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[Upcoming Drama 2014] ♫ Mozart Romance ❤ 모차르트 로망스 ♪ Jang Hyuk in romcom!!


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Mozart Romance
모차르트 로망스
+ Drama Detail +

Drama: Mozart Romance (literal title)

Revised romanization: Mo Sa Reu Deu Ro Mang Seu

Hangul: 모차르트 로망스

Director: TBA

Writer: Lee Do-Yoon

Network: KBS2

Episodes: TBA

Release Date: April --, 2014

Runtime: Mon. & Tue. 21:55

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Press Conference: TBA

Production Company:   Shin Young EnC and Drama Planet

+ Synopsis +

The drama “Mozart Romance” is a unique romantic comedy, featuring genius music composer  Ji Han who admires Mozart
and aims to live a life like him, the best producer of 21st century Young Kyu who, just like Salieri who hated Mozart,will hate Ji Han
and be an obstacle, aspiring singer Shin Hee who has beautiful voice but is frustrated because of her stage fright, and In Kyung,
who is Ji Han’s first love but joins Young Kyu for wealth and success.  In the world of 2014, Ji Han wakes up from his 14 years of coma
and goes through troblesome adjustment with people around.

+ Cast +
Jang Hyuk as Ji Han
Credit :
Gumi @ Stuck on Hyuk
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Well the plot sounds so intresting and makjack but we have her a rom-com sooooooo this sounds sooooo promising...i guess every show needs his genius but don't mind me...i'm so watching this and hope the comedy will be good as the plot...curious who will be the other 3 leading actors...curious if the leading women will be an idol or a actress with a good voice

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Wow, I've waited so long for him to comeback to dramaland! He's really a magnetic actor and a romcom will definitely not be the norm for him. Hopefully the rest of the cast aka his leading lady will be cast soon (and someone I like hehe).

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thank you for opening this thread. just realize it today about this drama. opppaaaa!!! looks like this year is romcom year for him. after finish filming Strawberry Milk film now he choosing romcom drama. super excited
bonus, his new haircut. :Dviewimage.php?id=27bcde21edcb2dad&no=29b cr:DC

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Guest syidanisa92

lee yeon hee can be good too...she can sing! but a reunion with JANG NARA will somehow can make a sizzling chemistry...JNR can sing! and she got a babyface...haha...eun ji also can be a blast...she really can act and sing...iu look too young for him and she really done about singing drama(you are the best lee son shin...) please cast someone that really can act and sing! for park shin hye...i don't think her vocal is good enough...  

ji won is quiet good too...but maybe she look to young? please cast someone who can really act and sing!
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Guest sogazelle

I love him!  He is such a charismatic actor...I would love Yoon Eun Hye to be paired opposite him...She can sing and act... and she has great chemistry with all her leading men!!!

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