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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500

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Keep being delulu chingu! Even JCW himself still not getting HJW out of his head.. ------------- Excerpt from @Star1 interview: Q: Which older actor/actress is the most memorable to you? Ha Ji Won noo

Last night I had a very vivid dream that JiJi were kissing each other in real life. I'm serious; it is a true dream I had yesterday!      Do you see what I see? Hehe...this is the first time JCW tri

Couple Glasses? High School Couple? cr: tanyangfeels   Chingu, do you know yesterday they update Instagram at almost same time?? Only separated by 1 minute! and both updates have night theme and cres

Guest chaifer13


anyway the host might just ask if jcw and hjw hang ups after ek if he is just pertaining to a friendly relationship.but the host just then said hjw and jcw became good friends then followed by questioning jcw if they had been dining out together privately??

I wonder if the host just asking or if he just wants to hear some fishy answer from puppy if jcw and hjw have been romantically linked since he is a host he will not ask directly a question about dating but instead he will just rely on what will be the answer of jcw [-(

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the host did ask fishy question if he still keep in touch with HJW, dine together, eat meal privately? and JCW answered that Jiwon noona is busy filming, maybe after this they can meet up...
Means, they should meet up already right? ;)) and he didn't deny that yes indeed they will have dinner together :-\"

@nploan before this, it's actually really hard to come across JCW interview in English so I don't know if he did that to all of his co-stars or only HJW.. but so far, from what I gather, only HJW he said he still keep in touch (always!) and even have dinner together :>
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Chingus, I’ve just read the dating news of BJH n PSJ couple and compare with uri JiJi couple:

Baek Jin Hee and Park Seo Joon Have Reportedly Been Dating for Two Years

According to an exclusive report by Sports Donga, another star couple has been revealed, though we are only a few days into 2015.

The report states that actor Park Seo Joon (27) and Baek Jin Hee (25) have been dating for the past two years. Though they had denied the dating rumors that surfaced last year, it has been revealed that they have been maintaining an intimate relationship, contrary to the public statements they had made in the past.

Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee first met each other in the 2013 MBC dramaPots of Gold,” as a young and immature married couple, and continued their relationship from there. According to a media representative, on January 5, the two have already been dating for two years. When the scandal between the came out last July, their managing agencies had denied their relationship by saying they were only close friends.

 -      Jiji couple: both of them played in MBC drama too, Puppy neither denies nor confirms, n ...*close friends* ;);))

According to another media representative, Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee did not want the public to know they were dating because their careers had just started to gain attention. They decided that revealing their relationship would only become a burden to their acting career, especially when they were just receiving the spotlight from the drama.

-      Jiji couple: Puppy’s just gained his popularity in Asia. Furthermore, he’ll enter the military next year and unnie’s still having auditions in Hollywood …:-w

However, despite their agencies’ denial, the two caught the eyes of viewers by wearing identical couple rings and sharing pictures of wearing jackets from the same brand on social media. Park Seo Joon even moved to Geumhodong, Seoul, where Baek Jin Hee lives. This only made it easier for the two to develop their relationship. According to the eyewitness accounts of neighbors, the two openly revealed their intimate status by talking walks around the neighborhood or having dates in a car.

-     -      Jiji couple: If I’m not mistaken, while the filming of EK, Sun and Moon Ent.’s office moved close to Glorious Ent. Office, right :-/ And depend on the fishes we caught on IG, in the interviews, fancam, … I don’t think there’s nothing between them. And I wonder if their neighbors have ever seen them together :-?

Although the couple does not seem to be conscious of the public eye, their agencies are very weary of the situation. A representative from Snow Boll Entertainment, Baek Jin Hee’s managing agency, said, “It is not easy for an actress to reveal her relationship if the two aren’t ready to marry.”

-      Jiji couple: So … If Dispatch, Sports Donga or someone still cannot catch them, Jiji shippers have to wait for a long time (at least 2 – 3 years) for their announcement ;;)

Edit: think again, it's better if they keep their love in secret :)

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class="post-title entry-title" Reserved Love: Episode 5 Posted on 10:55 AMby TaNyang Haven with No comments ep5-1.jpg Mu Young asks Young Won with intense eyes, ““Do you want to leave the room or talk with me here?” She gulps, but he waits until she opens her mouth. His eyes still gaze at her, making her blushing and turning red. “Director-nim,...


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Re-watching ep 4 again, because my friend pointed out something..


in ep 4, when Bayan n Taltal getting in a war to get Ta Hwan, Ki Jaho n SN try to protect TH. In the end her father asks her to protect TH.
He said, "Live to protect Togon. That's my final order, Seungnyang."

Now given the context after the drama ended, SN indeed live (and married) to protect TH right? And in the end, she can fulfill her father's final order... :-B
We may not realize it when watching that scene, but now everything makes sense and the writers actually already set the OTP from day 1 :x
Even her father gives her blessing and permission to do so :>

@moon-moon thank you for breaking down JiJi's (possibly) dating history.. haha
I think JiJi definitely ninja at different level, like master ninja or something. Because they haven't get caught in dating scandal until now :ar! :ar!

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There shouldnt be any doubt about TH and SN as the OTP because that is what happened in history. Otherwise there will be no Empress ki.----------------
Sharing a pix taken from by China fan of Glorius's agency office. I cant post it on JCW thread because I am pretty sure I will be murdered alive by someone there if I do it. 

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@nploan he writes his own name in Chinese:

Yoko said, the BTS above was from NHK broadcast yesterday. Yesterday they aired HJW interview and some EK clips.. But sadly there's no video, it's only herself capture the pics coz it's illegal in Japan to upload
:-S :-S

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I don't know how to bring video from Instagram to here. Anyway, check out the short capture from NHK broadcast for Empress Ki.

HJW draws TaHwan.

They love drawing each other's portrait !  :> :x

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oh puppy's Chinese writing is beautiful! FYI ,my own Chinese writing is horrible even when I use a pen.

its not easy to write with a brush, its not in the school curriculum, 95% of modern Chinese never learn it. He must have received training on how to hold the brush. Plus its not easy for Koreans to remember how to write Chinese characters. All his strokes are correct! =D>

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class="post-title entry-title" TaNyang Weekly 2/03/2015 Posted on 3:12 AMby TaNyang Haven with No comments nocutnews1.jpgMany things have happened this week, ranging from interview, fansign, photoshoot and others. So prepare yourself for this busy week roundup! 1. Getting few pics of Ji Chang Wook per week were considered lucky, but this...

I'm sure in EK, there's calligrapher/calligraphy teacher to help them writing chinese.. In sageuk they usually hire such people to write decree/letters/anything that must be written in Chinese/Hanja :-B

but indeed, his writing is really nice.. :x

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Guest chaifer13

Oh my!!!hjw,updated her ig showing her beautiful hands,did someone just post her admiration for jcw because of his sexy hands??? :-\"

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Guest HanN1430293555

Hi Guys Its been a long time I'm Back and its nice to see that this thread is still active :)

Thanks for the video Link @ChelseaS 

this two had really something, 

have u notice the reaction of this two when the other talking to their other co-stars? 
the jealousy look of the two!
wookie to jjm maybe in his thought (Shes mine)

HJW: (give me time and your dead wookshi!)11050159_773050209448840_660520680674254
:D :D K fine hide it more JiJi LOL

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