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[Drama 2014] Doctor Stranger 닥터이방인

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Lee Jong Suk in his Interview for Instyle talked about DS and mentioned his Co-stars especially Sora,  seems they became very close friend after DS

Lee Jong Suk Interview for Instyle
 (Part 1)
Source: DC
Translator: hitoritabi
Translation note: Whoa it has been so long since I typed these words!! I will do the parts in the column first, then the text. Take out with credit. 


His Special Friends

"My handwriting is so bad, is it really okay to publish this?" We received this handwritten list of his ‘special’ connections in the industry.

Friends who you have met the most often in the last six months?

Park Hae Jin, Kang Sora, Jin Se Yeon, you’ve all worked hard… ♥

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i don't even think DS will release a DVD with extras anymore or maybe wait until after the movie release hahahahaha T_T

cuz when i checked the daum page with all the information for the DS DVD it has disappeared (closed down - http://cafe.daum.net/drstrangerdvd), i e-mailed them when it was open, they replied once. i emailed again, but so far no further updates/no reply. other dramas while currently airing such as joseon gunman and its ok its love have already sent multiple updates on their dvd set...


bummer my money goes oh la la la.... its a hard earned money yah know.

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hahaha cute! pic mash up via park haejin thailand fc

awww . ... if only jaejoon smiles a lot (like this) in DS ....

#soohyun #jaejoon


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It's been 7-8 weeks since Doctor Stranger ended and I still couldn't find any drama that I can be so into as this one. <3

It seemed like the filming location for Park Hoon and Song Jae Hee's date is putting pictures of them to advertise the location?



credit to dnf134 and thanks to biblethump for posting these pics at Soompi Heartbeat Couple thread

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[behind-The-Scene] Child actress Kim Ji Young or JungMin in this drama took pictures together with Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra.10322743_310860642401738_737999493022202
[On The Scene] Child actor Goo Seung Hyun as young Park Hoon doing his best.10325138_311147882373014_343288998914498

Sorry if this posted already

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Lee Jong Suk and Kang So Ra are nominated for their role in Doctor Stranger while Park Hae Jin are nominated for YWCFTS for Korea Drama Festival 2014.
The event will be held on Wed, 10/01/2014 at Kyungnam Culture & Arts Center.
source: Korea Drama Festival FB http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=kdf2006&logNo=220115709157

Korea Drama Awards 2014 – Nominees List

On 7 September 2014, Korea Drama Festival announced the nominees for 2014 Korea Drama Awards. You Who Came from the Star received a whopping 10 nominations including Grand Prize, Best PD, Best Scriptwriter, Best Rookie Actors & Best OST. This award ceremony is part of annual Korea Drama Festival. The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at Grand Performance Hall - Kyungnam Culture and Arts Center in Jinju.

Nominees List

Grand Prize (Daesang)

- Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

- Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)

- Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)

- Jun Ji Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)

- Jo Jae Hyun (Jeong Do Jeon)

Best Drama

- Wang’s Family (KBS2)

- Empress Ki (MBC)

- Secret Love Affair (JTBC)

- You Who Came From the Star (SBS)

- Jeong Do Jeon (KBS1)


Best Screenplay

- Jung Sung Joo (Secret Love Affair)

- Kim Sun Ok (Come! Jang Bo Ri)

- Lee Woo Jung (Reply 1994)

- Park Ji Eun (You Who Came From the Star)

- Jung Hyun Min (Jeong Do Jeon)


Best Production Director

- Han Hee, Lee Sung Joon (Empress Ki)

- Jang Tae Yoo (You Who Came From the Star)

- Kang Shin Hyo, Boo Sung Chul (The Heirs)

- Ahn Pan Suk (Secret Love Affair)

- Shin Won Ho (Reply 1994)


Best Actor (Top Excellence Actor)

- Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki)

- Lee Seung Gi (You’re All Surrounded)

- Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger

- Kim Jae Joong (Triangle)

- Yoo Ah In (Secret Love Affair)

Best Actress (Top Excellence Actress)

- Oh Yeon Seo (Come! Jang Bo Ri)

- Lee Ji Ah (Thrice Married Woman)

- Choi Ji Woo (Suspicious Housekeeper)

- Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)

- Kim Hee Ae (Secret Love Affair)

 Excellence Actor

- Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs)

- Park Hae Jin (You Who Came from the Star)

- Seo In Guk (High School King of Savvy)

- Lee Kwang Soo (It’s Okay It’s Love)

- Choi Jin Hyuk (The Heirs)

 Excellence Actress

- Kang So Ra (Doctor Stranger

- Park Han Byul (A Well Grown Daughter)

- Baek Jin Hee (Empress Ki)

- Lee Jin (Shining Romance)

- Jeon So Min (Princess Aurora)


Best Rookie Actor

- Son Ho Jun (Reply 1994)

- Ahn Jae Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)

- Lee Yi Kyung (You Who Came from the Star)

- Lee Joon (Gapdong)

- Seo Kang Joon (Cunning Single Lady)


Best Rookie Actress

- Go Sung Hee (Miss Korea)

- Kim Ga Eun

- Kim Dasom (Melody of Love)

- Min Do Hee (Reply 1994)

- Jun Hyo Sung (My Dear Cat)

Best Child Actor

- Kim Ji Young (Come! Jang Bo Ri)

- Kim Yoo Bin (God’s Gift 14Days)

- Hong Hwa Ri (Wonderful Days)


Best OST

- Lyn ~

(You Who Came from the Star)

- Hyorin ~

(You Who Came from the Star)

- Yoon Mi Rae ~

(The Master’s Sun)

cre: http://beatuscorner.com/korea-drama-awards-2014-nominees-list/

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I just finished this drama. Whew it was a long and crazy ride, but I loved it. Definitely one of the best dramas I've ever watched. I think the plot and cast were fantastic.Fighting~

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Winners at Korea Drama Awards 2014


The 2014 Korea Drama Awards recognized the best actors and actresses in the industry today, October 1, at the awarding ceremony held at Gyeongnam Culture and Art Center.

As expected, the popular SBS drama series “My Love From the Star” took the Best Drama award for this year and its lead actor, Kim Soo Hyun, was awarded the Grand Prize for his performance in the drama.

Kim Soo Hyun’s eyes welled up with tears while he made his acceptance speech.”To the ‘My Love from the Stars’ producers and (co-actors) Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Chang Wan, Shin Sung Rok, Ahn Jae Hyun. To the (other) actor colleagues and staff. To (my) family, thank you very much. I will do my best to confidently be in this position,” said Kim Soo Hyun.

Aside from the Grand Prize, Kim Soo Hyun also received the Hallyu Hot Star award, taking home two awards.

Ahn Jae Hyun and Shin Sung Rok, who played supporting roles in “My Love from th Star,” also received awards for their performance in the drama. Ahn Jae Hyun took home the Best New Actor award alongside Seo Kang Joon while Shin Sung Rok received the Hot Star award. A total of five trophies were received by “My Love from the Star,” confirming its position as the best drama of the year.

The actors of tvN’s “Reply 1994” were also recognized for their work in the drama especially that their director, PD Shim Won Ho, took the award for the Best Director. Dohee also received the Best New Female award and together with Kim Sung Kyun, she took the Best Couple Award.

Singer-actor Kim Jaejoong has been recognized for his acting in “Triangle” as he received the Top Excellence Award, Actor category while “Jang Bori is Here!” actress Oh Yeon Seo was awarded the Top Excellence Award, Actress category.

The Excellence Award, Actor category went to Lee Kwang Soo of “It’s Okay, It’s Love” while Kang So Ra of Doctor Stranger received the Excellence Award, Actress category.

See the rest of the awards here:

Grand Prize: Kim Soo Hyun (My Love from the Star, SBS)
Best Drama: My Love from the Star, SBS
Best Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Min (Jeong Do Jeon, KBS 1TV)
Best Director: Shin Won Ho (Reply 1994, tvN)
Top Excellence Award, Actor: Kim Jaejoong (Triangle, MBC)
Top Excellence Award, Actress: Oh Yeon Seo (Jang Bori is Here!, MBC)
Excellence Award, Actor: Lee Kwang Soo (It’s Okay, It’s Love, SBS)
Excellence Award, Actress: Kang So Ra (Doctor Stranger, SBS)
Best New Male Actor: Ahn Jae Hyun (My Love from the Star, SBS), Seo Kang Joon (Cunning Single Lady, MBC)
Best New Female Actor: Do Hee (Reply 1994, tvN)
Best Couple: Kim Sung Kyun and Do Hee (Reply 1994, tvN)
Best Child Actor: Kim Ji Young (Jang Bori is Here!, MBC)
Best Drama OST: Ailee, “Good Bye My Love” (Fated to Love You, MBC)
Hot Star: Shin Sung Rok (My Love from the Star, SBS)
Hallyu Hot Star: Kim Soo Hyun (My Love from the Star, SBS)
Global Actor: Otani Ryohei (Joseon Gunman, KBS 2TV)

Congratulations to all the winners!

cre: http://www.soompi.com/2014/10/01/kim-soo-hyun-kim-jaejoong-oh-yeon-seo-and-more-win-awards-at-korea-drama-awards-2014/

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Kang Sora is pretty, yes, but I think that black dress's just too tight! Haha.
Anyway, congrats, girl! You really deserve it. I mean, you rocked your role!

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LOL. quack (oh i mean Sora-jjing) tounge out! :)

via DCKANGSora gallery cr as tagged


This is for you sis @angels_natdylax05  and unni @Rania
you know our Christmas comes early doesnt it????! *wink *wink

btw love the dress(es) all three of them ...
esp. the elegant purple and heavenly white ...


for answered prayers.. Quack hugs!

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This thread is sooo empty Lol, good to know that the stars are doing well in theri upcoming and ongoing projects

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