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Looking at the way sy carries the baby, looks like she has much experience. 

She must have lots of practice looking after her nieces and nephews 

Sy will make a great mother. (Hope wy sees this photo)

So excited, tomorrow can see her in knowing bros 

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Have a great weekend everyone. Here's more :)


Wooyoung stayed in his room the whole time Seyoung prepared dinner. He sat in the balcony with the hot drink he made minutes ago. Although thankful for what she did to his hand and cooking dinner, he wasn’t ready to face Seyoung. It seems he is stuck with her company for the night but it doesn’t mean they can act like nothing happened, at least for him. When Seyoung decided to break up, he was basically told it was not negotiable. She was miserable beyond his comfort. Seyoung did not need to say it in so many words, her body language said it all. After they met in 2014 from a reality show, Seyoung was in dispute from her ex-agency shortly after. They wanted control every aspect of her life, including who she dates, the people she mingles with. Seyoung raised her objection. It was not part of the agreement that she’d be dictated how she runs her personal affairs. A mutual decision was made to seek mediation. While it was on going, all her showbiz activities were halted, endorsements and drama offers withdrawn. It was the longest eight months of Seyoung’s life. His career on the other hand was the opposite.The schedule was crazy full because of the group comeback, including series of concerts locally and overseas. They were in the early stage of the relationship then,but Seyoung took them all on board and supported him despite the odds. She knew what she got into when she decided to date him and was ready for it. They can never be seen in public or it will have a massive negative impact on his career, if a scandal breaks out, Seyoung will be the target by obsessed fans. Mobile phone became their lifeline. Dating was in the privacy of their apartments. It was difficult, yet she held on, because that’s who Seyoung is. When she made a comeback after winning the dispute, work did not come easy. She signed up with another agency and basically started her career from scratch. Seyoung told him her dream was not to become famous, rather be recognized for her passion with acting. She wanted to do quality dramas and movies and be proud of them. She also wanted to become a director one day. But the challenge was harder than what she expected. Competition was very stiff. Eventually, offers came and Seyoung gave her all. Wooyoung had her full support. But time was the worst enemy and Seyoung reached her limit. Wooyoung couldn’t give up. He loved her that much. When Seyoung told him, she needed space, he knew it was the end. He refused, hoping they can talk it out. But she already made up her mind. Seyoung made him feel as if he had no say in the matter and won’t listen to reason. Pride took the best of him and walked away. Though wished he didn’t just disappear because the fact was, life was miserable without her. Wooyoung learned overtime, life had to go on even how lonely it gets.

‘Wooyoung-shi.’ Seyoung knocked on his bedroom door.’Dinner is ready.’ Wooyoung opened the door, went to the dining table and sat in one of the chairs. She followed and sat opposite him.

‘How is it?’ Seyoung asked anxiously after he tasted the dish.

‘Not bad,’ Wooyoung replied. ‘Are you not eating?’ He asked.

‘I will.’ Seyoung dug in to her bowl of rice as if on cue. She was glad of his remark. Then she placed a small piece of beef to his rice bowl. He looked at her. ‘Sorry.’ She said and went back to her food.

While preparing dinner, Seyoung keep glancing at the closed bedroom wondering what he was doing. Seyoung made the beef bulgogi extra special. She cut the carrots in flower shapes, capsicums in strips, even the sesame seed garnishing sprinkled nicely on top of the beef. Kimchi served on side plates well- arranged too. The chopsticks and spoon laid out straight. Wooyoung never came out. He hates me, she thought and gave out a sigh. While rice was cooking and bulgogi simmering in the pot, Seyoung went over to his bedroom with a bottle of water. She remembered, he always have one everywhere he goes. But she just couldn’t get herself to knock on the door until dinner was ready.

‘What brought you here?’ Seyoung asked to break the ice.

‘Why are you here?’ Wooyoung answered the question with another question instead.

‘I’m here to volunteer for an outreach program tomorrow.’ Seyoung replied. ‘You?’

‘To rest.’ Wooyoung answered briefly, not looking at her.

‘For how long.’ Seyoung asked again. Wooyoung leaned back to look at her. ‘Why do you want to know?’ He asked curiously.

‘No reason really. I’m only asking that’s all. You don’t have to tell me.’ She said looking straight at him. ‘I plan to stay for at least a week.’ Seyoung added. This is the first time they looked at each other in the eye since the meeting at the supermarket.  Seyoung noticed Wooyoung looked more handsome than ever. Those smooth cheeks she loved to caress, his jaw more chiseled than before and the lips red like how she remembered.

‘Good for you.’ Wooyoung replied, leaning forward again to finish his food. Then he coughed out a bit. Seyoung immediately poured him a drink. ‘Kenchana?’ Wooyoung raised his palm to say he is fine before taking the drink from her. Seyoung can tell he had no plans of disclosing anymore information to her. The rest of the meal was spent in awkward silence.

‘I’ll take care of the dishes.’ He said moments later, stood up and brought the empty rice bowl to the sink. ’Thank you for cooking.’ He sat back down on the same chair, waiting for Seyoung to finish.

‘I’m done.’ Seyoung put down her chopstick not long after.

‘You haven’t finished the rice.’ Wooyoung said.

‘I’m not hungry anymore.’ Seyoung stood up, threw the leftover rice to the bin and placed the bowl in the sink. Got herself a drink before going to pick up her jacket that was sitting on the back rest of the couch and put them on. ’I was happy to cook for you. I’d like to help with the dishes but I’m getting tired. It’s been a long day for me.’ Seyoung said,’Goodnight, Wooyoung-ah.’ Seyoung didn’t wait for his response and walked towards the door. Wooyoung stood there watching her leave.

Seyoung can no longer hold back the tears the moment she was out the door. Blinding her vision as she quickened her pace heading towards her cottage. This time, she struggled to get the key in. The bad lighting and her tears made it worst.

‘I’ll open the door for you.’ Before she knew it, Wooyoung took the keys from her hand unlocking the front door. ‘You go in. It’s very cold.’ He told her. Seyoung looked at him, surprised by his sudden appearance. Wooyoung gave her a little push to go inside. ‘Goodnight Seyoung-ah.’ He said before turning to leave.

‘Wooyoung-ah!’ She called out to him. ‘Would you like some tea?’ Seyoung offered.

‘No.’ He flatly answered. Seyoung watched him walk back to his cottage as another tear rolled down her cheek.


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@standingtallyy when I had a difficult pregnancy 4 years ago and I had to stay in bed, your (and yylover, jbum, scuttler, et al) fanfic kept me company. Back then I would check the forum every hour(or every few minutes) like crazy  to check for new chapters. Now I'm back to doing the same thing again thanks to your friend(I meant it in a good way). hehe


Waiting for KB eng subs...

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Good morning YY friends 

Tried watching sy live but the streaming wasn’t good, but she did an excellent job, think she charm all the guys cos she is so natural, her singing was good.

Her pink pants suit looks chic- better than wear a dress cos can get exposed. I find it odd the Korean ladies wear short skirts then must use a blanket to cover their legs. 

Hope rating will be good cos the episode before has low rating 

Now waiting for eng sub to see what questions they asked her. 

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SInce it's cable show, the ratings are really low. I think the highest they reached this year was 6.1% when an actress appeared too. Hope though the last episode with SY has good ratings. 

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I watched Seyoung's  cut playing ukulele in instagram. Her voice is smooth and sweet. The brothers seems enjoying her appearence.yes i hope it gets good ratings. Same like u guys the way seyoung smile and talk she is so natural. Love it. I can't watch streaming online because it's restricted in ny country. 

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