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[Drama 2012\2013] It Was Love \ Maybe Love 사랑했나봐


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It Was Love

2012 - 2013


Title: 사랑했나봐 / Saranghaessnabwa
Also known as: Loved / I Think That Love / Maybe Love
Genre: Romance, family Episodes: 144
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-15 to 2013-May-03
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50

"Maybe Love" depicts the fateful love between two couples and the love of families.  Hyun-Do (Hwang Dong-Joo) is the son of a furniture company executive. Since he was young, Hyun-Do could not meet his father's high expectations. Hyun-Do keeps asking Sun-Jung (Kim Bo-Kyung), who works at the  furniture company run by Hyun-Do's father, to go on a date, but she turns him down. Meanwhile, Yoon-Jin (Park Shi-Eun) and her mother wait for Sun-Jung to come home, because today is her late father's passing away anniversary. Sun-Jung though fails to show up at home. Since Sun-Jung's father passed away, she has lived with Yoon-Jin's family. Yoon-Jin works at a publishing company. One day, she goes out on a blind date set up by Sun-Jung. Yoon-Jin meets Hyun-Do on the blind date. She believes he has a pure mind, unlike how he acts now. Yoon-Jin feels good about him and thinks they will date for awhile, but Hyun-Do surprises her by proposing to her. Yoon-Jin is unaware that Hyun-Do proposed to her to get back at his father.
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Main Cast:

Han Yoon-jin (Actress: Park Shi-eun)

She has one sibling and grew up as the eldest. Her family owned a small Chinese restaurant in a poor district in Seoul. Having a single parent made her childhood a difficult one but she retained a sunny personality. Her supposedly best friend Sun-jung sets her up on a blind date with Joo Hyun-do and despite his family’s disapproval, they get married. But during Yoon-jin’s month-long hospitalization after the difficult birth of her first baby, her best friend Sun-jung has an affair with her husband and steals him away, wrecking her marriage. Yoon-jin wants to get revenge but there are so many broken pieces to pick up in her life that she does not know where to begin.

Choi Sun-jung (Actress: Kim Bo-gyeong) 

Sun-jung grew up in a wealthy family. Being a smart and pretty girl, she was popular among her classmates. But at the age of 14, Sun-jung witnesses her father kissing Yoon-jin’s mother. After this incident, Sun-jung becomes consumed with rage and vengeance. She starts to believe that nobody is on her side in the world. Studying diligently, she gets into a prestigious college and later lands a job where she proves herself to be a capable and talented employee. She dates Baek Jae-heon, whom she thought was from a wealthy family, and is determined to marry him. After she belatedly finds out that Jae-heon was actually the live-in private tutor for the family’s children, she decides to seduce Joo Hyun-do, who is the scion of a successful furniture company.

Baek Jae-heon (Actor: Ahn Jae-mo) 

Although his family was too poor to afford to send him to cram school, he studied hard and worked hard while being raised by a single mom. He never despairs over setbacks in life. Perhaps his hardworking philosophy was the factor that drew Sun-jung, whom he had a crush on, to him. During his mandatory military service, he anxiously waited for the day he could be reunited with Sun-jung and be with her during her pregnancy, When Jae-heon is finally able to go home after being honorably discharged from the militarye, he is greeted with bad news. His baby was abandoned as his home’s doorsteps, and a note says that Sun-jung died while giving birth. He raises his daughter by himself as a single dad but one day he is shocked when he sees that Sun-jung is alive.

Joo Hyun-do (Actor: Hwang Dong-joo) 

While his father gives him a hard time, his mother spoils him so Hyun-do gradually became impulsive and selfish. He also would get into trouble at times. Marrying someone his family didn’t approve was troubling to his parents. When Hyun-do asked Sun-jung, whom he had a crush on, out on a date she flatly turns him down but decides to set him up with a blind date with her friend Yoon-jin. So getting married to Yoon-jin was an act of defiance against his father and exacting sweet revenge against Sun-jung who had snubbed him. While Yoon-jin was still in the hospital due to a difficult delivery, Hyun-do started thinking about Sun-jung as the one that got away but who was now eager to hook up.

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@valsava @KANDYBIN'

The two kids that was in this drama, Now Shi eun son was supposed to be Dong Joo but turned out it wasn't then Bo Gyeong daughter was supposed to be Jae mo while he was in the military BG thought JM was wealthy but when she found out that he wasn't she tried to give the baby up for an adoption, long story short he wasn't the father either it was good and intense when i was watching it and really should have finished...

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