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[Drama 2014] Secret Love Affair 밀회

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On 10/31/2016 at 2:30 PM, africandramalover said:

Guys, who's following the political developments in Korea? 


I immediately thought of SLA when reading about the theatrics surrounding the President's aide.


When I read that Park Geun-Hye's aide took off from Korea with her daughter who isn't qualified to be in Ehwa women's university, I immediately thought of the fake investment woman / shaman/ insider trading info dispenser and her daughter in SLA....

I remember that, how she took off with her daughter, a thief fleeing in the midst of chaos. Came to re-watch and saw familiar soompi friends here. Going to re watch SLA to see the details you mentioned, and things I missed. Nice to seeing you here 


I am in episode 3 in my re watch and I don't know how I missed this conversation but it was after the foot washing when they were saying their goodbyes. Seon Jae gave Hye Won her coat and called his teacher. She asked how is she his teacher. Seon Jae said it was decided by fate. He said he was a delivery/messenger person who meet many people during deliveries and they only meet him once or even more times but they have no interest in him and he does not have interest in them. However, you listened to me play, you told me you like my music, you asked how I was living, and played the piano with me too, and as if I was reborn. My music loving soul was born again that day. 


Hye Won: That is excessive, when you said that, were you cringing?


Seon Jae: No, I am being sincere. with the most sincerely innocent face


How could HW not be touched by the kid's sincerity? Then Seon Jae emails the "online music teacher" he calls hyung, and talks about meeting a great music teacher whose name is Hye Won not knowing that he was writng to Hye Won herself. 


He describes Hye Won as a woman scary, wild and fun, yet elegant, He is blown away, even her feet are very pretty, asks if falling for a woman with pretty feet is weird. 


Hye Won pauses the email to look at her feet. LOL then asks what is it with the feet


Seon Jae: no it is the woman, it is the scent of a woman and I am about to fall over. 


Hye Won pauses to smell the back of her hands. OMG, and he confesses that he is a virgin, he played music with her and gave his all to the goddess but would the goddess know?


Hye Won: now realizes how SJ feels about her and tells him to drink ice water and go to sleep but she was shaken, definitely shaken 


Maybe it was quite awhile when I last re watched that these conversations seem new to me. But I am being blown away by from the whole conversation.



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It's more than 3.5 years since the debut of this (insert an adjective) drama and I am finally in my final year of undergrad music studies and preparing for my final recital. The first piece that came to my mind when deciding on my repertoire was Mozart's Rondo in A minor (of course I had to add in something that was featured in SLA -_-). I thought I'd just share one of my favourite interpretations here (coincidentally by a rising Korean pianist) with fellow SLA fans who still visit this thread or new 'victims' of this drama :D. Enjoy and have a nice day! 



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Dear Writer-nim and Director-nim,

I am posting to share with you that I understood the message of this drama. I heard it loud and clear already the first time I watched it, but it took me some time to summon courage and take the right decision. Tomorrow is the first day of my new life. I quit being an elegant servant, this caterpillar wants to fulfil her purpose in life and spread her wings as the beautiful butterfly she was meant to be. There was no Lee Sun-Jae to push me to it, but there were you and your ideals that made me remember that I wanted to live free and do what is right.

I hope you read this and feel encouraged to continue, because your work is not in vain! Kamsahamnida!

P.S. To all the chingus from this thread - I still remember you and the meaningful exciting and creative time we had together. I hope you are happy wherever you are! Love from me!

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Image result for secret love affair drama photos


Here for a visit after a rewatch in Netflix. I love this drama 

When they ran away to the country and at bedtime, HW told SJ about her life in NYC. It is the same thing as her life in SK, she was a student had a job as a teaching assistant and also an assistant to Young Woo. She talked about waiting for YW at a cafe near the Grand Station and listening to Piano Man. I cried for them. Before they went to the country, SJ had tried to convince HW to give up everything, and start over but HW just did not even listen and left him. The next day she cried her heart out while talking to her friend in her car. She then went to the little eatery by SJ's house where SJ found her and then they took a bus to the country. When they came back from the country, it was SJ's turn to cry. I did not cry when I first watched, but this time I cried especially when they were listening to the song of the Piano Man. 


Image result for secret love affair drama photos

Another fave when they were watching the recording of SJ's performance. Holding hands. laughing and smiling can feel the love. I agree that the imprisonment of HW was not the end, that the son in law will not get what he wants because of the evidence the prosecutor obtained from HW. I imagine my ending as HW given merciful release or early parole and leave prison in a few months. SJ will be performing somewhere in the world and she will meet him and the end.... 


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