously. And yesterday its

really… Yesterday I really had to explain myself everywhere, I don’t know how

to explain, we are all friends. Its funny that I have to go around explaining,

I was abit sad yesterday. My agency also released a notice online. That

necklace… its from a friend’s friend who said he/she is my fan. I didn’t know it’s

a couple necklace.  And we didn’t go to

Bali together. I am really speechless…

Erm, I feel embarrassed saying it myself. In any case, my

agency released a statement, I really explained the whole day yesterday, I felt

sad and funny.

Fan: Its okay, fighting!

Ji: Actually to me, its alright. Saying “Fighting “ to me

its funny.

Fan: For the Daegu performance, we gave you clothes. Did you

receive it?

Ji: nope

Fan: where is chigu? We said the gift has to be passed to


Fan: Can you seat down?

Fan: No, the people behind cant see

Ji: Is there a chair?

Fan: Do you like sweets? You seems to like to eat them.

Ji: Actually I don’t like them that much (received some

sweets), yes actually I like them.

There is nothing special today, I just drop by to take a

look at every one.

(probably fan requested him to sing, he sang two sentences)

I am very embarrassed, everyone please go see the show. In

the next fanmeeting in Korea, I will prepare properly and sing for everyone.

Fan: For future performances, can you not leave so quickly?

Ji: What unhappiness does everyone have, please tell me.

After this I am going to Daehakro again to watch a performance. Is it

interesting? I heard its quite sad, anybody seen it? Who am I going with?

Manager Bang and his girlfriend.

Fan: Are you watching it because of a friend?

Ji: It’s an ugly friend and a close hyung of mine – 2Bic.

Yes I am good friends with one of them.

Fan: Are you wearing this outfit there?

Ji: This is a present from D&G, I really wanted to wear

this here. For you guys to see, I didn’t wear it the last time and felt wasted.

So I wear it today.

Fan: When is the fan meeting

Ji: Should be during my birthday. I am thinking what to

prepare for that time.

Fan: Can we have a bigger the venue so that more people can


Ji: We are preparing

Fan: what about fan signing? Can you sign for us now?

Ji: Now? I will try before I leave.

Fan: What is your clothing size?

Ji: This is not fix, it will change ( touching his stomach)

Fan: what about hats?

Ji: M

Fan: Tshirt? 100?

Ji: yep, about there

Fan: shoe size?

Ji: 260

Fan: Ring size?

Ji: That I don’t know.

Fan: Handphone number!

Ji laughed: 010 - 8.... [note 010, is the seoul prefix]

Fan: Do you read our comments on the official website?

Ji: yes, I read it sometimes. Recently I am resting. I will

see you all soon. And my performance too. Jeju should be the last performance.

Even if we don’t meet, wait for 5th of July (Flying kisses), really

whatever you guys want me to do, I have tried my best to do. I am really shy (

taking a photo of himself with the screen) <br> <br>

END <br>

credit qiqibaobei of baidu.<br>

video from Psyche

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Thanks @qwenli for your translation !
And sorry chingus, I post these pix again bc I wanna share my thought about it :)
I chose the pix on IG cos I think they're really for unnie to see ;))
Compare the Jung hoo's house pic that puppy posted before (lelf) and the pic he just posted, the new one's more zoomed in the landscape on the screen. So I think there're two situation:
1. As what @qwenli said, he used the pic to answer unnie for the landscape pic in her house.
2. He's joking about the rumor (the pix from Bali n the pix from Saipan : island, see, cononut trees,...)
Totally, the important thing is there's nothing related to 'the memory of scenes in Healer' or 'a certain girl in Healer' as many people think these days :> (sorry, I just say my opinion :D)

wDIDPGm.jpg       8YC97CW.jpg

About Unnie's driving-pic, her jacket and her face look like this ;);))

pNKCfvJ.jpg kPoFP6A.jpg

And I think bcos her bf's in trouble, furthermore many people n media take care of him more carefully on these days, so that she couldn't drive to him in person to ease him. Finally she decided to post the pic to express her feeling ;))
We can't see her face clearly bc of the pic's angle n colour. A closer look, her face doesn't look fierce but it's sad n serious. Ofc she doesn't look happy when her bf feel sad.

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@qwenli uri @jiji0203 was stranded in an island called "Yuan".. lol sometimes she's appearing on ig, ryt teacher? lol

@sharonsfv my golly!! Wookie is so pretty. lol but Wookie dont dream to be a bride, dream instead of groom for our mamanim.

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OK I checked, it was a news released by lee jin wook's agency. I think that meant that he has inked the contract. I think I know why Rain came into the picture, the scriptwriter was from Full House. Anyway, Pinnochio n IHYV director should be good!

Drama will be broadcasted in June.


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