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[Drama 2014] Angel Eyes/엔젤아이즈


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I'm a bit disappointed that Angel Eyes didn't seem like a favorable drama for the awards. I'm glad that it got one award, at least, but I really wished LSY or GHS could have won an award as well.

Well... it's unfortunate, but... maybe Angel Eyes can win something for the Soompi Awards? I wrote a short segment for GHS on her nomination as Best Actress for the Soompi Awards.


2014 brought us many notable female leads, from an endearingly vain celebrity to a housewife who gets an extreme makeover, and many, many more. Here the Soompi staff share who the contenders are for Best Actress of 2014 are for the Soompi Awards 2014 and the reasons why you should vote for them. While the final vote is up to youyou can check out our gallery featuring the talented K-drama actresses to help you decide.

One of the hardest goals to accomplish when filming a drama involving time jumps is flawlessly picking up where the younger, teenage version of your character left off, especially if they did a remarkable job. Such was the case for Gu Hye Sun in “Angel Eyes,” but she made it look so easy! After all, Yoon Soo Wan wasn’t your typical female lead; she was blind and had undergone a cornea transplant. The portrayal of that aspect is no easy feat, but Gu Hye Sun was utterly convincing in her role. From her look of wonder and gratitude at actually seeing the rays of sunlight streaming through her fingers to her closing her eyes to recognize, by touch, the man she loves, Gu Hye Sun fully captured the essence of Yoon Soo Wan.

She wrung out hearts like wet laundry with her sorrow over Yoo Jung Hwa, her “second mother,” and with her steadfast love for Park Dong Joo. Thankfully, Gu Hye Sun never went down the wishy-washy route with the unfortunate second leading man, Kang Ji Woon, which adds major bonus points to her already long list of talents. In other words, I couldn’t imagine anyone else portraying Yoon Soo Wan other than Gu Hye Sun and that definitely means she’s Best Actress material. -akinahana89

cr. Soompi

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Congratulations to Kang Ha Neull!! Although we all know that this drama should have had a lot more coming to it's cast, We saw a superior a drama and gained added respect, and admiration, for each of it's players... =D> ^:)^ :x

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Annyeong angelss,

Don't know if this has been posted here before, but I found a video where Baek A Yeon sang a little bit of Three Things I Have Left (at 3.15 - 4.05)

Omggg I adore her voicee! :x been dying to hear it live. Please please do a full version pleaseee [-O<
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Nan too @ virsvirs....mee too she has such an adorable voice :x :x ...

whn the video showed AE scenes ma heart fluttered n at the same time i got goose bumps.......whhy is it so ANGELS???? Do i miss thm still????...whn will i get rid of it?? :(( :(( :(

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Guest boobarboo

Hello! I know I'm late to the party but basically binged watched this drama over the last 2 days and really feel in loved with it! It caused me to cry a lot
:(( but at the same time it was really a enjoyable experience.

One of the things that I really found memorable was the songs that they used throughout the drama.  I just bought the playlist from itunes and though it has the main songs on it, understandably they do not include the some songs from memorable moments such as Run to You by Lasse Lindh or Soo Wan's favorite song to just give a few examples.

So I just wanted to ask you folks if anyone has come across a complied list of all the songs that they used through out the drama? the closest thing to a list I have found is that from a youtube video but even that does not include all of them.

Appreciate any replies! :D

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xXMzSmilesXx said: Am I the only on who found this scene funny.
For a small wound like this:

They had to do this:tumblr_n4ooe5QlUY1qh8exao2_500.png

Bless, when I was younger all my parent would do if I do complain about the my bruise and scraps was disinfect or put an onointment it and that's done. 
Episode 6 come at me even if I know all you plan to give me is heartache!

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Guest aefanoc

Hello everyone! Missing AE as I listen to the OST Tears Fall, Three Things I Have Left. And miss you all on this thread.. It was almost the same season last year when most of us discovered AE and am pretty sure most of us still visit this site every so often and reminisce. :x :x Take care all and stay warm this winter..

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photo 659A8129-BF56-43EF-99EA-AC343BD886A6_zps9jxjuos0.jpg

@moonssaboo: 엔젤아이즈 DVD 대만출시!

Angeleyes DVD was released!+3gifts

#라이어게임 #LeeSangYun #イサンユン #이상윤 #LeeSangYoon #李相侖 #AngelEyes http://t.co/eZyQSAKM7b

Currently available in Taiwan


Perhaps later YESASIA

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Guest appleda

I realized that I am so late to post about this here, but better late than never, right? I just watched their drama last month. At the very first time I watched, I tried to do not expect too much. I just wanna watch something, don't take the drama seriously. That's what I said to my mind. After watching first episode, I directly watched the next and the next episode until late night. And you all know why I almost never stopped watching it, of course because of their chemistry. I don't mind about the plot, I just enjoy the chemistry between the actors here, especially yoon soo wan and park dong joo. I didn't fall in love instantly with their chemistry, but slowly, until I realized their chemistry is so beautiful. I very love park dong joo's character here, so mature, thoughtful, calm and be able to control his emotion. Well, ages never lie, if I had to choose which character in KDramaland that I like the most, the answer is Park Dong Joo. I don't know anything about Lee Sang Yoon, except he was graduated from SNU, and it is very compatible with his character here, as a smart person. The last time I watched Goo Hye Sun's drama was Boys Over Flowers, after that I never watch her drama anymore, until my heart pushed me to watch Angel Eyes. I am not a person who wanna watch movie or series based on suggestion by other people, I watch if I really wanna watch it. For the past three years, I almost never watch KDrama anymore, because I felt that KDrama lately is so typical, predictable, until I watched Angel Eyes.
I ever been a shipper of some couples in KDrama, and of course wishing them being real couple. But, after something happened to one of my favourite couple, I stopped to be a shipper for KDrama couple. I never wanna be a shipper anymore. 
Initially, I didn't know if Lee Sang Yoon was ex boyfriend of Goo Hye Sun's best friend, until I found it and finally I realized why Goo Hye Sun often looked a bit awkward when she did romantic scene with Lee Sang Yoon. But still, their chemistry was undeniable. I love to watch their smiling, hugging and kissing in this drama. I enjoy it, really enjoy it. When they smiled and teased each other, I smile and was so happy to watch it. 
I am happy seeing Goo Hye Sun was able to do romantic scene with Lee Sang Yoon, because as long as I know, Goo Hye Sun is a shy woman, thanks to Lee Sang Yoon could bring Goo Hye Sun's best acting here. 
The reason why I like Soo Wan and Dong Joo's relationship, maybe because their relationship common happens in real life, so natural. They went to supermarket, cooking together, walking while holding hands, hugging, feeding and so on. I often smile brightly or even scream when I watch their sweetness, although I had re-played the scene in many times, I still never get enough. I remember one of netizen comment about this drama, after watching Angel Eyes, she/he wanna go dating. Haha. 
I tried to be not ship these two for real life, because I don't wanna make my heart hurt anymore. But I still love our WanJoo, still and always. 
Thanks to Angel Eyes, because of these drama, I could know Lee Sang Yoon's charming, I could watch Goo Hye Sun's best improvement in acting so far, I could see the sweetest KDrama ever. Yes, for me Angel Eyes is the sweetest KDrama so far. How Dong Joo tried to keep and treated Soo Wan, and accompanied her to face the obstacle, it really touched my heart. I never imagine if another actor took this character, Lee Sang Yoon portrayed it well, and I fall in love with his character here. 
I really thank to the script writer to have made many romantic and sweet scene between the lead couple here, I enjoy every scene of them. I like to watch the way Dong Joo look at Soo Wan, especially when they went to supermarket and Soo Wan gave Dong Joo a code to kiss her after they watched the couple in front of them kissing, but Dong Joo just stared her with smiling happy. Simple scene but sweet.Or when they back hugged in Dong Joo's flat, it is like a married couple. I love every sweet scene of them and I hope they can work together again in another project. 
Well, I apologize for my long writing here, I just wanna express what I feel about this drama and if you know how I very love this drama, even this long writing still not enough to show it ;)) .
ps, besides Park Dong Joo's character, I do love Yoo Jung Hwa's character in this drama, best mum character in KDramaland so far!

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sin hoonsim said: @moonssaboo: 엔젤아이즈 DVD 대만출시! Angeleyes DVD was released!+3gifts #라이어게임 #LeeSangYun #イサンユン #이상윤 #LeeSangYoon #李相侖 #AngelEyes http://t.co/eZyQSAKM7b Currently available in Taiwan http://www.gull.com.tw/gull/item.asp?item_id=611843 Perhaps later YESASIA

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hello angel team, still missing this thread. last year in spring , this thread is so heptic becoz of our cute lead, but now it seems quite but happy some newbie in this thread and want to say WELCOME @appleda

for those whose missing Park Dong Joo and Yoon Soo Wan , both are attends Choi (Jo) JaeYoon wedding today 15.02.07 at gangnam gu.  (credit to the owner)



sorry if repost ^__^ but more celebrity who atttend the Wedding

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