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13 hours ago, standingtallyy said:

Off topic - Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are really divorcing? OMG, how shocking??

Not even two years of marriage? Sad :huh:

I am not surprised actually cos she married a younger actor- there is always fear he will stray and look for younger women. Also mentally may not have things in common, furthermore both are career minded, no time for each other. SJK probably realised he can earn more by being single, he already earned a lot from DOTS so he doesn’t need her financially. SHK should not have rushed into marriage even though she is coming late thirties- at least marry an older man who will pamper her. Anyway now very common for couples to divorce over the slightest things 

Just realize the shipping forum is very quiet- a lot of ships sunk already- still waiting for news of YY couple especially since sy is of marriageable age- hope she choose a partner carefully 

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If you recall @Gerry58 in 2017, SS Couple marriage news was overshadowed over the sudden death another famous actor (lead actor of drama Argon) in a car crash on the same day,? SJK went to the wake straight after their wedding reception to pay his respects. For some odd reason, for me it kind of gave that negative vibe to it. You know how their upcoming wedding was the talk of the town and all the buzz back then. All of a sudden, grief took over rather than the joy of the marriage of the SK’s ‘power couple’.

I agree, both were very career driven. SHK in late thirties, peak of her career, beauty, fame, money, she has it all, the only one missing was marriage. For SJK who only returned from his military enlistment, very in demand, and projects left, right and center. They still continued to be so busy after their wedding. I believe they truly loved each other back then but....the timing wasn’t right.


I remembered how jealous I was that SS couple fairy tale love story came to reality, while we have resigned to the idea that our YY couple have drifted apart and it will never become a real couple. I’m glad that we are very  realistic when it comes to Wooyoung and Seyoung. 

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Like the picture :)

Do not know who are the kids..but i just imagine they are YY's kids..:P

Daddy playing with the son while mummy clearing the kitchen b4 go to sleep..:lol::lol:



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On 6/30/2019 at 2:19 PM, standingtallyy said:

I remembered how jealous I was that SS couple fairy tale love story came to reality, while we have resigned to the idea that our YY couple have drifted apart and it will never become a real couple. I’m glad that we are very  realistic when it comes to Wooyoung and Seyoung. 


I finally can accept that our couple is not a couple anymore. Really sad..but have to admit it.. it is their life...let them decide..

But still..deep down inside me..a very little hope that someday...they'll back together...

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22 hours ago, Xette12 said:

Like the picture :)

Do not know who are the kids..but i just imagine they are YY's kids..:P

Daddy playing with the son while mummy clearing the kitchen b4 go to sleep..:lol::lol:



the boy who was playing with Wooyoung is division leader's son :)

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Seyoung’s world stood still. The pregnancy home kit she bought indicated pregnancy at twelve weeks. She has been very busy lately, she didn’t notice the changes to her body. Her breast had become fuller. Her hips wider. The fatigue due to lack of sleep and the food cravings were due to missed meals when she is away on location filming a drama. And her missed periods. How could she not notice. It’s been over three months since the break- up. A relationship only both families and close friends knew. She didn’t see it coming. She thought they used protection on the last night they were together.

“Is this what you really want?” Wooyoung asked. Standing in front of her. Seyoung can see the look of sadness and frustration all over his face.

“Yes.” Seyoung said firmly. Keeping a stoic expression despite deep inside, she felt like her whole being ripped apart.

“You are giving up now? After all this time? Seyoung-ah..”

“I can’t do this anymore.” Seyoung said holding back the tears that are beginning to fall.

“What can I do to change your mind?” Wooyoung pleaded.

“Nothing.” Seyoung answered.

“I’m sorry. I know it is my fault. Please give me another chance.” Wooyoung begged.

“I need space. We both need space. It is for the best. I don’t want to hurt us any longer.”

“Then. Can you stay with me tonight?” Wooyoung asked. “For the last time.” His voice breaking to a sob.

Seyoung looked at him. This is the man she love. The only one, she truly loved. And will ever love. But they have to part ways. Her mind wanted to say no but her heart is telling her otherwise. She reached for his hand. Tonight, just for tonight, she is deciding to love him. For the last time.



It had been two months have passed since she found out of her pregnancy. To avoid unnecessary publicity. she filed for indefinite leave from her agency, due to undisclosed personal reasons. She travelled to Hongkong the week after she did her home test with her eldest sister and had all her check-ups done. On their return to Korea, she went to her family’s holiday home in Jeju Island along with her mother. Although the news came as a big surprise to her parents, yet they supported her decision. The decision of not telling Wooyoung, for now.

The morning sea breeze touched her face. Inhaling the smell of the ocean. Seyoung was standing by the balcony, watching the sunrise. She has been waking up early every day to watch it, while touching and talking to her now growing baby bump.

“Good morning baby. Rise and shine!” Seyoung whispered. Today she will have her monthly visit to the local antenatal clinic and have the ultrasound to know the gender of her baby.

“Are you not cold?” Seyoung’s Mom asked. Giving her daughter a back hug.

“No. It’s feels nice.”

“What time is your appointment at the clinic?”

“Not until 11am.” Seyoung replied.

“How are you feeling?” Her Mom asked.

“I feel okay Mom.”

“Why is your voice sad?”

“I miss him.” Seyoung admitted. ”Did I make the wrong decision Mom for giving up on us?”

“Ani. At the time it was for the best. There might be moments like this, a feeling of regret. But sometimes being apart doesn’t mean it is the end, but only the beginning.” Her Mom said.

“You think so?” Seyoung asked for reassurance.

“I know so.” Her Mom said. “Come, let’s get you breakfast.”



Chansung was up early morning to go for a run by the sea. After few minutes, he took a bit of a break to watch the sunrise. As he was looking around, he noticed a woman standing by the balcony from one of the few houses facing the ocean. The figure somehow looked familiar to him from a distance even though he couldn’t quite clearly see her face, shortly after another lady came to join her. They looked like mother and daughter seeing the other lady giving the younger woman a back hug.

“No. It couldn’t be.” Chansung said to himself, shaking his head. Ignoring the thought in mind, he continued his run. Later in the day, Chansung went to the only grocery store in that part of the island. On his way out, he thought he saw Park Seyoung getting into a white SUV, only three cars away from where he was, an older lady already in the passenger seat of the car. Curious, he immediately got into the car and decided to follow it. He maintained a safe distance from the SUV. But was surprised it is heading towards the same way home for him. Then he saw the white SUV turned into a driveway. It looked like the same house where he saw the lady in the balcony. When he stopped and waited for them to get out of the car. He couldn’t believe his eyes. No wonder she looked familiar. It was Park Seyoung! When Chansung got home, he was contemplating whether or not to phone Wooyoung. He witnessed how the break up affected his friend in the last few months. The drinking. The partying. The random calls during the night, in his semi-drunken state asking what he did wrong. The following morning, Chansung went towards the house for his morning run. Seyoung was on the same spot of the balcony, watching the sunrise. He was hoping she would look his way but her stare had always been consistent, looking straight to the sea. As if seeking answers to her questions.



It took a lot of will power for Chansung to press the doorbell of the house. But he did. He was dying to know what she was doing here. It was the older lady who answered him.

“Good morning. My name is Chansung. I’m here to see Park Seyoung.”

“I am her mother. Do you know my daughter?” Her Mom said.

“Yes Ma’m. Seyoung-shi knows me.” Chansung replied.

“Omma. Is our delivery came...?” Seyoung stopped suddenly when she saw the man standing at the door. “Hwang Chansung-shi?”

“Seyoung-shi! How are….you?” Chansung greeted when he saw her come out. But paused shortly when his eyes shifted to her bulging tummy.

“Would you like want to come in?” Seyoung’s Mom asked. Chansung went inside and followed her. Seyoung asked him to sit down in the couch.

“I’ll get you some tea.” Her Mom offered. Chansung stood up to thank her. His attention went back to Seyoung but couldn’t say anything until her Mom came back with the hot drink and left them to talk.

“Drink.” Seyoung filled the cup with tea.”You must be in shock. Seeing me like this.”

“I’m sorry. But yes. I wasn’t expecting it.” Chansung explained.”The baby’s father?”

“It’s Wooyoung’s.” Seyoung answered.

“How far are you now?” Chansung asked again.

“Nearly six months.” Seyoung answered.

“Does Wooyoung know?”

“No. I haven’t spoken to him for a while.” Seyoung replied. “How did you know I was here?”

“I saw you the other day at the groceries with your Mom.” Chansung started.”I don’t live far from where you are.”

“Chansung-ah. Can I ask you a favour?”

“What is it?”

“Please don’t tell Wooyoung about the baby. I’d like to tell him myself.” Seyoung said.



The digital clock showed five am when Wooyoung looked at the time. He has been waking up about same time am each morning lately, without any reason, it just happens. There are good and bad days and waking up around this hour is one the odd things happening to him in recent times. Wooyoung have been working on few songs during this early waking hours. About a love lost. Trying to win a woman back. On second chances. About her beauty. And how much hurt a man caused her. All half done, unable to put the right lyrics.

Last week Chansung phoned him.“Why are you calling me at this hour?” Wooyoung greeted.

“I’m going away for few days. Maybe a week or so.” Chansung said.

“Am I your girlfriend? Why are you telling me this?”

“Who am I supposed to call other than you. Our brothers are out of the country.”

“Is everything okay?” Wooyoung suddenly turned serious.

“All is good. I just need some time off.”

“I told you work isn’t everything. Get sleep and rest when you can.”

“Look who is talking. You’ve been working yourself to death since the break…” Chansung stopped suddenly. “Mianhe.”

“Where are you going?” Wooyoung pretended not to hear what he said.

“I don’t know yet. But it won’t be overseas.” Chansung said. “I’ll call you.”

The rest of the day was a complete blur to Wooyoung. He didn’t care about time anymore. He knew it was night when everything gets dark, morning when it is bright . He only eats when he is hungry. Sleeps when he is tired. Though he doesn’t party and drink as much now, work is the only thing that keeps him going each day. It took him four months to finally realize it was really over between them. The four years they were together wasn’t easy. He thought it made them stronger, but he was wrong. Seyoung knew it wasn’t going to be easy dating an idol, even in secret. But she took the chance. The crazy schedules. Frequent overseas trips. The white lies he had to say each time he gets cornered by the press on national TV or for a magazine, if he is dating someone. She took them all on board. He became complacent. Not calling her often was just an excuse he made for himself, so as not to disturb her while on location, filming for a drama. Not returning her missed calls, blaming it on how busy he was at work, or left his phone in the bag. It didn’t mean he loved her less, he just became too comfortable. But it was the opposite on Seyoung. He realized it too late.

“How was the concert?” Seyoung asked Wooyoung when he came to her place one night after he came back from Japan.

“It went very well.” Wooyoung leaned over to give her a kiss.

“It just that I didn’t hear from you in all the time you were away.”

“Sorry. We were on the pump each day. And travelling between cities and rehearsals take it’s toll at the end. You know how it is.” Wooyoung explained.

“Actually, I don’t.” Seyoung said.

“What do you mean by that?” Wooyoung surprised of her remark. ”Okay. I’m sorry. I should have called or sent you a message.”He went to give her a hug.”I really am sorry.” Then went to shower.

Wooyoung slept well that night next to Seyoung. She didn’t.



Seyoung was again in the back balcony of the house, waiting for sunrise to come. Yesterday’s event was a complete surprise when Chansung turned up at their house. She thought she was far enough to come across to anybody connected to Wooyoung, but then life always come up with unexpected turns. He said he is here for holiday. And is staying on the other end of the road.

“Good morning Park Seyoung!” She heard someone called her name. She turned to see Chansung standing by the sand dune on the last step of the balcony stairs. He was dressed in his running outfit.

“Good morning.” Seyoung greeted him back.”You are up early too?”

“Yes. I was doing my run. Thought I’d say hello when I saw you in your usual spot.” Chansung said.

“You’ve seen me before?” Seyoung asked curiously.

“Only in the last couple of mornings. I usually run in the opposite direction. I did notice you but I didn’t really know it was you. You’ve been watching the sunrise?” He said.

“Yes. I am. It’s lovely.” Seyoung said. “You want to come up and join me here? I’m actually half screaming at you because of the distance. My throat is getting sore.” She offered, smiling at him.

Chansung walk up the stairs and stood next to Seyoung. “Sorry about how sandy my shoes are.”

“It’s okay. We are in the beach.” Seyoung said.

“Are you warm enough?” Chansung asked, when he noticed she is only dressed of what appears to be a cotton blue pyjamas underneath and a long cardigan.

“Yes. I am. Thank you.”

“When are you planning to tell Wooyoung about the baby?” Chansung couldn’t help asking.

“One day soon.” Seyoung replied.”How is he?”

“He has good days and bad days. But he is coping. He has to.” He said. “What about you?” Chansung asked, looking at her.

“Me? I’m okay. We are okay.” Seyoung said, her hand on her tummy. “Look. It’s coming.”

Chansung took his mobile phone and took pictures of the sunrise, and stealing glances at Seyoung, who’s full attention is on the sunrise. Looking at her up close like this added to his admiration of her natural beauty. Then suddenly, her expression changed and let out a soft gasp. “Are you alright?”

“The baby kicked.” Seyoung said, rubbing her stomach.”I’m fine.”

“Senja? Does it hurt when they do that?”

“No. What harm can a tiny baby do.” Seyoung said. Then she laughed when she noticed how Chansung was standing. His right and left hand where few inches away on her back and side, as if ready to catch her, should she fall.

“Waeyo?” Chansung wondered why Seyoung laughed.

“I am not going to fall. Relax.” Seyoung assured him.

Chansung straightened after she told him. “Mianhe.”

“Thank you. I appreciate it.” Seyoung said.


 @chic-chic your favourite YY fanfic #delulu mode. Enjoy!

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“Wae?” Wooyoung answered sleepily. It was Chansung.

“Do you have free time this week or next week?” Chansung asked.

“I’m not sure this week but maybe next week. Why? Missing me already?” Wooyoung asked jokingly.

“Just come will you?”

“Chinguya, come where? I don’t know where you are.” Wooyoung went and looked at his calendar

“Jejudu.” Chansung said.

“Jejudu?” Wooyoung sounded surprised with his answer.

“Can you make it?” Chansung asked.

“The earliest I can get there is Saturday after I return from Japan.” Wooyoung answered.

“Saturday is good. Let me know when you are flying in. I’ll meet you at the airport.”

“Chansung-ah. Is everything okay?” Wooyoung asked, suddenly sounding serious.

“I miss you. Call me.” Then Chansung hanged up.”It is only Tuesday. Four more days and Wooyoung will be here.” Chansung thought. Although he made a promise to Seyoung not say anything to Wooyoung, but with each day he gets to spend time with Seyoung. He can’t continue hiding things from him.

Wooyoung could sense something from the way Chansung sounded over the phone. But knowing Chansung, at any given time he will come up with ideas. Often logical, sometimes hilarious. But being the youngest in the group, he tends to protect him more than anyone, yet he is more mature than him in so many ways. One of the best things Wooyoung likes about Chansung is his being upfront. There was one time when they nearly had a fight. It was while they were in Japan. And they were sharing the room. While he was having a shower, he had few missed calls from Seyoung. Chansung told him about it, but he forgot to return her call because he was busy reviewing their performance that night. Checking flaws, analysing what he could do better on the next performance. On their fourth night, Chansung asked if he phoned Seyoung back.

“Did you call Seyoung-shi?”

“We are going home tomorrow. I’ll go see her straight from the airport.” Wooyoung replied.

“What is wrong with you? She called you few times the other night and you did not even send her a text message acknowledging her call?” Chansung told him.

“It’s late. She might be asleep at this time or might be filming.” Wooyoung said, again busy on his laptop.

“Wooyoung-ah, you shouldn’t be like this.” Chansung told him.

“Hey. Where is this all coming from?” Wooyoung asked.

“From you. Because at the moment, you are such a richard simmons!” Chansung left the room and did not return until later. After Seyoung and him broke up Wooyoung knew, Chansung was right.



“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” Seyoung’s Mom asked. They received a call from her sister telling them that Dad had rolled his ankle while he went for a walk last night and woke up with a swollen foot. Her sister drove him to hospital and found out he sustained a small hairline fracture, requiring him to have the injured foot plastered.

“Mom. I will be fine. And besides, it will be school holiday soon. Unni will come in two weeks. Dad might be able to fly by then.” Seyoung reassured her Mom. They managed to get her a flight back to Seoul at one thirty pm today. She helped her Mom pack so she can drive her to the airport.

Chansung was on his way to the local grocery when he noticed Seyoung and her Mom loading bags into the car. He quickly stopped at the gate and walked to where they are.

“Anyeonghasaeyo Ommonim. Seyoung-shi.” He greeted, helping them with the bags. “Are you going somewhere?” Chansung asked.

“Mom had to go home to Seoul. My dad injured himself. But he is okay.” Seyoung said.

“Chansung, right?” Seyoung’s Mom asked turning to him.

“Yes Ommonim.”

“You said you only live close by?” Seyoung’s Mom asked again.

“Yes Ommonim. I’m less than five minutes away.”  Chansung replied.

“Can I ask you to check on Seyoung while I’m away for few days?” Seyoung’s Mom requested.

“Omma!” Seyoung was shocked with the request. Looked at Chansung, waving her hand saying no.

“Yes Ommonim. I can do that.” Chansung immediately agreed, ignoring Seyoung.

“I’m not comfortable leaving her alone, pregnant and all. But she doesn’t want to come home with me either. So, can I trust you?” Seyoung’s Mom asked again.

“You can Ommonim.” Chansung replied. Then he reached for his wallet and took out what appears to be a business card and gave it to Seyoung’s Mom. “That’s where my parent’s business is located and their personal numbers. If I don’t keep my word, you can ring them.”

“Chansung-ah! You don’t have to do this.” Seyoung said.

“It’s okay Seyoung-shi. Your Mom is already worried about your Dad.” Chansung said. “I’d like to help.”

“Gomawa.” Seyoung’s Mom said, accepting the card.

“Seyoung-shi. Ommonim. I’ll drive you to the airport. That way, Seyoung doesn’t have to drive going there and back by herself.”

“Okay.” Her Mom quickly agreed. “Seyoung-ah, give him the car key.”

“Are you sure?” Seyoung hesitated. But Chansung extended his hand to her and happily accepted the key.

“I’m sure. Here, let me help you.” Chansung went to open the doors for Seyoung and her Mom.

“Omo. I need to double check if I’ve locked the house.” Seyoung said, about to get out of the car again. But Chansung stopped her and said he will do it. He immediately went to the front door to check. He came back and told Seyoung everything was locked before starting the car.




“Is there somewhere you’d like to go before we head back?” Chansung asked as they were leaving the airport after dropping her Mom. Seyoung is seated next to him, on the passenger seat.

“No. We can head straight back.” Seyoung said. “Chansung-ah.”

“Seyoung-shi.” They both said in unison. “You go first.”Chansung said.

“You don’t have to do this. I mean. You are not obliged to do this. I will be fine.” Seyoung told him.

“I know I don’t have to. I can’t just pretend not to be concerned. You are pregnant and on your own in that big house.” Chansung explained. “I know you feel awkward because of Wooyoung. Please don’t. Honestly, it would have been better if you went back to Seoul with your Mom. Not because I don’t want to look after you, but for you and the baby’s welfare.”

“I’m sorry if you feel burdened because of me.” Seyoung apologised. “Thank you for the concern.”

“No. That is not what I mean. I am more than happy to do this. But things turned out this way, so it is how it is.” Chansung said, briefly glancing towards Seyoung.

“I know what I want to do.” Seyoung suddenly said to him. ”Can we go to that light house?” Seyoung pointing towards the red light house on the left hand side of the road.

“Sure.” Chansung said. Turning left towards it’s direction. The wind blowing a cool breeze despite of the sun. He watched Seyoung walking slowly towards the light house, with her arms around her. She doesn’t seem warm enough in her skinny maternity pants and knitted tops she was wearing, with her baby bump showing. To Chansung’s eyes, Seyoung by far is the most beautiful pregnant woman he had ever seen.

“Here. Put this on. We don’t want you catching cold.” Chansung said as he draped the hooded jacket he had on to her shoulders.

“Thank you, Chansung-ah. But what about you?” Seyoung asked him.

“I’m okay. You need it more than me.”

“What brought you here to Jeju Island?” Seyoung asked him.

“Two reasons. Peace and rest.”

“That’s why you shouldn’t have agreed to my Mom’s request.” Seyoung said.

“Maybe I shouldn’t. But I did. You have no choice but put up with my company.” Chanusng said in jest. Seyoung only smiled back at him.

“How long do you plan to stay here?” Chansung asked.

“If you are asking if I plan to give birth here? No. I will have the baby in Seoul.” Seyoung replied.

“You still haven’t phoned Wooyoung?”

Seyoung shook her head. “I don’t have his number anymore.”

“He has the right to know. Things might have gone wrong between you and him, but he still the father. Wooyoung may have his flaws too, but you know he is a good man.”

“Arah.” Seyoung said. “I need time. I need time not to love him anymore.” Then she turned away, covered her face with her hands to hide the tears. But when Chansung saw Seyoung cry, by instinct, he just took her in his arms, her face buried on his chest.

“I’m sorry if I made you upset.” Chansung whispered. He held her like that, allowing those tears to flow.

“I’m sorry.” Seyoung broke the embrace moments later. Chansung’s shirt now damped with her tears.

“Are you feeling better?” Chansung asked, as he wiped the tears from her cheeks gently. Seyoung just nodded saying yes. “I’ll cook us dinner.” Then his phone rang. It was Wooyoung. He excused himself and walked away from her to take the call.

“Wooyoung-ah.” Chansung greeted.

“I was worried the other day. You seemed anxious. Are you sure everything is good?” Wooyoung asked.

“I am okay. No need to worry.” Chansung reassured him.”What time are you flying in on Saturday?”

“I’ll be there at 2.30 in the afternoon. Are you sure you alright, man?” Wooyoung asked again.

“Ahh Senja! You beginning to sound like my mother. I have to go. I’m out driving, will give you a call later.” Chansung hanged up and went to where Seyoung was.



“I hope you will like it.“ Chansung put a plate of spaghetti bolognese he cooked for dinner. After they left the lighthouse, he asked Seyoung what she’d like to eat. She said she is craving for a pasta dish. He dropped Seyoung home and brought the ingredients from his place. Luckily, he had minced beef, spaghetti and passata sauce he took with him all the way from Seoul. It has become a habit to cook one non-Korean dish a week. And for him, pasta is the easiest one to make.

“It’s good!” Seyoung exclaimed happily. “I didn’t know you cook well.”

“Can’t cook a lot. But I can make this.” Chansung got himself a plate, sat across Seyoung and started eating.

“Thank you for making me dinner.” Seyoung said.

“My pleasure. Go ahead. Eat, before it gets cold.”

Dinner was pleasant. Seyoung found Chansung mature and funny at the same time. He shared stories during his days as trainee, and the hardships along the way. Although Wooyoung have shared a lot to Seyoung in the past, she found out how different the impact it has on them on a personal level. After they finished eating, Chansung cleared and did the dishes on his insistence. Despite Seyoung told him not to. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He just told her to rest, put her feet up or do anything.

“You are carrying enough weight already as it is. You shouldn’t be on your feet for a long time.” Chansung said to Seyoung.

“Chansung-shi. I’m pregnant. Not invalid.” Seyoung argued.

“I don’t mean that. I’m just saying, take it easy. It will be done in a minute.” Chansung replied.

“I’ll put the kettle on and make some tea when you’ve done the washing.” Seyoung offered.

“Okay.” Chansung replied. When he finished, Seyoung prepared the tea. They had it in the back balcony of the house. Seyoung sat in one of the outdoor chair, Chansung then put the throw blanket he took with him on her lap to keep her warm, before sitting on the chair opposite to her. The night air was cool but not cold.

“Chansung-ah. Are you seeing someone at the moment?” Seyoung asked him.

“No.” Was his brief answer.


“I don’t know. I am just happy the way things are.” Chansung replied.

“You broke up with your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” Chansung was surprised. “Did Wooyoung told you that?”


“She wasn’t my girlfriend. We hanged out? Yes. But that was all to it.” Chansung said. Laughing with the thought how Wooyoung must have ‘gossiped’ about him.

“Forget I said that.” Seyoung apologised.



Sometime during the night Seyoung woke up and thought she heard footsteps outside of the house. She looked at the time, it was half past midnight. In fear, she dialled Chansung’s number straight away.

“Chansung-ah. I can hear footsteps outside.” Seyoung whispered.

“Seyoung-shi. It’s okay. It was me.” Chansung said.

“What? What do you mean it’s you?” Seyoung said in utter surprise.

“I’ve camped in your front yard. I was just checking the surroundings.” Chansung said.

Seyoung stood up and went to the front door. “Knock three times when you are at the door.” Few seconds later, she heard the knocks. When she opened, Chansung stood there and saw the tent he put up in the front yard,

“Stay inside. It’s cold out here.” Chansung said when he noticed she was only wearing her pyjamas.

“Why did you do that? You’re going to catch cold.” Seyoung told him.

“Kenchana. I had all my camping gear with me. Sorry if I scared you.” He said.

“I thought you went home.” Seyoung asked.

 “I did. But I got worried because you are on your own. So I decided to come back and set up a tent.” Chansung explained. “I love camping.”

“Honestly. I don’t know whether to thank you or not with what you did. But I can’t allow you sleeping in a tent, guarding me when I have two empty rooms you can sleep comfortably.” Seyoung said to him.

“Really. I’m comfortable and warm.” Chansung said, pointing to his hooded jacket, track pants and shoes.

“If you are not coming in, then I should sleep in the tent if you are saying it’s comfortable and warm.” Seyoung said firmly, waiting for his answer.

Chansung have never seen this side of Seyoung. She is one force to be reckoned with, which he actually find cute and endearing.

“Alright. I’m coming in. You need to rest. It’s not good for the baby.” Chansung gave in and followed Seyoung inside. She showed him the room and where the bathroom is. Before she went back to bed.

“Goodnight Seyoung-shi.” Chansung said.

“Good night.” Seyoung replied.



He lied to Seyoung. Because the truth is, Chansung isn’t happy how things are. He wished he could tell her how he truly feel towards her.  And wished, he could be the father to her unborn child. But he has resigned to the reality, he can only be a friend. Chansung first met Park Seyoung years ago when 2PM did a soft drink commercial together. A pretty girl with a long hair and a beautiful smile. Despite being shy, he came and introduced himself to her. She came with her make-up artist and quietly waited in one corner waiting for her cue. Seyoung introduced herself as new actress and said she was a fan. A lot of women say that when they are first introduced. It had become like auto pilot, but for some reason when Seyoung told him, he believed her. He can sense the sincerity and she was really star-struck. Their path crossed again when she co-hosted in a music show, along with his JYP brother, Jinwoon. They were in the height of promoting their album. So they have been guesting in that show consecutively week after week, and each time Chansung would look out for Seyoung to say hello.  But that time, dating was not an option. Again, fate made an unexpected turn. Because a year later, he was shocked to know Seyoung was paired with Wooyoung in a semi-reality TV show as his ‘wife’. That’s when his one-sided love affair ended. Well, that’s what he thought until he bumped into Seyoung in Jeju Island.

“Wae?” Chansung answered Wooyoung’s call.

“Come and pick me up tomorrow evening.” Wooyoung told him.

“I thought you are not coming until Saturday. It’s only Thursday tomorrow.” Chansung was surprised with what he said.

“Mr. Yamamoto had a burst appendix and went for surgery today. So everything is on hold until he is well enough.” Wooyoung said. “I’ll see you at 6.30pm.”

“Okay. See you then.” Chansung said after he hanged up. He promised to drive Seyoung to a nearby fish market to buy some seafood today. He was just about to pick her up when Wooyoung called. Few days ago, he wanted Wooyoung to come as soon as possible. Now he wished, he didn’t make that call.

“Seyoung-shi. Would you like to go for a walk by the beach tomorrow morning? Watch the sunrise from the shore line?” Chansung asked while they were driving towards the market.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Seyoung said eagerly. “Is everything okay?” She asked him when she noticed Chansung suddenly become quiet.

“Yes. I was just concentrating on the road. It’s not familiar, you see.” He quickly answered.

“Are you sure?” Seyoung said. “You can tell me anything, you know.”

“Thank you. Honestly, I’m good.” Chansung smiled at her. “What are we buying today?”

“I’m craving for spicy crab stew and braised black cod with radish.” Seyoung answered.

“The other day it was Italian. I think your daughter wants to be a Chef.” Chansung said jokingly.

“It’s a boy.” Seyoung said quickly. “We are having a son.”

Here's more...

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Last page...



The clock read five am. He is up at the usual time again. He thought about what he said to Chansung yesterday. Wooyoung lied too. Mr Yamamoto had no burst appendix. He cancelled his Japan trip because he received unconfirmed information that someone have spotted Seyoung in Jeju Island. It has been six months after her drama finished. There was no trace of her at all. It’s like she vanished from the face of the Earth. In the last weeks, he would go for a drive to the usual places Seyoung used to go for walks and the café she hangs out with her close friends, but no word about her. He wondered if Chansung inviting him to Jeju could be related to this, but no, Chansung would have told him by now. If only he could get an earlier flight, he would have flown there already but unfortunately, he can only get on the evening flight.

Chansung was already up when Seyoung came out from her room. Warmly dressed in a red jacket and scarf around her neck. Her hair up in a ponytail.

“You look beautiful.” Chansung said.

“And very pregnant.” Seyoung replied, touching her baby bump.

“Pregnancy suits you.” He added.

“Your very kind. But thank you. Let’s go?” Seyoung started heading towards the back balcony.

“Let me help you.” He bent down on his knee to help Seyoung who was struggling to put her gum boots on. “Be careful.” Chansung reminded her as she walked down the steps. A couple of times, he had to help her walk through the sand dunes, and got her to hold on to him. They walked towards the shoreline like that, until they found a spot. They sat on a tree trunk that has been washed ashore.

“Seyoung-shi. These are only hypothetical questions.” Chansung started. “If by chance Wooyoung turns up suddenly and find out you are pregnant and ask you for a second chance. Would you accept him back?” Chansung asked.

“If I’ll listen to my heart. Yes. I will. But sometimes, what your heart tells you isn’t always the best. Honestly. I don’t really know.” Seyoung replied.

“What if someone else comes along. And likes you, and you like him enough. Will you give him a chance?” Chansung asked again.

“Number one. Who will like a soon to be single Mom like me?” Seyoung asked.

“I would.” Chansung quickly answered. “I mean, what’s wrong being a single Mom?” He immediately explained.

“Really?” Chansung’s reply was a little unexpected for Seyoung.

“Yes. If I really like her. I’ll do it, treat her child like my own.” They held gaze for few seconds.

“Lucky woman.” Seyoung said.

This morning will be the most memorable sunrise for Chansung, because this might be the last time he’ll be watching it with Seyoung.



Thoughts of what Chansung said earlier as they watched the sunrise played in Seyoung’s mind after he left. His statement wasn’t really cryptic. Was that an indirect confession? Though she asked him to stay for breakfast Chansung refused stating he has urgent business to attend. “Stop thinking about it Park Seyoung.” She told herself, closing the door as he drove away.

She was glad of Chansung’s company in the last three days and night. Having him around made her feel safe. He was caring, attentive t o her needs and made sure she was comfortable. He made her laugh with his jokes, even the silly ones. He reminded her of Wooyoung. But since yesterday, she felt something was bothering him. Something Seyoung hoped, he would tell her.

Chansung went to the lighthouse when he left Seyoung. He wanted to clear his head. He wanted to free himself from the sadness he feels at present with Wooyoung coming over.

“You’ve done well Hwang Chansung. You’ve done the right thing.” He told himself over and over. “This is your fate. Seyoung is for Wooyoung. He is a good man.” Chansung stayed there until it was time to pick up Wooyoung at the airport.

“Chansung-ah!” Wooyoung called, the minute he spotted him. They immediately gave each other a hug. “What’s up man?”

“Good. Welcome to Jeju. How was the trip?” Chansung asked as they were walking towards the car park.

“It was good.” Wooyung said getting in to his car.”Jeju seemed to suit you. You looked rested.”

“Really?” Chansung said, then his phone rang. It was Seyoung.

“Let me take this call.” He told Wooyoung walking away from the car.

“Who is it?” Wooyoung called out.

“Chansung-ah. I need your help. Please come!” Seyoung sounding distressed.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Chansung asked, getting concerned with how she sounded.

“Come. Pali!” Seyoung said and hanged up.

“Seyoung-shi!” Chansung called out but she was gone. He quickly ran to the car and started the engine.

“What’s wrong?” Wooyoung can see the urgency on his face.

“I’ll explain to you later! We have to go!” Chansung told Wooyoung. Reversed the car out and drove as fast as he can out of the airport parking lot, heading towards Seyoung’s place.

“Can you please tell me what’s going on? Who called you?” Wooyoung asked again. “Hwang Chansung! Please slow down. You are making me nervous!”

“Park Seyoung.” Chansung had no choice but to tell him.

“What do you mean Park Seyoung?”

“It was Park Seyung on the phone. Silly!”

“Park Seyoung? Are you talking about my Park Seyoung?” Wooyoung reiterated.

“Yes. Park Seyoung is here in Jeju Island and she is pregnant with your child. God damn it!”



Once the engine was turned off, Wooyoung and Chansung jumped out of the car almost at the same time and raised to the front door.

“Seyoung-shi!” Chansung called, ringing the bell.

“Seyoung-ah” Wooyoung called at the same time.

“I’m coming.” Seyoung called out when she heard loud knock and her name called. But had a big shock when she saw not only Chansung but also Wooyoung at the door.

“Are you okay?” Chansung asked. But Wooyoung went in and gathered Seyoung in his arms.

“Seyoung-ah!” Wooyoung whispered, holding her close in his arms. “Mianhe. Chungmal Mianhe. I didn’t know.”

Seyoung couldn’t move for a minute. Still shocked seeing Wooyoung with Chansung.

“You called? Are you okay? Is the baby okay?” Chansung asked again, despite Wooyoung locking her in his embrace.

Then Seyoung started to push Wooyoung away. “Let go of me.”

“Seyoung-ah.” Wooyoung keeping his hold, despite her resistance. But she managed to wriggle herself out from his arms.

“What are you doing here?” Seyoung asked Wooyoung. Then turned to Chansung. “You promised!”

“I’m sorry. Seyoung-shi. But he needs to know.” Chansung said to her.

“You promised her what?” Wooyoung asked Chansung.

“I promised I won’t tell you where she is or that she is pregnant.” Chansung told Wooyoung. Running his hand to his hair in exasperation.

“You knew all this time?” Wooyoung faced Chansung, who can only look at him.

“Are you okay? The baby?” Chansung turned his attention back to Seyoung, ignoring Wooyoung completely.

“I don’t think you should be the one asking her that!” Wooyung said to him.

“Seyoung called me!” Chansung replied with a raised voice.

“She called you because she deleted my number.” Wooyoung replied in sarcasm.

“It is also because you’ve broken up!” Chansung replied in retort.

“I am the father!” Wooyoung replied.

“Oh yeah? Would you have known if I didn’t ask you to come?”

“Thanks to you for not telling me earlier on!”

“Both of you, stop!” Seyoung had to scream to be heard. “Geez! You are driving me mad.”

Chansung and Wooyoung fell silent. “I’m sorry.” Both men said at the same time.

“The baby...” Wooyoung about to ask.

“I’m fine!” Seyoung cut Wooyoung off before turning to Chansung. “I called because I didn’t see you all day. I got worried. I know the only way to get you here was if I call you in an emergency. And I got dinner prepared.”

“What is going on?” Wooyoung asked again. “Why are you preparing dinner for Chansung?”

“I don’t need to explain anything to you. We broke up. Remember?” Seyoung glared at him.

“Seyoung-ah. Please.” Wooyoung pleaded.

“You have two options. Eat the food I cooked or you both get out of my house. Now!” Seyoung said, with her arms crossed, looking at them.

The men quickly pulled out a chair from the dining table, sat down and started eating. Seyoung followed, sitting on the top end. Wooyoung and Chansung ate in silence, watching each other like hawks.

“You need to eat.” Chansung told her. But Wooyoung was very quick to get Seyoung a bowl of rice and spoon. Chansung placed a slice of meat on top of the rice she was about eat, while giving Wooyoung a mean stare.



Chansung and Wooyoung are sitting in the front steps of Seyoung’s house. She kicked them out after dinner because they started arguing who was going to do the dishes. It was too much for Seyoung to take. Wooyoung turning up all of sudden. And angry at Chansung’s betrayal.

“So this was the reason you wanted me to come.” Wooyoung told Chansung. “How did you found out Seyoung was in Jeju?”

“Purely by accident.” Chansung replied.

“How long ago was that?” Wooyoung asked.

“The day before I called you to come. I didn’t know it was Seyoung back then, until I saw her at the grocery shop. That’s how I found out we are neighbours, after I followed them.”

“Them?” Wooyoung asked. “Neighbours?”

“Seyoung’s Mom was here. But she had to go back to Seoul. Her dad got injured.” Chansung answered. “I don’t live far, over that way. But I was more shocked seeing her pregnant. That’s when Seyoung-shi asked me not to tell you. She wanted to tell you herself. Now, she thinks I didn’t keep my promise.”

“Seyoung was on her own when Ommonim went back to Seoul?” Wooyoung asked.

“No. Her Mom asked me to check on her regularly until she comes back. So I did. I have been keeping her company since.” Chansung said. “I’ve been sleeping in the other room the last couple of nights.”

“Thank you Chansung-ah. It means a lot to me. And I’m glad it was you. Gomapta chinguya.” Wooyoung reached out, squeezing Chansung shoulder in appreciation.

“Seyoung’s already on her sixth month.” Chansung told him. When he turned to look at Wooyoung, he could see tears rolling down his cheek.

“It must have been so hard for her. You were right. What a jerk I was. It was all my fault. She’s having a hard time because of my stupidity.” Wooyoung broke down in sobs. This time it was Chansung who reached out for Wooyoung’s shoulder to comfort him.

Seyoung heard it all. Wooyoung and Chansung did not know she has partly opened the door to check if they have left. But when she saw them sitting at the front steps, she couldn’t help but listen to the conversation. She had to stop herself from going out to comfort Wooyoung when she heard him cry. That’s how she realized, she missed him. So much. Seyoung gently closed the door and leaned on it, to cry those sad tears.

“It’s getting late. I don’t think Seyoung wants us in.” Chansung said. Looking behind at the closed door. Wooyoung got up and pressed the bell.

Seyoung wiped her tears, to open the door. “Wae?”

“It’s late. You are getting ready for bed?” Wooyoung answered. “I’ll be out here. If you need me.”

“Paboyah! Do you think I’m that cruel?” Seyoung told Wooyoung off.

“No! No! I thought you don’t want us inside your house. That’s why I said that. I don’t care if I sleep outside. I am not leaving you.” Wooyoung said to her clearly.

“I’m going. She’s all yours now.” Chansung said to Wooyoung, stood up to leave.

“Chansung-ah.” Seyoung called his name.”Can I talk to you for a minute?” Seyoung opened the door for him to come in. Wooyoung stayed outside. “I’m sorry about earlier. I understand your reason for asking Wooyoung to come. I want to apologize for putting you in an awkward situation.” Seyoung said.

“No harm done.” Chansung replied.

“Thank you for being a friend. And for everything.” Seyoung moved closer to give Chansung a kiss on his cheek, before giving him a tight hug.

“It was my pleasure. Listen, if this jerk of a friend of mine cause you trouble again. Call me anytime. I’ll beat the crap out of him.” Chansung said. Seyoung nodded. He held her face between his hand, planted a kiss on the forehead, then he let her go.

“She’s all yours.” Chansung said when he was out, patted Wooyoung’s shoulder then walked to his car.



People who knows Seyoung and Chansung would find it strange if they learned she allowed her ex - boyfriends friend to sleep at her house. There was a brief moment when she saw Chansung from a different light. Not as a concerned friend but rather as a man. On the morning after the first night he stayed, Chansung was already up and waiting for her at the balcony door, with mug of warm milk, exactly how she liked. Their fingers touched briefly when he handed her the drink, their eyes met but Chansung was the first to look away. That brief contact made Seyoung realize, Chansung liked her. She was willing to walk down the path of the possibility where the friendship can lead to after what he said about liking a single mom. And if he had no connection to Wooyoung. When he didn’t come all day, Seyoung got worried. A couple of times, she attempted to send Chansung a message to ask where he was. She prepared dinner and cooked the dishes Chansung mentioned he liked because she was sure he will come. It got late but there was still no sign of him. She decided to call and feigned emergency. But then, he turned up with Wooyoung.

Wooyoung knew for a long time Chansung liked Seyoung. He showed it in his own subtle ways. The way he looked at her each time she was around with the boys. The way he gets mad at Wooyoung, on those occasions he was too busy to pay her attention. When Chansung learned about the split up, he came to Wooyoung and said to him how he will regret hurting a good woman like Seyoung. Chansung’s words sticked in Wooyoung’s mind and has been living in regret since. Chansung’s finding out Seyoung was in Jeju Island could have been the best chance for him or seize the opportunity yet he didn’t. Instead, he asked him to come. Wooyoung’s respect towards his friend grew even more. If it was for a different woman, Wooyoung could give up in favour of Chansung. But Wooyoung can’t give up on Seyoung. And they are going to have a baby.

“Are you just going to stand there all night?” Wooyoung could hear Seyoung’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Is it okay for me to come in?” Wooyoung asked. The door opened wider. He went in.

“Lock the door.” Seyoung told him. She was standing in the middle of the living room, looking at Wooyoung as he approached.

“Mianhe. Chungmal mianhe.” Wooyoung kneeled down in front of her, and wrapping his arms around her waist, his head resting on her baby bump. Seyoung can feel her clothes getting damp from his tears. “Mianhe Seyoung-ah.”. He felt her hand touched his hair moments later. Wooyoung looked up, their eyes met, tears rolling down her face. He stood up, held her face and rested his forehead against hers. “I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry.” Seyoung was holding both his wrist, nodding her head.

Wooyoung moved his head to look at Seyoung. “Please give me a second chance to love you more.”

 She looked backed at him. “Is this what you really want?” She asked.

“More than anything in this world. Nothing made sense after you left. Life had no meaning. I wasn’t living, I was only existing. Please, please, come back to me.” Wooyoung cried.

“You were a complete jerk.” Seyoung said.

“I know. And I’m so sorry. I’m begging you Seyoung- shi to please give me another chance. I love you so much.” Wooyoung pleaded desperately.

“Before I take you back. I have few conditions.” Seyoung told him.

“Anything!” Wooyoung asked. “I’ll do it.”

“You will get up at five each morning to watch the sunrise with me.” Seyoung said.

“I love getting up at five in the morning.” Wooyoung couldn’t believe what he just heard. Now it makes sense why he is always up the same time each day recently.

“Another thing.” Seyoung added. “We are having a boy.”

“I love you.” Wooyoung said before leaning forward to give Seyoung a kiss.


                                                               T H E   E N D



“Chansung-ah!” Wooyoung was very happy when he saw him coming. “How is Seyoung? The baby okay?” Chansung asked. It was one in the morning when Seyoung went into labour. She delivered the baby three hours later. Chansung was the firsts person Wooyoung told of the news before sending text messages to his parents and in-laws. And his 2PM brothers. They got married in a private and low key ceremony three weeks after Seyoung, Wooyoung and Chansung flew back to Seoul. Her Mom didn’t come back to Jeju when she learned Wooyoung was there.

“Let’s go to the nursery. I will introduce you to my son.” Wooyoung said proudly. True to his word, he had been a doting husband to Seyoung. To the point, it drove her mad. Seyoung had to call Chansung one day asking if he can take Wooyoung out of the house at least for a couple of hours. He did everything in moderation since.

“How can an ugly thing like you create this beautiful baby.” Chansung said jokingly. Looking at the ‘Baby Boy Jang’ wrapped in blue blanket, sleeping soundly.

“I know!” Wooyoung said proudly.”My son is the cutest of all the babies here honestly! Don’t you think?” Chansung just gave him the look and laughed. But he couldn’t agree more.

Seyoung was awake when they returned to her room. “Chansung-ah. You’re here. Thank you for coming.”

“Wooyoung phoned me. So I came immediately. Congratulations. I met your son.” Chansung said.

“Did you. Isn’t he cute? ” Seyoung replied. Wooyoung went and sat on the bed next to Seyoung, putting his arms around her shoulder. “How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Tired, but okay.” Seyoung replied. Then they heard a soft knock on the door. A young lady doctor came in, dressed in blue scrubs, sneakers, white jacket and a stethoscope hanging around her neck. Chansung noticed she looked liked she haven’t slept for the last forty eight hours. But nonetheless her natural beauty stood out.

“Good morning. My name is Dr. Park. Dr. Lee had to go to another hospital to see a patient. She asked me to attend to you until she gets back.” She introduced herself, then asked the men if they can step out for a minute to examine Seyoung. Shortly after, she told them to come in.

“Everything is looking good.” The lady doctor said. “All goes well Mrs Jang, you and the baby can go home tomorrow.”

“Thank you very much Doctor.” Wooyoung bowed to her in appreciation.

“Yeobo. I was just telling the Doctor. I am a Park too. We have the same name.” Seyoung told Wooyoung.

“Yes, what a coincidence. My first name is Seyoung. Dr. Park Seyoung.” The lady doctor said.

 Chansung’s eyes grew big when he heard it. Looking at the two Seyoungs in the room. After the doctor left, Wooyoung put his arm around Chansung, then whispered. “I think, you should ask for her number.” Chansung gave Wooyoung a fist jab to his side. Wooyoung crouched in pain.

Seyoung couldn’t help smiling watching these two men in front of her. Sometimes playful and child-like, but good men. One is her husband. The other one, their best friend.



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Han cinema posted Sy's picture so I've checked it out and on her profile she is included in an upcoming historical weekend drama that will air in 9/13/2019.  The title is The Allies - Time for a Green Hero starrring Seo Hyun-Jin. She would not be one of the leads but a supporting role.


Check this out



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@standingtallyy- there is a Chinese superstition- when a couple is getting married, they should not attend any funeral- not auspicious. Normally people won’t mind if they don’t attend cos they won’t want the couple to get bad luck. Anyway hope they divorce amicably, if the person is not right, better to be apart then suffer. Thanks for the fanfic, enjoy reading 

@chic-chic- thanks for the great news. So happy sy got casted again in another drama and a historical one too. She must have read my wish cos I wrote earlier that I want her to do another similar one like Faith. She will look beautiful in historical costumes- hope she plays a beautiful princess. I don’t mind if she plays 2nd lead as long as I see her. (She is prettier than main lead). Hope it is not 2 females fighting over male lead (he looks old) prefer to have 2 couples love story. Wow weekend drama - over 100 episodes - can’t wait! 

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It's great she was casted but she's not even cast as a second lead but just a support which means she won't even appear as much.  Main female is Seo Hyun Jin and the second female lead is Kim Dasom. I Iike the main actress. She's great. Sy may not even appear on their press conference since only the main leads appear.  She may probably appear 5 -10 times for the whole 100 episodes.   


After she leading 2 dramas it would be great if she would be cast as one of the leads either the main or second.  


Anyway there are no news about this drama anywhere only on hancinema which means this is not a corfirmed drama yet. Hope there are other drama offers. 



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This is good news. Seyoung in a historical drama if the reports are true.

@chic-chic it could be a three lead drama considering it’s a 100 episode weekend drama, usually that’s how it goes.

@Gerry58 thought I’d repost one of the fanfic for fun:D.

I visited the SS couple thread, mainly to sympathise with them, majority are in denial which is quite understandable. Others condemned the China based magazine who first leaked the news. Like anything, it’s always sad when marriage breaks down, especially when they are as famous as SHK and SJK. Like you, I hope it will end amicably and peacefully.


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On 7/6/2019 at 4:42 PM, chic-chic said:


It's great she was casted but she's not even cast as a second lead but just a support which means she won't even appear as much.  Main female is Seo Hyun Jin and the second female lead is Kim Dasom. I Iike the main actress. She's great. Sy may not even appear on their press conference since only the main leads appear.  She may probably appear 5 -10 times for the whole 100 episodes.   


After she leading 2 dramas it would be great if she would be cast as one of the leads either the main or second.  


Anyway there are no news about this drama anywhere only on hancinema which means this is not a corfirmed drama yet. Hope there are other drama offers. 



@chic-chic- nowadays I noticed some dramas they have 2 famous actors sharing the screen so high possibility sy get a main part. Also dasom is an idol turned actress who has less experience than sy, she didn’t do any lead role yet. I am sure sy  won’t choose this drama unless storyline is interesting cos so far her recent dramas are all great. Keeping my fingers crossed she is participating in this so we don’t have to wait long for her appearance- she is mia again since finishing special labour inspector 

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