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Picture set from recent Interviewscredit as tagged47b8c9da6d6e383ff7406aa01dd22df5.jpg













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Guest adikkeluangman

I bet that his pic with the camera must be his first selfie ever. Since he don't have smart phone and we never heard about him interested in photography. The camera must be a present for Lunar New Year or he bought it by himself.
So many interviews on him but then no one want to translated it. It only from newspaper interviews and not include the magazines interviews. Hope that his confirmation about the new drama will come by next Monday. It already like more than two weeks, the anticipating is killing me. Even other actors also still not confirm yet.
Shoot Me in the Heart filming locations revealed. More in spoiler.


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Picture set from recent Interviewscredit as tagged20150126000304_1.jpg









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Yeo Jin-Gu, Theater staff experience with special fan service

Picture set from recent Interviewscredit as tagged20150123192956259762.jpg













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Guest adikkeluangman

[shoot Me In The Heart] Jin Goo TV Special

YJG footage from behind-the-scene
----14-12-30 From churrokingtruck Instagram (food provider)Caption : #서포트
영화 #서부전선#츄로킹 두 사장이 사랑하는 배우#여진구 서포트
볼 때 마다 인정
#츄러스 맛있다고 해줘서 감사감사♡10899207_1540574842870377_1331365534_n.j
Yeo Jin Goo fansites unite and send food support for movie Western Front. I guess they shooting in the studio. He was there, gave signature to the fanclub but they don't reveal his face or took front shot because he wearing the army uniform. More pictures HERE.
14-12-30 From lauren.921 Instagram (photographer)Caption : #여진구 #선물 #편지 #고마워 #센스쟁이#이리오라 #국방군돼지새끼 #서부전선10899570_1525110034428722_1224595212_n.j
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Guest MaknaeC

another video at VIP Premiere of Yeo Jin Goo's movie 'Shoot Me in The Heart'. Kim Yoo Jung's cute gestures and never ending support for her Jingoo oppa ^^
class="yt watch-title-container" style="margin: 0px 0px 13px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: top; text-shadow: white 1px 1px 0px; display: table-cell; overflow: hidden; background: rgb(255, 255, 255);"[디패짤] 김유정, 토끼처럼 움직이는 양손 | [Dispatch] Kim Yoo Jung, Both hand moving like rabbit

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Guest MaknaeC

everytime I see his newest pictorials, I can't help but just think "my little boy is really all grown up now". Hope more and more good things come to him in the future too :)

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Guest adikkeluangman

Yeo Jin Goo Displays a Bad Boy Image in Nylon Shoot
Actor Yeo Jin Goo shows off a new side of himself in a photo shoot with fashion magazine Nylon.
Loved by many for his mature acting and uniquely deep voice despite his young age, Yeo Jin Goo portrayed a “bad boy” image in the shoot, which is a change from his usual roles and  everyday life.

In an interview for the magazine, the actor said, “When you receive love from someone, you have a responsibility,” he said, emphasizing “responsibility.” “It’s not that I’m impatient to change my image, but more that I want to do the best I can with the opportunities I’ve been given.”
In slight contrast to his mature voice and dignified image, the actor said “I like to chat with my friends just like everyone else my age.”
Fans can catch the full shoot and interview in Nylon’s March issue.


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class="content-title" Yeo Jin Goo Confirmed to Star in Fantasy Romance “Orange Marmalade”

Yeo Jin Goo Confirmed to Star in Fantasy Romance “Orange Marmalade”

Yeo Jin Goo will be returning to the small screen through KBS2TV’s upcoming Friday drama “Orange Marmalade,” which is based on a webtoon of the same name.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the actor had received an offer to play the male lead, and his agency has now confirmed that they have accepted the role. Yeo Jin Goo will be taking on the role of Jung Jae Min, who is a diligent and popular student with a pure heart.

“Orange Marmalade” will be the young but incredibly talented actor’s first time to act in a fantasy romance drama. In the past, he has impressed viewers with his acting in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” “Shoot Me in the Heart,” and “Potato Star 2013QR3,” and more.

A representative of the drama says, “Female and male viewers alike will be unable to resist Yeo Jin Goo’s romantic charms and his ability to immerse himself in his character, which is exceptional for his age.”

Set in a school environment with the secret presence of vampires, “Orange Marmalade” will premiere in May. CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and AOA’s Seolhyun are also in talks to star in the drama.

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Guest MaknaeC

Yeo Jin-gu falls in love with vampire for Orange Marmaladeyeojingu_65.jpg

Yes, it’s another vampire drama and another webtoon adaptation, but it’s Yeo Jin-gu! Surely that makes up for it?

(Update: Ack! I made a mistake, he’s not the vampire, the girl is! Curses to my short memory and a thousand apologies, it’s totally my bad. Doing bows of penance as we speak.)

We already knew that Yeo (Potato Star 2013QR3, I Miss You) was considering the lead for Orange Marmalade, and now he has officially confirmed. He’ll play the hero who’s both got a chic and a kind personality, which aren’t two words often paired together. He’s the perfect boy next door type that all the mothers love, and if that weren’t swoony enough, when he falls for a vampire girl, his pure, sweet love makes him utterly devoted to her. Read more-dramabeans

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Guest MaknaeC

Now, I hope the best for Jingoo and Orange Marmalade. I hope he is not the only one who carry this drama all by himself  [-O< Orange Marmalade please meet with a good writer and a good PD

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Guest adikkeluangman

I'm glad that he took the drama. Happy to see him again on TV. Positive side, I can see him on KBS weekly. Just that when the news broke KBS release another news that they develop for new drama School 2015. School is much better premise.  So far the lead lady not confirm yet although probably it must the girl been mentioned.
If it in May, it will be as the same as movie Western Front promo. Because this movie scheduled to been released around that time.
Yeo Jin Goo wrote personalised message to movie Western Front staff. He gave gifts and fans or his company bring the food support while filming. 
14-12-31 lauren.921 Instagram (he wrote noona)Caption : 오늘도 수고 많으셨습니다. 촬영으로 한해를 보내고 내일 또 촬영으로 한 해를 맞이하겠지만 행복하네요. 비록 오늘 보고픈 사람은 못 만났지만...촬영 끝나고도 아직까지 회의하시는 오야지님들도 화이팅! 2015년도 화이팅 #2015플래너 #서부전선 화이팅 내년엔 더 멋있는 예원이가 되길. I want to be better for the next year.10865029_613874858717573_1840486524_n.jp

15-01-03 happ2ness Instagram (same age staff?)Caption : #1학년5반 #계탐 #여진구 #오빠... 누나라뇨? 진구오빠.... #영화 #서부전선 #화이팅 민지짱짱걸 dㅇㅅㅇb10914350_853504941337463_381383009_n.jpg
-----[shoot Me In The Heart] Weekly Quiz #4 - I guess they asked when the movie will be released. But the pictures used more like LMK-YJG bromance. More in the spoiler.1601589_874379062585079_761437407672037910277621_874379065918412_502888122501873


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Guest adikkeluangman

[shoot Me In The Heart] The Making Video[내 심장을 쏴라] 제작기 영상: 

-----[shoot Me In The Heart] Pictures from the showcase released!The actors that came are Yeo Jin Goo, Yoo Oh Seong, Kim Jung Tae, Park Doo Sik, director Moon Je Yong and novel writer Jeong Yoo Jeong10917423_875817335774585_45337456786818610373849_875817342441251_491743107320564


-----[Western Front]15-01-03 jahy.y Instagram (staff)Caption : #여진구#안화고#2009년#105#누나들�☞☜ 누나라니 누나라니!!!!!! 저 위에 ☆그린것도 귀엽다......... 진구..오빠..아닌가여.... 감사합니다(꾸벅)민지 짱 영화 #서부전선 짱bbbb 흥해라 흥해라!!!!10890829_1555585998019390_1599219585_n.j
Another staff share picture of gift from YJG.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Basically, this article talk about the young and popular actors. Looks like they put it according to their age. I'm don't know what BIG3 company for actors but for idol or the one that popular with music. Only Kal So Won from YG Entertainment in it. Half of these kids signed under one agency that specialized for young talents.
20 young actors that growing up day by day in the screen.B7MI3TgCEAATNzn.jpg
Yeo Jin Goo 여진구, 오빠라 부를게 놀라지 말아요 (열아홉 살) 유승호 이후 가장 ‘오빠’라 부르고 싶은 소년. 키가 더 크고 싶은 마음에 하루 1,000ml씩 우유를 마시던 장난꾸러기 중학생은 이범수, 김수현, 박유천의 아역을 거치며 ‘마의 16세’를 가볍게 뛰어넘었고 [화이]에 이르러 어른들의 세계에서도 밀리지 않는 존재감을 보였다. 그러니 벌써 눈빛도, 체격도, 목소리도 다 가진 이 고3을 바라보는 누나들의 마음은 미안한데 행복하고 행복한데 미안하고, 그러하다.출연작: [내 심장을 쏴라], MBC [해를 품은 달], SBS [자이언트] http://www.ize.co.kr/articleView.html?no=2015011123427220198
I didn't know that Kwak Dong Yeon same age as YJG. Now I want to see them work together. 
-----On another note, I don't know what to feel about YJG drama casting. Just that after he confirmed, KBS released news about the new drama School 2015. I rather want to see him in that drama though.

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@adikkeluangman i agree. Would have wanted him to be in school 2015. I think the school franchise have better storyline and its 2 episode per week which is a better vewing experience. I remember feeling so frustrated with high school love on 1 episode per week.
woah kwak dong yeon and him are same aged? I thought KDY was older. Urgh now i so wish YJG and KDY have their own bromance in school 2015. And maybe they would be friends with kim sae rkn or kim hyun soo....

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Guest adikkeluangman

[shoot Me In The Heart] Yeo Jin Goo with KBS Gag Concert Chicken High School Team.10451691_875233392499646_313731043565755

-----[shoot Me In The Heart] Yeo Jin-goo up and down dance video

This movie already finished aired in theaters. It not reached 400K audiences. At least it not flop hard like movie Profesional Mr. Baek. I just hope that it will not set back directors and producers to take YJG in their movie projects.
Drama Spy will end this week but Orange Marmalade will start air in May. Since main leads have been confirmed let's wait for script reading and stuff.
I know KDY is young but I also don't realized he is same age as YJG. Both of them have some similarities. Quite loner and capable to do thing by themselves. They also have more friends with adult actors and not same age actors. Compared to female actress like Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun that have their own friends. Maybe YJG and KDY can be friends too.
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Guest Thu Le

MaknaeC said: Now, I hope the best for Jingoo and Orange Marmalade. I hope he is not the only one who carry this drama all by himself  [-O< Orange Marmalade please meet with a good writer and a good PD
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